BigS's Newbie Assignment

BigS's Newbie Assignment

Postby BigS » Sun Jun 09, 2019 11:44 pm

Hey guys,

Actually been practicing game for about 6 months now, but I wanted to try the Newbie Assignment 1) because i never did it my first time around, and 2) because i want to start practicing game in a systematic and objective way, like a skillset.

So here i am.

Day 1-3

Day 1 consists of finding 4 places with streets with girls whom youd like to meet. I knew this already, though, because I have been practicing street approaches for some time, albeit with little success. I think I have bedded 1 girls from street approach out of maybe doing 75 approaches in my lifetime.

I combined Day 1 with Day 2, which is noticing the posture of others around you and how that affects your perception of them. I noticed that slouched postures garner less respect, and someone standing erect kind of captures your attention. I feel like I would be much more interested in talking to someone who was standing straight up.

I noticed that at that moment I was slouching, so I quickly corrected myself "as if there were a fishing hook lifting up my breastbone". Since straightening my own posture I have noticed that I feel more confident both walking solo and while talking to someone. It eases my mind and I can take my time speaking in conversations.

Intermittently over the past 2 days, I have noticed that I will have slouched posture. This is especially common when I am sitting down. I find that the more that I sit, the more I slouch. To prevent this I should continue working out as well as try to sit for as little time as possible.

I also combined Day 1-2 with Day 3, which is holding eye contact with at least 10 people. I actually found this exercise to be fairly difficult, since I am not used to making eye contact with strangers. I accomplished this over the course of 1-2 hours, though.

After using good posture and holding eye contact for several hours, I felt myself eager to start making conversations.

Day 4

After one afternoon of practicing Days 1-3, I was eager to start making approaches. Also, it was Saturday night so what was I going to do, go out and not approach? I didnt think so.

I am currently in San Francisco visiting my brother who works in Tech. We had a house party that night for someone working at one of the big Tech companies. Turns out he had a great apartment and there was a fully stocked bar.

i immediately see a cute asian and a blonde pouring themselves some wine. Since Day 4 is just about saying "Hi" to 6 people, I figured I would say "hi" to these two girls and not have any expectations for where things went.

We say "Hi" to each other and there is some light flirting. I cannot remember much of this interaction and it didnt lead to anything. Eventually they were pulled away from me by one of their friends who wanted to talk to them. I wine up spending the next hour talking to some pretty hilarious guys.

I meet one girl whos a small asian girl who works at Facebook. Her voice is at a high level and her tonality is a little intense. I make her my #2 "Hi" and she immediately starts shittesting me. When she shittests me I deflect by tapping my brother's shoulder next to me and laughing as if to say "she didnt really say that, did she?"

This girl also gets pulled away from us.

I then go to a club with my brother and a couple with whom hes friends. The is loud mucis and a dance floor lined with tables where people are getting bottle service. I immediately notice a girl holding a big bottle of vodka at one of said tables.

I make her my #3 "Hi". She asks if I want a shot and I say sure. She actually pours me 2. She is very attractive, but our interaction seemed to transactional already because she was providing me with shots. I didnt speak to her much because I hadnt even had time to explore the bar, so I wanted to do that.

While exploring I see 2 really hot girls sitting at a table. I approach with a straight back and do my #4 "Hi". They are warm and kind, but there doesnt seem to be too much interest towards me on their part. I meander away and go back to my friends.

While dancing with my friends, these 2 girls start dancing next to me. One is a cute asian and the other is a blonde bombshell who knows her own high value. I creepily watch the blonde dance for a bit--in awe of her amazing style, makeup and figure.

Then I tell myself that I should separate myself from the guys who will just watch this girl, from the guys who will actually approach her. I make them my #5 "Hi" and they are actually very warm and receptive. I dance with them for a bit, but I get too nervous talking to the blonde, and I soon realize that all of my friends are watching me talk to her.

I eject for now and dance with my friends. I see a charismatic guy start to dance with the 2 girls. He was grinding on them and now they were dancing in a super sexual way. They were really horny.

At one point this guy is dancing on the blonde so I start grinding with the asian. She immediately backs her ass into me and is gyrating a lot. She turns and starts grinding with me while facing me. I see her exposed neck and bite it. She cups the back of my head, pushing my teeth in further.

Not seeing anything to lose, I say "lets get out of here." She says she has to stay with her friend. However, the charismatic guy had left so now the blonde was alone. Realizing the unfair number of people, I choose to eject and call it a night and go home.


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Re: BigS's Newbie Assignment

Postby BigS » Mon Jun 10, 2019 1:25 am

Hey guys,

Today I woke up to do another day of the Newbie Assignment. Sonce Day 4 requires saying "hi" to 6 attractive girls on the street. I consider the assignment to require the approaches to be during the day and while sober.

Yesterday I made 5 approaches, but they were in a club. Therefore, I told myself I would repeat Day 4 today.

Day 4 Part II

Today our plan was to get food in Chinatown and then go to Napa Valley for a wine tasting. We walked outside to walk my dog and I said "Hi" to a girl in his apartment complex. One down.

Then we went out to lunch and I didnt make any approaches. While outside the restaurant after lunch, a really cute brunette walks by and I say "I like your dress". She turns her head while walking and says "thank you" with a smile. Very positive approach.

My brother and I drive to Napa Valley and Im hoping this winery is just packed with is! I highly recommend visiting wineries to meet girls.

My brother and I arrive and are seated by the hostess. We sit for a bit and I tell my brother Im going to check out their merchandise. On my walk over to the merchandise the hostess intercepts me and says "whats up?" I return a smile and ask how her day is going (Day 5). She is warm and tells me there was a music festival over the weekend. I couldve turned the conversation towards her and if she likes music festivals, but I kept it impersonal.

I return to sit with my brother. We split a bottle of wine and as Im drinking I see a cute blonde coming towards me. I compliment her dress as she reaches my table and she says "thank youuuuuuuu" in a sarcastic tone. In my head I go "whatever" and brush off the bitchy attitude because girls are silly and cute. However, when the girl walks by my table again she tells me "i like your jeans" in the same sarcastic tone. I took that as a big sign of interest.

At this point I have 4 down, but damnit im tipsy again. I told myself this would be done sober. Oh well, got to live up the vacation while I can.

My brother and I finish our drinks and there is a nature path adjacent to the restaurant seating. We decide to go for a stroll and wind up sitting on a hill overlooking the restaurant. Previously, there was a group of girls sitting up here, but they just left.

While we were sitting a girl approaches looking for her lost phone. She leaves before I can approach her. However, several minutes later another girl comes up to look for it. I say "Hi, are you looking for a phone?" She says yeah, but I say "i havent seen it." She goes "okay...." and i realize she's preoccupied with finding her phone.

She leaves and later on my brother and I walk down the hill. My brother goes to talk to the hostess, who was chill and I wander around the winery restaurant seating. I am walking past a picnic table with 2 really hot girls and as Im passing one says:

Her: hey! are you chad?
Me: yep, thats me.
Her: oh thats great.
<as we're talking 3 other girls approach so Its me talking to 5 girls>
Her: im just asking because our friend *pointing to cute blonde next to me* is looking for a chas.
Me: yep thats me ;) haha
Her: okay great
<i dont remember the exact dialogue but the other friends are continuing to set me up with this blonde girl>
Her: you should come with us to dinner tonight!
Me: oh really? im down
<other friends interrupt us to leave>
Me: let me just get your number then
Her: i can give your her number!
Me: okay
Her: *putting number in my phone* so how long are you here for?
Me: just until tomorrow, so no strings attached ;)
Her: great, she's into s&m ;)
Me: haha, me too
Her: hahaha bye

Well that was crazy for my 5th approach of the day. Got a number and was basically set up by her friends. Not much effort on my part. I also thought it was funny how the friend told me she was into s&m, but my response was to qualify myself. I shouldve played it cooler...

I wait several hours and then text the girl:

Me: hey this is BigS :)
Her: *sends me a picture of herself from the winery wearing a black dress that looks like s&m woth leather straps and metal rings*
Me: now i see how you were telling me you were into s&m

It has now been several hours and she hasnt responded to my last text. I am trying to understand why that is a bad text. I think because it is too direct, but she also might not know what I mean because she is not actually the one who told me she liked s&m--her friend who gave me the number did. Therefore, it is possible for my girl to misinterpret this text.

I should read an article on how to text girls after you get their numbers.


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Re: BigS's Newbie Assignment

Postby Sub-Zero » Mon Jun 10, 2019 7:16 am

Yeah sometimes we don’t think we text. Idk what it is, but for some reason we don’t think straight. Or if we think the text is good, we regret it after we don’t get a response in the next 30 mins haha.

I don’t know if thinking of a good text is exactly the best method or a good use of time, but it seems better to really do this enough times.

Like think of why are we sending this text, is this a good text to send, or is this a good time to send a text?

Sometimes you can’t focus on just what you’re going to text, you have to also focus on why you’re texting this, is this the right time to send a text, etc.

One thing I will get in the habit though is to not have text regret when she takes too long to respond.

Makes you overthink and worry too much.

So it’s just better to think your texts out for a lil while.

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Re: BigS's Newbie Assignment

Postby BigS » Mon Jun 10, 2019 8:18 pm

Sup sup,

So today I had the entire day free in San Francisco to do daygame. Unlike the previous two days where I attempted Day 4, today i wouldnt be drinking and i could do them on the street during the day. So today I wanted to do Day 4 (say "hi" to 6 new women) correctly, while attempting Day 5 (say "hi, hows your day going?" to 6 new women) if possible.

Today I wound up reaching the goal for Day 4, and mayyyybe almost reaching the goal for Day 5.

To start the day, I left my brother's apartment and was feeling in need of a warm-up to the "hi, hows your day going?" because that seemed like a pretty daunting task. Therefore, i started saying "hi" to women as I passed them in the street. I noticed there is a pattern that people follow while passing you alone on the street: approximately 10 feet away they will look at you if open to approaching; they keep their head up for several steps (the window) and then the head goes down if you wind up passing each other. Men will often keep their head up the entire time with me.

Interestingly, Im not sure if this has to do with my facial expression usually, which is somewhat frowning and angry looking. I can try smiling a bit to look more inviting. I am saying this because the girls looking down as we pass each other may be a sign of submissiveness or avoiding conflict. Therefore, if I smile, maybe they will keep their heads up for longer. Also, some women will act totally aloof like looking all over the place or singing a song while listening to music.

Out of all 6 of the girls I said "hi" to, i only had one "hi" back. I think this is because I was too uncomfortable saying "hi" during the window when we were about 10 feet from each other. I would say "hi" during the last 2-3 feet and it wouldnt give the girl enough time to respond. I think this is me avoiding a conversation with them.

After a few "hi's", i went to get breakfast at a sandwich place. I immediately notice a cute girl waiting for take-out near the register. I order my food and go stand next to her. After about 1 second I say "hey, hows your day going?". She responds "good, and yours?" "good!" i say. My heart is racing and I leave to sit at one of the tables. This was a great exposure to have because I made a big leap in my interactions.

The next 3 "hi, hows your day going?" were all with retail employees who's job it is to welcome you into the store. I dont really want to count this though. However, with one of the employees the interaction lasted about 20 minutes. I tell her to show me the different things around the store (it was a journal/artwork store). I screen her a big regarding where shes from and how long she has lived in SF. I ask her about whether she paints and we talk about her painting. I then ask her to show me around more. After 20 or so minutes I didnt escalate by asking for a number. I dont think I really established a frame where I would be someone to date her.

At the end kf the day i go into a Buddhist store and say "hi hows your day going?" to the worker. She is a 50-or-so year old women but tall with a good body. I open and she responds with "great, people are coming in and buying things, haha. you staying out of the heat?" I say "yeah, haha" She walks over to pass me but when at me she goes "i like it hot" and sort of whispers the word "hot" in my ear. Then she's gone to another part of the store. I definitely felt a little sex appeal there.

All in all, I dont think I met my goal of doing Day 5 because 4 of the girls were hired guns. That left me with 2 genuine "hi hows your day going?" with new girls. I also want to take a minute to hash out how i interpret this assignment. My understanding is that these are street approaches where a girl is walking and you approach her on the street. Mine did nkt involve stopping a girl on the street.

Done correctly, I think Day 5 would look like walking up to 6 girls on the street and saying "hi, hows your day going?" But the counterargument is that this may be a little advanced for the 5th day since it is only later on in the Newbie Assignment when direct openers are introduced. Direct openers are thought to be the best openers for beginners, so I am assuming that this day is when we should really be opening on the street and expecting to continue conversation.

Therefore, I think I will consider Day 5 done and move onto the next assignment tomorrow.


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Re: BigS's Newbie Assignment

Postby BigS » Thu Jun 13, 2019 10:02 pm

Hey guys,

So yesterday was Day 7 of the Newbie Assignment (compliment 4 girls). I completed the assignment, and now I have continued to compliment girls regardless of the situation, just because I became used to it through this exercise.

Compliment #1: I was in the line to board my airplane when a blonde with a floral blouse and a big backpack that read "Coors Light" on it stepped up in front of me.

Me: HI! I just saw your Coors Light backpack and thought that was really cool.
Her: Haha thanks, I work for them.
Me: why are you traveling?
Her: for work haha. what about you?
Me: Im visiting my brother in SF.
Her: cool.

I let the conversation fizzle out. In retrospect, I realize that I could get more accomplished simply by staying in the interaction more. I'm really looking forward to the later days of the Newbie Assignment when I specifically practice asking for numbers. I think one way I can get better at this is by seeding the number. That couldve gone like this:

Me: so are you looking forward to anything on your trip?
Her: some restaurants I guess.
Me: we should go to one together!

However, I think the number will ideally come after some banter and rapport-building. That could've gone something like this:

Her: haha thanks, I work for them.
Me: so I bet you're wicked at beer pong.
Her: no I'm awful!
Me: so how are we going to beat the other teams?

Some pertinent deep dive questions that I should've asked couldve been: why do you work there? do you like to travel? when did you start working there? do you want to stay there forever?

Compliment #2: For this one I was at my school gym and saw a blonde (wow I really have a thing for blondes!) doing squats. The gym A/C had gone out so it was really hot:

Me: I just saw you doing squats, and...
Her: haha really dumb?!
Me: noooo, its just very commendable, lol.
Her: no its not even that much weight!

<Note: I noticed that girls will say things like this to me frequently. After a compliment they will sort of deny that they are worthy of a compliment and wait for me to qualify them.>

I saw two options to her comment. 1) I could qualify her and build some rapport or 2) I could disqualify her and break rapport/make her chase.

Me: Yeah youre right, I take it back.
Her: haha, what are you working out?
Me: shoulders.
Her: nice, nice.
Me: Im BigS
Her: Im Ashley

I think I couldve gone for the number close here, however, I saw that she was with a guy earlier in the gym. I chose to avoid stepping on anyones toes and rather let the conversation fizzle out.

Compliment 3: Im on the subway platform going downtown to meet my friends for drinks. I see an okay-looking girl, but her fashion is good. I walk over to her on the platform

Me: Hey I saw you and...
Her: *she looked a little taken aback, like nervous
Me: I just thought you had really cool fashion. Im BigS.
Her: Hi im sarah.
Me: where are you from?
Her: blah blah, you?
Me: blah blah. you like it here?

We basically got into some boring screening questions. I think I get into this boring screening dialogue after I don't think a girl reacts well to my opener. I think I couldve helped her react better by doing a pre-opener to get her to look at me first. That couldve gone like this:

-me standing next to her
-her looking away
-I do something to get her attention (e.g. cough, scuff the ground, check my watch, etc.)
-she looks at me, and then away
-I look at her and then deliver my opener

Compliment 4: I was at a bar with 2 guy friends and a bunch of girls. I was having little/no approach anxiety with girls since I had approached 3 already today. I verbally dive into the group of girls, none of whom I had met, and compliment one girl on her polka-dot dress:

Me: Hey I like your dress! Im Seth *extend hand for her
Her: *takes hand* Im Rachel, and its actually a Romper.

<Note: this girls voice was kind of raspy and deep, which was very off-putting to me. I think I get a lesbian vibe from it, and took a huge step back. However, I dont know how much voice correlates with female sexuality, so this is probably not a logical excuse.>

Me: *sarcasm look (1 eye squinted and half smile)
Her: haha what are you doing here?
Me: *move over to her side of the table. hanging out with my friends.
Her: what do you do?

I realize now that this girl was kind of taking control of the conversation. Perhaps that is something more likely to be done by an alpha of the group. Looking back, she did seem like the alpha so maybe this hypothesis is true. Here's what I maybe couldve done:

-move fast with her (e.g. take her to get a drink, up the sexual vibe, talk about sex)

Thats about the main thing I can think of. Ive been thinking about an appropriate learning goal for night game. I think what I could do better would be to express my interest in a girl, isolate her, and escalate quickly. I am good at opening enough girls until I find the ones that are really interested in me. In the future, when I encounter a girl like this I will ask her to get a drink with me. Actually, I just thought of something good: I usually dont have a drink when Im talking to girls because I dont like alcohol and talking--I just dance, lol! So, when I am talking to a girl who's very interested in me, I could say: "hey lets go to the bar, I dont have a drink yet." Then we get to the bar and I buy a drink. I get my own first, and then once the bartender comes back with it I can turn to the girl and say "oh, did you want something?". I can try this with the next girls that I move during night game.

I also like moving girls to the bar by saying that I want to get MYSELF a drink is that if she's with friends, they dont have to all know that I am interested in her. I feel like this may help with ASD. However, I KNOW that Im not routinely expressing interest verbally to girls, so maybe this is an illogical excuse I am making with regard to expressing interest publicly. To see if this is true, I should work on verbally expressing interest first.

Day 8 Newbie Assignment

This day consisted of approaching 2 girls who were sitting down.

Approach #1: Im at a library and sit at the computer next to a girl who's taking pictures of the computer screen for work or something.

Me: that looks like fun.
Her: ughh, I do this all day...
Me: oh really?
Her: yeah its not fun.
Me: Im sorry...

I actually had to run and print something out and leave quickly, but I partially left the conversation because it had gotten a little stale. I couldve bantered well here by saying:

Me: wow so you must be a master photographer
Her: haha not really
Me: yeah because you just take one type of picture.

Anyways, I wasn't too excited about this girl, so not gonna discuss it much further.

Approach #2: A cute blonde was sitting at a coffee shop near the window.

Me: *pretend to walk by Hey! I just saw your jeans and I really like them
Her: thanks everyone says thinks im artistic but I just got them at a thrift store
Me: no way, I like thrift stores for getting unique clothing

At this point the girl was blushing super hard and it looked like I needed to give her a sec to collect herself/breathe. In order to increase my attainability I said:

Me: oh im sorry, im Seth *extend hand
Her: *takes hand* Im Julia
Me: nice to meet you

I feel like now is when I couldve asked to take a seat and talk for more, but the girl looked really nervous, haha. Therefore, I could maybe joke about it by saying "there are no booby traps in this seat are there?" or "are you saving this for your date? oh, then do you mind if I take a seat?" Something along these lines might work well if a girl is acting intimidated.

Banter would also work well to help a girl lower her guard.

I think that's enough for today...


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Re: BigS's Newbie Assignment

Postby BigS » Sat Jun 15, 2019 4:34 pm

Hey guys,

This was a fun one. Yesterday I did Day 10 of the Newbie Assignment (ask 4 girls if they're single). I completed the assignment during the day on the street, and then went out that night and did about another 5-6 approaches. In total, I got 3 numbers, 1 instant date, and asked 2 girls to go home with me.

<Note: I went out yesterday in clothing that I consistently get complimented on, so my good results are probably partially because of my fashion.>

Daygame "Are you single?"
So starting this was pretty intimidating since I wasn't used to expressing my direct interest at a girl on the street. This goes against everything our society tells us to do. After missing a few opportunities, the next hot girl I saw I just told myself "fuck it" and chased after her. You really dont have anything to lose, except a little pride if youre a bitch.

Approach #1
me: *preopen by walking slightly in front of her for several seconds* Hi..... are you single?
her: no, im sorry
me: okay, thought you were cute so i wanted to tell you that. im BigS.
her: im sam
me: i like that- is it short for anything
her: samantha
me: where are you headed?
her: to dinner
me: do you have a minute to chat?
her: what for?
me: just to stop and hang out
her: sure *stops and faces me*
me: i like your eyes- very blue :)
her: haha yes
me: well maybe i can get your number and take you out sometime!?
her: well i have a boyfriend and i dont think he'd like that
me: okay nice to meet you

So a couple things. Me asking her to stop is getting compliance, but in the future I should actually have something to say if I tell her to stop and chat. Maybe I should try doing this at a high point in the conversation next time. Next, this number close wasn't very natural. Also, I should wait until a high point. I think I rushed this one because I was nervous. I didn't believe that she had a boyfriend, but given that that is a test to see if she likes me, I need to do the work to let her like me.

Approach #2-3
These are approaches where the girls were on their phones texting and I went up and did the opener. I think I still need to pre-open when girls are texting. That might go something like this:

-stand next to girl who's texting
-wait several seconds for her to look
-if she doesn't look, extend my hand and say "Hi"
-when she looks, meet her gaze towards the bottom

I think that with this type of approach it is especially important that I speak slowly to give the girl some time to adjust to not being on her phone anymore.

Approach #4
This was a fun one when I got her number and went on an instant date with the girl to get dumplings and she paid for my dinner. She said she had a boyfriend the whole time, but her actions spoke otherwise. I think I missed an escalation window, which is why this one didnt go as far as I wanted to. In the future I should realize that there are two options for escalation windows: 1) hit it or 2) never see the girl again.

me: hi, are you single?
her: no :)
me: .......okay :) im BigS
her: you seem like you dont believe me
me: i do :)
her: okay then :)
me: where are you headed?
her: saphora to sprits after sweat session
me: oh i LOVE doing that, I was just headed there
her: haha, okay
*we go into saphora and she sprays herself, which is funny
*we talk more about her work, lighting for architectural company
me: give me your number so we can discuss lights :)
her: *on phone
me: oh my friend is texting me
her: dont you want my number?
me: sure...

We then go to grab some dinner and she pays for mine, which is nice. Another thing is that she asked where I live. Ive realized that this is a big sign of interest. At one point there was a silence with sexual tension as we made eye contact. I stupidly broke the tension first. Wound up parting ways after the dinner and plan on seeing each other again but I doubt it.

So now I was feeling warmed up after my instant date to go out and have some drinks alone. I went to a great bar with lots of cute girls. At the bar I walk straight to the bathroom and notice a cute girl on my way there. I use the bathroom and then on the way back act like I just noticed her:

me: hey i like your shirt
her: thanks
me: *looking at her friend* i just thought your friend was cute
me: *to girl* im BigS
her: thank you *shakes
me: whats your name?
her: lindsey
me: where are you from?
her: blah blah
me; are you single?
her: im in limbo before relationship
me: oh i love that!
her: haha, *more screening....*
me: ill tell you what, lets go to the bar and get a drink
her: no im with my coworkers. also, on cusp of relationship. i do appreciate your boldness though.
me: i dont want to screw up anything for you. im really happy for you.

I do think this girl was initially interested in me, and I believe that she "almost" had a boyfriend. I think I couldve done some more banter/deep diving to increase the rapport/sexual tension before asking for so much compliance.

I had a couple more interactions where I went too quickly for big compliance moves. I should think of some smaller compliance tests in order to work upwards like a ladder. Here are some examples:

-hand shake
-look at her jewelry
-spin her
-make a handshake with her
-do staring contest
-ask to try her drink
-ask her to move to make room for me

Approach #8
I saw a cute blonde posted up against a wall talking to two friends. I approach the blonde:

me: hey i thought you were cute, wanted to say hi
her: hi, im victoria
me: nice to meet you
- challenges me on the number of drinks Ive had
- friends say i need to catch up
- some screening
- they graduated college recently
- talk about fashion a bit
her: where do you live?
me: north pole, uptown
her: okay, im [part of town]
me: nice we should hang out sometime
her: sure
me: lemme get your number
her: sure *puts number in* find me after ;)
me: okay
me: *texting* hey its seth
her: hiii
me: lolz suuuuup
her: you still here?
me: yeah, you?
her: yes
me: good :)
her: still here? find me
me: *in person* hi- victoria, right?
her: we're trying to find a boy for my friend. she likes tall blondes
me: okay cool, hmmm.... *scanning bar*
her: are you leaving soon?
me: no, im going with you
her: haha ;)
*gets pulled by friend to find boy*
her: did you leave? im sorry
me: no, at the bar
her: im sorry
*see her and dance with her, still flirtatious, but she gets pulled away by friend*
her: *texting* are you around?
me: yeah, you?
her: im home im sorry. im wasted.

So this was a great natural number close for me after she gave me some big signs of interest. Another great sign was that she told me to "find her" after the birthday party she was celebrating. However, I got cockblocked by the birthday girl who couldn't find dick.

My main issue here was that I didnt move quickly. I need to get better at using investment and compliance ladders with girls. I basically need to work up to a point where I have more compliance from her than her friend does, and then pull her quickly.

Last approach, Approach #10
Now its pretty late, like 2:30am and the bar is a little emptier. I also realize that the girls here now are tipsy and pretty horny, so I get 1 more approach in. I see a girl in a beautiful gold top and compliment her on it.

We get into screening and I do some banter/deep diving. Several times she says she has to go find her friends but I just say "no, stay for 1 minute" and she says "sure". This happens several times, so my compliance with her is pretty good. My next step should've been to say, lets step outside for some air. Then I could take her for a walk, and then make the pull.

My exact pull attempt went something like this:

me: I have some great records at my place, do you like jazz?
her: yes
me: what music do you like?
her: 70's rock
me: lets go cuz I want to show you my records. you'll like them :)
her: where?
me: [my part of town]
her: I am NOT going all the way up there now.
me: okay lets do yours
her: you have my number, so take me on a date
me: okay

She walks away but I text her once Im in the Uber home. The text convo is a little embarrassing but I wanted to try being very direct this time:

me: hey lena this is Seth :)
her: smiley face on deck
me: yasss
her: sup
me: nm, wbu?
her: jc, where are you?
me: lets meet
her: where are you
me: my apartment
her: [my part of town]? hard no.
me: tell me where
her: oh wow
me: look its not slutty- you want it and I want it. it'll be good.
her: that's confident.
me: I want to bang you, what can I say
her: oh silly me I thought we were going on a date
me: we're going to fuck now and then go on a date
her: uh huh
me: right, so tell me where
her: Tbh I would but im tired
me: have some coffee- I dont think I can do another time
her: lol no, but good luck with that record pickup line
me: lol okay lena

So.... a lot happened here. She wanted to meet up but I couldnt handle my logistics. Instead of telling her where I was, I couldve remembered that she did NOT want to come to my area, and I couldve told her "im in an uber".

In general I need to really refine my pulling model. I need some guidance with this I think. One that has worked in the past is telling a very compliant girl "look I know your friends are her, but I want to quickly show you another bar with great drinks and service. what do you say?" This is of course my apartment. This is how I could get around girls being intimidated by my poor logistics. I also need to incorporate something to handle their ASD.

I need to revamp this pull model completely, but Im out of time today and Ill be happy if I can consistently get to the pull portion with girls. So Ill leave this for another time.


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Tool-Bearing Hominid
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Re: BigS's Newbie Assignment

Postby BigS » Sun Jun 16, 2019 11:52 am

Day 11: Indirect-direct Nightgame

Hey guys,

Today I got a really late start to the day, so couldnt do any daygame unfortunately. I went out with the sole purpose of opening 4 girls with indirect-direct openers. It went pretty well, but I think it was too early in the night for any girls to be interested in going home with me and I went to big dance bars which are not always great for pulling.

Approach #1

This was a warm-up on a girl that I wasn't very attracted to. Strangely enough, there didnt seem to be too much interest on her part either haha:

me: hi i like your shirt :)
her: thanks
me: i thought you were cute so i wanted to meet you. im bigS
her: im bridget
me: nice to meet you. how are you?
her: good, are you here with the group?
me: no, what group?
her: its my friends birthday
me: no

Something that also couldve contributed to her lack of interest was that I dont think my fashion was as good as yesterday. I have never gotten compliments on the clothes that I was wearing last night, but Friday night I got compliments on those clothes, soooo....

Approach #2
For this one I was standing at the bar and a cute brunette walks up next to me:

me: love the vans
her: thanks haha
me: i actually thought you were cute so i wanted to compliment you
her: haha *shake*
me: im BigS
her: im sam
me: sam and BigS!
her: haha
me: do you live around here?
her: i practically live here
me: me too, i brush my teeth in the back. wheres your sleeping arrangement?
her: upstairs haha
me: oh great view of the stars
her: yeah, i love it
me: what do you do?
her: im a teacher
me: blah blah, lets go over to the bar here
*she looks at original spot*, i wait for her to say yes, and she slowly comes over with me*
- then becomes about getting her a drink and took a while to get bartenders attention
her: i have to get back to my friend over there
me: okay, nice to meet you

So I was able to get into some good banter with this girl, but I think I broke circle too much by trying to get her a drink (it took me a while to get the bartender's attention). I was able to get compliance from this girl, but probably because our banter was so good. I want to incorporate a compliance ladder into my model that starts very early on. Ideally, this model will also incorporate physical escalation, which is a form of compliance.

Approach #3
This time I was walking through the bar and a girl who was dancing bumps into me.

her: im sorry i was bustin a move
me: bust it!
me: im BigS
her: im bridget

The rest isn't too interesting--just screening and deep diving--and since we were on a good topic during the deep dive, I went for a number close. Got the number and texted her:

me: hey this is BigS, save my # :)
her: saved ;)

She told me in person to text her, which I take as a big sign of interest.

Approach #4
This was a bad one, lol. I was in a corner of the bar on my phone writing the dialogue from my previous approach. I think this built up negative social proof for me, lol. Anyways, I see 2 girls dancing and tap the one on the shoulder closest to me:

me: are you single?
her: no
me: i thought you were cute so i wanted to meet you
her: my friend is single
me: haha

The girl looked very disinterested, and I don't consider her telling me her friend is single to be genuine. I dont think any girl wants to be the second choice--thats why I laughed it off. Also, Im not desperate enough to need to approach her friend at that point.

So I got one number from a girl, but idk if Ill be texting her. Overall, I have the open-banter-deep dive model down such that it doesn't take much mental effort. I think what I am missing is a compliance and physical escalation ladder built into this model. This is especially important for night game where quick physical escalation is especially important.

For example, if I compliment a girl's outfit, I can have her turn to show me the back. If she's wearing jewelry, I can touch it. On high points in conversation, I can hug her. I just need to work on setting a physical frame.

Based on the concept of deliberate practice, I need to design exercises to help me incorporate these concepts into my seduction model. Here's what one could look like:

For compliance, I should compliment 4 girls and have them show me the jewelry/clothing I complimented by either touching the jewelry or having them turn (clothing).

For physical escalation, I should hug 4 girls at high points in conversation.

I think this works well as an exercise and I am excited to implement it!


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
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