FR: First Time Clubbing

FR: First Time Clubbing

Postby NewBeeWinner » Sat Jul 13, 2019 11:54 pm

Hey guys,

Almost as though in alignment with my goals, the other day I went out clubbing for the first time.

Now, the day started off pretty awful, leaving me in a bad mood. It was me having a fall out with the religious girl - but she taught me that I'm still failing to be a dominant man, taking the interaction where I want it to go when i want it to go there. The biggest thing that hit me was that she said she was unsure about me before we want out, she was attracted. But after we went out she lost the attraction. What happened? Did she really "lose" attraction? No. She back rationalized that because I didn't move things forward with her - because i was too afraid about stepping over her religious morals and struggles - that I wasn't interested in there being any thing more between us. I failed to be the sexual man I was meant to be. I failed her and I lost her because of it. It's amazing how much that pissed me off - it made me much more serious in getting better. I never want this to happen again.

Anyways, I was feeling like crap and my dad told me my cousin was looking for someone to go to this night club with him on Facebook. So my dad texted him and told him to invite me out - so he did. I struggled with deciding if I wanted to go - but the more I thought on it, how it aligned with my goals and how it would help having someone I trusted there with me the first time I ever went to a club, I decided to go.

I met him at his place - in walking distance of the club (what amazing logistics). He's married so he was just going out for fun and I was going out to get new experiences. We walked around the club and caught up - he showed me around and we danced a bit. There was a country and techno side, each with their own dance floor and full bar, stocked with alcohol and sexy bartenders with little clothing. There was also an outdoors area (which was cool) with lots of sitting space. I made a mental note that this was a good spot to learn night game and meet people. It was fun. I also noticed quickly that girls were giving me approach invitations left and right - but after about 2-3 drinks, I stopped noticing. Good real life experience for understanding how drinking impacts a night out (more on this in a second). But my goal that night was to just have a good time and catch up with my cousin.

This one girl kept approaching and talking with my cousin. She was with her friend - who she gladly made out with on multiple occasions. They also had a guy with them - who they said was very much in the friend zone. We decided to chill with them and talked and vaped. The girls made out a few times and then we sat down next to these two chill dudes who joined in. The friend of the girl made out with one of those guys a couple times. In my experience, he should've pushed much more but he just kind of backed down from doing anything more.

At one point, the friend of the girl said she'd kiss whoever got her a cigarette. None of us had any on us (I thought about getting some beforehand, as I read to do on GC, but didn't have the time to). She then upped it to saying she'd let whoever grabbed her one touch her boobs. My cousin then went looking for one and I realized (as I had thought at one point) that it was just to see who she could get go do something for her. The girls laughed about it and then the friend starting making out again with the one guy who joined in - while my cousin was looking for the cigarette. Good lesson for me to see happen.

For myself, the girl who kept approaching my cousin was actually decently attractive. My cousin told her I didn't know how to do 2-step (very easy as I found out - at least the basics) and so she said she'd show me how. After doing the steps a couple of times, she pressed her body really closely into me and got really close to my face. My seducer brain in the back of my head yelled "pull her in and man-handle kiss this girl" but I didn't get the window because I was too buzzed to put that voice into action. After staying that way for a second, she stopped dancing with me and returned to talking with her friend. She had made strong eye contact with me throughout the interaction.

All in all, we just chilled and I had about 3-4 beers, just having fun. I also ran across 4 people I know - two from my church group and two from high school, so that was cool. Me and my cousin stayed until closing time and he wanted to get the girls number, so he was looking for her on the street afterward. He saw her and we went after her but she got into a car and didn't hear him call her name. So with no number obtained, we just went on our way and walked back to his place.

I crashed hard at his place for the night. For whatever reason, the ENTIRE next day (which is today) I have had an awful headache that only just now is starting to go away (its 9:40 PM). We got back to his place around 2 AM and I only got around 4 hours of sleep because I had class in the morning at 8:30. I was like a zombie in class.

Luckily today, I then went to the coffee place by my campus and had a great conversation with some people - warming up on a very attractive "hired gun" and the people at the community table. I also went to the Starbucks by my campus after that and talked with an older women who also just got back from a private club in the nearby city. But her experience consisted of naked people everywhere, alcohol, drinking games, and a wild night out. I chose to talk to this women - who was bored looking at her phone and checking around the Starbucks, over the very cute girl who I sat next to who had earphones in her ear, studying. I had opened this earphone girl, commenting on the book she was studying and she took it very seriously - not open to being talked to at that time. So I changed to the other woman - unmarried, no kids, wild, the "black sheep" of her family. As I walked out of the Starbucks, I had very strong eye contact and attraction for a blonde bombshell I walked by and she smiled strongly but discretely at me while maintaining eye contact. I had a place to be - so I didn't open her, but it shows that this Starbucks is a perfect place for me to meet women. I then went hiking with a girl from high school - and was a zombie all the while (thanks headache!).

While hiking, I got comfortable with being shirtless surrounded by tons of people (it's a Saturday in a popular tourist location with hot weather). The girl from high school also checked me out a few times - so it boosted me being comfortable with myself. Also plenty of being checked out by others - there were many attractive women there. But then I came home and crashed.

My friend then texted me today to see if I wanted to go clubbing in the next town over. I am still very much recovering from last night and turned him down (though I felt I should say yes - get that experience and exposure! But I shouldn't be a zombie if I'm going to do it). I told him I would be definitely down for next week tho - so we'll see how that goes!

All in all, not a bad first experience! I had a lot of anxieties going to a club alone by myself for the first time (ever), so this helped a lot!

Hopefully soon enough, I'll be using this as a grounds to level up my skills!

Till the next one,


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