Making Day Game Efficient and Fear of Missing Out

Making Day Game Efficient and Fear of Missing Out

Postby NewBeeWinner » Wed Jun 12, 2019 9:12 pm

Hey guys,

Something that has really messed with me recently is when I go out to day game, I have a hard time finding women in my age range (18-30) that aren't with a boyfriend or married (or have kids) to talk to. I went out today for an hour at the mall closest to my house and then a half an hour at the bookstore nearby and didn't do a single approach. It wasn't that I had approach anxiety - it was that I couldn't find anyone to approach!

I want to ideally have a funnel of women that come into my life every day.

i also have this fear of missing out. Like if I'm not out of the house at least, I feel like I'm moving backwards. I haven't gotten a phone number or done a decent approach in a few months and it burns me with a deep passion - but it feels so helpless (and now I'm stuck complaining lol).

I've met three girls in my church group (one the "religious girl", another is a girl I recently had a discussion about her making out with me with, and another is a girl who is interested but I haven't seen in a while). (outside of this)

Here's my situation:

1) there are two parks close to my house (within 5 min drive). It is very hit or miss if I meet a girl within my age range at these parks. A lot of families and mothers.
2) there is a dog park close to my house (within 5 min). It is also very hit or miss. The times I have gone, its been a lot of married girls or couples with their dogs. Occasionally a cute single girl.
3) there are two malls in my town. the one closest to me has a lot of young girls (high school) and black / latino women (but they speak a lot of Spanish). The one further from me (a 25 min drive one way) has more the women I'm looking for, but it costs more in gas and time
4) there are a ton of shopping stores (safeway, walgreens, walmart, jcpenny, etc.) within decent driving distance of my house. Very hit or miss.
5) there are two movie theaters within driving distance (about 10 min). One is slowly dying and the other is surrounded by two bars/an ice cream place and some more stores.
6) my university is 20 minutes away, with some stores another 5 minutes past that (i cant approach on campus)
7) there are three good starbucks (5, 10, and 15 min away) around me. very hit or miss. I've only gotten one girls number at a starbucks so far.
8) my town doesn't really do events (no parades or anything like that - when events do happen, they are downtown - a 20 minute drive away)
9) downtown, where there is a lot of places to walk (great for street game) is a 20 min drive away. Lots of women I'm looking for. But I have to pay for parking most of the time (except Sundays)
10) not sure of a lot of party locations
11) two main clubs - both about 20-30 min away. one is cowboy themed. haven't been to the other
12) public transportation isn't really a thing here. Everyone drives their own cars to get anywhere - people don't really walk places unless you are downtown.
13) I've looked at a bit, not a lot of options
14) online game is great with tinder - but its very saturated and not the best option. I do much better in person.
15) not close to a beach or large body of water. In a landlocked state
16) a few health supermarkets. usually a lot of single moms and wives
17) tons of hiking locations but they are all at least 30 min drive away
18) not much of a night life. even most bars close around midnight
19) the library is a 25 min drive away
20) occasionally a farmers market or "flea market" (selling of goods) happens in town

My town is also a very military town.

I honestly am having the hardest time finding women. I called out to a girl in her car the other day from mine and asked her out (she gave me her number but it didn't go anywhere - it was fun trying it the first time!)

So I looked at some GC articles and realized I'm not being very efficient and I hate it. I don't want to spend hours not doing a single approach. Here's some notes I got so far from GC:

- mall is best Friday/Saturday 2-5 PM
- grocery store is best Monday - Thursday 7-9 PM
- coffee shops are best weekends 2-4 PM
- libraries are best any weekday after 12 PM

anyone else have any good times for going out to certain venues?

Over the summer I work Mon-Fri in the mornings and then go to the gym on campus until about 2 PM. Has anyone else struggled with finding women (not married, with a boyfriend walking around, or their parents) during day game?

How do you guys get the most out of your time???

Thank you,


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Re: Making Day Game Efficient and Fear of Missing Out

Postby Grand Pooba » Thu Jun 13, 2019 2:22 pm

Where do you live?
Grand Pooba

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Re: Making Day Game Efficient and Fear of Missing Out

Postby BigS » Thu Jun 13, 2019 11:18 pm

since downtown is where the women you want to meet are, you should go there. 20 minutes is not a long time, and if you cant afford the parking then find a way how to. You could pick up extra shifts at work.

Read the GC article "How to Master Anything". If you want to master game you need a particular mindset where you take responsibility for your situation and solve the problem when it arises.


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Re: Making Day Game Efficient and Fear of Missing Out

Postby NewBeeWinner » Fri Jun 14, 2019 4:56 pm

Grand Pooba,

I am about an hour or so outside of Denver CO in another city.


You're right. I need to really hold myself accountable for getting what I want. I actually just got back from driving around a bit and I got a number from a cute girl working at a store - the issue is she's really busy so we'll see how setting up the coffee date goes lol.

I think I need to really just get a game plan together for going out with backup plans lol.



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Re: Making Day Game Efficient and Fear of Missing Out

Postby DarkKnight » Sat Jun 15, 2019 6:41 am

Hey bro,

I t wanted to write earlier, since I have a similar problem but I have learned to work around it. I also live in an area with few singles. And when I stay at home I also have the same feeling of missing out, thing is you are not really missing out since most guys never approach/close girls. lol. It's all social circle to them.


I have learned to cast broader nets, favourite places of mine to game:
*The gym, I have multiple memberships and sometimes can go as a guest at places where friends train. Because I am quite fit, I get attraction fast. Also it is an easy place to show some body, which again helps if you are in shape. Those other buff bodyguilding types do not dare to talk to new chicks, they only talk to the regulars, which are usually more difficult to get.
*Coffeeshops where people work behind their laptops: Real cool place to meet students or young professionsals, I ALWAYS encounter girls who actually hope that someone cool talks with them.
*Plazas/parks on sunny days. When I see a girl all dressed up and alone or with one girlfriend, I know the deal. Strike fast.
* Go to cafe's /restaurants with COOL friends who know how to wing, because lots of times friends can really sabbotage you.
* Clothing shops on days that it is not really busy. I have noticed that female personel can be REALLY open when it is not a crowded time and colleagues are not around, these are closeable as well.
*Transit: I barely use this anymore since I have my own vehicle, but I still remember that during transit there was always some girls who were interested.
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