if you schedule a date 7 days in advance, would you talk to her in the middle?

if you schedule a date 7 days in advance, would you talk to her in the middle?

Postby razir110 » Fri Oct 11, 2019 12:19 am

A quick question,

If you are scheduling a date well in advance, so it's shaky-flaky by that fact already, would you contact her like 2 days before to ask some BS to sort of check in?

Would you contact her on the day of the date to "reschedule" 30 min later to indirectly see if the thing is still on?

Would you contact her the day before to confirm that you are still on?

Any of these 3 options?


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Re: if you schedule a date 7 days in advance, would you talk to her in the middl

Postby NewBeeWinner » Fri Oct 11, 2019 12:36 am

Lets look at all 3.

1 - short answer: no. Dont text her. Dont be needy. Whats more likely to happen is she might text you - maybe shes nervous or curious about you (this is good! her thinking about you is her investing in you) but it doesnt matter. If she does this, be warm but dont let her drag you into a conversation, it only increases the chances you mess up and lose her

2 - I dont know why youd do this? Just be a man and send her an anti-flake text the morning of - "hey we still on for tonight/today/this evening?" thats it. If you are going to be late (for a legit reason) tell her.

3 - No. Do this the day of.

Its like if you met a someone who wanted to sell you their car. You say "ok yeah I'll buy it in a week" and you trade contact info. But then they text you half a week through/a day before you said youd buy it and they say "hey are you still going to buy it?" Maybe you werent, maybe you were. But now you wonder "ok wait. why is he so eager to sell me this? is something wrong with it he didnt tell me about?" and you begin to question it.

What if instead the morning of the day, he texts you "hey the cars ready, clean, and has a full tank of gas. Its ready fior you when you get here - I'll see you soon?" youre much more likely to say "yes".


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Re: if you schedule a date 7 days in advance, would you talk to her in the middl

Postby Fuck This » Fri Oct 11, 2019 11:44 am

Have a logistical reason to text. Weather, dress code, directions. If you have a good rapport with her she will be texting or calling you. Believe me.

My preference is that the Lead time and contact before is proportional to the magnitude of the event. You are going to be in more contact if she is flying in to see you versus you are going to meet for coffee.

My preference in a coffee date when her schedule is full for a week is to say "I'll call you Friday morning to make arrangements for our coffee date that night."

Coffee date is instadate or 12 hour notice max. (make these for weekday nights or during the day, not prime party nights like Fri, Sat)
Dinner date with reservations, 3 days.
Weekend away somewhere or event with admission tickets in advance like a concert, 1-2 weeks.
Vacation travel with airline tickets 1-2 months.

Remember Women are taught to not accept a Saturday date after Wednesday. Personally I don't think you should take a woman out on a Saturday unless you are going to get laid.
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