Are you getting opened by women?

Are you getting opened by women?

Postby Fuck This » Fri Sep 13, 2019 12:44 pm

while approaching women is important, I really think, a lot of guys make approaches that have zero chance of ever working. Getting over AA is one thing, but getting blown out publicly is not going to help that one bit. I think it is best to recognize when women already are attracted. Those are much higher percentage approaches, especially if you are not the one opening, but she is.

I think if we are going to be well rounded in our lives, we are going to put ourselves in situations where we exhibit our attractive traits, and invite women to approach us.
The degree of control women have to start a conversation and offer an approach invitation through social circle has risen exponentially over the last 20 years.

Through social media, calling, texting, and even in person. Women have the ability to engage us as men without appearing aggressive. It usually is disguised as an approach invitation.

Compliments: "Nice hat" I've gotten variations of that a number of times over the years. Always with laser eye contact. Pouring beers at a festival, In an airport gate (got her number and she tried to meet up with me at our destination but it didn't work), Even had a MUUUUCH younger girl say "I like your hat" while walking down a fair concourse. It has become my personal trademark.
But also women have come right out and opened me,

Commenting on photos on Social media. Self explanatory. Not likes. Positive Comments. They require thought and effort. I noticed when I was "Confirmed Single" the female comments on my page jumped, as did friend requests from women. As a note as I brought one woman into my life who became more visible, at first the single women commented more on pictures of us as a couple, but after awhile they faded away as they gave up.

The "Boob Brush" while walking by: Yeah she meant to do that. She is trying to get your attention. Are you in a conversation where she feels insecure approaching you? Don't drop what you are doing to engage her but when your convo has a lull, make eye contact and say hello. Have some small talk ready to go.

Eye contact and rapt attention. Don't get so wrapped up in what you are doing as you "spit game" (gawd I hate that term) that you miss this signal. I was trying to wing my slightly awkward buddy with a hot redheaded chick who was into me. My buddy hosted an impromptu mid week after work party and I got her to go, hoping he could convert. She spent the party bending over showing off her thong and then asked me to walk her out. Fuck she was a homewrecker....I was clueless. She ended up auto rejecting when I didn't follow up.
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Re: Are you getting opened by women?

Postby DarkKnight » Sat Sep 14, 2019 9:05 am

I recall when I sold products door to door, there was this one building which seemed very imposing, very unattainable. I entered inside despite feeling that I had no chance, the guy at the front desk gave me an immediate "no", but a guy in the backroom beckoned to me. He listened to my story, didn't say much, but agreed to buy, and he bought. A Lot. I went home a happy man that day.

Waiting for approach invitations is passing up a lot of opportunities. Because it is not about the girl, or the rejection witnissed by the environment. It is about YOU, denying yourself what you really want. So you get 20 no's instead of 2, if it increases your lays with higher quality girls, who cares?

I do however agree that for building confidence it is better to use sniper game at the beginning. The passivity though can send you to home with empty hands. Which is not exactly ideal.
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Re: Are you getting opened by women?

Postby Fluxcapacitor » Tue Sep 17, 2019 7:01 pm

I get approached regularly by girls. A find most the girls that approach me I wouldn't have approached them. They're usually not that attractive but there's some that are.

I find the unattractive ones will go very direct an ask for my social media, number, and are full of compliments or trying to impress me or flat out offering sexual favours. I recall a few monsters inviting me back to do whatever I wanted. A would have wanted to leave! :') Haha!!!

The attractive ones aren't so full on which in turn makes them more attractive. A find they're either indirect or open an then go nervous or shy by over talking or being sheepish. I prefer these ones cause other than them talking to me first it's a standard interaction

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Re: Are you getting opened by women?

Postby ZacAdam » Wed Sep 18, 2019 4:04 am

STRONG Eye Contact.

Like i am a piece of meat. And often i don't notice them until like a few seconds or minutes, or maybe the first eye contact.

Yeap. FLux bring a good point. They are not really pretty girls :) But hey, they are decent girls. This girls also can happen to switch up and sell you stuff.

Unfortunately, you never know until slightly further in.


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Re: Are you getting opened by women?

Postby naturalmikey » Wed Sep 18, 2019 3:19 pm

i see both sides. if i just do a lot of indirect approaches i usually get approach invitiations. like if i'm in set i'm much more likely to have another chick notice me at which point i can eject to the other set or merge the two sets. but most of my lays come from approach invitations or being approached altogether. i had a chick the other night come up to me like "where are we partying tonight?" right at closing time. that's about as easy as it gets.

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