LR: Birthday Sex

LR: Birthday Sex

Postby Hue » Sat Jul 13, 2019 4:32 pm


I start at my old bar, and open two black girls. One of them mozeys on over to me and lays on me while I'm sitting at the bar, then she says she's a great hugger and gives me a pretty intense hug, then goes back to having her ass on my leg. They eventually leave, but this did wonders for my confidence going into the night.

As I'm closing my tab a blonde opens me. Her and her friend are drunk as shit. They don't give me much with conversation, oddly enough. I eventually just kinda go "okay... gonna go now lol" because they weren't saying shit. Probably just drunk.

I go to another place to wait on Day One and get opened by a girl from the industry who recognizes me. She's mad cute and I was hitting it off with her around a month ago when we met. She's definitely into me and my buddy sees us talking and thought I was gonna pull her right there, despite her being clocked in.

Squad Up

We leave to meet a guy who asked me to pull with him last night, Burrito Bro, and roll into the bar in high spirits. Immediately we're having a good time with everyone, sharing laughs, getting shots, and all that bullshit. I see a fine black girl across the bar and go straight over. We play one of those mini basketball games and I flirt. She's beautiful up close. This really creepy older dude comes up and asks her if she models, then eventually fucks off.

I invite the girls to come hang with my friends and I and point us out, but they give me a maybe. As I'm walking away like "okay! we'll be over there!" the beautiful one runs back to me and says "wait! I never got your name!". I give a lingering handshake and tell her, then continue.

We're hanging around that area for another 10-15 minutes before this girl is hardcore eye fucking Day One and so I open her. Almost instantly, we are all locked in with girls. A big group of 25-29 y/o's blends in with ours and everyone is talking to someone.

They go back and forth about touching some guys nipple being a "birthday challenge" and I chase frame them for picking us. Day One does his usual quirky self-deprecating game with teasing and it works fine with his girl. I flirt with the birthday girl because 1). I love giving presents and 2). she's got a pretty german look to her with blue eyes and blonde hair with a pretty good body.. a strong HB6 to light HB7 if you will.

I felt in full control of the situation the entire time and as if I was synced with the girls even more than I was with the guys.

Eventually Burrito Bro has this hot lil mama sitting on his lap. She's got a little bit of gut, but I love her face. So cute and sexy. She motions me over amidst all the bantering and teasing between everyone.

Lil Mama: Are you gonna give my friend birthday sex?
Me: That can be arranged...
Me: Let me think about it (;
Lil Mama: *sexy stare*

Yea that got me half chub when she said it. Just the way she said it was... pretty erotic lol.

MInutes later Burrito Bro leaves with her. Honestly, I barely talked to him hahaha. He wanted to go out with me to get laid and 1 hour later *boom* get's laid lol.

After this there was some competition from older guys who were flirting with my girl and Day One's girl. I pull her back into me by getting us shots and eventually just calling the birthday girls name and pulling her closer to me. I knew I was the much better option for her and barely felt a twinge of lack of control.


I suggest we go to another bar that doesn't close until 2:30 and she's down. Then fucking Day One objects, "that place is gross!", like an idiot. So we had to recover from that because it made my girl question going, as well as question Day One's plan to take his girl home by creating a disagreement.

Then I guess he said something dumb to his girl, and they both leave just before bar close. He comes to me like "I fucked it up man I fucked it up" and I just tell him to relax. I take a glance over to the bar and subtly motion that "look, they're just dancing. be patient". As expected, they come back our way. I go up to them and say we can go walk towards the bar I mentioned, and if not we'll just get a late night slice of pizza. This is just the two girls now.

They're down, and we start moving. That's the important thing really, they're leaving with us to go do *something*. We actually change our plans along the walk, but finally decide on pizza. In the line Day One gets a text from his FB and ejects without saying anything. For a moment I think about trying to pull a threesome, but I don't think they'd be down.

The line is moving extremely slow so I suggest street meat instead. My girls friend starts to call and uber.

I started to worry a little bit about her calling the uber. My technical pua brain says "wait! you have to bring her home! don't let her lead this another direction!", and I calmly ask the friend if I can steal the birthday girl away. She asks, "can you come with us back to our place?" and I agree. I walk back over to birthday girl and she is buying my street meat (=

The point here is sometimes you really just have to go with where the winds blowing. Had I been dogmatic and too technical in the seduction I could have ruined the party for us.

We get in the uber and have a really fun time with pretty sexual conversation. Lol I don't really remember it but it was hilarious. At her house we eat food, eat cake, and play music. I also watch them clean their house after going out (something I could never do) and I tease / applaud them for it. Their apartment is gorgeous.


The friend leaves for the bathroom for a second. Birthday girl and I immediately look at eachother at the same time, and start making out. I pull off first. We keep hanging out until finally the friend goes to bed. Birthday girl and I start hooking up on the couch, and I eventually move her to her bed.

Our clothes start coming off and we get down to our underwear. I start kissing all over her body and meet some LMR right before I eat her out. She says "you don't know me". I quickly say, romantically, "I may have just met you, but I know that I felt synced to you and your friend from the get go, don't you agree it's been that way the whole night? from the moment we started talking?", and she gives me a glimmering stare and says yes.

I go back to kissing her body and she whispers, "I want you to fuck me". I keep up with the foreplay (she has the nicest little clit to play with) and after she orgasms I go to fucking town on this bitch. We fuck all night, then twice in the morning. She compliments me on my stamina and says it's impressive.

In the morning after the pillow talk I say, "do this again some time?" and she puts her number in my phone. I give her a passionate kiss and walk out of the apartment, slowly putting together where the fuck I am and how to get home.


It was really nice to have a group to go into this with. It would have been harder if it were my usual lone wolf cold approach than it was to have two other attractive and relatively cool guys to offer options for the girls' friends, as well as friends just to distract the less attractive girls, and provide all that social proof.

This didn't feel like a challenge, it felt like a fun night going out.

And I made sure she had a solid birthday, which was what I focused on most the entire time (;

Always be a student.

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Re: LR: Birthday Sex

Postby Klimax » Sun Jul 14, 2019 3:04 pm

Hey Hue!

Super fun LR! It's seems like you gave her the best gift she could have - such a gentleman! ;)

Hue wrote:I started to worry a little bit about her calling the uber. My technical pua brain says "wait! you have to bring her home! don't let her lead this another direction!", and I calmly ask the friend if I can steal the birthday girl away. She asks, "can you come with us back to our place?" and I agree. I walk back over to birthday girl and she is buying my street meat (=

Great! It's seems that you are on a level that considering seduction on a purely technical level might be counter-productive.

Also, if you pulled the threesome thing it would have been icing on the cake, haha! How did you knew that they were n't down to doing that with you? A good threesome frame may help to screen it, and who knows, you may had a great surprise going to theirs place! =)

Take care,
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Re: LR: Birthday Sex

Postby Hue » Mon Jul 15, 2019 3:32 pm


Thank you, I had a lot of fun with this one.

At this point in the seduction I hadn't really done much to go about moving things forward with her friend. I had focused on the birthday girl. Had I done more of a job with flirting and connecting with both of them during the seduction this would have appeared more reasonable to me.

That said, nothing's impossible, and perhaps I should have switched gears a little bit to include the other girl on the fun as well. I wouldn't have wanted my girl to feel under appreciated or as though I find something shinier to stare at.. but with proper frame that's also resolvable.

I appreciate the feedback man! Definitely something I'll think about next time. (=

Also, welcome aboard ;P

Always be a student.

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Re: LR: Birthday Sex

Postby Fuck This » Thu Jul 18, 2019 12:35 pm

Hue, You made a good point on rolling with the Uber back to their place. I think girls feel less likely to LMR with the home field advantage. They can clean up in the bathroom, grab a drink from the fridge, they feel confident and secure in their surroundings.

I had a similar friends/possible 3 some experience. I started canoodling with the friend of the girl I knew. As we walked to the next bar my girl said "every girl is a little bit lesbian" and the girl I knew immediately denies any interest AT ALL. So then I knew a threesome was not in the cards. Although had I been alone with her I think I could have scored. Ended up nailing the out of town friend on the couch and in the laundry room after the one I knew went to bed after a bottle of wine.

Hue I hope you can work BDay girl into your rotation.
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