How To Beat Chase Amante When Dating Girls, And Use This In Sales

How To Beat Chase Amante When Dating Girls, And Use This In Sales

Postby ZacAdam » Thu Sep 12, 2019 7:25 pm

Chase is going to be annoyed,

But that's okay. :)

He knows I'm just telling people things as it is. And he not addressing this post is great.

The last thing you want to do when you see someone who is playing the 'Joker', the opposite side of your coin, is to engage in it, though I'm less crazier in terms of society standards and can actually explain the manipulation/influence down to a T.

Goes back to the main point, how do you beat Chase when it comes to women?


If you understand someone's Pre-Belief, and what is your Pre-Belief, you win.

If you are a good person who wants to understand the world, you need to see that your good is just a pre belief, before you can become good.

Understanding someone's motivations is awesome, but understanding what drives that motivations is everything.

It drives sales too. Because your copywriting will skyrocket.

I do note that you must understand your 'psychosystem' for your ethics about life will move.

So, be careful and "God bless" :)


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