Direct openers for good looking guys and indirect for uglier guys?

Direct openers for good looking guys and indirect for uglier guys?

Postby strictlyincreasing » Sat Jul 13, 2019 4:40 pm

Hi guys. I'm your standard ugly guy who is in good shape, has a good career, is intelligent, good social skills etc. I'm thinking about my few experiences using direct openers and it seems to me that you screen out the women who value those things and screen in the women who are into looks and good opener delivery technique. My point is that if she does not like the way that you look and/or the delivery of your direct opener, she'll just walk away and your approach is done. No chance for you to demonstrate any of these other things and - even if she really values intelligence, sense of humour etc. - she just has to walk away if you botch your direct opener or are an ugly guy who is delivering it. So, a corollary of this is that you won't get girls who could be into your intelligence, your money, your sense of humour etc. by using the direct opener. By using the direct opener and seeing which ladies hook, you're explicitly finding the ones who like only your approach technique and your look.

With the indirect opener, there is no worrying about what you'll talk to her about after the opener, because the opener itself provides the impetus for the conversation. Moreover, you can use those status things if you want to, and if your fundamentals are lacking. Am I right and should some guys consider doing primarily indirect approaches in their day game sessions, and using direct as a backup (e.g. a street stop where you run up to a woman who is walking just has to be a direct open because no other type of open would seem sensible)?

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