My ex-gf keeps fucking with me?

My ex-gf keeps fucking with me?

Postby jesslee09 » Fri Sep 13, 2019 7:09 am

Me and my ex gf broke up awhile back. (She broke up with me after I got weak)

Anyways, I text her multiple times "hey, I think it's best we just stop talking"
And she says 'no, you know I can't do that"
She comes over 'crying' and we have sex.
What infuriates me is after we have sex, I try contacting her again, and she goes no contact until we run into each other again.
And randomly she'll call me to ask 'how I've been' and when I say 'please don't contact me again' she comes running back to have sex with me and goes no contact with me.

This is infuriating.

Why is she acting like this?

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Re: My ex-gf keeps fucking with me?

Postby Fluxcapacitor » Fri Sep 13, 2019 12:05 pm

Jesslee dude! The better question is why are ya enabling this? Why are ya tolerating this? And why are ya still acting weak? Sounds harsh but a will explain my view.

She dumped ya cause ya were weak, now ya texting her. A know ya saying it's best we don't talk. Actions speak louder dude. Stop talking an go no contact. She'll come back she's shown it!

She asks how ya have been, she says she can't stop talking to ya an when ya step away she comes over crying? That's chasing behaviour dude.

She doesn't text back an goes no contact after ya fuck because she's got what she wants. Any attraction she has to the new ya goes when ya text her. It's being weak. It communicates it meant more to ya than it did to her. After ya stop talking her attraction goes up or she's horny an wants to keep her count down.

Please don't contact me is weak and an overemotional play. If ya dealing with an overly emotional girl this is dynamite. Again actions speak louder. Go no contact and meet new girls!!

Unless ya want her back? Then keep up the regular sex an don't crumble. Let get engage rekindling the relationship dude!!

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