Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Sun Dec 30, 2018 4:05 am


Went out with the guys again.

Had one of the best meditation sessions of my life because my light timer malfunctioned and what I thought was going to be 20 minutes turned into almost an hour of meditating. Haha, shit man.

I started the day super fucking geared up to crush pussy, I felt the animal in me. Then I meditated and calmed down to a way that I was simply happy that I could see my good friends that day.

Utility doesn't always meet goals.

But yeah then we went to Maddhatter's and drank, went to a bar, came back and hung out for a while. The rest of the guys wanted to go to this sports bar and we went. I eventually became extremely uncomfortable because of the way people were conducting themselves.

I try to be as understanding and nice as I can to people that I don't fully follow. Yet, there were times where I clearly said shit that was out of line in the standards of these guys. In the past I've blamed them for being "pole in the ass" but I think at some level I'm just being uncalibrated. As in I'll say something that I thought might have been funny / related to the moment but unintentionally, and, implicitly offended someone.

So, my bad.

Anyway, I leave to my coworkers, get handed drinks and black out.


Tonight was a learning night.

I texted my coworker to meet up and met him at our bar.

I'm dressed to fucking kill.

It had been awhile since I'd seen him so we caught up and drank. We flirted with the girls that were also off all the while - it turned into a really fun time.

Going to the next bar was kind of a struggle because two of the people I work with wanted to fuck but still feel the need to be quiet about it. Eventually, after persistence, I get my man that I met and this other guy that never comes out to hit a "dudes" bar. We grab a drink there and I run into a couple people. While I'm talking to people I know, my coworkers finish their drinks, and I come back to bring us to another place.

Next place is a gay bar. I compliment this dudes long, curly hair right after I get my drink. We start talking. I start talking to this HB5 indian chick after and she's clearly into me. I rope back to the curly hair guy (who's now clearly gay) and chit chat / flirt. During this convo I build a lot of energy with the entire group and start teasing the rest of them. There's this super cute HB8 blonde chick there, wearing a white fluffly sweater.

I introduce myself and steal her away for.. not even a minute lol and the gay dude starts asking us to kiss. I talk to her about some sign language shit that she misinterpreted from my body language - apparently she teaches it. I get the whole group going and clearly run shit as some new guy intercepting their group. This goes on for a bit.

Eventually I start to isolate the blonde and get her sitting in the booth with me. She's touching me exactly as I am her and we're having a good time. I start to notice the HB5 indian girl getting jealous, since my coworkers never even joined me or any of the group. :P

I continue at it and eventually start teasing the girl about the gay guy asking us to kiss (THANK YOU UNINTENTIONAL WINGMAN) after deep diving her. I go in for a kiss and she smooches me right back.

God damn, I haven't kissed that hot-a-bitch at a bar like that for a month or so.. that felt good.

I pull off after a couple woo's and wow's and keep talking to her. Then I started to try to move plans, but the group dynamic is to stay at the bar. So, I adapt my plan and try to ride it out while keeping my girl close. Problem is I didn't keep escalating. What I should have done is keep making out with her here and there and getting her horny.

Eventually it all goes back to how it started with me occupying the entire group I just met as the source of entertainment, at least with the dialogue between me and the gay guy. Then, some other dude comes into the stream of things and steals the gay dude away.

Immediately I move the two girls to another bar and the walk goes well. Once we're there they don't like it, and we basically use it as a bathroom break before going to a burger joint.

At the burger joint I totally lose hold of all I've built up.

The indian bitch turns salty as shit. Probably because she didn't get any dick.

The blonde and I are still vibing, but she eventually leaves to the bathroom. At this point I turn to the indian and try to lock shit down to make sure she's comfortable with me taking her home.

After 2 or so minutes of talking she seems super comfortable with me and like she's down. We were both smiling at eachother. But then, she switches the frame to a logistics problem where they live 20 minutes out and my girl has to stay with her. I ask a few questions and she hits me back, while she becomes more and more absorbed in her phone.

My girl comes back and I try to recreate the dynamic we had going but it's not there on both ends.

So, as a hail mary I ask the girl to come over with me and talk. She follows. FUCK. I totally should have escalted here and pulled her into me. aaaaaaah. Okay

Anyways I give her this fuckin spheel about how even though I like her and she likes me, the chances are that I'm not going to see her after tonight, and that I want to keep hanging out. She, unbeknowest to the thing her friend said (I think), says the same logistics issue. So then I ask her home, and she goes, "oh, no... I don't think that's gonna happen". After this I get her number but she overtypes it and I look at it like wtf? and asked her to correct her "mistake" and she laughs and agrees then fixes it... I'm honestly not sure if the numbers real.

We go back to where I was sitting and I try to smooth it out, but it's like totally fucked at this point LOL.

I tell them I'm taking a piss and I come back to empty seats.

Back in the saddle again.

That was rough.. but overall fun haha. Will text her tomorrow for shits and gigs.

Oh yea, and I have a date with that lesbian girl tomorrow >;)
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Mon Dec 31, 2018 2:24 pm

Been thinking a lot about shit and, I'll admit it. I'm a fuckboy.

From the way that I come off to a lot of people, to the occasional outbursts of laughter AT women for getting mad over something small / being ditzy about something, to my ability to sometimes put on a facade in the pursuit of getting laid... yea. Yea, I'm a fuckboy haha.

I feel like Koala and Venice are using me for sex, mostly. Perhaps this is out of the frame I put off though. It's important to have the frame of being a sexual man, and for girls that you want to have a purely sexual relationship with, even more so.

But I guess I'm becoming ready for an actual girlfriend.. or else I wouldn't have a problem with this. Or rather, I'm becoming ready for deeper emotions with at least one of the girls I'm seeing (going both ways).

It's been slowly building, but Koala's texts to me last night, among other behaviors, made it pretty clear.
Her: *snapchat to show me she's out*
Me: *snapchat to show her I'm going out*
Her: *snapchat of her and her friend*
Me: *snapchat of my face*
Me: *snapchat of my friend*

Her: Hey
Me: ay babe what you up to
Her: Drinking duh
Her: Do you miss me
Me: eh, a little bit ;P
Me: I'm leaving to [bar] in a sec
Her: I'm in nyc or else I'd make you come over
Me: lol
Me: well have fun ;-*
Her: Thanks I'll eat some pizza for you

From the way she texts I feel like she just wants my attention / validation.

But is this a bad thing? I've been taught so much to NOT be that guy that gives women validation.. but the more I think about the subject and everything I've learned about it.. that's simply what needs to be tempered originally - and then as the relationship grows you should continue to validate her with both attentional needs and sexual needs.

Is this just simple banter between us and she actually misses me?

I guess what I'm saying is that I won't be capable of becoming and actual lover until I have a deep and meaningful relationship with a girl.

BUT this isn't something that should be done as a WAY to get "practice". I've had Richard and Hector tell me this both explicitly and implicitly.

Also, I think that when the good emotions that I give girls when initially approaching them, because I'm an attractive man showing interest in them, wears off - all they see that's left is a player.. and I don't want to be just a player anymore.

Just some thoughts I had to get down.

Happy new year everyone.

Also... I made a pact to not drink the entire month of January last night.

Day game will be interesting over winter.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Thu Jan 03, 2019 2:00 am

Just went out sober to a concert with some of the same guys as last night.

It's fucking true dude. It's mostly about the social momentum! "Social lubricant" just makes the socializing happen faster and easier. We mainly just sat quietly before the concert started, I made some jokes about drinking water, and eventually everyone, drinking or not, started to open up.

But the thing is, that the guys that were drinking weren't actually being more social than me, really. They seemed a little more relaxed, sure, but that was about it.

Then I felt a whisp of approach anxiety with this hot black chick, and it hit me that the EXACT same feeling happens to me when I'm fucked up except its dampened the fuck down with alcohol. If it's my first approach, yea I can still need that little push. And the exact same shit as with day game, and talking yourself out of it.

Word, I'll just grindstone the fuck out of my amygdala until it's gone. *grindstone noises*

I did eventually talk myself out of it fully because it appeared she had a boyfriend, though haha. I'll definitely have to put in some real ass work going to popular bars where I'll not give as many fucks about being rejected. Then, as Rob said, be able to pull in almost any social situation.

We watch the concert and it was fucking great. One guy was playing and just having the time of his fucking life, being goofy and not giving a DAMN. He looked so happy. It hit me again, that happiness is a state of mind.

You take those several realizations, and you take the shit I told Toby about it not being the illusion of the man, it's the man, and I literally just hit epiphany city. I was fucking HIGH. I'm still energetic as fuck, and I already crashed from coffee and napped much earlier today. I nearly felt manic just before I left.

Like I'm not even kidding, my eyes were dilated and I was smiling and laughing my ass off. I had emotional overflow, I simply couldn't contain myself.

And this is day fucking two?

Like what in the hell?!

That all said, I don't think I'll necessarily be great at approaching just yet. The anxiety is still there, and I noticed that now I'm HYPER aware of everyone's reaction to everything. It's not all dulled, and the subtleties are so much more prominent right now. Then there's of course the technical aspect. Perhaps I'll bring to the table what Ajay said he has, that sparkle in his eye ;)

Afterwards I went to my bar and ordered a virgin margarita and talked with my coworkers. They seemed drawn to me since I was glowing haha. I said a social mistake, because when deep diving the bartender I don't usually talk to, I mentioned that I think that marriage is a "terrible thing" with a goofy smile. I could feel the vibe get slightly cut.

Oh shit.

This is exactly like that FR I wrote back in my old school, "In My Element", about how I could feel everyone's vibes X100 and their frames, and all that shit. Lol damn, feels good. It will probably pass, but I'm enjoying it rn!

Okay anyways, that was a social mistake because her parents have a very happy marriage and she's only had a few relationships. I could have EASILY made it fine because we were talking about her wanting to become a lawyer and how being a family lawyer is kinda shitty. I know how bad marriage is and how nasty it gets because of Venice and because of all the babble you from MWGTOW.

So from there I could have simply said, "personally, I think it's about the connection. When two people are in love and the love is there, it's real. Why do you need to make it legal? Fuck, go ahead and having a wedding! But the moment you make it real, you're taking a risk. But I get it, you know, acknowledging that and not taking it personally is a hard thing to do."

But, I didn't think to say that. Next time it comes up, maybe.

I keep talking with everyone though and ended on a good note. The point is, the whole interaction was crystal clear to me.

While I'll probably be eating my words and want a drink this weekend, I won't do it, and I'm gonna get some really good experience this month.

EDIT: Actually in regards to the marriage comment, I'm just a fucking idiot. I forgot her parents are quite recently divorced. So that just made the vibe fucking weird because it looked like I was trying to strangely put my toes in that water.

Lol yep, can still be a self-serving, self-absorbed muthafucka, whether I'm happy, energized, and ecstatic or not!
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Fri Jan 04, 2019 7:12 pm

Reflection on Wednesday
I think that the concert got me hyped as fucking shit, and some of my inaccurate beliefs were alleviated. Those at once, gave me a ton of energy.

Oh, and it's also a rebound affect when you drink like I do to not be able to sleep as well after you stop drinking :P

Still meant a bunch of shit I said, but yea.. I was bordering hypomania (or something like it) after that show.

The concert got me so high though, because I love music and usually I'm drunk for shows. This was mainly just the effect of the show, no alcohol to dampen my sensations or stimuli, methinks.

I went out and played pool with Day One. Not many girls worth approaching, and those that were were very clearly with guys (like 3). I did open a cute brunette but she was with a fatty who immediatley pulled her away to get food. I should have been more aggressive.

Tonight I think I'm going to a show and then going out after I work out. Should be fun.

Side note

Stop trying to fuck any of your coworkers. You'll become a bartender faster if you're in the friendzone. If you see a window take it, but don't be so active about it. Sounds weird but something I thought of today. Rumors swirling about your sexual actions/statements will almost certainly crash down on professional advances, even in something like the service industry.

Peoples reasons for saying why they don't want you in the position may not actually come from a place of genuity, and it's very easy for people to twist shit just because they think you're a douchebag for openly saying you're trying to fuck so and so.
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FR: Sober Night Game - Day 4

Postby Hue » Sat Jan 05, 2019 3:30 am

FR: Sober Night Game - Day 4

I went out to a jazz concert by myself. I was being pretty stiff at first, and eventually opened up to some guys next to me just to get the conversation ball rolling. I talked to them a bit and they eventually ejected, but then came back to say a few more words.

In between acts I sat down at an open table and two older, drunk gentlemen struck up conversation with me. The guy asked me if I was out alone, so my vibe must have not have been very confident yet. Frankly, it wasn't. I chit chatted with them and we had somewhat of an interesting conversation. It's a lot harder for me to bullshit convo's when I'm sober, I've noticed.

The next act pretty much isn't my kinda thing and so I leave and call my friends, hopping into my car. Two guys aren't really sure what they're gonna do and the other two are doing sketchy shit that doesn't involve the sober lyfe. And then rudely the guy tells me that it's a blow party (which I don't mind attending, I just wanted to be social) and he thinks I want some so I can't come, but to meet him at a bar.

Little Freakout
Then I get a text from the other guy being sober with me and he says he drank. I get super stressed and flooded with thoughts trying to basically convince myself to drink. I was angry and frustrated. This whole thing started to seem really stupid to me.

I grabbed food and cooked at home, then did some breathing techniques to calm me down. I read Rob's LR's, which helped me SO much. I wait for a text from my friend to meet him at the bar and he's not responding. I go to the bar and he's not there - and I didn't feel like approaching the girls at the bar, despite some of them being hot.

Feeling Things Out
I drive to my bar to see if anyone's there, and it's pretty dead. But I feel my vibe invigorated seeing everyone I know. Plus my hot coworker gives me a really good look because she loves my outfit. There's a guy I met when I was out and about drinking last year and we shoot the shit. He thinks I've been drinking because of the vibe I'm putting off, which is high energy at this point.

The bartender asks what I'm gonna do the rest of the night and I tell him I might just go to a popular bar and see what happens. He tells me that's something that he's done in the past and it can be fun, eventually saying that if I'm in a mood like I am that he would do it. I give him a devilish grin and say "wish me luck!" and head out.

On the way over I see the drunk people walking being fucking idiots and chuckle to myself about it. In line to the bar three guys in front of me just got denied for a dress code policy at the bar next to us, and then keep talking shit about it to the next bouncer and this bar, and get denied here too. All because they had to run their mouths...

Fumble and Interception
I get in and head to the bar deeper in the pit. There's a cute blonde next to me I can tell is looking at me through her peripheral. I open her with "how's your night going"? and find out she's a graduate student in my school. Her friend runs up to me and tells me to keep talking to her and literally green lights me, saying, "she's the kind of girl that would go home with you, but she's not a slut or anything".


I chit chat with the friend for a sec and then yell at her to stop distracting me as a tease and go back to the friend. I pull her into me and we move around the group for a bit, where I try to deep dive her. We're holding each other, there's blood rushing to my dick, and this looks like a clear go, go, go. Arousal is fucking there. SHE EVEN TOLD ME SHE LIVES LIKE RIGHT NEXT DOOR WITHIN 5 MINUTES OF MEETING ME. LOL DUDE WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.

I move her a little bit and we keep talking, now the cheeks of our faces are touching. She seems buzzed, but not really drunk, so I'm comfortable with the sober thing (gonna have to ask Rob about that whole dynamic, too).

Then I start to fuck up, and ultimately fumble.

First, I didn't escalate enough. I should have been grabbing her ass, and I easily could have manhandle kissed her. Easily.

Then, I forgot what she did in graduate school, and called it something else. Lose points for that.

Then, I let her lead the conversation somewhere and didn't bring it back to what I was saying, which overall leads into my shadow gambit.

Then we spent way too much time looking for this picture of what she was for Halloween (how the fuck did the conversation end up here?), where it became anticlimactic for how much she had to scroll her phone.

Since I felt the vibe dying, I tried to make it sexual again by framing her as this hot teacher in grad school. She was down at first, but then started shit testing me and giving me dismissive looks. I laughed through them and tried to keep conversation going, probably eventually sounding stupid / needy because I saw how much the vibe went down.

I eject.

Eventually, I come back and she's on another guys lap. This chick wanted fucking dick tonight. Damn. Oh well, she was just cute.

Three Top
I putz around and eventually see my gay friend. I open with high energy and talk. He's not very bright, and usually just smiles at me for conversation. Lol. He's mad because I won't drink tonight, or for his upcoming birthday. I talk to some of the girls he's with and make fun conversation. The guys in the group are skeptical of me. I was wearing a black leather jacket, which I've noticed has a very polarizing effect.

While I"m talking to the gay dude, I see this super hot indian chick with huge tits stretch her arms up and her tits look fucking great. I literally have to pause conversation with the guy, and go over with the, "is this a serious conversation?" thing. The two girls seem anxious and unsure, and the girl I want shys away. I laugh and tell them to keep enjoying the convo about who's on the lease next year, and return to my squad.

No other approaches, I didn't want to mass approach with someone in my social circle there :P

I think that once I get in a social mood, I have to bring my vibe down a little bit. I was super high energy by the end. When I'm drunk and I'm also like this, all that's on my mind is sex, and I think overall that helps me a lot lol.

So tomorrow night I'll try a similar process, but this time once I'm in that super high energy mode, to tone it down a bit and focus on being sexy rather than all energy.

Super fun.

Also I noticed the facial expressions of people I'm passing way more. Girls can be creeped out A LOT at the bar by guys, man. Lol this is gonna teach me so much shit, I can't wait.

With that cute blonde though dude... my god. I tried to overgame! It was so clear cut, the kind of shit where I probably could have pulled her outside the bar in an alley or into the fucking bathroom and fucked her. Or, you know, her house 5 minutes away... lol jesus.
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Freshman Date, Weird Girl From My Table, Sober Game

Postby Hue » Sat Jan 12, 2019 12:42 pm


First thing today is a date with that freshmen from December. Date goes well and I get her much more aroused & comfortable, but because of logistics I can't pull her to my house. Her reason to not go back with me this time was logistical instead of "I can't go because I don't know you" or whatever", which is good. Snag a good kiss at the end when I drop her off.

Next time I'll invite her straight over and I think she'll say yes. Also think I'll call her this time to get her warmed up, then ask. I think she's only fucked 1 guy, so comfort is big with her. Can't wait to bend her ass over and fuck her better than she's ever had.

Last Monday there were two girls at one of my tables who immediately asked me to sit down with them when I began serving them. High interest, so I did. I flirted my ass off the rest of the time, eventually talking to this black chick about meeting after when she was alone.

They leave me a note to come meet them at a hookah bar. Once I'm off I go and chat, and get physical with my girl. The logistics are fucked so I get her number and set up semi plans. It takes me two days to text her and then thursday we say we'll meet after work. I invite her straight over and she sends back "Hmm" so I don't respond. I get cut early and text her and she immediately calls me. We talk on the phone and there was one really good line. She was out shopping kinda far away.
Me: When are you gonna be close to me?
Her: Don't you think that's moving a little fast?
Me: Ha. No darling nothing like that. I mean.. when will I be close to you.. physically?

She pauses and then laughs like "oh my gosh what do I say" and I suggest a time and she's down.

The moment she gets over it's weird. She would be cool, sassy, and then suddenly sad all in rotation. There was rarely a moment she showed she was comfortable... and when she was she would try to tickle me and say "tickle tickle tickle" like I'm a 5 y/o. It was super weird.

Eventually we start hooking up, in the weirdest escalation, she would pull back from my kiss, then hold us there faces cm's from eachother, and then I'd go in again after a few seconds and shed' comply. Super weird lol. Soon enough I'm fingerblasting her and she's stroking my cock but when sex comes up she gets very quiet and starts asking me all these deep personal question like what my demons are and shit - waaaay too much for a ONS. I mean, I would be open to that kind of conversation with the right girl, but with her it came outta nowhere.

She was recently sexually assaulted and sex is weird for her. I explain my familiarity with the issue because of clients I've studied but also recognize the red flag. We go a bit farther, and I say we can take sex super slow but she's not down. I only persisted verbally instead of physically because of the circumstance.

But by the end I literally had to kick her out and she was lingering by my door and grabbing my cock.

I'm so glad she's gone.

Then I go out to my usual thursday spot and find a girl I know to get the juices flowing. I dip from her and then some guy recognizes me from a party he saw me at months ago and I start to hit it off with his whole group and talk with their girls. Within minutes they invite me out with them to a club and I comply. I'm totally hitting it off with this one dude, it was like the moment we locked eyes we knew we were on the same page.

I dance at the club and kinda game this blonde girl they're with, but the black dude that ran into me was clearly tryna fuck (and I'm assuming he had at one point). The blonde's friend is not very hot but really into me, but I equally socialize with everyone in this new group and have fun. We smoke a little at their after party and by the end I have everyone eating out of my hands and giving me WAY too much power. Anything I said was funny and correct, because of how good my nonverbals were and how much attraction and respect I'd built between the guys and girls.

At the club there was a girl eye fucking me and I went over to talk to her, but she wasn't very social. I did get physical with her and grab her ass (she was definitely horny) but there eventually was a competition from like 3 guys for this one girl. I'm pissed I didn't just go up to her and kiss her, because she definitely wanted me from the way she was looking at me. Slim brunette with a squishy little ass, it'd have been a fun lay. I invited her to the after party multiple times but she had logistical issues, of course. Got her number but no answer. No shit lol it was a 1:00 AM club pull. Maybe should have texted her that night about the party and seen if she'd have changed her mind.


Had a coaching call with Hector. Great talking to the guy again. From the deal we made I still have a few left.

My night starts out at a concert with my Day One and some HS friends. My HS friends continually give me shit about being sober and I have to shake it off the whole time. We have a good time and I'm feeling sharper than ever. I'm still enjoying myself quite a bit.

Maddhatter eventually confronts me saying that "are you trying to bang drunk chicks?" and I tell him "no, that's not anything I want to do, and you're overestimating how drunk girls get". And then he says "yea but I could just NEVER go out to a bar sober like that", and I explain that you get used to it, I had a blast last night. And then, AGAIN, he says, "but dude.. taking home drunk chicks I jush.. ah".

He's not even fucking listening.

I tell him, "yo dude you're not listening to me lol. I'm not going after drunk chicks, that's nasty." And then he admits, "well dude honestly you make me feel like an alcoholic when I think about my own drinking and it makes me feel like shit".

Then I give him a confused look with a hint of disgust and tell him that what he thinks about with his own habits and his feelings on that is his issue, not mine. He gets a little annoyed by this (because I didn't tell him, no no no, you're not an alcoholic broooo) and we stop talking shortly after that.

Day One is getting anxious and wants to go out soon to pull chicks (thank you, motherfucker). We go to a pub that the HS guys are deeply in love with and I don't stay for more than a few minutes. I tell them we're getting food then probably gonna go try and get pussy and they AGAIN say something about drunk chicks. I laugh and tell them they don't get it, but to have a great night.

Really shows how judgmental these guys can be when I'm not doing the one thing that our friendship is based upon. Day One on the other hand, as been cool as fuck about it the entire time. Dude's my best friend and I can be 200% honest with him about shit.

Anyway, we go out to a smaller bar to try and warm up. No talent. We leave to another bar and I see Koala through the window so we don't go in. Then we go to a gay bar to talk to a busser we know but he's super busy and doesn't look like he wants to talk much. Day One spots a girl that he likes and after we bide time (it was only 10ish and girls come out later than that) he asks me how he should open her. I tell him a technique that Hector just taught me and he goes and does it. Work like a fucking charm and he's locked in almost immediately.

I check up on him while I get a water, but I don't see any girls that interest me at the bar. He eventually comes to me and says that they want to go to a club and invites me to sit down. I wingman the shit out of it and we then go to the club.

Kinda small dance club where most people get bottle service. I'm not totally in the mood to dance but eventually warm myself up enough to get down a little bit.

At one point I'm taking a break and sitting on a bench and this dude opens me and starts telling me how he knows everyone at this club and basically how high value he is and we agree how networking is super important and powerful. I explain that some people call it an "unfortunate truth" but once you understand and respect that information it because much more advantageous. Right after that he says, "so get to know me then motherfucker!" lol.

He ends up trying to sell me on himself by explaining his connections to the club, how cheap he gets bottle service, and how he'll get me a job doing shit at music festivals, etc. and so I do grab his number. Just like with girls, I keep talking to him after to cement the dynamic.

Day One is awkwardly dancing with his girl (he can't dance for SHIT lol) and looks indecisive and insecure on what to do. There's a blonde girl in red dancing in the middle of the dance floor and eye fucking the shit out of me. I thought about it but eventually realize this girl is thirsty as fuck and I'm not interested. Eventually I got a closer look at her face and she wasn't very good looking.

I open one girl while I'm dancing with my new friend's drug dealer and she's weird and kind all over the place so I don't engage because she seems like too much work. Then I see a really pretty brunette standing next to me so I open her and she seems interested. I ask if she's single and she's not but then I ask if her boyfriend is here, and he's not. Right as she's about to say "Yea but I'm still faithful" or something (that's how here tonality sounded) this other guy comes up and is checking me HARD.

He was standing very close to me with stone face and staring me down while I talked to her about what bar she works at. Then I'm introduced to the guy and I just keep up my friendly energy and good vibes, but this guy is baaarely budging. I think at one point that I was talking to her he went, "hey, buddy" and I outright ignored him. When I start talking to the guy I realize that he works at the joint bar that my bar works at and I'm gonna be seeing him at a company party in just a few months.

Overall, not good. If she tells him that I was probing for cheating on her boyfriend then he'll slot me into a box that makes me look sleezy among my coworkers, or potential lays at this party in a few weeks. I try to talk about our happy hours but this guy is not fucking friendly to me so after I get some failed attempts I touch her and say it was great to meet her, then to him, and dip back to Day One.

Day One is still being a total pussy about his girl so I literally pull him aside and say, "dude you're standing around looking indecisive and insecure. girls fucking hate that. you need to either start being more aggressive (I'd been telling him this the whole night) or we need to leave". He doesn't know what to do so I tell him I'm getting the car.

I get to my car and he runs up. He tells me he's gonna bust a move, and he'll text me whether to stay or go. I tell him okay and wait. He stays.

Now I feel like I've wasted most of my night because it's 12:30 and I have nothing going except social momentum. I drive to a popular bar. There's some guys freestyling in line so I jump in the cypher and shake same hands, while making friends with the bouncer. Further up the line the other bouncer hears the conversation me and my man have going about rap and let's us in early, which was cool.

I walk into the bar and see a girl I know and float around to her then tap her opposite shoulder. She's with a hot girl and so I get introduced. I start talking to them and sober January eventually comes up, with the girls saying how stupid it is. I wait a little bit with a devilish smile then flip them both off and tell them that I'm sober right now. Surprisingly, the hot girl lights up so I hold her by her back and sides. Her friends start pulling her toward the bar and I tell her to get me a water.

While they're at the bar some guy buys them all drinks and so he doesn't get my water (doesn't give her the compliance subconsciously). After I wait a bit I go over to the girls and the guy that bought all of them drinks sees me as a threat and dips out.

I give the girl shit about the water and then we talk about the guy buying everyone drinks. She says, "so I have to talk to him, just because he bought me drinks?" and I laugh and say that's usually how the transaction works. I grabbed her hand and said I think he thought I was your boyfriend. I should have made fun of him instead because that'd have built similarity. Then I tell her I usually don't buy drinks, which is qualifying myself. She says that guys don't really get it and I say "most guys don't", which is telling not showing, and again qualifying myself. But, we were just about to start talking about how guys and girls think (which is a perfect transition into sex talk and psychology - my favorite things), and her girlfriend starts bothering the fuck out of her with her boyfriend trouble.

I try a few times to become involved with the conversation, which could have been fun to look at the guys texts and give him shit because it distances my identity from his, but get shot down everytime. I stand there a while, but eventually say "okay fuck this" and leave to find new girls. I end up finding a friend of mine and he's in a fight with his girlfriend. After he gave up on finding his girl because she "left" the bar he starts gaming other chicks. I kinda wanted to jump in but just didn't feel the vibe so I stopped.

I'm considering leaving the bar at this point since it's going on 1:30, but see this super sexy girl leaning against the bar in way that shows interest to be approached. I talk myself out of my head and approach, and tell her how sexy she looks. She's interested with a yellow light and we talk, I make friends with her girls, and I'm holding her.

Eventually though, I ask her how drunk she is and she says "pretty drunk" and after screening logistics (she's only here tonight) I tell her that I can't be around her because I'm sober, then leave.

Lame, I know. But her friends were clearly hammered, she seemed drunk enough to be "drunk drunk", so I couldn't do it.

Fucked up that if I had a few in me I wouldn't care. She seemed stable and like she knew how to handle her shit - it's just.. I couldn't bring my mindset to doing that. Got in my head, I suppose.

Day One texts me "mission accomplished". Good shit. Glad I could help (;
Honestly I should have just taken a breather after that guy challenged me and talked to my new networking friend about pulling. We had been talking about game for a bit and right before I left he was talking to chicks. He seemed a cool, confident guy overall, despite being a little pretentious and qualifying himself.

Disappointed that I didn't get the cat, but I have that hot freshmen as lead and I'm going out tonight.

EDIT: God fucking damnit, I have a cold. Will power through but this will be a challenge.
Always be a student.

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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Thu Jan 17, 2019 9:39 pm

Some changes are happening with my goal of bartending / place of work. When I went out with those people I befriended on thursday, the guy I was bromancing with offered me a job of any kind at this new place opening up so long as I show I can handle the work (service industry, that is). I found out the place is growing and actually quite successful.

I went to my managers and asked again about being promoted to bartender since there's multiple openings at our location now and was recently informed that there will be no internal promotions. At first I thought I can just tough it out and get a few months of training, but then the guy texted me about the new gig (across the street, actually) doing open interviews.

So I headed into the interview still in uniform having just got off my shift and sat down with the GM. I barely had to sell myself at all (I suppose from his familiarity with my bar and my fundamentals) and he told me that he would train me as a bartender so long as I had the chops.

I've put some thought into it and I think this is the best option for me right now. I'll admit, I'm gonna miss my coworkers and the return of all the younger college girls at my tables (I've gotten 3 numbers in the past few shifts), but that's something I can get myself anyway if I just hang out at my old bar and continue to do shit on campus.

Long term, this is the best decision. It's a risk, and a leap of faith, but hey sometimes you have to do that.

I'll be telling my managers pretty soon about what I'm about to do if they're not willing to promote me, no hard feelings.

Basically, I can't allow my own comfort to hold back my growth and I think it's time to get serious.

I've been signing up for dance lessons and attending a lot of free events in my city. This sober month has shown me that there is so much that I haven't been working on or accessing that I've wanted to on a deep level for so long.

I'm so glad I took on this challenge for January.

There are some bitchin parties to attend at the end of the month / beginning of February.. but no way in hell am I going back to the level of drinking I was at.

About to rewatch my coaching session with Hector and go out of an awesome girl's birthday tonight in one of my social circles.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Sun Jan 20, 2019 2:50 pm


Went out for the birthday party. Took me a while to get the ball rolling but I finally did and was having fun. The club we went to was the same as last week, and once I was inside I was being much more social. Right when I felt it was time to approach the group moved to the next bar.

Next place I keep the social ball rolling, and notice more how the girls we were with started to "move in" on their targets as the clocked turned later. I didn't work hard enough on this petite brunette and my buddy was trying for her (seemingly to no avail) and this meh blonde girl was pushing onto me, but I wasn't interested.

I saw a girl who was at my old school and approached her after talking / flirting with an old coworker and her friend. She was very nice and bubbly at the start, but soon after fizzled out and it reminded me that she's just really nice up front. Her friend was much more receptive to me but once her friend fizzled she did too. At some point I got the original girls number so I could meet her at an upcoming music festival.

Went out to a few parties. The first one was dope and I should have stayed their all night. I went with Tuna to his girlfriends sports' team party, which I have a player reputation at. They also know about Venice because Tuna told them (but ultimately because I told Tuna, bleehhh). They didn't like that I was sober and would fleet from conversation within 15 seconds. ALL of them were glued the fuck to their phones. I get bored and leave back to the other party.

At the old place I run into a girl who I almost got on a date last year around the same time. She was friendly but eventually I find out she has a boyfriend. I try to flirt with this hot red head but so many guys are all over her I couldn't get more than an introduction - no hook. We chit chatted and danced at some other points.

I approached the beer pong table and got next game, and easily merged into the group with everyone being receptive to me. I ask the hottest girl to be my partner and her friends seem to like me. Eventually I find out that she also has BF but was nonetheless receptive.

A tinder match hits me up and so I try to meet her but then she flakes.

So, I go to my usual bar and see what's up. I almost talked myself out of it but I'm so glad I went. When I'm there a girl I know totally throws herself at me and I have to run away lol. Then I see two cute girls, one HB7 brunette, one HB7 blonde and I open them with the "is this a serious conversation?" and they smile at me and say no it's not. I tell them that I thought both of them were super cute and I wanted to say hi. They're excited and take the compliment. I run BMOC game with them, with a dash of being nicer for attainability and eventually (kinda a ballsy move) ask both of them if either of them are single.

One has a boyfriend who's standing right next to them, and the other doesn't. I switch gears to her and find out she's a feminist (lol yeeees) and have to persistently ask her questions, escalate touch, and make good emotions happen before she finally opens up. Basically, she was skeptical of me because of her identity, and here this high energy guy in a black leather jacket cockily comes up (masculine features) and is showing sexual interest. Everytime I got her to open up she was happier and happier and we eventually start hitting it off. She was being a total bitch at first and then was fully invested in conversation.

My intuition says I'm still not gonna be able to pull her though, so I set up coffee with her. As she's typing in her number, Koala texts me "Hue". She comments on it and I just swipe it away and keep talking to her. This is actually REALLY good because of how she might interpret that exact text. It accomplishes preselection, but also kinda looks like Koala was pleading with me. Hopefully, and I know I"m being optimistic, she interprets the situation as me ignoring a girls texts, leaving to the bar by myself, and her sending a "Hue" as a result of me ignoring her. As in, I'm some guy that just left his main girl and an recently open on the sexual market.

I know I'm speculating, but that's totally possible.

I leave on a high note and she's been very receptive over text.

Koala called me drunk and I'm not talking to her anymore. She booty called me and then said I couldn't come over, and was basically trying to make a dynamic where she can ring a bell and I come over for sex, and was being a total condescending and controlling bitch. She, again, said "I have 10 guys I can text right now to come and fuck me" just to try to leverage that to my submission. I just told her "real mature. well you better text them". She said she will and started to rant about it so I cut her off and said "I'm really turned off by you saying that. Talk to you later *click*".

I muted her on instagram and I'm not reaching out to her again.


Had a GREAT work shift and that tinder date circled back.

When I get off I meet her at a club and eventually find her, and she is ON me. Really cute petite blonde. I let her go to the bathroom and lose her for half an hour, trying to find her. In the mean time I danced and talked to people I knew.

I finally find her and she's receptive. Turns out I got her number during St Patricks day at my old school 2 years ago lol.

Her friend knew me from a party last year and I talk to both of them. We talked about our old schools, music, and general banter. I used mostly physical arousal with banter to "game" her. They're not very exciting but my girl is hot so I keep it up. Some guy tries to steal her from me by doing some bullshit with glasses. I let him do his thing and the moment he gets his attention off of her I sneak around and pull my girl into me while teasing her and soon she's sitting and then grinding on my lap.

From here I sit with her and kiss her once, and she went from holding hands with me to grabbing my dick. She seems a little drunk but still in control. Some guys next to us start trolling that she's lesbian and that I'm wasting my time with her. She was clearly horny and a bunch of guys started to circle around us once I had her turned on. I need to get her out of here with me. Unfortunately, this idea became tunnel vision.

Her friend is clearly becoming a barrier and is ultimately how I fuck up.

I ask my girl if she wants to keep hanging out and she does. I ask if her friend is gonna be an issue, and she pauses and says maybe. I try to pull her out with me a few minutes and she gets upset and says she can't leave her friend. I turn to her friend and suggest we all go to a different bar.

They're down and we go. I sit in the booth and they sit on the opposing seats. Fuck that. I see a funny object behind the bar in my line of vision and tell her to come over here so she can see it. I persist once, she comes, and I immediately go to holding her.

She takes my hand and puts it on her pussy, now that we're hidden with the table. I rub her pussy above her jeans as I casually continue conversation with her friend and her. She's starting to groove herself into my hand, the friend HAD to know something was going on.

I start grabbing her ass and she takes my hand and pushes it underneath her for the best angle on her pussy. I'm pushing my fingers into her lips and can feel where she wants it. I can tell she's getting wet as fuck and anxious, and I just keep talking to her friend as if nothing is going on.

Then, that guy that tried to fight me last week is there, shit faced, and he comes up to our table saying some shit about making babies and grabs the friend and pulls her outside, aggressive as fuck, and I think starts kissing her outside. My girl reacts, very worried, and jumps up and goes after her.

Should have just stayed at the table, probably, but I go with her. We get her friend back inside and sit back down. I resume touching her pussy, but this time slip my hand beneath her jeans so it's only her underwear in the way. She's losing it and grabs my dick. I consider pulling her into the bathroom (and it locks) but I can't think of a smooth transition. I try to make the friend go and buy pizza right outside but she won't.

Then I start whispering shit in my girls ear about going somewhere privately but she's unsure and keeps saying "maybe". I start to ask if she'll come somewhere with me and she's not giving me anything, even though I'm literally there rubbing her snatch. I turn to the friend and ask if I can steal her away for a second - it's last call.

I pull her into me near the wall and try to yes ladder her coming with me but now that she's physically separated from her friend she keeps looking back at her with a worried look. I walk her through a plan --> we leave to hang out some more and I drive her back to her friend house after. She says she wants to but is torn because she's visiting her friend and is only in town tonight.

Here I fuck up and start chasing. I tell her that "she's here with me too" which doesn't supplement her emotional tie to her girl. I didn't pull her into me enough, either. I continue with my "plan" and we go back to her friend and I tell her. Her friend is green lighting her to go with me but my girl is upset now and doesn't want to leave her friend because she feels bad. I try to convince her and she's not having it, the friend just called her uber. I felt like a total bitch while I tried to convince her to come with me because it was needy. Let the power dynamic shift too much.

Three things I could have done.

1). Been aggressive before last call and fucked her in the bathroom after actually getting my fingers in her pussy sitting down. I doubt she'd resist if I'm literally bringing her towards orgasm in the middle of the bar.

2). Left to the bathroom myself so her friend could have wingmanned for me and told her it's 100% okay to go with me, then came back and resumed physically escalating and pulled her when she was super horny, instead of the clumsy way I tried.

3). Probably the best option was to just keep hanging out with the girls at the one's apartment, let her slip into another room, and then fucked my girl at her apartment. That way she wouldn't have felt bad about leaving, and the whole conflict wouldn't have been there. By trying to separate the two of them, I created negative emotions and ultimately fucked it up for her and myself psychologically. I accomplished this last September (LR: Fuck Me On This Porch, except the roles were switched between the girls.

Overall I felt like a creep at the end because the bar was quieting down, too. Super weak.

Well, I have a date planned Tuesday, coffee planned with a girl from one of my friends tables (she approached me before they left lol), should have a day for that freshman girl, and then need to set up a coffee date with that girl from Friday.

Leads, leads, leads.

Also, I'm gonna try to set up a somewhat planned 3-some with Thing 1 & 2 for my birthday next week. Brainstorming right now.

For such a shit night last night, I think it taught me a lot and I'll grow from it!
Always be a student.

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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Fri Jan 25, 2019 12:46 pm

Well holy shit, I'm a Tribal Elder.

I'm honored and humbled haha. I assume the change is part of the transfer to the new forums.

Regardless, thank you to Chase, Franco, Hector, Richard, Nick (Pretty Decent), Grand Pooba, Remy (RDawg), The Tool, Seppuku, Fuck This, Ambiance, Fog, Rob, Sandman, Jake D. (Smurf), Marcellus, and anybody else's name that I've forgetting that have provided inspiration, great support, and extremely useful information in my personal growth. My life and outlook on life have changed in many ways since I stumbled on this site during a moment of desperation, and I'm more excited than ever for what's to come, the lessons to be learned, and the things I'll be capable of while working towards the man I want to become. To all contributors, you are appreciated.

Let's not get too emotional though - it's a rank on a forum hahahaha.

Thursday - Old Lay Reaches out from a Snapchat Story
Went out after reading Chase's 3 different aims while going out article and it was very helpful. It's been a struggle of mine to adapt to the night that I want to have and the night I'm most geared for when I constantly have improvement and approaching in the back of my mind.

One of my very good friends asked our group chat who wanted to go to an alternative band's concert. I called dibs and met up with him after working out. It was a much older crowd and I maybe saw one girl worth approaching. So, I made the night about having a good time with the pals I came with. I used to be a lot closer to this guy in particular but since he's returned from college our differences have become more apparent than our similarities. We watch the show and enjoy ourselves.

I end up posting a snapchat story of the show during a visually captivating moment. A few hours later this girl who I'd totally forgotten about that I fucked last year replies to it and starts asking me what I'm doing for the rest of the night. I point out that we haven't seen each other in a while, and she reciprocates the acknowledgement. I lead and say we should meet up if she's not too tired (it was getting close to 1:00~) and she's down. Soon enough I'm at her house and she's sucking me off before we fuck.

The point I'm trying to make here is that even though social media can be a pain, and annoying, and superficial, AND very distracting... it's got a lot of benefits. Girls / guys see you doing cool stuff, and then they want to spend time with you. Because you're a guy that does cool stuff lol. I hadn't expected anyone to hit me up, but from posting that, she saw it, starting thinking about my dick, and hit me up with a window for sex. Then a real cool guy who I haven't seen in a while also replied to it and wants to hang soon.

So, social media done correctly can help ya out in alotta ways. Look at Hector's insta for fuck's sake lol.

Right now I'm tryna use it to pique interest in Thing 1 & 2, who have been snapping me since I reached out earlier this week.

Have a closing shift tonight so will focus on being productive until then. Going out Saturday. Next week is my birthday and I don't work as much so that should be an action packed week.

Freshman girl is stressing over midterms and can't meet up until after and the girl from my bar said the same thing but was super apologetic and talked about rescheduling so that'll probably be fine. As for the other leads, ghost town.

Thinking of a way to reach out to Venice and get her on the phone soon...
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby fog » Sun Jan 27, 2019 4:05 pm

Hue wrote:Well holy shit, I'm a Tribal Elder.

I'm honored and humbled haha. I assume the change is part of the transfer to the new forums.

Regardless, thank you to Chase, Franco, Hector, Richard, Nick (Pretty Decent), Grand Pooba, Remy (RDawg), The Tool, Seppuku, Fuck This, Ambiance, Fog, Rob, Sandman, Jake D. (Smurf), Marcellus, and anybody else's name that I've forgetting that have provided inspiration, great support, and extremely useful information in my personal growth. My life and outlook on life have changed in many ways since I stumbled on this site during a moment of desperation, and I'm more excited than ever for what's to come, the lessons to be learned, and the things I'll be capable of while working towards the man I want to become. To all contributors, you are appreciated.

congrats bro

what a journey its been eh. i look up to u so much so it feels cool that u mentioned my name

we're gonna crush it so heavy this year

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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Sun Jan 27, 2019 4:21 pm

Had a table of some sorority girls and got the hottest one's number (cute brunette). For the first time I just flat out told her to write down her number and that we're gonna have to chill soon and she did. I used a lot of push and pull and passed a shit test pretty well. The social chair asked me what I'm doing for my birthday next week since it came up and I told her I have different stuff planned for different days of the whole week and I'm seeing a lot of people. She goes, "oh so you think you're popular?" and I laugh with a smile and go, "yea, I am (= ", and her reaction was just like oh shit and she laughed in embarrassment and said "oh well okay then haha".

I did a lot of push and pull with me leaning in and asking about them, then backing off and standing confidently before I left to other tables. Interest --> nonchalant --> interest --> etc. until the cute one is giving me eyes of interest.. and then I tell her to write her number just before they leave after screening for logistics.

Got some errands done at the mall and, unexpectedly, I see the same group of girls from Friday haha. I go up to them and tap them, asking them if they're buying something for later tonight (they were at victoria's secret). Fun little banter and I told the cutie I'd text her.

I also approached two hired guns but they were setting up some game and told me to come back later. When I did the event was over and I missed em :P

Eventually go out to a concert and had an awesome time. I come in to the pregame and have good conversations with everybody after buffering through the initial questions of me being sober. There's a girl who I went on a date with and rejected over a year ago, and I'm sure to be friendly with her. I max out social proof and then set down next to this really pretty, tall blonde.

We have an awesome conversation. She's bisexual, open minded, kinda shy, and we have a similar sense of humor. Good chemistry. We talk for about 30 minutes straight after my opener, then I drive a group of 4 to the concert. At the concert we dance next to eachother the whole time. I don't really escalate like I could have but the concert was pretty hard dubstep so it was kind of a difficult environment to do that in. I'm lauded for dancing so hard when I'm so sober lol. Had so much fun.

In the pit I did flirt with her and eventually asked if she was single. She's in an open relationship and I go "oh" with a sexy smile, and go back to dancing. Then a moment later I say, "I thought I was the only one who did that", and she looks down and smiles shyly. There's a bit of a push and pull for the rest of the concert.

Then we go to an after party and I start deep diving my girl. The girl I went on a date with starts freaking out because her boyfriend is acting like a chode and not giving her the attention he should be as a boyfriend (honestly). She starts crying so I have to back off hard and let the guys who know her better handle it.

Luckily, we find another after party and the crying girl goes home, with my girl staying. I mingle and eventually sit down with my girl and we talk for another 20 minutes or so. I started to get into a bad topic and she had negative emotions about an experience at work but once we finish talking about it I bring back good emotions and cut it off.

After this I talk with this bad bitch who's dating my good friend for literally like 40 minutes about a wide range of things, from overcoming victim mentalities to honest positivity to confronting bullshit properly to larger hopes and dreams. We actually have so much in common and I'm very attracted to her. I can tell she's attracted to me quite a bit too and she was showering me with genuine compliments (= But we both understand that she has a boyfriend and I love both of them so nothing would come about that. Such a cool girl.

Then I go back to some of my boys and we joke around. I see an opportunity to sit next to my girl again and I do. She's suuuper tired and it's like 4:45 AM. I had breakfast this morning with the family, so I don't really have the logistics for pulling hard. Plus, it didn't feel like the right time. From what I can tell she's picky about the guys she goes home with, too.

I qualify her, set up a date, and get her number. I calmly voice to my man in charge that we should head back home soon and I'm driving. We start to walk to my car and luckily my girl and I get in just 10 seconds before everyone else. I see this as a window to escalate.

She's in my car super cold and holding herself. I rub her arms and legs a little bit and then go, "hey". She turns and says, "what?", and I manhandle kiss her. She loved it. I laugh and go, "I couldn't get a minute alone with you! hahaha". And she laughs. She's pretty bubbly the whole ride back and we're all laughing and having a good time.

I text her around 5:15, "hey it's Hue.. save my number (= " and she texts me back "will do(: ".

So now I just have to circulate on the date. Since we have good chemistry and how great of an impression I made I have a good feeling on this one.

Realistically, I probably COULD have pushed harder to isolate and escalate with her though. I could have just told her, "hey, come with me I want to talk to you", and tried to hook up with her somewhere. Though after getting to know her, I think the entire process of date --> pull --> my house with just us two from start to finish would be better for her needs. It's clear to her that I was attempting to be covert, which could help me in that she recognizes my respect to her sexuality or hurt me in that I wasn't open and uncaring about the opinions of others in my desires. I also do have the concern that her friend will find out and interfere because she's dramatic. We shall see. There's somewhat of a safety net from it being social circle.

Now I just have birthday stuff for the rest of the weekend and then I'm going out alot of next week. I'll be drinking again. I have shown myself all the reasons why I shouldn't drink that heavily, and why it's extremely advantageous both the night of and the following day/week/month to not get hammered, and certainly not to black out.

I've shown myself the will power to not drink at all and still accomplish things and have a good time. Now let's find moderation.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Sun Jan 27, 2019 4:39 pm

congrats bro

what a journey its been eh. i look up to u so much so it feels cool that u mentioned my name

we're gonna crush it so heavy this year

You're too kind ;-*

And ay congrats on Cro-Magnon Man! You've earned it!

This is gonna be a fucking great year man. Cheers.
Always be a student.

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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Ken » Mon Jan 28, 2019 11:00 am

Happy Birthday Hue! We're both 23 like Jordan. And congrats on the Tribal Elder rank. I still to this day wonder why I am a Tool-Bearing Hominid. I write about a lot of things on my blog, from movies to politics to masculinity. If you feel that I could be doing a few things differently, let me know. I am always trying to get better at the craft of writing.

Tool-Bearing Hominid
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Wed Jan 30, 2019 12:48 pm


Happy birthday to you too man! And thanks.

I still to this day wonder why I am a Tool-Bearing Hominid.

It's all about progress, baby. Keep your head up and smash through those barriers!
Always be a student.

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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Wed Jan 30, 2019 1:27 pm

Went out with my coworkers for my birthday. Got drunk, and honestly, didn't like it all that much! Hahahaha. I mean, the buzz in the beginning was nice, but by the end it's just fucking dumb lol. I kept having people by me drinks because I turned 23 but shit man, all it did was make me worse at conversation and less aware of social cues! A little more aggressive, sure, but that's really the only positive I saw.

I've been grinding so much at bars with older people / adults I didn't realize how much I've grown and "surpassed" the college scene, haha. Also, after going out sober so much, it's way, WAY easier to go through the motions of a set, like holy shit.

We eventually head to this college scene bar and I have one huge escalation window, and a few fumbles. I got two numbers.

Girl One - Female Player
The moment I walk into the bar this HB8 female player (friends with Lighter) comes up to me and is being super fucking receptive. I wasn't ready for it and I had come with my coworkers, so dumb ass me never circulated back to her. God, I feel stupid.

I was on auto-pilot, and instead of continuing to hang out with this girl and letting her seduce me (because that's what you have to do with female players, they usually don't like you leading to a certain point) I told her I'd come back to her and got wrapped up in conversation with several other people.

She eventually walked by and tapped me, which is HUGE IOI and I did nothing with it.

Dumbass. At least I know she's interested now.

Girl Two - Old Failed Escalation
Then I see this girl who I hooked up with last summer and failed to get it in with. Last time I saw her was at my usual stopping grounds and I got confronted heavy by two guys for talking with their friends. Basically, I was a threat because of my fundamentals and confidence and they weren't down with competition.

This was before I actively tried to make friends with guys in girl's groups, but whatever.

I approached her group and her friends seem into me at first, but then I get stolen away from their group because of my coworkers twice, and the third time I approach I have a hard time hooking. This one girl eventually passive aggressively distracts my girl and everything fizzles out.

Also my wingman (coworker) is THE WORST wingman on the planet lol. He just stood there while I talked. My friends and I gave him a ton of shit and one of the bartenders then "taught" him how to wingman for the rest of the night. All in good spirit lol it was actually really funny.

Girl Three - Sagittarius & Shit Tests
I randomly opened these two girls and compliment one of their shirts. This time my coworker ACTUALLY wingmans and talks to her friend. I can tell my girl is into me so I move her to the side and get her qualifying herself and telling me all about her. We hit it off. I make a dumb mistake of asking if she was single (which, can work as a way to cement interest but ultimately might break your spell if she DOES have a boyfriend so it's better just to escalate or become more sexual).

She's not, but she says that she told her boyfriend that she's opening up the relationship, which basically flat out tells me that she's down to cheat. I keep talking with her and then try to kiss her but get rejected because we're in public. She also says she's a sagittarius, which paints her as adventurous.

At one point she was saying a pretty boring story about herself... I almost wonder if she was doing this to see if I'd qualify her in it to check how real I am...

Then my wingman fizzles out with his girl and her friend walks away. My friends start to laugh at me and my girl, because I was killing it at this point in the interaction. But the girl notices them looking at us and starts to question me about it. I don't really comment on it and just kinda push through. It may have been a shit test / her screening me to see what I'd say, and I didn't pass.

I get her number and we agree to meet up later that night after I restore emotions and she says she has to go back to her friend (I probably should have reversed it and said let's go back to your friend so she doesn't get lonely).

Later in the night she's at a table with two other guys and her friend is going home with one of them. I go up to her and steal her away (pretty drunk at this point) and just honestly say hey I thought we hit it off are we still gonna be hanging out later. Good move to steal her away, bad move to come off as needy, which I did.

She says that she wants to get her friend with this guy, but that I have her number. I ask her home and she says no, they're going with the two other guys. I don't know what to do and just look to the side and say "fuck". After this she's done, because it was another shit test and I didn't pass. I probably could have persisted or set up concrete plans to meet after the bars close, or jumped ship and invited myself to their plans.

Either way, tough situation.

Girl Four - Beautiful Latina
There was a suuuuper hot latina girl that I direct approached, double complimented, and she was very flattered. But right after she tells me her boyfriend is right there and so I eject.

Girl Five - Hail Mary
I see this cute indian chick and start talking to her and her friend, and then lose them. I notice as the bar is about to close that they're about to leave so I basically just run after her and try to set some other shit up but they're leaving. I'm just super direct and tell her I thought she was cute and wanted to see her later, and get her number.


She approached me on a patio last summer, but nothing came of it.

We made loose plans to get a drink while she's still in town tonight and tomorrow.


So I struck out, but I had fun and I was really feeling in the swing of approaching. I'm going out all week, and I have a date for sure tomorrow. Maybe one tonight, and maybe one this weekend. I got stacks on stacks, and it's only compounding from here (;
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Seppuku » Wed Jan 30, 2019 2:26 pm

Hue wrote:Well holy shit, I'm a Tribal Elder.

I'm honored and humbled haha. I assume the change is part of the transfer to the new forums.

Regardless, thank you to Chase, Franco, Hector, Richard, Nick (Pretty Decent), Grand Pooba, Remy (RDawg), The Tool, Seppuku, Fuck This, Ambiance, Fog, Rob, Sandman, Jake D. (Smurf), Marcellus, and anybody else's name that I've forgetting that have provided inspiration, great support, and extremely useful information in my personal growth. My life and outlook on life have changed in many ways since I stumbled on this site during a moment of desperation, and I'm more excited than ever for what's to come, the lessons to be learned, and the things I'll be capable of while working towards the man I want to become. To all contributors, you are appreciated.

Let's not get too emotional though - it's a rank on a forum hahahaha.

Hey Hue,

I just noticed your new rank. Congratulations! It is well deserved. And yes you can give yourself a pat in the back ;-)

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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Fri Feb 01, 2019 12:36 pm

Hey Hue,

I just noticed your new rank. Congratulations! It is well deserved. And yes you can give yourself a pat in the back ;-)


Thanks man!

And cheers to the power of journaling, we both seem to have made the major successes by keeping track of all our interactions.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Fri Feb 01, 2019 12:54 pm

My date did not go great. We had almost no chemistry and I had to do most of the work. Frankly, I found her boring. Regardless I lead best I could, turned things sexual when appropriate, used sexual prizing and an open mindedness to sexual orientation / preferences / kinkyness, deep dived, made her laugh, and did invite her home to see a yes.

The biggest mistakes I made were:

  • I qualified myself too much. I may have put myself in too much of a boyfriend box. Which, becoming higher value in this area is something I'm working on... but I have yet to navigate displaying these types of value without being seen as boyfriend material.

  • After I invited her home, we stayed too long at the bar. Right after I closed out my tab and got the yes for her coming home with me (I copied Pretty Decent's, "How about I give you a guitar lesson"), two people asked us to play pool. She wanted to so I said yes. Big mistake. Her frame at this point was going home with me and it was exciting. But because I went against my intuition to try to cement our "togetherness" from being on a team together, I fucked myself. It was time to pull, and I delayed too much.

  • I wasn't physical enough. I was touching her legs, holding hands, and at one point grabbed her ass, but I did so in a timid manner. Had I been slightly more aggressive it would have turned her on more. Probably could have sealed the deal with some making out too, but I digress.

But then her friends wanted her to leave to them, and she did. I barely persisted to get her to stay, and when she called an uber it was a done deal. Would have had to do a hard sell, which I honestly just didn't want to that much because it would have been fake (us lacking chemistry).

Good practice though, going through an entire date and not being all that interested in the girl.

Afterwards I stayed at the bar and did some approaches. Mainly just hung out with a new friend I made who's mad cool. Wasn't a whole lot of talent. I did do one approach on these 4 sorority girls and went for the alpha but she wasn't that interested and seemed to like my attention more than anything. Nothing else was that memorable.

Alcohol didn't help me. Going to try to set in a system to drink X number of drinks when I'm out after I do some research on the subject.

Texting with that tall blonde is going excellent. We're getting a late drink on Saturday, which, is great for implications.

Freshman girl is ghosting me...

And I have 3 tinder leads, but nothing with high investment just yet. I'm gonna bunker up in a coffee shop to get some work done today so I'll hammer out some messaging while I do.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Mon Feb 04, 2019 6:18 pm

Wrote up a huge FR and LR and while I had everything highlighted to Ctrl+C I accidently hit Shift+C and deleted all of it.


Here goes nothing. Won't have as many details but oh well.


Went out for my birthday with two HS friends. Fun times at a concert and then a bar shortly after.

At the concert I was dancing my ass off and saw this hot brunette next to me, seemingly with some guy. She didn't seem interested and the guy seemed like a pussy, so I started to dance in their direction and she showed subtle interest. I just danced with them but didn't pull any hard moves or try to cuck the guy.

At the bar after we talk to a group of three with two fat girls and one okay looking girl. When I started the approach the okay girl had drunk goggles on me and after a quick split up my second perspective left me uninterested.

There was another girl who I had an all over the place approach with, it was very sloppy. I got rejected pretty hard haha.


Had a date with Piercings. Part of below is a repost of last saturday.

LR: Pierced Bisexual Babe - Social Circle

One social circle I'm apart of had a pregame and then we went to an EDM concert. I come in to the pregame and have good conversations with everybody after buffering through the initial questions of me being sober.

There's a girl who I went on a date with and rejected over a year ago, and I'm sure to be friendly with her. What happened was I met her blacked out last year, got her number, and persisted over text. We went on the date and I forgot what she looked like. She was about a 5 so I didn't see the point, especially in social circle. The date played out with me drinking her wine and leaving to a party, after I decided not to escalate and left her disappointed and probably insecure. At first she was skeptical talking to me but then I warmed her up.

I max out social proof and then set down next to this really pretty, tall blonde. Naturally pretty face with a good ass. Ear, nose, and lip piercings.

We have an awesome conversation. She's bisexual, open minded, kinda shy, and we have a similar sense of humor. Good chemistry. We talk for about 30 minutes straight after my opener. At one point I frame myself as sexually open minded and we spent more time talking towards connection than with arousal. I did use light touch on her legs and hands. A few times she gave me this awesome smile that showed she really enjoyed the conversation and was attracted to me as a person (=

Then I drive a group of 4 to the concert with her in the back. At the concert we dance next to eachother the whole time. I don't really escalate like I could have but the concert was pretty hard dubstep so it was kind of a difficult environment to do that in. I'm lauded for dancing so hard when I'm so sober lol. Had so much fun.

In the pit I did flirt with her and eventually asked if she was single. She's in an open relationship and I go "oh" with a sexy smile, and go back to dancing. Then a moment later I say, "I thought I was the only one who did that", and she looks down and smiles shyly. There's a bit of a push and pull for the rest of the concert. Some guy comes up to her and negs her about her dance moves poorly. She didn't enjoy it, which by comparison made me look like a better sexual candidate.

Then we go to an after party and I start deep diving my girl. The girl I went on a date with starts freaking out because her boyfriend is acting like a chode and not giving her the attention he should be as a boyfriend (honestly). She starts crying so I have to back off hard and let the guys who know her better handle it.

Luckily, we find another after party and the crying girl goes home, with my girl staying. I mingle and eventually sit down with my girl and we talk for another 20 minutes or so. I started to get into a bad topic and she had negative emotions about an experience at work but once we finish talking about it I bring back good emotions and cut it off.

After this I talk with this bad bitch who's dating my good friend for literally like 40 minutes about a wide range of things, from overcoming victim mentalities to honest positivity to confronting bullshit properly to larger hopes and dreams. We actually have so much in common and I'm very attracted to her. I can tell she's attracted to me quite a bit too and she was showering me with genuine compliments (= But we both understand that she has a boyfriend and I love both of them so nothing would come about that. Such a cool girl. It was great for preselection because she's the queen bee in this group. Many would consider her a 9/10 all things considered.

Then I go back to some of my boys and we joke around. I see an opportunity to sit next to my girl again and I do. She's suuuper tired and it's like 4:45 AM. I had breakfast this morning with the family, so I don't really have the logistics for pulling hard. Plus, it didn't feel like the right time. From what I can tell she's picky about the guys she goes home with, too.

I qualify her, set up a date, and get her number. I calmly voice to my man in charge that we should head back home soon and I'm driving. We start to walk to my car and luckily my girl and I get in just 10 seconds before everyone else. I see this as a window to escalate.

She's in my car super cold and holding herself. I rub her arms and legs a little bit and then go, "hey". She turns and says, "what?", and I manhandle kiss her. She loved it. I laugh and go, "I couldn't get a minute alone with you! hahaha". And she laughs. She's pretty bubbly the whole ride back and we're all laughing and having a good time. We have good chemistry.

I text her around 5:15, "hey it's Hue.. save my number (= " and she texts me back "will do(: ". I copy Franco's smiley because it looks more like a smile would. Like the eyes are all lit up and excited, see?

I would type up the rest of the texts but this being the second draft I really don't want to, in all honesty. Basically I just hit her up to comment on our night and said that I really enjoyed talking to her over 5-6 texts, then a few days later got her schedule. She gave me her exact schedule and even said she'd be down with meeting super late on a Saturday night after work, so I knew she was very interested. Lots of smilies and shit.

Late Drinks Date
We meet up around midnight at the bar across the street from mine. We talked about music festivals, our highschool experiences and some of our college experiences. Drugs was a fun topic, and we both used to be big time stoners. I ramp touch here and there. The bar starts to close down and we keep talking. Just as I'm telling her a story about hawaii the bartender tells us we have to go. I immediately suggest Mezcal at my house and she's quick to say yes. Took some nerves off me for the forced exit from the bar, as well. The vibe was good anyways so it wasn't seeming like it would have been an issue though.

On the ride back we joke and flirt. Once in my house I have her take her shoes off and sit. We barely touched our drinks and I put on some music videos. Starting to think it might be better to just put music on and keep the tv off for when the vibe is good to really build the connections and quickly turn things to action.

About 20 minutes of being there I go for a kiss, then rework conversation in a way that qualifies her, and then go again. She's quick to get into the full makeout. Both of us are pretty tall so I change us to the bed. When she stands up we start to makeout again and I'm smiling with her. She gives me a really cute, "what?" (: and I just give back, "what?" and push her onto the bed gently. I get on top of her and we start making out.

For once I can't unhook her bra (damn double hooks) and we joke about it until finally she takes it off. She has pierced nipples, too. I comment on how much I love them as I start to explore her body. She says those aren't all that's pierced, and I playfully go, "hmm, where else could you have some?" as I kiss her stomach going down. She says "I don't think you'll have much trouble finding them", which clears me for pussy play.

Soon enough we're ripping our pants off and she starts sucking me off... I notice the tongue piercing. I start fingering her while she blows me and she's quite sensual. Then shortly after this she's begging me to fuck her while she moans, since now I've taken control and I'm over her blasting my hand into her. She has piercings right above her pussy and they're sexy as hell. Her body is fucking HOT naked.

I give her adapted missionary and finish in cowgirl. She has a lovely pussy and good form on top. We cuddle and talk for a while. I invite her to stay the night but she says she can't - that's the one rule in her open relationship with her boyfriend. I understand and eventually persist again. We play around while I wait to recharge. Once I'm back up she says she has to go soon and I make my voice really sexy and persist. She succumbs and I leave her totally soaked after I ate her out (the piercings made this really fun) and fucked once more.

I had a really good time with her and spent a lot of time with and us vs the world frame. She seems to feel mistreated or disrespected by many and I was sure to understand what she meant and use self-deprecation as a way to increase being relatable. I hope I didn't come off as having too much of a victim mentality. She left very happy (=

Just texted her and hope to make her regular. I also want her to like me enough that she breaks her rule - though I'm uncertain on her living situation. The guy she's date-dating must have a pretty good hold on their relationship, to have set up the frame that she follows.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Ergon » Mon Feb 04, 2019 7:29 pm

Bad luck with that first lost draft. Btw if you press crtl-z after deleting text you can undo it and recover it.

Awesome report though! That girl sounds like a really cool girl. Gotta love girls who have an edge too. I been meaning to comment here for some time as well cause I follow your journal and I find it illuminating to learn the mindsets and beliefs of a fellow seducer, especially one who's juggling a bunch of different stuff in a week.
Congrats on the new rank :)

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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Tue Feb 05, 2019 1:27 am

Bad luck with that first lost draft. Btw if you press crtl-z after deleting text you can undo it and recover it.

God damnit lol. Thanks for that I didn't know that transferred to being used on the boards. Very handy tip.

Awesome report though! That girl sounds like a really cool girl. Gotta love girls who have an edge too.

Thanks man!

The bad bitch who's dating my friend is one of the coolest girls I know. She's also pretty openly sexual with me in dialogue and it's hard to tell if that's just her being a cool girl or her making a pass / planting seeds.. or if it's both and she just knows what she's doing hahaha. A word from my natural friend for girls who date your friends, "let her kiss you first". I don't think anyone should be dogmatic about that but his point is sound: being the aggressor when dancing with the devil is a dangerous move.

As far as the girl titled in the report, she's pretty damn cool. I like her attitudes on a lot of things and think we'd be compatible for seeing each other. Plus, she's clearly already cool with and experienced in non-monogamy, which is waaay less of a hassle than many other girls (bending them to your frame / having to be careful about disclosing information).

I been meaning to comment here for some time as well cause I follow your journal and I find it illuminating to learn the mindsets and beliefs of a fellow seducer, especially one who's juggling a bunch of different stuff in a week.
Congrats on the new rank :)

Shucks ;P

Glad my climb can be of service to you my man.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Wed Feb 06, 2019 6:31 pm

Superbowl Sunday

I meet up with Tuna to go to this hockey event before our work party for Superbowl Sunday / The Holidays. We talk about some things and I recognize he's grown a lot since we've had some down time, and I find myself admiring his communication skills and work ethic. He's on his way to great things and it set a good pace for the morning.

We get to the party too early and jump to another bar to grab a drink. I thought I recognized the bartender and strike up conversation, but it's a different girl. Regardless I get her name and introduce myself, but she doesn't seem incredibly interested so I don't persist the engagement.

After some conversation we finish our beers and go to the party with a lot more people now. It's open bar - which I failed to regulate myself on. Especially with my tolerance being low from January I was in the perfect storm. There's some games, some prizes, and good conversation and fun with everybody. Everyone is in a fantastic mood, no one is being rude, and I notice a little twinkle in all the girls' eyes that tell me they want to be wild today.

I flirt with basically everybody and I get introduced to a bunch of people from a branch restaurant from the same organization. Most everyone there was friendly with me and seemed happy to meet me.

In all this fun, I do have my eyes on the prize though: this hot blonde who I flirt with all the time at work and have wanted to bang for ages. Problem is she has a boyfriend and he's pretty high value. A provider for sure, but high value nonetheless. I flirt with her and she seems pretty into it. I start to formulate how I'll go about it since she can't get caught fucking me.

While this is happening the kitchen guys from our bar (very low value guys) start to nudge and joke with me about how I'm gonna fuck her. I sorta laugh it off because I'm able to shoot the shit with these guys, but in the back of my head I don't want any attention on this situation, or to be seen engaging with them a whole lot - they're kinda creepy and don't help me in this situation at all.

Eventually, the alcohol hits me full swing and I start to black out. I remember telling my gay coworker how I want to make the blonde cum all over my dick, and he goes and tells her. Moments later she comes up to me "wanting to get a drink". I'm too drunk to realize that this means get her alone as soon as fucking possible.

I should have taken her wrist, looked her in the eye, and said okay, come with me. I know she would have been down, looking back. After this I could have taken her to the less busy side bar, ramped touch, and pulled her into the bathroom after signaling something that Hector told me to do in our skype chat.

Instead, I get led by HER to another bar after about 20 minutes since she said this (? - I really can't say being blacked out and all), with the fucking kitchen guys following me. It was me, her, her sorority friend, and two other girls we work with. The kitchen guys followed us and started grabbing the other girls asses, unwarranted as fuck. They probably got some idea in their heads that because I had (even temporarily) gotten my girl horny, or perhaps had been starting some sort of agenda to turn things sexual, that they should follow suite. No saying for sure.

Next thing I know we're at the other bar and the blonde's boyfriend is there. I"m still not sure whether we ran into him or she told him to come. I'm very fucked up at this point, and this one gay guy keeps ordering us shots. I should have turned them down and focused but I didn't. My coworkers began to give me concerned expressions as they were talking to me. I get introduced to her boyfriend and kinda just laugh while I'm saying "oh yea we've met" because 1). last time I saw him I was grabbing the blonde's ass with him 3 feet away and watching her light up and 2). I'm trying to fuck your bitch lol.

All I can strategize is to get everyone to another bar, so mustering up as much control of myself as I can I get about 7 people on board with moving elsewhere, her included. But they're taking forever to get moving so I decide I"ll just start leading and take a small group in the bars direction. Now that gay guy buying me drinks is being more physical with me (even though I've signalled to him MANY times implicitly or explicitly that we're just friends) and starts trying to piggy back me. I eat shit and tell him to go to the bar and I'll meet them there while I get food.

I get food and go back to the bar. Blonde's not there, and I'm fucking trashed. In order to try to reorganize myself, I simply get an uber home with plans of meeting them out later. Unfortunately after this I just decided to watch the game at a friends' house instead of trying to go back out because I had just way too much alcohol in my system.

Another reason for me not to drink. It's Wednesday and I'm just starting to feel normal again.

Also one of my coworkers was snapping me heavy after I'd left, and she ended up making out with this lesbian chick. Could have been me (; haha.

I did notice that everyone has been even more receptive to me at work since then. Perhaps because I've never been so open in my sexuality as recently? Methinks I may have lost the battle but not the war.

Other Shit

Freshman is texting me again, and I'm gonna try to get her before Valentine's day.

Piercings is still receptive, will try to set up a second date with us watching a movie or something.

Koala & Venice can probably be considered out of the picture, unless they hit me up. Koala I'm ghosting still and Venice hasn't hit me back despite good signals with everything prior (?). Maybe I texted her something insensitive without realizing it because I don't understand some of the dynamics at play with our situation.

Two tinder leads on these Latina girls who have a joint profile but it says "no threesomes" ;P Hmmmmmm lol.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Mon Feb 11, 2019 4:28 am


Went out with the guys and had a good time. Met with King before everybody else, for once - his idea. I've never felt more aware of his manipulation of my emotions and of the group's emotions. Love the guy, but fuck man.

I just started reading Robert Greene, and so honestly I respect him for how well he plays the game of life from a seemingly natural standpoint. If it is a natural standpoint though, as Greene put it, he's a scumbag as is. Operating from learning it and then deciding to do it is a rare circumstance, like many people on these boards. I seem to think I operate from a place that, at least from a group cohesion perspective with those I truly care about, I want the best for those around me. With people I don't know, shouldn't give energy too, or get nothing out of, frankly, I have and will manipulate circumstances to serve MY outcome.

But if you are someone I see as a friend (be that loose, close, or of best), I will protect you and try to help you succeed in your goals.

With King I can never tell if he's operating from altruism in a way I don't understand or if it's just his ego. Many of his actions serve the latter but in a disingenuous way. At least my power mechanics are honest? Idk.

Will write on that again later.

Eventually I left the group and approached. Saw some girls from a town I used to live in when I was much younger and they said I'd come up to them like 8 times and it's always the same conversation. Honestly, with how I have drank in the past I don't doubt it. However, I gave their frame no energy.

I simply said "oh, alright then. well I'll definitely remember this time. So what have you guys been up to? are you still living in [city] or just visiting?". I got some minor responses individually from the group but the girl that gave me the harsh rejection was the alpha and I didn't get far. I ejected by touching her arm and as friendly as I could muster saying "nice running into you".

After that I go to another part of the bar and I see a girl I know from HS. I jump in with her group and mesh well. I talk to one girl I haven't seen in years and while slowly framing a deep dive into us getting shots she pencils in she has a boyfriend. I start talking to the original girl moments later and eject asap. The original girl was asking me how to get dick before I left lol.

Oh yeah and the girls that had just rejected me came over to my girls and started talking to them all friendly haha.

This whole time I was texting Piercings and booty called her. Said some romantic shit that I hope doesn't give her too much control over what happens with us. Couldn't get her to meet me because she was literally in bed, 35 minutes away when I called. Atypical for that to work out in my area, and I only persisted once. She was sober and I was drunk so I also didn't wanna feed that frame. For the bed I may have made myself, I handled it best I could.


Worked a double and got a lot of time to work on that blonde. I think my biggest thing with her has become that I'm not qualifying her in a way that lets her know that I like her as a person and understand her. Which, I actually have become quite fond of her and she's exceeded my expectations in character many times. I think I have the same with her as I had a douchey fuckboy reputation when I came in but have managed to turn that around into more of a loverish frame.

I went out after my shift and had three approaches.

The first I was fucking ON with this cute blonde at a gay bar. Then, this gay guy distracted her from me and I lost her in all the commotion.

The next the boyfriend was there and I ended up just making friendly conversation.

The last was a bad bitch from another state with a bunch of instagram and I made one very hard faux pas that probably came off as racist (I just couldn't hear her and assumed something - so I guess it was racist, actually) which buried me.


Learned a lot today in ways that are unrelated to GC but will eventually make a conceptual post about.

As far as approaches I didn't expect to go out but got dragged into it by my coworker. I accidently bumped into this hot latina girl with huge tits and she flirted a little bit so I did back. She quickly asked me if I was straight (gay bar) and I said I was. We're both single so things look good.

Rather than explain everything I'm only gonna focus on what fucked my shit up so hard.

Somehow, after we had moved around the bar, she thought to ask me again if I was single. I told her yes, and she flirted with me "why are you single?? you shouldn't be". For whatever fucking reason I decide to say "well I'm kinda single" in respect to one of Chase's emails I remember from a while a back about how kinda single men are attractive.

She fucking gets skeptical as hell. Bad reaction, and unneeded. I think the gay bar vibe (guards are down, be open and honest with sexual intention) makes girls think different about prospects. I just invited the ideation of me with other girls (potential jealousy), instead of keeping the simple frame of me as a sexual item. I did not see this then but I do now.

SO, I had to explain what I meant and tried to be as open minded about the whole thing as possible. I do manage to get her back on my "side" about my "relationship" and she warms back up and we go back into the group. I SHOULD HAVE PULLED US TO A NEW BAR THAT FUCKING SECOND. But I don't, and work too slowly.

Then these gay dudes steal my girl like the whole time after that. It was a total wrestle for like 2 hours to keep her attention, and I was not winning. Super annoying and not a game I like playing.

By the end I ask her friend (bars closing soon) what my girl is thinking and she says she's into me but I need to be super aggressive. So I go aggressive and start talking to her harder. In the flirtation with the gay guys and her and me, my shirt starts coming up and they start feeling up my abs and shit. MY girl is getting turned on, but HER FRIEND goes into immediate cunt, AFTER JUST TELLING ME TO GO MORE AGGRESSIVE.

She got jealous she wasn't getting good dick.

How cocky does that sound? I don't really give a shit.

She went 1-fucking-80 on me and that seems the most likely reason.

Then, the gay guys start trying to "wingman" for me. I tell them I just want some time to talk to her. Eventually, I get that time. For about 20 seconds, and then the one gay dude changes his mind and hangs onto her for like 3 minutes gushing over her, and eventually starts to talk poorly about me in spanish, while I'm right there.

I start to tell the guy to leave and that we are only gonna be talking for a quick bit (the bar's last call is over) and my girl starts shushing me. It was so frustrating. I have two sources saying they're helping me, then getting me with the girl, the out of nowhere getting visibly mad I have the cool, pretty girls attention stolen from them, so they change their minds and do everything they can to get her attention back.

After getting shit on in spanish for about 3 minutes and finally I start laughing at the situation I'm in, I get a moment with my girl. She wants me to explain what I mean by open relationship again and I walk her through it with socratic questioning. Right when I get her understanding (seemingly) her friend starts freaking the fuck out again that they're leaving and physically pulling her away. I hail mary and invite her home, knowing it's pointless. She says it was nice meeting me.


FU version coming because i learned

1). the moment you're locked in and she's comfortable MOVE MOVE MOVE

2). don't let get gay guys take your girls attention away. either dominate or get her the fuck out of the gay bar as soon as you can.

3). don't expect friends to be cool the entire night because you've won them over. they are fickle and may change their minds.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Tue Feb 12, 2019 6:47 pm

Was quite bitter in my last post. Much more detailed analysis here:

FU: Gay Bar - Unnecessary Claims & Cockblocks

Always important to remember that the emotions that bring you harder emotions teach you stronger lessons, and arm you with great tools.

Just made great plans for myself this year, made some updates to my yearly goals, and have a great outlook for my personal development. Also just started a two month cut before an awesome vacation I have planned, to train a better beach body.

May go out tonight, may also just keep up the self improvement. We'll see..


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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Sat Feb 16, 2019 7:22 pm


This was a fun, weird night lol.

LR: Bathroom Sex - Petite MILF

So even though I graduated I'm in this club with my school, they have parties every week and had a single's bar crawl for Valentine's Day. I head with my buddy, Jeans, to get the free booze they have.

At the event we talk with some college guys, and then get into a longer conversation with a baseball player and a recent graduate. Cool guys and got us in a more social mood. We hop to the next bar and it's a lot more crowded and loud.

I see a cute brunette on the couch and go up to talk to her. There was a purse left alone so I used it as an excuse to start conversation. I chit chat with her but she doesn't seem that interested. I talk with her friends and they're more receptive but eventually they eject so I take it as a rejection.

There were two other guys I introduced myself to and they seemed to enjoy me. They were with two hot girls but I didn't steer them into conversation and got distracted before I lost them. Then as I'm about to leave I see some girls standing around near the door and they seemed like they'd be receptive to conversation. Two girls open me and tell me it's one of their birthdays but they're not hot so I just banter.

I approach the girls near the door and move very quickly as this girl responded really well to my opener and touch. Pretty soon I'm holding her into me and talking about where we'll be going. Her friend comes up and says they're leaving and I touch her elbow and say that I'm coming with them to the same bar.

She gives me a pissed off look and says "don't touch me". I just remain warm and ignore it, and get my girls number for after the uber. I should have stayed with them and invited myself in their uber, but then I'd have to bail on my friend.

We get to the next bar and it's packed with greek life. I see where my girl is in a much larger group of girls now and eventually head over. I open up a different group than my girl, because I recognized that I'm going to have to handle this group differently since it's valentine's day and all these girls are gonna be judging my girl for talking with me / leaving with me.

So I compliment these girls on their matching jackets and introduce myself. All these girls are hot, and some I like more than my original girl. I didn't talk a whole lot to them, but slowly meshed myself into the group, and became friends with one guy by subbing for his pool partner. I went back and forth between the pool game and talking to girls, and eventually I had all the girls looking at me and talking to their friends - it was pretty clear they were talking about me.

I get my girl somewhat alone and was pulling her into me. Before I even ask she says she has to stay with her friend, but she's smiling. So she's basically saying that she wants to leave with me but doesn't want to be a bad friend. Right then the friend comes in and steals her from me, and I never found her again.

At one point I do sit down with a different girl and she tells me that she just became single after being in a relationship the entirety of college. I should have escalated right then and there and been like, "so now you're free to do this?" and manhandle kissed her. I didn't and then her friend stole her right after that.

So now I'm getting overall negative preselection because the girls talked about me, and I think recognized me as a player. Exciting at first, but it leads to them shit talking me out of the picture, and their body language changed.

I leave to a different part of the bar and meet my friend, and get some shots. A cloud of girls starts to grow next to me, and they're checking me out. Valentine's day, at 1:00 AM.. yea, they're starting to think about who they might be going home with.

Out of nowhere I see this petite, big titted MILF with a nice ass and I say hello to her. She immediately is like, not joking awestruck, and tells me that I'm very sexy. I laugh and say thank you and pull her into me. Her friend (guy) starts talking to me and is pretty high energy, but a little weird. She starts to act how old I am and saying that maybe I'm too young for her, and then starts to say that I'm too hot for her.

So, I guess I'm at that point of value & attainability. The sorority girls were clearly attracted to me, but because of the player vibe and too low attainability push me away. This MILF, being older and thinking herself less attractive, thought I wouldn't be interested in her because of her age.

To solve this problem I manhandle kiss her. She goes straight for tongue lol. Then she grabs me to the dance floor and grinds on me, then takes my hand and puts it on her tit. This was pretty public and I had to just run with it and not give a fuck, I overall thought that her openness was pretty funny and enjoyed it.

After this she runs off with the guy she came with and I go back to my friends and make light of the situation. I find her again about 15 minutes later and pull her into me and say that we're gonna leave together and I want to see more of her, while grabbing her ass. She's down as fuck. I talk to the guy she's with and talk about doing an after party. Luckily, Jeans has some white stuff and these two have beer. So now we got a party lol.

We get to this guys' car and sit in it for a while. This is where things get a little ridiculous haha. Jeans and I are in the backseat, and the MILF just starts looking at me and saying how sexy she thinks I am. It was a little ratchet, but I just stare her back as sexy as I can and thank her. I take my finger and put it in her mouth and she sucks on it. Then she tries to make out with me and is crawling over her seat to get to me because she can't resist the urge. She jumps on top of me and we start making out, then Jeans takes shotgun so we have more room. The car starts moving and we're going to my house.

Basically we start going at it and I'm feeling her ass under her jeans and she's grinding on me. I start feeling up her awesome tits and sucking on them, and she just goes and takes her shirt off. I started fingering her pussy a little bit and telling her how I want to fuck her, and she starts undoing my pants. Then the car brakes, and she falls backward into the middle console with her tits out, right in between the driver and my friend. Lmao typing this, her face was priceless.

When we get to my house she gets her shirt back on and we all make it inside. My place is super small so some are on the couch, MILF hanging on my bed. I get into some deep conversations with her friend and then make my way over to the MILF and play around with her body. Then I pull her into me and say that I'm gonna fuck her brains out in the bathroom. That she go in and I'll follow right after. She obediently does that.

As soon as I'm in we start making out and ripping eachother's clothes off. I whip my dick out and she compliments my size (which is funny because I'm only slightly above average, whether that's big for her or she's just flattering me idk haha). She starts sucking me off and pretty quickly after I slip a condom on, lift her on top of the toilet and enter her. We try this for a while, then switch to her riding me while I sit down, but we can't find a good rhythm.

I lay down in the bathtub and she rides me pretty well. Her tits are fake but they were fucking awesome to squeeze and play with. Then I lift her off and bend her over for doggy and fuck her little brains out. She started getting really loud and I had total control of her little body - I LOVE petite girls.

We finish and then go back outside. She just keeps her shirt off and leaves her tits out. Then we all hang out and enjoy some party favors, some of which were off the MILF's tits. She put her shirt on after that. For a little bit it felt like we might gangbang her, but I didn't push it in that direction nor did I want to.

It starts getting late and I'm laying down with my girl now, and tell her that I want to fuck her properly on my bed while I feel her up and she rubs my dick. At this point I'm just being a savage with her and not caring that my friend and her friend are there / watching.

When my friends say that they need to get something out of the car I pull the friend aside and tell him that I'm gonna fuck her after they walk out, just so he knows. He's okay with it (my house my rules, so..) and I lock the door behind him. When I walk back into my room she's sitting there naked, ready for my cock. So hot.

I'm a bit riskier this time and fuck her without a condom. The sex was much better and I ravaged the fuck out of her - she was being so loud lol. I pull out and cum all over her back while rubbing my dick on her ass. I wasn't gonna get her number but she insisted and so I gave it to her. I wouldn't mind having her as a FB but she seems a little crazy lol so I have to be careful. I love playing around with her body and she seems really attracted to my aesthetic and the way I fuck.

Happy Valentines Day (;
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Sun Feb 17, 2019 2:29 pm

My name is Hue and I like to have sex in bathrooms.

Once you break that barrier you realize that you can fuck just about anywhere.

Will probably try for public sex soon during night game.

LR: Bathroom Sex Lay Up
I saw my coworker's posting on snapchat that they were out drinking around 7 PM. Apparently they've been out all day. The guy who did is pretty cool but I don't feel like we've become great friends yet, so I hit him up and suggest we meet. They're about to go back to his house so I just bring my bottle of tequila and drive over.

The moment I walk in (I'm looking sexy with a red & black undershirt, black jacket, and nice jeans), I'm greeted by everybody. There's a cute brunette dancing near the front of the room and she dances into me and introduces herself. She's clearly a little drunk, but it's immediately fucking ON. I could have taken her right there lol.

I introduce myself to people I don't know and talk to my coworker while I make myself a drink. Some cool people at this place, and I immediately hit it off with this one girl who also studies unconventional psychology practices. I grab her number so she can send me this research paper. To not get too serious I make fun of us for nerding out in the corner while everyone else parties. She seemed receptive and slightly timid.

Slowly I make my way back towards the front and the brunette is dancing on me in seconds. I dance with her a little bit and have fun, half escalating, half checking out to see if she's really all that drunk. I decide she's in control of herself from my perspective and move forward. I down a couple drinks to catch up with everyone and go back to dancing with her. I had been getting hard the moment she came into contact with me, but now I'm getting almost full torque because she starts grinding on me, letting me grab her ass, and grabbing my dick.

To tease I tell her to "watch it" and that she "better be careful" or she's gonna get it. This turns her on even more and she starts to be more aggressive with me. In my head I'm thinking "okay, when do I want to fuck this girl?" haha. She kept trying to kiss me and I denied her every time, saying I wanna have some fun with her but not in public.

After about 15 minutes of this, and about 20-25 minutes of me being at the party, I tell her that I don't know where the bathroom is, and she should help me find it. She goes "are you sure?" and I say, "definitely.". She excitedly takes my hand and walks me upstairs, then goes in the bathroom. I let her go in first and distract the other party goers who are also upstairs, then go into the bathroom, close and lock the door.

We start hooking up and taking our clothes off. I tell her to get on her knees and she sucks me off well. I pick her up and ask if she's on birth control. She says she is, so I waste no time and enter her with me standing. I've never had sex like this and had it gone well, but I'm much stronger since the last time I tried it.

We fuck like this for a few minutes and she's going crazy - probably because of how quickly it all went down. I also turn around so she can see herself getting fucked in the mirror. I put her on the sink counter and turn her around and rail her in doggy. She was trying to clear the counter and ended up pushing my drink off and smashing glass all over the floor.. super loud.

Right after this the host's girlfriend comes up and wants to come inside and I tell her to fuck off hahaha. I grab the item she needs after putting a towel on and resume banging this chick for about 30 minutes.

When I come back out everybody knows what I just did and try to give me shit. I say we were just talking lol. My coworker gives me props. I explain the glass and have her clean most of it up, but I helped of course. We hang around the party a bit more and I get into some good conversations with people, totally acting as if nothing happened. My girl won't stop staring at me and trying to hold onto me from this point forward. It actually got kind of annoying.

It looks like the host and his GF are gonna fuck so I use this opportunity to pull my girl into the other bathroom (gotta get em all! hahaha) and we bang in there. This one was way closer to the party, so of course she decides to be louder, too. Same thing as before, we bang in those two positions - standing sex is actually really fun - and go back out like nothing happened.

She was GLUED to me after that for the rest of the party. I kinda had to accept either leaving to go out and trying to get some other girl since I was on fire or just staying with her for the night. For reputation reasons I stayed with her, and eventually convince her to stay at my house where we fuck on my bed and I went utterly berserk on her. We banged 5 times total, I think.

She asks for my number and I give it to her, but she was only cute and her personality was pretty basic so I don't think we'll be continuing that. She's also from a different town, which probably helped with the whole "don't miss out on this dick" kinda thing.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Mon Feb 25, 2019 3:00 am


Met with a life coach and have some big plans coming. I've never felt so inspired to dive into psychology and make something out of it. Afterward we went and got drinks with this girl he knows. She was honestly kind of a bad bitch, but I eventually got sick of her attitude. She openly admitted and said that her harsh outer shell was just to hide and see into her inner warmth takes the right kind of person and time.

Right towards the end it was getting really late at her house and after one comment too many of her sassyness I just said that "if she doesn't want my opinions I better just leave" in a kind of calm, go fuck yourself attitude. Hindsight had I just held my frame and asked her a deep dive introspection question she might have really opened up to me, but I rationalized that she wasn't really worth my time. Reminded me of the "she's a bitch to you but a pussy cat for me" article.


Had a really good set with these two girls at my bar, but then when I texted this blonde I didn't get an answer! I was so surprised. The only mistake I can think of that I made was we were talking about "who our types were" and I made it really fun. She said some stuff about traits and I qualified her saying that I liked her attitude about preference. However, after they pried me for my type I didn't say the traits I liked and said that I like blondes more than brunettes (one was blonde and one was brunette) and while this made it funny because it was awkward (and awkward situations turned into comical situations are very useful) it was a missed opportunity to really show her that I care about traits, too. It would have framed us as having similar attitudes (which, we did end of the day).

I left to a friend's house, came back, and opened another woman who was eyeing me. She didn't really engage in the conversation and the friends CLEARLY did not like me. They eventually ejected and I brushed it off, laughing how the friends smelled me from a mile away to my coworkers.

Then, I had a very interesting situation unfold with that girl that I've kinda started to fall for at work.

We were drinking at our bar after we went out. Eventually, I decide to pry into the reality of the situation my coworker has in her relationship. I find out that, it's actually becoming a little serious and she's got a good thing going with the guy...

They were set to break up (and I TOTALLY would have had her then), but then out of nowhere the guy got a job closer that paid better. So she explained that because it was set to run it's course they kinda let themselves go more around eachother. Then, when the longevity kicked back in, she saw it as a new prospect - and now they've both developed more emotionally to their relationship IN ADDITION to the new happiness of the fact "they can stay together". So.. it's a solid relationship for her as far as I can tell.

My relationship status eventually comes up and I explain that I basically have a main bitch but I'm not sure if I want to fully commit to her, and other than that I'm enjoying being single. I recently fucked Koala and had her apologize for what she said and explained that I'm not gonna put up with that shit if she does it again, so that's who I was referring to (but I didn't go into that detail here). Then I explain that I need to start watching what I say around her because I'll do something like tell a funny sex story and the very idea of me being with another girl makes Koala jealous - something that we also talked about during our last meet. Along the way I say that I love sex stories though - they're fucking hilarious.

This gets us into telling our funniest sex stories. She goes first, then one gay guy, and then it's my turn. I choose my recent bang form Valentine's day. I'm pretty drunk now and laughing to myself as I explain the whole thing. It takes me like 3 attempts to actually tell the story and they're hanging onto like every word. I didn't even get to finish to the point of fucking her because they already couldn't believe what I was telling them.

I mention to the girl as we're leaving to the next bar that there's more to the story. And she gives me this excited look... and I can't describe it man. Right after she laughed and looked at me, there was just this moment.

It was right then I realized I actually like this girl.

And I haven't felt like this since that music festival with the MDMA.

It's like I saw her and she saw me, for but a second.

We go over to the other bar and eventually I start getting really romantic with her and qualifying her about how she's unique and about some experiences I've had that show how similar we really are. I meant every word and could see her entering into my vibe. I tell her that I would fuck her brains out if she didn't have a boyfriend and she gave me these really sexy eyes.

And the thing is I don't want to fuck her while she has a boyfriend. In my experience, if you cheat once.. you might again. Aren't I training her to cheat if I shag her while she has a bf? Is it too naive to think that considering how our attraction to each other has blossomed, she knows that I might still be around by the time she breaks up with this dude?

Only a week ago I would have done it in a heart beat, but.. right now, idk my heads in a different place. I feel so content with the direction I'm headed in.

Anyways, I follow my usual shit and move her outside. There I get us arranged kinda nice and I slowly try to reengage the romantic vibes. They're a little harder to bring back, but I do. Then she goes to the bathroom with the gay guy and I can tell by her vibe when she's back she told him what I said. I can't tell if he is supportive or not but he thinks I'm very hot, so, I'd imagine he helped.

I decide I'm gonna kiss her, but the gay guy won't leave now and I know I have to do it privately. During this time they two were talking a lot and I just sat there with a good vibe and looking super comfortable. She says she's gonna take the late bus home and I say I'm coming with. We go to the bus stop. Right when I decide, "okay, I'm kissing her" I go "hey" and turn her into me and look deeply into her, a guy from the kitchen walks up to us. Fuck, man.

He was just being friendly but the timing was just bad, and it messed with my mojo. Now he's there as well as this has to be done privately for her reputation's sake. She looks at me and smiles and goes "what was that?" knowing full well what the hell it was haha. On the bus I sit in the window seat to test if she'll sit next to me. She doesn't so I swing up around and sit with her. I can't bring the vibe back and I can tell it's because the momentum got distracted.

We get to her stop and I make some joke that "I don't know where I'm getting off" and I'm just a newbie here with the "bus lady" to give her shit. She gets up and walks out, and I let her (my stop was 3 blocks away). Something in me just said to stay... because of the implications of me following her. Had I followed her the best case scenario was I steal a kiss that doesn't end in me fucking her because of the almost certain heavy resistance, and lack of plausible deniability with her roommates. She also said super, super clearly on the bus "I would never cheat" as we talked about relationships.

When she gets off the bus, she pops her head back in and gives me a smile that says, "but I want to", and she pops back out. I just smile and ride home, content with letting her go. Then some guy yelled on the bus before the door closes, "I totally thought you two were going home together!" because we were that impressionable I guess.

Today at work it was business as usual except for two things. One was a mistake on my part. I'm on the keto diet and someone brought in pastries. I say "ah I just want to cheat so bad..." and she paused a second and said "you shouldn't. I'd tell you if you should if it were.. like a donut, or something, but.. it's not that worth it", having just eaten one. I could be reading too into this but I think from the way she said it, it was her saying "I rationalized that cheating with you wouldn't be worth it over my current relationship". I just calmly said "that's some real talk right there (; haha" and slowly walked out of the room we were in.

The other was a moment right when she left where I winked at her. And right then in that moment.. there it was.

It's like her and I are suddenly connected for just a mere second. I can't describe it. Almost a zen-like feature.

And I've noticed that this mental clarity in emotional intelligence is growing every day - it produces a calm feeling as I flow through the environments I'm in.


Went to another concert out of town. No approaches, it was time with the boys. There was some hired-gun flirting, but I don't count that.

Two things happened of relevance.
1). I got stoned while surrounded by my friends, and we all love eachother, and it allowed me to have a nearly cosmic experience in which I was having nonstop epiphanies about my own psychology, the dynamics and motivations of everyone around me, and the vibe of everyone around me turned up 10000 times it's usual. I truly felt blissful and aware. Lol it sounds ridiculous, I know. And yes, I was just high... but I don't smoke much anymore and I think very very deep when I am. What I took away from it was that being a lover prevails. You'll run into flak from many people and many people will try to bring you down in life. You yourself will try to bring you down, and tell yourself things that stop you / bring you doubts.

But if you continue to love yourself then you'll find your way along your journey. Love prevails, man.

2). In realizing this it hit me full swing that King is driven by many selfish motivations, but I don't hate him for it anymore. I understand his mechanics now. He's jealous of my growth, as he's very competitive. I am too, and I have parts of me that become jealous, envious, and seek to dominate. It's part of my shadow. Right now he's in a depressed state about something, though I'm not entirely sure why. Then he see's me hitting my strides in growth and happiness, it's not fun to compare yourself to people like that when you're down. But comparing yourself to people is a common behavior that many people learn, it's very hard to try and stop doing it... I still struggle with it sometimes.

After all the fun and talks and ways that we interacted though, I get the vibe that he thinks I'm better than him. But hey man, I ain't much. I worked for a few things and started to get my way here and there, but I have a lot to learn. We're just different and at different points. Our focuses are not the same, and neither are our attitudes in some respects. I hope that this doesn't create anything sinister between us.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Mon Mar 04, 2019 12:09 am

Haven't been posting much because I've been so busy.

Girls are popping out everywheeeeere

I love being productive towards shit I'm passionate about (= and I'm deeply invested in getting an honest understanding of my own psychology (and other people's of course - but your own brain makes a great genuine pig) and I feel so awake. I think a lot of it has to do with good habits, the fact I did sober January, and regularly viewing Hector's instagram. Hector seems to be making some breakthroughs as well, and it rubs off to his followers.

I've been going out quite a bit too. Everywhere I go I feel like I'm glowing. And I've noticed, that ultimately doesn't effect technical game. You still have to game. It just makes it easier and I feel like let's you get away with shit better.

These will include a little less detail than usual because I have to focus my time optimally.

Almost had the quiiickest lay up at this bar. We were at a dive and this guy bumped me, and I turned around to be friendly with and engage the whole group. The girls in the group are clearly interested in me. We chit chat and the girl is looking for an apartment because her lease is over. When there's a moment of just us two having attention on eachother, I slyly say "you could take a tour of mine, maybe give it a test run", and she's fucking ON. Lol. It was mostly how I said it.

We made plans to come to my house later and fuck but then 2 hrs went by and she didn't want to call the uber. When I tried to get her on the phone she didn't answer, then her friend talked her out of it I think.

Served my ex girlfriend's table. Afterwards, had a drink with her and her friend. Very fun at first, but then suddenly I felt this uneasy sense almost as if I was back in 7th grade, my awkward ass self. They leave and I'm left with these weird emotions.

I try to go out but it felt forced. I get a text from my brother to have a drink and we meet up, immediately getting into a deep conversation, forgiving eachother for the beefs we've caused, and healing the wounds. He has his financial situation in order, but I have my personal self-growth situation in order - it seems. That's when it became clear to me that it's better to find yourself first than it is to just go get money. That shit's nice, but without the other one much harder to enjoy.

So glad it happened. Very odd how the universe ordered those events.. makes you think.

New girl at work. She wants to fuck me. Very cool girl, beautiful eyes too. She's got a boyfriend though :P and I have decided that it would have to be a special situation for me to fuck my coworker, when they have a partner.

I met a red pill sociopath. I think?

He's SO well read in game, the intellectual dark web, and the man's got game. Allegedly banged several 9's, and he had pictures.

I saw him work and it was very impressive. But, I found out the next day he's been getting kicked out of bars for being too aggressive. He also bought two girls shots, then turned asshole hyper sexual - one of the girls rejected - and then he got mad and tried to have the bartender give us two more free shots. More or less, he had very little outcome independency, and clearly just goes and goes and goes until a girl says yes.

But his game is really good, I heard him talking and I thought I was in the presence of a master. He might be a sociopath though, and from our texts I think he's trying to use me for something. Definitely don't trust him.

Met my coworkers after a concert. There was a MILF attorney who eye fucked the shit out of me. I approached and was too timid with her and her gay friend. The gay friend and I had good chemistry socially and I had clearly won his approval. But then I tried to get her talking so I could qualify her to nothing, and my touch didn't do much. I think she wanted me to be super aggressive from the get go.

Eventually two other young guys come through and she's suddenly interested in them. I stay for a while to see if I can win her over and she doesn't. I leave as to not waste time.

I'm at a new level with my coworkers though. People that are talking shit on me are getting corrected by my friends, and my friends openly compliment me and tell me how much they appreciate and enjoy me around.

When the going got tough several months ago, I almost quit. Really glad I stayed in the game, and I'm glad to have people around me that want to grow in the same way I do (=

Also got some numbers for some new leads. Oh, and I ran into a girl I banged at my old school and she's DTF as hellll.

She caved, apologized for what she did, and now I'm pretty sure I have (general) control with the relationship. We're gonna be fucking more, which I'm certainly happy about lol.

Super good stuff over texts and she seems to enjoy me a lot. But, she's having some problems with her birth control? Something like bad side effects, I guess. Which sucks for her - I've heard those are rough.

She said she'd text me, so now I wait until she does.

Abundance is pretty dope, haha.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Sat Mar 09, 2019 11:13 am

Very glad I didn't go for the new girl. She's a feminist with a recent boyfriend. So, I could likely still smash because she's not "locked in" with him yet but.. she literally was talking with me about how she leveraged power over her family after being victimized as the middle child, and "THE AGE OF THE WHITE MALE IS OVER".

No thanks!

Maybe some drunk night once she's 21, but not effort from my part.


After work I was just about to leave and go drink with my buddies, and I see Bundle. She looks fine as ever. I text her, are you in [area]?

She thought my number was someone else and texts me that she was on a date but he flaked and looks around for me, but she doesn't see me.

I decide fuck it and just go up to her and grab her for a hug. She says I looks A LOT different.

We sit down and talk and catch up. She's closed off at first and I can tell she's anxious. I just keep conversation going and get her a good idea of where I am, and find out where she is for about 20-30 minutes. I was incorporating touch and she was eventually letting me get my hands on her legs, so I knew that even though she wasn't giving me great eye contact she liked what I was doing.

Right when she's about to tell me she's going home I suggest we get one more drink at a different place, and that I'm tired of being at my bar.

She's down and goes to the bathroom while I decide where we go. We come back and jump over to a nearby place.

Here it's the same thing except now we're isolated at a booth. I use more touch with her legs. I take a piss and when I come back I put my arm around her and get close. I eventually have my hand on her ass and she's cool with it. She takes her glasses off and looks much more beautiful.

She's legally blind without them on though so I tease her a lot about this. She's saying she has to go home to leave to vacation the next morning and I use plausible deniability that if that's the case we should go now to drink mezcal at my house because she's never had it. We'll have one more drink.

She thinks about it and I get very close to her ear and have our cheeks touching and tell her, "yea I wouldn't wamt to.... do anything.. where both people don't think they'd [i]really enjoy it[i/]" with sex dripping from my voice.

This pushes her over the edge and I can tell she's really turned on. She says she's down with a smile lol.

We go to my house talk some more and fuck. She gives, hands down, the best head I've had to date. Perfect.

She doesn't get wet until mid sex though. And she has the tightest pussy in the world, even though I eventually to get her wet when I'm fucking her. Raw dog this is great bit with a rubber on this time it wasn't as fun.

Either way I tell her it was great running into her and she heads out.

I go back out and meet that lesbian chick. I eventually pull her home using last call as plausible deniability for a drink at my house (literally same as with Bundle, neither time did we actually drink mezcal). We get over there and try to fuck (lol she's not lesbian) but I can't get up. Her being a smoker and needing a cigarette mid escalation was a HUGE turn off for me. I tell her I just had sex and my dick is too tired lol.

Don't really care about losing that one, even when she was sucking my dick I just wasn't into it.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Wed Mar 13, 2019 12:04 pm

Alright, enough dilly dallying.

I want higher quality chicks from cold approach.

I banged Koala, Bundle, and Bathroom Girl last week (I saw her out because she was visiting and pulled her into the bathroom at the bar, then fucked her in the alley after that), and hooked up with that lesbian chick - and that's all good fun, but it's just not as exciting as going up to a random, hot babe and pulling her home.

Those lays are the most exciting.

I've been lazy to journaling because I haven't been approaching enough. So, time to analyze my shit some more.

Last weekend I was talking to a girl who makes lingerie while she was dressed from head to toe in it and I didn't analyze the scenario enough, now I don't remember as many details. I think I should have been more physical, because I had her hooked before the queen bee came in. I also had the option to follow them to the next bar, but that would have been chasey.

Then as mentioned I popped into the bar next door, saw the bathroom chick and fucked her again. I need to cut her off. She's gonna get too attached and she is NOT someone I want to have anything with - her personality sucks.

Went out last night and wasn't really feeling it. Basically forced myself to go out with some friends and approach. There was a terrible ratio at the bar compared to how it usually is.

I went up to three girls with one of them being naturally beautiful and did the "hey, I just saw you guys here, and thought your friend was super cute - you mind if I talk to her?". They didn't hear me and so I laughed at myself and them to ease the awkwardness arising, which they giggled back to, and then repeated myself.

The girls smiled at me and said, "No, I really like your confidence though (= ".

Dumbass me took it as a real rejection. That was an imposed shit test. Not the real kind of manipulation that some girls do, but the kind where they are.. unconsciously seeing what you're made of.

I should have just stayed and talked to her because her body language was receptive. I got her name, shook her hand, and bid her adieu. I should have at least stayed in set because - boom, now I'm talking to her. I really think I could have turned it around, at least temporarily.

Then there were some boogie looking bitches that came up to my friends' and I's table. I open them with some teasing thing about them trying to take our table. It wasn't a great opener, I have to admit. One of them lifted up the girls hand and showed us her engagement ring. I told her congratulations and still tried to engage but they weren't at all receptive so I laughed and walked away.

There weren't any other hot girls out for a tuesday night, so those were the only two.

Call me crazy and perhaps engaging in self defeating narratives, but for nights that I'm not feeling it and I know that might effect my game, I'm gonna go in with a "Let's go get rejected!" mentality lol.

Sure, it's probably more practical to engage in meditation and cold showers, or what have you to get you in state before you go out - but if you're out and starting to question your approach, just reinforcing a "here goes nothing!" is gonna help you more in the long run.

So boom. I got rejected because 1). I didn't persist past a shit test and 2). My opener was shit / they just weren't interested.

Cheers to progress.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Alcman » Thu Mar 14, 2019 10:40 am

Hue wrote:"hey, I just saw you guys here, and thought your friend was super cute - you mind if I talk to her?"

I love that multiset opener, and I've never thought of it myself! I'd love to hear what experience you've had with it in the past. Always on the lookout for tricks to use when you're out of wingmen.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Wed Mar 20, 2019 12:36 am

Always on the lookout for tricks to use when you're out of wingmen.

Last time I implemented this right after a coaching call with Hector - I was out with my wingman and told him to use this line. It worked like a charm and I ended up actually just winging for him the rest of the night and getting him laid lol.

But yea, I think this one is good for when you're out alone or with friends... so long as you approach the group by yourself.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Wed Mar 20, 2019 12:59 am

Celebrated my new job with Day One. A had a really hot girl I met from seeing my ex girlfriend out approach me and I got her number... but she was kinda awkward because I don't think I set the right expectations early on so it makes her experience of me incongruent.

I texted her to meet up on St. Patty's day and some after that to not see much.

Mostly hung out with close friends and family.

Tried to flirt with a hired gun giving out free shots and she was into it, but it's also her job to flirt with me so... didn't amount to much.

Then I was pretty drunk by the end of the night and opened a 3 top, but it was one of their birthdays and the drunken pilot was having a hard time landing the plane.

Saturday - St. Patty's Celebration
Started off the night amazingly and King was letting me take the lead with a lot of the interactions with girls. I was given a free pitcher by some dads and we were all having a blast. We met up with some girls we knew from high school and there boyfriends. One girl who's low key a bad bitch was giving King tons of shit and he didn't play his cards right. She out dominated him by the end and it was fucking hilarious.

I was asking her, "[girl], are you a bad bitch?" while she was doing it to egg her on with the shit talk and she seemed to like that as she continued. Then later I switched to a more serious edge and deep dived, but I didn't qualify her early enough in the dive to pull out of it. When we returned back to our friends I switched back to a joking, kinda cocky attitude and this sent her flying into autorejection. I didn't make her feel valued and then returning to my friends to be a dick made me come off as fake or insincere in some sort of way to her, I think.

Though I did flirt with her friend who was totally into my vibe, and then her boyfriend (total douchebag) came up to me and tried to befriend me. I didn't want to talk to him or deal with the drama / reputation shit of cucking him so I stopped my efforts early. Plus, it would have been a lot of effort in general.

We leave to a different part of the bar and eventually start to scatter. King's new girlfriend(ish?) steals him away, Mad Hatter and I are talking to a musician we know and the bartender and his girlfriend. Eventually I get a text from a table I served earlier and meet them at a nice restaurant. Two of them were kinda cute from what I remember. On my way out I flirt with this girl and start eating pretzels off her necklace and her boyfriend aggressively comes up to me and tells me to fuck off hahaha. The girls were smiling at me so I waved him off, talked and ate a few more pretzels, then left.

I get there and they give me some bomb as food as I flirt with them and talk. I decide I'm gonna go for the threesome. Neither were all that attractive but it was getting late and I was already there so fuck it, why not? We talk and flirt and I play a little bit of footsie with both of them across the table, trying to flirt with both of them equally. I say I want to try the drink they have and one of them offers me.

I say, "no, I want to try both of your drinks."

They light up and smile, handing me both. I take a sip and lean back, and say they both tasted good. Right after this the girl who texted me is talking about how sexual she feels and touching her friend to gauge her interest. I keep flirting with both of them then suggest we close out and go to a different bar.

Damn, I should have pulled us to my apartment or theres.

We go to a different bar and get a shot. Now the one girl is seeming pretty drunk and not so into the threesome prospect anymore, and the other girl still seems down. We get the one girl and uber after some conversational maneuvering and then I suggest we go to another place closer to her apartment. At this place we just get waters, and then I say we go to her place.

She has resistance and I say we'll go to hang out with no expectations. Obviously bullshit. We leave and I don't do a great job of conversation? Or do I just not remember because I was hammered? At the apartment she was being a total bitch so I pretty quickly leave. It was kinda rude but I mainly was thinking "you're not attractive enough for the effort" which is condescending by nature. Meh.

It's late now so the pickings are slim. I walk into a couple bars and see a really cute red head. I go up and say she looked so sad and I couldn't help but come over and make her feel better. Her friends immediatley green light me and I pull myself into her, eventually kissing her neck while I talked to her (THANK FUCK IT WAS HER NECK - you'll see why).

She wants to dance and we head to the floor. About 5 guys approach her even though I'm with her. She grinds on my dick and I was touching around her pussy and her tits. One guy approached even as I was doing this lol. When it's time to leave I follow her to the front and she says shes going without me. I'm like wtf?

She tells me. That she has herpes.

I'm stunned. I even go, in my drunked stupor, "are you fucking with me? Like, are you just saying that?", and she smiles then says "no I"m not kidding", and leaves. I sit there, half confused, half disgusted.

Thank fuck I didn't kiss her or actually touch her pussy *shivers*

Though I wonder, it could have just been the most full proof rejection (maybe from over stimulating her before the pull / isolation) to give a guy who's persisting if she's made her mind up.

Not worth finding out! Yikes.

To living another day *clinks Jameson shot*

Sun's coming back so I think I'll try to make day game happens soon. I heard there's less herpes over there.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Mon Mar 25, 2019 11:01 pm


Went back to my old school where my fraternity is kicked off. Got fucking shithoused. Long day, but whole lotta nothing.

So many opportunities for me to pull. I fucked up hard because I didn't go fast enough. Everytime girls would come rescue their friends from me, and then I also was just so fucked up by the end of the night (it was like 20 hrs of drinking) that I stood no chance lol. I remember from visits like this why I had to get the fuck out. I was a drunk bastard trying to fuck everything in site. To be fair, the girls at this school are BEAUTIFUL. If I still went there and tried to handle reputuation for a more long term game, I'm sure I'd quickly be doing well. Oh well, that's in the past now.

The night started at a pregame with some sorority girls I'm loosely friends with. A lot of 7's, one 8 but she was dating my buddy. I saw three girls I definitely wanted to get with. One of them had resting bitch face and didn't give me much (then I found out she was fucking my buddy so backed off), one of them was an alleged freak according to my buddy, and one is more on the cute / petite side. All brunettes.

I sit down and switch into my BMOC side because that's how I do the best around these guys / girls. I have an asshole player reputation from all the drunk debauchery from when I still went here. This means challenging other people in a joking way, overtly not giving a flying fuck about people's reactions to what I say, and being pretty overtly sexual. I am a little more refined in my character since being here last, and I have toned it out with being a little nicer to people and showing my compassionate side.

I park it next to the first girl I want to talk to and ask her what her story is. She gives me a playfully cold answer of "you don't get to hear my story, I've got a dark past" with a smile. I just smile back and say "okay we won't talk about where you've been, where you going?" and get an actual answer from her. Easy shit test. I sit with the girls I don't know and get to know them. I was dressed pretty festive for the St. Patty's event (they have theirs late) and I looked really good, and it was obvious they thought I was hot.

Minutes later my buddy comes up to me and tells me that she sucks great dick and that he think shes definitely interested. I should have put more time into her, but I became more distracted by the resting bitch face quiet girl. She would barely talk to me so it made me want to crack her more. Turns out my buddy, Fisherman, is fucking her and I find this out later. We get drunk at the pregame then go to a fraternity party of an actual frat on campus, since we're now considered underground and the girls we hang with have dropped their sororities for their senior years - if they were still in their sororities they would get in trouble for hanging out with us.

I bounce around and make some friends with some of the other girls there that I'm not trying to fuck. They know that I'm a horndog so this helps with attainability and playerish issues I knew I was bound to run into. The girl who's dating my buddy also brags about how I said some killer line to her realllly hot friend before making out with her a few years ago. I just slyly said, "yea, that was fun..." as to not be braggadocios about myself.

We get to the party and immediately run into trouble. We're mostly seniors, 5th year seniors, and alumni. This party is freshmen --> seniors of another frat. The girls get in, and some of the guys get in. The freshmen at the door were just doing their jobs, I totally understand. It was still annoying as fuck because of how socially retarded they were being about it. Eventually the president of the frat comes to the door and I'm super hospitable to him, explain that our frat is kicked off, explain who we know, and that we brought out own alcohol. We're older and won't cause any trouble, and we're just here for fun. After about 15 minutes of persisting, we get it.

Here I had the highest potential to pull, but I didn't. One of the girls I was talking to earlier (the short brunette who was on the cuter side) is talking to me and I'm deep diving her, slowly incorporating touch. My friends kept distracting me because they were railing shots and trying to talk to me. After about the third time of getting distracted, she gives me a look that says she's definitely into me. Right there. I should have pulled her into me and asked to walk over to the other room with me, or just pulled her into me --> makeout.

Her friends seemed to have noticed what was about to happen, and because I didn't do it immediately the other girl who allegedly sucks good dick grabs her and pulls her away. After this I never rekindled the fire with either of them to that level.

Then I got kicked out of the party for asking where the bathroom is ("YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE THE BATHROOM IS???"), and had to negotiate my way back in. By the time I'm back everyone was ready to leave. Jesus, was that lame.

After the party I was still bouncing around and laughing with everyone including the girls I was with but I didn't have the seduction location ready for me. We go to this bar that opens at 5:30 AM for everybody and are packed like sardines. We wait it out and right when I get to the front of the line, Fisherman has pulled everyone out of line to go to another bar with less people. I comply, even though I probably shouldn't have, and should have met them there later after trying my luck at the crazier, higher energy place.

We go there and start buying drinks. I see a girl from my highschool and we immediatley have it on. I'm pulling her into me and almost grabbing her ass, but not quite. I should have just gone for it, because the escalation was too timid. She says she's gonna grab her friend and I tell her to come right back. Dumbass.

I immediately start talking to this asian (barely speaks english) next to me and I get close enough to kiss her with the vibe on but then for whatever reason I hesitate and ask if she's single. She then hesitates and says she is single, but no. I brought us right there, and then let go of it.

I wait a bit longer for this girl from HS and she doesn't come back, so I split back to my friends. There's two really hot girls at the end of the bar and I pop over and start talking to one. I get her interested but she has a boyfriend and I believe her from the body language she's giving off. I periodically hop back to her for preselection and had a great convo about relationships with her.

When I try for that brunette again with my friends I can't get her to move away with me, and now I have 2 of my brothers gunning after her too. Really annoying, but hey, I can't hate em for it. I see the girl from my HS once more and was busy trying to not get my drunk as friend kicked out of the bar and lost her after that.

We head to the next place and things are really fuzzy. I know I made an approach. Then we head to breakfast and I bounce into to hot girls that are clearly into me and I join them for breakfast, but then get kicked out of their table because they don't like some rando sitting with them and talking to their girls.

I see the HS girl and give her a pretty touchy feely hug and go to the bathroom, I come back and her and all her friends are gone. Autorejection for sure.

When I sit down with the sorority girls from earlier they're mad at me and all my friends for being so drunk in public, but I keep my cool and we chill out and eat. After this I take a nap at my buddies.

I wake up and get food by myself, meeting a girl in line and walking with her to a bar to start drinking again. She wasn't that hot, only cute, so I don't pursue a whole lot. I see two other girls worth approaching and talk to them to get the juices flowing. The hotter one is clearly nervous around me, but they're both friendly at let the convo keep going.

Ah shit. I know what I did. I was being pretty sexual and they were kinda just cool with it, which is an okay sign. I warmed them up with some humor and then started to think about my next move with my friends texting me about the next plan, and I ask them what they're doing later. They say they don't know and I took it as a rejection. That means ask them to come party with you because they don't have any plans.

Next party is fun but it seems all the girls from last night have autorejected me because they're all cold towards me. Sweet.

Eventually after this I started to get pretty hammered and do what I do best when I'm hammered at my old school. Go from bar to bar and look for pussy. Drunk bastard mode. I had two approaches where I had the girl ready to go but didn't close, then their friend pulled them away.... one older woman who we had sex talk and she said she was down for later, but when I didn't stay around and navigate the situation (I left to get food then come back), she lost interest.... one girl who was drop dead gorgeous who I nearly had.

That last one was towards the very end of the night, and I remember how happy I had made her by telling her how beautiful I thought she was. Something or other happened that separated us, and then I got kicked out of the bar. I'm not totally sure what happened, but if I had to guess I'd say it's because I was mass approaching and I was probably recognizable in my outfit.

Basically, I just didn't close hard enough with any of these girls. I should have been more savage, and I probably should have focused more on being nicer / humbler around all the girls that knew me.. since I already had the asshole / player reputation with them.

It was really fun, and great to see my old friends though. So long.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Tue Mar 26, 2019 12:11 am


There was a BEAUTIFUL british girl at one of my tables. Literally visiting from the UK for the night. Problem is she was with her uncle and dad. She was eye fucking the shit out of me and I flirted every chance I got. At the end of the table, I go up to her, tell her how beautiful she is and screen for logistics. She proposes we meet back at my bar after she leaves her family.

I wait for 2 hrs after I clock out, and leave. I wanted to stay, but... I couldn't just sit there and way for her.

Next time I get a sexy ass chick at my table who is giving me signs I MUST ask for her number. This happened last week to and I forgot to journal about it, rationalizing that it was smoother to just "meet her there". That's dumb, she probably doesn't wanna get shown up either.

Went to a college party back in my city. I really should have gone approached at bars in my city, because of how fucking horny I was from all the strike outs the night before, but I also had to save money since I blew so much cash.

One girl there worth approaching, HB7 cutie. Innocent looking, pleasant voice. I'm super fucking warmed up from all the approaches I did back at my old school, so I just go right up to her, sit down, and start talking to her. I have her giggling and smiling in minutes.

We play a game of pong, then talk outside, then everyone plays a game of boom cup. Total campus party, I'm getting too old for this shit. During the games I would tease her and use touch. Eventually I befriend the girl she's with, and slowly start talking to her again. I try to move her to another room and she turns me down.

It's getting late so I just shoot my shot and ask if she's single. I kinda thought she wasn't because she turned that down. I say it was nice to meet both her and her friend anyways, say peace to my boy, and head to a college bar.

Not many people left. One really hot black chick. I opened with some lame opener about how she looked familiar and I remember her being cute. She politely rejects me and I laugh it off. I hang out at the bar and get approached by a creepy gay guy who's not allowed at the bar I work at. When he fucks off me and this hot bartender talk for a bit, about how that guy isn't allowed at a lot of bars. I get her name and I know she thinks I'm hot.

Eventually I try to talk to her again, but she's in hustle mode so I respect it and head home.

Aaaah I wanted to go out with my friend so bad today. It was my gma's birthday though, and family comes first. Especially when they might pass soon.

I make it out late and two of my close friends who had girlfriends all of college are actually with random girls for once! These guys are total social circle oriented dudes, so I'm so glad they managed to cold approach. My buddy Irishman is locked in with this sexy latina, and Maddhatter is talking to a decent looking blonde.

Eventually I approach this girl with resting bitch face and she loves my opener. She's being low energy and says she's gonna get a drink. I say I would love one and she says she's not buying. I say we'll go together and we do. At the bar she doesn't give me a whole lot. This was my opportunity to deep dive, and I failed at it.

Her vibe tells me she's been looking for a guy to impress her and not be like the other fuck boys. I guess I was coming off as a fuck boy. After she leaves Maddhatter comes up to me and tells me that Irishman struck out with the same girl the night before. Damn, looks like my intuition was right.

I talk to a girl who I accidently approached twice and make a joke about what a horny son of a bitch I am and just talk with them, then casually leave. They seemed impressed / intrigued at the change in nature that I ran the interaction with.

There was a group of girls who I had their table earlier and I approach all of them and flirt. None of them are that hot so I just find and excuse to leave and then do.

My social circle girls give me weird vibes. They haven't been the same since they joined a sorority, but they were still cool with me when school was going on. Now they seem to treat me like an outsider, and I haven't gotten a whole lot of down time with them. As far as sex I can't tell if they are down to fuck me or not. I don't think they are, probably for reputation reasons, so I barely try to engage with them, especially when they're not the ones putting in effort.

It was Maddhatter's birthday too so we hang the rest of the night.


Quick OR. Had a table who is done waiting for guys and one girl is putting together a Hinge account. They ask me if I think the picture is "swipable". I tell her it is and then explain what I think about the apps in a super nonchalant way. Her picture is her doing something cool and I turn to her and say "yea, passions are hot".

Her face was SO RED. She couldn't look at me, she was so embarrassed / nervous. Shit like this makes me think that my problem is mainly attainability with a lot of girls. She was cute, too. I flirt with them the rest of the time and its the same shit, she can't hold eye contact with me.

All this together makes me think that cuffing season is officially over and girls are going to be increasingly down for ONS's.

Good time to be on the hunt (;

I think I might need to relax a bit because I'm stupid horny right now for a new chick and I don't want it to alienate me. It's about unleashing it during the right moment, rather than always being "pussy pussy pussy" lol
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Fri Mar 29, 2019 11:58 am


Went to a networking event and after it was over struck up a convo with a woman walking out. To be honest I thought she was kinda hot but when we started talking she wasn't. We have similar professional interests though and after about 15 minutes of chatting she offered me a job.

Then I went out, first set I cold approached was two indian girls. They're both wearing denim jackets and I go up to them and say, "did you two plan this? it's super cute (= ".

They both give yellow lights at first. I compliment one of them for rocking denim on denim and get a yellow light response. I just listened to Daniel's podcast and LOVED every word of his Verbal Game, could not WAIT to try it out.

I ask them what kind of friends they are, if they're really close or more on the superficial end. Such a direct question might be a little polarizing without proper wording, so I'll have to work on that. They seem impressed like "woah, that was unexpected" through their body language (good sign, you're novel).

They say they're really close and ask if I have a bunch of superficial friends. I say I do and I like to keep my circle of close friends small, although there's a spectrum to how well people get to know each other - and usually the quicker the better. This sets a frame and is still part of my first impression, which is great to immediately go to cooler topics.

We talk about how they got to know each other, and it's through dance. I show interest in that and qualify them but saying that's actually really cool, and ask some more questions about that. I say I do a little practice with hip hop dance, and the girl I want says she does that to. I say in a kinda sexual way "oooooh so she's got the movessss".

They both laugh at this and I'm nearing hook point. I ask for both of their names (I love asking basic superficial questions AFTER you've already been in the set and possibly deep dived, because that allows the depth of the superficial topics to naturally open up), and what they do. The friend does artwork so I have her pull out her phone and show me. I qualify her on how impressed I am and then ask if she would draw my favorite musician in the same way. She laughs and rubs her fingers together and says "depends how much!". I ask her prices with a cocky smile and she says she needs to see the picture first. I tease her like, "oh so I have to draw it first? ;) " and they laugh and say no they'll need a picture.

I switch to my girl and get some out of her as to what she does. Public affairs or something, she didn't give me as much details as the friend. I was using touch with both of them but now I switch to only her, which the friend eventually notices.

I begin to notice my girl is smiling but seems ticked off at the same time, like "uhhh why is this happening". This is because she was already really attracted to me and she's trying to not be a slut right now. I'm dead serious about this cuffing season coming to an end thing - this is where girls (especially in college / big social circles) are right now. They say they're gonna go to the bathroom and I say alright and leave to grab a drink. I come back out and notice they haven't left yet - they just wanted privacy so they could talk about me.

I come back and use Daniel's "you two look like you're standing here judging everybody" and they both laugh their asses off. It's breaking a rule to use an "opener" mid set, but I turn it into an activity to it's fine. I follow this up with "the most fun is to start narratives. are you guys doing that or just talking shit?". My girl eats it up and says "should we start a narrative??!".

Pulling her into me, I point to two guys, one whos smoking a cigarette and one guy whos walking up to him. The guy who's smoking looks pretty drunk and he's talking so I go, inserting his monologue, "bro, bro, the way to get bitches... is cigs".

Totally off the top of my head, super fun.

My girl starts laughing her ass off and I tell her "your turn your turn (= " and she buries her head in her hands laughing and jumps back to her friend.

She knows how much fun she's having but doesn't want to let herself get carried away with me, and then she seeks her friend for what to do.

I pause and two of her other friends come up to meet me. A chubby blonde gives me a bitchy look and stands there, disgusted by my presence. Totally rude. I remain super warm and friendly and exchange names with the new people, until my girl comes back.

After this the friend she was originally with leaves, leaving us. I go back to a deep dive about what she does, and it turns out we're both actively working for similar institutions. I use this as a reason to sit down and keep talking.

We sit down and go into what we do and why, explaining ourselves in depth. This added a lot of character to both of us. I ask her a question to frame how independent of a person she is, so I can segue this into her not caring what her friends think. She validates and qualifies herself on how independent she really is. We start to really hit it off and our legs are locked into each other.

In the momentum I also tried a new thing I've developed on bringing up the lifestyle of Dan Bilzerian, specifically his podcast with Joe Rogan (very insightful podcast). I will explain it more once I've tested it a few times. She ate it up but then really had to use the bathroom. I was JUST about to start getting her coming home with me, because emotions were high.

So I stay seated and watch the tv above me, smiling, and eventually talk to my buddy who's in earshot, who just happens to be there.

She comes back to me and says she's leaving. I tell her I want to keep hanging out and she gives me a window to walk her home. I accept.

We flirt and shove on the way home, it was really fun. I boost similarity towards the end because we're both the youngest child.

Now in her house we sit down and talk. The blonde friend from earlier texts her that I was flirting with her, EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS NEXT TO ME, for 100% of my interactions with the blonde. I find this pretty funny and tell a story of my ex girlfriend telling me something similar her friend made up, years ago (preselection / emotional depth).

Then she asks me if I'm a player.

I've actually never been asked, that specific and focused like that. I tell her I'm not, and keeo providing good emotions. I probably should have amplified and said, yes, you're my 20th girl tonight, or something.

She tests me a little more but I just remain cool and warm. Eventually I get closer to her and pretty soon we're making out. Things were going great. She broke it off after like 30s, because I wasn't thinking and didn't pull off first. Dummy.

I eventually get us kissing again and right as it's getting heavy, her roommate walks in with some beta. Dude says U look like a magician lol (?).

Them coming in totally killed the tension and thus the escalation.

I try 3-5 more times to escalate and try carrying her to her room, which she protested so much that I couldn't. I did suck her tits, put her on her counter, and slip a finger in her pussy. The LMR was so strong, she said she wanted to fuck me but just wouldn't because she's too old for this and we can meet again. I persisted a lot but she was eventually saying I had to go.

At one point she was standing at her door telling me to leave like a bitch, but smiling as she did it, so I knew she was just trying to be a big girl. I calmly told her to relax and sit down and she did. Then we made out again.

I walk her through her emotions and thoughts, and she flat out says I'm right. But girls are emotional, not logical. Eventually she calls me a lyft and I go home. Right before I do I cold read the shit out of her, spike emotions, and then walked out.

Really fun, but damn did I wanna stuff that girl with my cock. Really cute, petite, great ass.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Sat Mar 30, 2019 5:38 pm

Went out with my coworkers again. This gay dude who I'm tight with and always wingman's for me was who I hung with most of the night. I didn't see a lot of girls at the first bar. Then that blonde who I have a crush on at work was having her birthday, and asked us to meet her at a club.

Right when we walk in her and her sorority girls start dancing with us. Her roommate (hot, thicc blonde.. HB7) grinded on me for a while. The club is super high energy and I couldn't hold onto her. I tried eye fucking the blonde who I work with to gauge how much fun she wanted to have on her birthday, but she was so overly distracted and snapchatting - really hard to get a handle on her.

Seeing her be all sorority girl like that was kinda a turn off for me.

What sucks though is that it was hitting me that I put in way more investment than she does to our friendship or us hanging out. I'm feeding the friendzone by hanging out with her, because of her boyfriend. And since I have romantic feelings for her, I can't get away from thinking about her this way when we're out. I know that if I had met her when she was single over cold approach, with all the factors of social circle nonexistant, we would have hit it off... that clouds my mind. So I think I'm deciding to stop with her, since she doesn't reciprocate it to me.

Then her roommate I thought I was gonna bring home, but some other guy persisted way harder than I did and ended up getting her. Dude looked like kind of a loser too, so that was disappointing.

Had an old coworker visit town. Night starts and ends with me hanging out with gay guys and girls. Pretty damn fun. There's one blonde I've had my eye on from this social circle for quite a while, but when I started talking to her and getting to know her better I couldn't lift it off the ground - we have fucking nothing in common. The rest of the girls were all 6's and below so I decided against trying to seduce them (originally). I still had a fun time flirting and joking with all the girls though.

The old coworker's "boyfriend" is a player. We get along when we're together, but I feel as though he forces a lot of his conversation with me. Somethings... off about him. The dude's had 4somes and is a natural though, I like him.

We bounce to a couple bars and they decide on this club (two club nights in a row, jesus). I give up on the blonde and eventually walk around to find this super hot asian in this sexy ass outfit. I approached her to see if she was single and she was, and so was the blonde she introduced me to. The opener went fine, but then as I tried to ask them what kind of friends they were (went too early into the gambit, I think) they were clearly a little weirded out like "what the fuck is this guy talking about?". So I'll have to get better at starting with some more small talk before the deep dive. Eventually they stop giving me much and reject.

Should try to think of some interesting questions for small talk, that may be a sticking point of mine... or maybe cooler and funner ways of asking if a girl is single that incorporate sex / chase frames...

I eventually circle back to them and try to have her come to me with my finger (compliance request) and the blonde signals to me that she should, but she decides not to. I wait a sec to see if she'll change her mind and she doesn't.

I go back to the gay guys and girls dancing (I was not in the mood for that shit lol) and I see a guy wearing a dope fucking shirt. I compliment him on it and talk to him for a bit, and then as he's walking away I hear a guy muttering that he was scared when he saw me approach - they thought I was gay lol.

One more girl caught my eye in the club and she was wearing a sexy ass dress. I talk with her for a bit, but she doesn't ever smile as I try and talk to her. I eventually ask if she's with anyone tonight and she says she's not, but no thank you. I smile and wish her a good rest of the night.

A new coworker of mine was also talking with me. She told me that I'm full of shit as a person, which, while I listened to her opinion, didn't take all that seriously. I didn't know what she meant, completely.

We go to an after party and there's a girl who's cousins with a past lover of mine. Naturally pretty, really sweet girl, smart, and caring. The cousin is clearly into me. She's not that good looking, though. But, once alcohol started to flow during the after party, I find out that she hasn't had sex in a year. My drunk brain thinks that I should give her dick, as an act of kindness.

And I'm not kidding lol. That's pretty pretentious of me, but it's what I thought at the time.

I start to game her and she's into it.. but then when her and I are talking alone on a balcony, she starts to tell me how my past lover thinks I'm a total fuckboy. It hurt to hear that - I liked that girl but because of our directions in life the relationship ended. Then I remember, as she tells me, that there was one time when I tried to "big dick" taking her home. I was drunk, invited her home, she said no, I simply called the uber and then said "are you coming?", which didn't acknowledge her feelings or her rejection. So, she decided / realized I'm a fuckboy.

Then the cousin is asking me, "well, are you one?" and I kinda just slowly said "I just love people". The way I said it was meek. It hit me in that moment how much my actions actually do have an effect on people.

If I just love people, then why do I act so selfishly?

After she said this, I pulled her into me and said something or other alluding to sex. She ejected. I sit there thinking to myself that, holy shit, I am a fuckboy. Or at the very least, I come off like a total fuckboy. So as I try to become more of a lover, the actions that hurt girls, push attainability too high, and generally come off as a "bad" person to some people were shown to me in a new light.

Even though it hurt, my emotional intelligence grew from the experience.

I hang around the party for a while longer and have some drinks. Eventually I consider it all silly and get over myself, but feeling a sense of purpose in my mental state. The cousin is now glued to me and trying to talk and hang with me (you stop caring, they start to).

I turn in and head home. Also messaged Hector to set up our last coaching call.. I think I'll be ready soon.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Sun Mar 31, 2019 4:16 am



Little drunk writing this, so please forgive me.

Went to a career fair to start the day, did well, shook some hands, kissed some babies.

Popped over to my HS friends' and talked about pussy with my guys lol. They finally started talking to girls outside social circle so there's a few stones to turn over. I want them to get laid, they're my friends.

Fast forward to us talking to girls...

I opened a girl at the bar we were playing pool at and she was definitely interested, but she wasn't hot enough so I stopped.
Then I opened a 3 top with Daniel's "you guys look like you're judging everybody" and they weren't down for it. Hahah got some more work to do with that one.

King and I decided which bar we'd be going to, and we head in and have fun. Irishman is immediately with his girl, and Maddhatter is with that girl's friend. I open a really hot blonde, but she has to go find her friend. She really liked what I put down but couldn't just leave her friend like that.

Note to self - wear the outfit you had on again (lololololol)

Eventually after a bunch of mingling and laughs and bullshit I see two latinas dancing with eachother.


My bad I just remembered how close I was to a threesome.

I opened them with... "are you guys having a serious conversation?" ... and they responded well. I used Daniel's "what kind of friends are you guys" to get the converation moving. They only know some english and were speaking in spanish most of the time, and this made for a lot of fun.

Well, I don't remember all that much how conversation went. We talked about traveling, culture, and a bunch of shit lol. I used touch the whole time as I was talking. One of them was a little more timid, let's call her Tanya (columbian). The other was a little more wild, let's call her Topo (mexican).

I went for Tanya basically the whole time. She was more conversation and connection based and thus required the most effot. Topo was more arousal based and was basically there to have fun. I was in a fantastic mood in general (having done a career fair, a family event, and been with my best friends the rest of the day - I felt my life was on track to a core level), so it didn't feel like a "set". I was just enjoying myself with two cool girls.

Fast forward a bunch of tequila shots later and Topo says she see's her ex boyfriend. Tanya (I'm basically in with her at this point, she already told me she wanted to come home with me) tells me that Topo wants me to pretend like I'm her boyfriend.

This made for the most interesting aspect of the night... but it also fucked me.

So I'm obviously down to "pretend" like I'm with Topo. They're both good looking latinas, why the fuck wouldn't I?

Topo grabs my hand and drags me across the bar, finds her boy, and starts making out with me. She looks to see if he's looking, stops, and goes back to making out with me.

Women certainly would never objectify men.

Of course not.

Anyways, this happens about 3 times and I just flirt with her all the while. In my fun I forget the fact that Tanya is watching the entire time - she slowly became jealous. After the 2nd makeout in attempt to make some fucker jealous Tanya wouldn't talk to me in as cool of a way.

King tried to talk to the gals but they both thought he was an asshole. They liked my buddy (white night, but.. has game), who was with him. After they left I just contrasted them with me. They call me their favorite gringo. At this point I'm just trying to balance Tanya back with the level Topo is at with me, since she is aroused as fuck after making out with me.

Tanya grinds on my dick for a song, as the bar nears close, and I keep Topo in distance. She's still freaking out over her ex, and I just keep telling her how beautiful she is (and I mean it!). They loved my honesty, at least while we were at the bar. I locked down to Tanya that we were gonna hang after the bar closed, and she was down.

I suggest that we go get pizza at a bar close to there, and I planned on asking both of them home there. We go and things are looking great in line... we're all sharing a great vibe with eachother. Then, out of nowhere, these two foreigners strike up convo with them, and they talk straight spanish for like 20 minutes. I just kept my vibe good and jutting in with whatever words I felt I knew the understanding. To be honest, I had no idea what the fuck was going on, and just did my best.

And it worked!

At one point I had Tanya's attention and I had her rubbing her sweet little ass on my dick. I told her that I wanted to keep hanging out with both of them and she said she was down. I under the radar mentioned that I like both her and her friend, and we should all keep hanging... and then something about how there's enough of me for both of them. She's turned on and agrees.

When we finally get our damn pizza I huddle us in a corner and hug as we talk. I invite both of them home. They say it's too late. I say we can just hang for another 30 minutes then call it, grabbing both of their asses. They talk in spanish and then tell me that it would be fun. I call the uber and keep flirting and touching.

In the uber I focus on Tanya with touch and talk to them, and it was super fun! I really enjoyed flirting with them on the way back.

Aaaaaaand then we get to my house.

I live in a studio, and I hadn't cleaned it all weekend.

It looked like total shit.

I also dress quite well. So Tanya was like wtf? the moment she walked in.

She takes a piss while I flirt with Topo / clean up casually. When she comes back they both sit on my love seat. I move some things around and sit down with them, arm around both of them.

Tanya alluded to a threesome, but now she is TOTALLY closed off. I flirt with them and touch both of them, and Topo starts reciprocating and touching me back. She was grabbing my fucking cock.

Tanya is not about it though. They're rapidly talking to eachother in spanish, and I hear the word "trio" like 20 times.

I try to figure it out, instead of just taking some damn action.

After some spanish babble, I tell them that I like both of them (and gave reasons) and that I'm not a dumby on what trio means.. but that it's up to them.


Finally, tanya calls a lift and says she's leaving. I don't know what's really happening, but then assume it's just Topo and i fucking. I SHOULD HAVE GONE AGGRESSIVE WITH TOPO, SINCE SHE WAS SO FUCKING HORNY.

Aaah man.. she was grabbing my cock talking in spanish to Tanya. Holy fuck.

Then, just as quick as this came about, they both leave at the same time.

I wait, and 10s later walk to my door and witness them walking side by side, phones out, leaving..

Good god.

Well, this weekend is easily the most growth I've had in the entire seduction career. I think it's because now that I resolved a lot of my inner demons I can look at my actions, mind, and self a lot more honestly.

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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby fog » Sun Mar 31, 2019 12:14 pm

yo buddy are u waiting on ur first 3some? once you open that door up you'll be drowning in them

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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:56 am


Yes, and I've been closer during March at pulling it off. Saturday being a cold approach that nearly worked means I've progressed there a lot. Thanks for the encouragement.


Here's a great quote from one of Chase's recent articles that really would have helped me.

. As such, here's one easy, simple way to use an awareness of legitimacy's role in social interaction: when you notice yourself employing 'crumbling legitimacy' tools, stop.

Take a breather.

Think the situation through.

Because the tools men resort to in a kneejerk way when legitimacy starts to crumble -- their monumental displays and coercive control -- can work short-term. But they also signal to the parties they're used on (and anyone else who's watching) that this guy's handle on things is slipping.

Perhaps, if I had gotten up, used the bathroom, and then came back to lead appropriately, things might have been different.

Here's a far more organized, detailed, and sober analysis of the cold approach threesome I attempted.

FU: Right Before The Finish Line - Latina Threesome Miss
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Wed Apr 03, 2019 11:45 am

Went out after training for my new job. One girl I spent the whole night on.

On tuesday nights, this place becomes, for lack of a better phrase, a black bar. I'm a white dude, and I don't roll with a whole lot of people in this scene. Frankly, most of the white dudes that do are total wiggers (the girl I was with told me this, and I looked around and agreed lol). I'm down with everybody, and LOVE plenty of things people might consider to be "black culture", but always find myself treated a little different in this crowd.

Anyways, I'm at the bar with my one friend. He's a weird guy, and loves to get fucked up. I had been heading out anyways, and he texted me to let me know that he was at the bar I was headed to if I wanted to meet him there. I really don't like doing anything that involves girls with him... he's just too awkward, self-deprecating, and uncalibrated. The kid doesn't understand women - and doesn't really listen to me when I talk about them.

Him and I are talking and laughing about shit, and I get opened by a HB8 black chick. She's a model that holds the sign at boxing matches. Hot as fuck. I don't really remember what she said to me, but it was clearly her being interested. In a heartbeat I stop talking to him, and start talking to her. I find out all about her and what she does, while using touch.

Eventually I sit down with her and am able to talk some more. We talked about a few things, mainly fun topics like travel. I used Daniel's golden question, "what do you like to do besides eat, sleep, and party?" and other than her job she said videogames, which surprised me. She's like a low key nerd, but totally hot and confident in herself.

As the night progressed, the bar became more and more packed. She started looking around at other options, it seemed like. Her eyes were gorgeous. The guys next to me start to stunt on her and manage to pull her away for a second. I befriend one of them and he starts bragging about his life to me, telling me all the shit he does with parties, girls he fucks, money he spends, and shoes he buys.

Cool, man.

Then he buys me a patron cocktail. Lol, thanks! He made sure to use a 100 dollar bill, even though he had other smaller bills on him which he put away.

After that I thank him and go back to sitting with my girl. We were sharing a seat and I had a chance to get her to sit on my lap. The transition was slightly awkward, and I didn't want to force it. In hindsight I should have lead by just telling her "don't do it that way. here, move up like this so we can do this the right way". Having her on my lap would have made other motherfuckers fuck off, and allowed me to escalate.

I started getting lots of looks from black dudes and wiggers, laughing and pointing at me as I continued to talk to this girl. When I went to the bathroom, people seemed to be looking and noticing me, as if they knew who I was. Social proof, man.

When I go back and talk to her, I have two aggressive guys come behind me and tell me, repeatedly, that I need to tell her how beautiful she is. It was annoying as fuck. They would not shut the fuck up. I told them, "she already knows that about herself guys, she doesn't need me to say that", because she's confident! Nope, they're demanding I say that. I don't.

Eventually she notices, and asks them what they're saying. They become slightly more nervous (lol fuckin pussies) and so I explain that they want me to tell you how beautiful you were, but I already told you you're pretty and you know this about yourself, right? Before I had said she "wasn't ugly", so that was a bit of a stretch. That might have been slightly incongruent.

Then, she talks to a different group of guys. Fine by me. When she comes back, she dances on my dick for a little bit, and all the motherfuckers start pointing at laughing at me again. Ridiculous lol. I'm feeling up on her and grabbing her too, which I can't tell if she was into? Very mixed response.

The guys next to me start showing me pictures of them fucking a chick, and I say, "yo man respect these chicks" and he gets pissed, immediately thinking I'm a white night, and starts telling me angrily about all the girls that have fucked him over. I have to make him chill out for like 1 minute straight before I can say that all I meant was that I don't prefer taking videos / pictures of bitches as I'm fucking them then showing it off to people. He leaves after that.

My friend kinda fucked me. Things were getting slightly rocky in our conversation the more alcohol we consumed. Even though definitely had her locked in, she would ask me where my friend is periodically. I get how this can be an excuse for her to get me to leave / a subtle rejection, I would just persist through it. It would usually end with her and I having a good time.

When he would come over, he'd be fucking hammered and feeling left out because I wasn't including him (selfishly, but dude all you do is make things awkward!) so ever visit was perpetually worse. The rocky conversation and my friend looming back a 5th time reacted, and she did a pretty hard rejection to me after I said something stupid about her instagram (some drake lyrics were on about instagram and I teased her about that being her, after her and I had qualified ourselves as being real people compared to a lot of others - us vs world frame.... really dumb decision).

She slowly stood up on the chair, without saying a word, and put one leg over at a time, got up off it, took her shit, and said to my friend "you can have it!", then walked away. My friend is eager to talk to me again and so I just keep my cool and carry on conversation.

I run into her once more outside and grab her arm, pulling her into me, but she walks away anyways after saying something. Barely looked at me. I let her breath for a bit since I had been so damn persistent the rest of the night. Last call comes around and I say to my friend, "I'm gonna go find her one more time, be right back", and leave.

I find her and start giving her a Hail Mary kinda thing. My friend fucking followed me and looms over to the table next to us. What the fuck dude?

This breaks the bubble I had created in the Hail Mary - I had since sobered up a little and totally had her attention with it being last call, too. I ask her what she's doing after this and she says she's hanging out with some of her friends who I'd met earlier. I didn't get invited, and clearly wasn't too well received from them earlier on.

She wants to take my number. I say that I'll take hers and she starts saying it aloud. I tell her hold on lol, whip my phone out, and take it. By the end the frame was me chasing her, for sure. I'm gonna text her today, but I know that it's a very, very low chance of me getting a response. Doesn't hurt to try though.

But yea, I do not excel in that environment. I feel like I have to deal with a lot of black dudes being racist towards me as a white guy. Not everybody, of course, there were plenty of cool guys there that treated me with respect. And (nothing to do with race here) I feel like the culture of that bar as a whole is not my style. I've never had that many strangers treat me as entertainment for trying to game a hot girl.. super weird. Maybe she's a regular and there's shit I don't know :P

It was interesting, anyways.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Sun Apr 07, 2019 7:28 pm

Went to the same bar as last week. Got opened by two girls but didn't pick conversation off the ground, 15 minutes later the hotter one is sitting in another dude's lap. Didn't add enough energy.

Opened a really cute girl, but then she ended up rejecting me. I had the entire group interested and talking to me one second, and then the next they're just not about it. Then my coworker snapchat recorded me getting rejected lol so that was lame as fuck.

Didn't go out until somewhat late. Went to a bar where King's FB was. Approached a black chick and she was interested, but then this natural (or... I'm starting to think he reads seduction too... call it a hunch) saw me and started talking to me. He's a real cool dude so I just talked to him instead. Then some guy came up to him and they were talking about something about how to get women, I'm like 90% sure of it. It was loud so I couldn't totally tell. I eventually interrupted in a calibrated way and he said to his friend, "this kid knows how things working too! hahaha!", but then the friend starting talking his ear off again, so I told them I'd check em later instead of lingering or forcing myself to their conversation.

Do want to get a moment with that guy though...

Went over to a big group of people and ran into like 3 posse's I used to run with. Approached one red head, but then got bored from her conversation.. plus she was taller then me and I don't like that.

Chatted with some sorority girls and with this super hot brunette girl. Two of the girls are my HS friends but they don't really give me the time of day when I talk with them. I don't know if it's because of the player reputation or just because I'm weird and they're pretty uppity - or both lol. The King's FB is there, with her cute friend. King is totally hammered and talking her ear off. I float towards them and eventually realize the cute friend isn't super entertained with King's drunk sloppiness (also I think King wants to fuck her and he's banging her friend so.. reputation).

When I start talking to her King leaves almost immediately. From that moment on we talked the rest of the night. There was a moment where I felt a little romantically because she has some pretty dope attitudes. She's a little weird, though. Also King and Madhatter said she was a 10 when she's like a 7 lol idk what's with them. Overall I liked the traits about her and this made conversation really easy. I move her to a table, and then she says she has to use the bathroom so I wait it out and look at my phone. When I come back she goes "you stayed!" and sits down with me.

I start framing us hanging out later tonight and she's down. Somewhere along the way though I think I told her too much about myself and set a boyfriend material frame. There's also the context - all of her friends have boyfriends except her, and she's only dated 2 guys for like two and four years.

Me inviting her home was kinda sloppy if I remember right.. I asked her home, then she said she wanted to go to her house (for food) and I framed something about her cooking for me / agreeing to that, but then she took the agreement as agreeing to get food outside the bar. So it wasn't concrete as to what we were doing.

She gets street meat and then we sit on a table and talk. At one point we were dancing on the table. I try to kiss her and she just smiles at me (I hate when girls do this.. it's just so weird. like if you're gonna reject me please just turn your head, not smile at me frozen like that) so I kiss her teeth, basically lol. When I invite her home she says no we can go separately, so I go back to talking / people watching and then eventually get us closer with touch so that we're kinda snuggling. Then everything is shutting down and there's a fight breaking out across the street.. with like nobody out... so it was getting dangerous to stay. I just say, "damn we should probably get out of here. I'll call the uber", and she says okay.

We have fun in the uber and I have my arm around her. We joke and talk with the driver. At my house I put on music and try to kiss her and get denied. She tells me about her past relationships, and that she's not looking for a boyfriend (I had assumed I boyfriend zoned and so I just asked but made it clear I'm not that kinda guy), and we share our history and preferences. I tell her there's multiple girls I'm seeing, flat out. Overall bad move, but I did it in contrast to her history. She's been strong to monogamy and I certainly have not.

At around 4 I've been denied a few times from kissing and have to get up early so I kick her out. On the way out she's struggling with my door, so I go up to her, body against her and go "you go like this... then this... and then this... *makeout*" I made sure to pull off this time first, something I forgot to do last week. She liked it, and I tell her it was nice to meet her and close the door.

Saw her out last night at an apartment but she was just poking her head in with her friend. Texted her today no answer.


One notable approach at a gay bar. Older black girl, very pretty. I had the vibe on point to begin with, I succeeded in moving her, but then she left to smoke a cigarette. Fucking gross dude. Then she was glued to her gay friend after that and I couldn't rekindle it.

Approached a girl who went to elementary school with me, now she's grown up. She's with this fucking cunt who's a bitch to me for no reason whatsoever. I talk to the one girl, having served her table a few years ago, and before I can get it into a deep dive, this cunt cuts me off. I try to ignore it but she took the wheels of the convo, and when I went "excuse me I was talking" she utterly ignored me. I looked at her with a heavy skeptical face because that's such a faux pas.

Bleeeeeh I gotta work for a new chick soon - got a huge vacation coming up and want momentum for that to be a total slay fest.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Fri Apr 12, 2019 3:15 pm

New job is fire. Cool people, great money, access to high status people, access to very high level so of social calibration and seeing how people can be graceful in the social realm. Check checkity check.

Pretty sure I'm the highest value guy (god I'm a narcissist lol) other than this cool bartender who's funny with high energy. Seems to be a little dismissive off me for whatever reason though - usually that means something, but I won't let it bother me.


Got off work, popped into this gay bar on my way to another one (this girl I work with had bottle service and invited everyone). Spontaneously ran into two other people I know and made quick friends with another. I invited them to bottle service with me.

We get there and the bottles are empty - birthday girl was carrying around an empty bottle to look cool lol. I tried to talk with one of her friends and I had a lingering handshake, my dick got slightly hard talking to her. She was into it at first but then subtly rejected me with her body language. Birthday girl wasn't giving me a whole lot of conversation so I take my spontaneous group after the party leaves and we head to a different bar.

On the way there we see this sexy ass blonde chick walking with a white guy and a huge black dude. My buddy comments that "nothing worse than that - hot ass white chicks next to black dudes". I look closer at them and say that the white guy is gay, which makes it more likely the black dude is too - so actually that girl is out and single. My buddy says I'm smart on the cold read but is hesitant to approach.

They want to go grab cigs and I tell them I'll just meet them at the bar... looks like the blonde is going to the same bar that we are. I do a quick jog across the street to set myself up to arrive at the same time, then open the whole group by joining in on their laugh and commenting - they were fucking with one of those scooter things and the dude skiiirted to a stop, it was kinda dope.

Super easy intro, and the blonde is quickly on me. I tell her that she looks beautiful and she takes my hand and says I'm her boyfriend.


I joke around that she's dating the black dude - who's clearly gay now that I see him up close, and he laughs but also seems slightly ticked off. Probably because he wants to hang out with his friend and I'm trying to fuck her.

At the bar I try to deep dive the girl and get close with touch, but then get sucked into another group. This asian dude I just started working with. He introduces me to some girls and I chit chat. Then some dude smacks me hard on the ass lol. He thought that I was the asian guy because we were both wearing the same uniform. I laugh about it and make quick friends with them, then smack him twice as hard on the ass. They're all straight so no worries haha.

The asian dude, let's call him Gohan. was grabbing a drink, but he comes back and introduces me to 3 other girls - some short, hot latinas. They are showing me huge IOI's so I was pumped at how great this night was going so far, and that Gohan and I are gonna have a great time wingmaning together in the future. Gohan offers me some blow but I decline.

I go back to the blonde and now she's less receptive to my touch, but still showing hard interest. She actually pulls away a little bit, then comes back in and tells me she has Bipolar II. I tell her that that's an interesting disorder, and I've studied it a good bit getting my psychology degree. My old coworkers come in and we exchange a few words. At this point I've literally talked to the entire bar and have people looming for my attention - wonders for social proof and preselection!

Gohan is talking with the latinas so I sit down and start gaming one of them. Things are going swimmingly and I set us up with an us vs the world frame since Gohan asked them to come back to his house and smoke - I barely smoke weed and neither does she so I said we'll be the losers in the corner getting super not-high. She's into this.

Then things get a little less outta my control and I lose everything. Not totally upset, since I know success is coming soon based off my general mood and how people are reacting to me in conversation and in presence.

Right when I ask her, "wait, are you single?", Gohan interrupts me to have us all leave. So that stays on the table, but never locked it down for her and I being sexual with one another. Then I find out that Gohan has already banged this chick, so that makes things messier.

We walk outside, and Gohan's tied up in a conversation with some people, then the girls start to walk off. That blonde from earlier is out here and so I see this as an opportunity to get her number, with the latinas gone. I tell her that she's super cute and I'd love to see her another time, but have to go with these guys right now. She punches her number in. Right as she hands my phone back the latinas come back.

Now recognizing what's going on with them I go after the other girl, and she seems receptive but her guard is kind of up. Then they run ahead and start jabbering in spanish - Gohan and I have no clue what they're saying.

Once we get to the new bar the third latina starts telling them not to smoke with us (she has a boyfriend) and Gohan starts fucking up by being kinda needy / overly nice guy / a pussy. I just remain cool and laugh it all off. At one point I get a sec to deep dive my new target, but with her guard up plus this girl telling them to leave us, she jumps out and shortly after they all leave. Gohan is wrapped into another conversation and I just dip out and go home without saying bye lol.


Should have stayed with one target with the latinas. If I'm going for all of them it only works if one of them is out to get laid. They'll more than likely say I'm a player and not do anything for their own micro-reputation / slut shaming.

Could have persisted harder with them leaving and maybe I should have friendily said, "we've just met - I want to get to know you guys better! let's head back to Gohan's". I didn't because they were Gohan's girls but he did a poor job of leading.

I was incongruent in agreeing to smoke towards the end of the night, but did the us vs the world frame to the first latina - she might have picked up on this.

Could have stayed with the blonde since I know she was down, but probably for the best if she's actually bipolar :P I would do ONS's with girls like that but even that is risky. Her ass was dumb hot though - so I totally would have.

Feeling great and excited for the future (=

Just signed a lease with Day One in a GREAT location for pulling, have a much better and higher respected job than before (still serving), and have multiple vacations just over the horizon.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Sat Apr 13, 2019 12:13 pm


They're holding me late as fuck for work - so even though it's a dope gig it comes at a cost.

I get off at like 12, and have a drink at my old bar. I see a girl who's always at the coffee shop with me on a date with a MUCH older guy, who's balding. She's a hot skinny little thing, so I was somewhat surprised. Next time I see her I'll try to pull an instadate if applicable.

Day One meets me at the bar and wants to go pull. It's fucking 1:00 AM, so it's really hard to BEGIN to start trying. I tell him this but he insists, so we pop to 3 different bars - all loud, pretty packed, and the last is a club. I'm really not into club game because I'm more the conversationalist type, but we go anyways.

I see a girl at the bar and immediately sit down and talk with her. She's gonna be a freshman playing Point Guard for the girls basketball team. We chit chat and I escalate physically pretty quickly. She's into it and I can see her getting turned on. I deep dive a little bit while touching her legs. Her fat friend comes up and literally says, "DON'T GO HOME WITH HIM!!!".

God damn, you fucking cockblock.

My attainability woes are getting ridiculous.

The fat bitch then goes and dances on this black dudes dick (the guy was decent looking and he was grinding with this "aww fuck yea" face, even though the bitch is like a 3/10 lmao).

I go back into deep diving and ask her home with me. She says she's down. Then the fat bitch comes back and tells her that they are leaving together, period. Then leaves for black dick again. I try to frame the point guard as independent and wanting to explore for the night - even saying we'll just be about 30-40 minutes and she can meet back up with her later. She contemplates.

Ultimately she says no and tries to get my number. I laugh and say that it won't work out like that, then throw a Hail Mary. She says no again.

I return to Day One and he's spam approaching, doing laps around the club. Poor guy lol.

I wait for him since he keeps coming back to me and going "one more!!!". No luck. There was a hot ass red head with big tits and a tight waste dancing in front of me, but when I tried to grab her she just flashed me a flirty look and then return to a group of guys she was dancing with.

There was also a girl twerking on a table with literally a CROWD of fucking guys watching her like total creeps - the validation going on is fucking ridiculous.


When I was persisting with the point guard I should have gone even harder physically. The back of my hand was on her tits a large portion of talking which got her excited, but I think I could have gotten away with rubbing her pussy or a really sexual ass grab or something. That spike in arousal might have pushed her over the edge.

That fat bitch doesn't want her friend getting good dick since she can't get hot guys herself. Smfh.

Day One needs to learn some fucking game if we're gonna be rooming together. The dudes an exceptionally good looking, 6'4", total goober. We'll do fine down the line but he could learn a lot from reading some GC...

Trying to pull beginning at 1:00 is hard. I much prefer the crowd and the quality of girls that are out 9:00 - 12:00 or so, but you have to do this by yourself or in small groups because most people live by the clockwork of "nobody goes out to the bar until midnight, so we're not leaving the pregame until midnight", which is not going to get you the lower competition, better conversationalist girls that I consider optimal for my type of night game.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Sun Apr 14, 2019 11:34 pm


Long work shift. Went to my old bar after.

Pretty sure I'm getting character assassinated, without me being their to defend myself. This girl who was totally cool with me was talking with a bartender who strongly dislikes me and now she's cold as fuck to me for seemingly no reason. My old manager came up and asked me if they've fired me yet at the new place.

Toxic as fuck. Maybe I shouldn't be going there anymore unless I know that specific people will be there to talk with me.

Went out to a bar close to that and talked with some people I knew. One girl who was previously a cunt was being super cool with me, same with this gay dude. They're friends with a girl who is a fat attention whore and arguably the most toxic person I know... I have a feeling that with them specifically they may have realized that most of her criticisms of me are literally fabricated bullshit.

This other gay guy who was talking with me (he knows I'm straight, as fuck) was being really aggressive in talking to me and telling me how mature I am for my age, and how my energy is just unreal and so uplifting, it weirded me the fuck out. Like I want to take is compliments... but I can't tell if it's just him trying to fuck me, or what the fuck it was. Eventually someone else starts talking to him and he's equally aggressive with them, so idk.

I approach a 3 top of asian girls and use Daniel's opener. Two of them are friendly to me and one's a total bitch. One says that she's a 5 star prostitute as a joke, and the other works at my old restaurant corporation. She knew who I was actually. I flirt with them and its starting to go well, and the total bitch (big, masculine looking girl) just out of nowhere starts YELLING at me and saying let's make a bet, which one of these girls am I trying to fuck?

I really didn't know how to respond to this and just laugh at her since it was so crass. I say why don't we just have a threesome. She says I have a 6 inch dick and will only last 45 seconds. I laugh and go "awww you're cute". She keeps going and I double down and say, "well, actually, you're not cute - you're pretty brawny, but what you're doing is cute."

Eventually her rage comes to an end because I don't react. I look at the other girls, and it does look like they are staying however. They're both smiling at me, pleased with how I dealt with their cunt of a friend. I say to the hot ones, thanks for the conversation (= , and bid them adieu.

Have a wine date lined up for tomorrow with Spunky - I ran into her last week and she looks way hotter, seems to have matured, and I think this will be a fun time.
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Fri Apr 19, 2019 11:59 am


Work is going pretty good. I'm easing into it nicely, but have moments where I feel I need to "perform" better or act more charismatic. Which is dumb as fuck, because trying to act cooler is pretty uncool.

Taking a second and meditating mid shift with a deep breath or sudden focus has been helping me with that - and just focusing on the energy I'm bringing to my tables and my coworkers.

Two girls I'm interested in, and I think they both like me. One is a cute petite, blonde hostess and the other is a cute brunette with a fat ass. I think the brunette would be a better fuck but the blonde would be a better FB based off their personalities. Also I care about this job so I have to be really, really careful if I decide to go for it with one of them... may be better to just avoid it all together this time. Like Franco said though - they're so damn accessible.

I head out with an old coworker after to a karaoke night at a bar. I see a blonde girl and approach her. Immediate hook. We talk and I realized that I ran into her during January, I tease her about this. We talk and eventually I move her, and get closer and more intimate. I grab her hand and ask her if she's doing anything after this. She says she has to get up for class at 9:00 (which isn't even that early) so she can't do anything, but otherwise wants to.

She gets up and returns to her friend, who's got some weird looking guy seemingly gaming her. When I get the chance I make sure to befriend her and lock in that I might be taking my girl home later. The friend approves so we're set for smooth sailing.

The blonde and I keep talking and I eventually persist to me "walking her home". I pull her into me a few times. She says no but it's token resistance and eventually she agrees. Then I have a cute black girl run into me, clearly DTF, but I tell her that I would love to get to know her but I'm with the blonde tonight. She says okay and is totally cool about it.

The weird guy is gaming her friend, and I use this to separate my girl and after some teasing start pulling her home. We walk and I have her "show me a tour of the house" since it's an old an odd looking house. She gives me a tour and we eventually sit out on her balcony.

The conversation started to get a little boring / fall off, and I look at her with sexy eyes and a sensual tone and say, "we don't have to talk about that.", then manhandle kiss her. I pull off first, but the vibe isn't as strong as I want it to be. Probably because I let the conversation die, instead of kissing her like right after we got in there. Hector talked to me yesterday and told me the following:

She starts trying to kick me out and instead of just being like "ah damn, okay!", I persisted in a way that was fuckboy-like, by saying "5 more minutes" and eventually saying "let's just make out on the couch and then I'll leave, you said you want to". I did get a few more makeouts but who the fuck cares.

In being a lover > being a player, I have to acknowledge what she's saying more, then persisting by explaining that I'm not gonna see her for a long time after this, if at at all, and that we'll end up flaking on each other.

I get her number and leave.


I wanted to go out solo and get pussy. And that's what I should have done.

My brother is hammering me with phonecalls and texts trying to hang out. Super needy texts. I'm leaving the continent tonight, so I get it, but bro... fuck off lol.

After he persists I say fine and meet him at a bar. We talk for about 30 minutes. I go inside to get a drink and see two girls. What better idea than to game two girls with my bro?

I go up and we talk. The hotter one is clearly into me and giving me fuck me eyes. I used touch immediately and I'm confident I could have pulled if I just went through a couple motions. My brother shows up with the most beta, pussy ass body language, and totally bombs in conversation. Mid convo he interjects to me that we need to leave and we should go play pool at another bar.

I can't hide my disappointment in my body language and facial expressions. The girls leave - super obvious what happened.

I don't say anything because of the cognitive dissonance, and in my silence my brother starts pleading with me to go to the bar wit him, saying he'll pay for my drinks, pay for my uber, and PAY ME with cash to hang out with him. My blood brother.

I was so disgusted.

He used to be such a boss.

I accept, and we go. Not much to report on that, but quite eye opening.

Soon to be on a crazy party vacation. I'm not bringing my laptop, because that's too high risk in a hostel.

See you on the other side (;
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Sun May 05, 2019 1:07 pm

Holy shit where do I begin? I met so many amazing women, I feel spoiled now.

I'm gonna break this shit into parts, it will take way too damn long to explain everything. Maybe a massive condensed LR when I'm all done, but let's start chipping away.

Vacation Recap Part 1

Right before vacation I had a quick coaching call with Hector. He told me how to get laid in a hostel, as well as gave me some material that I have to read, understand, and learn if I want to become a Lover and not just a fuckboy.

Currently I think I'm bridging the gap between my dickish characteristics and my "nice guy" characteristics. There's good things in both of them, sorta. The guy who's a dick wields humor, honesty, respect and arrogance, but at times can cross social boundaries, hurt other people, and be overly selfish. The nice guy obviously can be too much of a pussy, but the warmth and kindness that comes from that, if genuine, is a very good trait to have.

A lover looks like someone who is still sexy, confident, outcome independent, non-needy, and genuinely compassionate. In being nicer to people it can very quickly appear to be needy or since you're operating in that framework again, fall into some of the same mistakes that "nice guys" do.

For example, paying for the bill because you actually want to might make some girls (out of prior experience) see you as a provider. Or, dishing out deeper compliments into what an angel the girl is can become pedestaling if it's not done with grace. These are things I've got to revisit and recraft in my delivery.

Even the specific uses of diction can be problematic. You can romantically tell a girl that you want to ask her out with a very loverish vibe (as in a kind and compassionate sort of way rather than a sleazy fuckboy kind of way) but that's a problem because it's not dominant enough. Fuck asking girls out. Tell them that you should go out.

"You want to grab a drink?"

"We should grab a drink" / "Let's grab a drink."

Huge difference, especially when you're dealing with top quality girls. Top quality girls hear you ASKING just like a lot of betas or guys that haven't given her what she's wanted in the past and slot you into that box.

But yea, I began reading the Alabaster girl, and I have a knack for cultivating brand new material and immediately using it. I was complimenting random women on the street whenever I saw them. I met a girl next to an opera house and moved us into a private conversation while my friends talked to her girls, and while she was interested didn't get a bite. I had an extremely devil may care vibe going.

The same night I landed down across the world I met two europeans girls. One was an insta model who I talked with a wide variety of things with, began telling her what an interesting person she is and how I love her feminine energy (deep qualifying) and she was pretty fucking sold on me, but then I didn't escalate at the right time.

The interesting thing about this loverish stuff is that girls, if they're ready to hear it, go crazy for it - but that doesn't change the fuck that you STILL HAVE TO GAME, and technicalities like timing an escalation still matter.

My wingman fucks up with his girl and I hail mary a kiss, I get the kiss but after she laughs and says "she isn't like that" and leaves hahaha.

Then I got rejected by some blonde I used some weak opener with after floating around them.

With the next girl, a really cute, petite, Irish, and Philippines girl (lol what a combo right), I was way more flirty and physically forward. My wing wasn't, but eventually the girl he's with is cool with me and my girl being all over eachother and leave us. I combine sexual direct and tell her I want to to come all over my dick, then switch back to flirting, then back to deep qualifying.

She says "you tell this to every girl", and I didn't have an answer for it. You can't lie, when you're being a lover. You have to explain that yes, I am a man, and when I see beauty in people I let them know about it, just like I see the beauty in you. That doesn't make my feelings for you right now any less real.

I didn't fully get that message to her and instead went with telling her she is special. I really was enjoying my time with erh and loved being around her. Then I kissed her and my god, it was fucking LIGHTNING. Like this kiss was one from the fucking movies. I was proud of myself for even being capable of delivering that.

Then I try to sort out logistics, which are fucked. We're both staying in hostel and its her last night in town. She wont' fuck in her room, and she definitely won't fuck in my 8 all guy bedroom. I persist and say we can just go to her room then figure it out, and say some sex stories about fucking in bathrooms and in showers. She's hesistant and I think eventually my persistance becomes me trying to convince her.

Sticking point --> find a way to persist when she says no without being "convincingy".

Long story short this goes on back and forth for like an hour and several makeouts, some touchey feely, and some rubbing on my dick and her pussy later I've moved her closer to her room, but then she pulls a final trump card and points out that I'm not even allowed in her hostel at this hour, with how late it now is.

So logistics got the best of me....

But I had a great night with two beautiful girls. And I was able to practice being a lover. I later find it's only possible for me right now if the girl is actually pretty on the inside as well.

Back In The States

Got a nice sexy tan, and everything is on the up. Have a lot to be excited about (=


I go out and see some old girls who used to go to HS and tag in with them. While we're walking down the street I have several instances of people seeing me and running up to me or calling out to me. Social proof and preselection was on fucking fire. Catfish saw me and gave me a sexy smile, opening me. I give her a somewhat meek and dismissive "hey catfish" and keep walking. Fuck that bitch lol. Definitely hard to be loverish on girls that have treated you so poorly.

We eventually make it to the club and the first girl I open is POURING investment into me. I'm interested enough to talk but she starts selling herself to my interests so hard that it's unattractive. Then a girl I hooked up with last year comes up and I laugh my ass off (this has happened twice that I've been flirting with her friends / moving towards fucking them). I talk a bit longer, give her MY number, and then leave. Not interested in a girl that doesn't have a personality of her own, you know?

Later I open another girl and the SAME THING happens. Pouring investment into me. I barely tried. It was such a turnoff! To be fair, she was only cute, but still. Where's the chase? Lol Where's the seduction in that beyond asking her to fuck and maybe running into some ASD or friends or wild cards.

What's wrong with me hhahahaha I just had two girls that were simply "too easy" so I stopped wanting them. I probably could have gone for her hotter friend, but the logistics as I quickly found out were not favorable for her, so I bailed.


Went out late. Opened a girl at the bar and she was very receptive. Introduces me to her friends and so are they. My buddy, Wolf, joins me and we chit chat with them. They want to go to the patio and we tell them we'll meet them there.

A 10, blonde model walks by us and Wolf recognizes her from instagram and opens her. She comes over and is glued to Wolf. I talk with her friend and we have a great conversation. It quickly went into a deep dive and psychology. We both cold read eachother and she low key nailed mine, and I did pretty well with hers, so this created a total us vs the world frame, in addition to me speaking of my lessons from traveling and what the reality that exists here is, and how it's so much more obvious to me now that I've escaped my bubble. All true stuff :P

Unfortunately she's not hot, and I don't see Wolf escalating. I don't think he has gamey game, but he is somewhat of a natural. The model is banging a hockey player, but according to the conversation I find out about later, she was leaving seed after seed after seed for cheating. I think Wolf definitely could have smashed. She asks me for my instagram and tells me I'm very good looking with a great smile. I simply say thanks and don't reciprocate the compliment. Her friend clearly wants me but I'm not interested. Eventually we leave.

It's really late now because we got some wrapped up in conversation. I make one more approach on this sexy brunette with two meh friends. The meh friends are giving me shit was I try to pop their bubble, and Wolf swoops in to wingman for me. Thank god. I am just hitting deep diving / deep qualification point with my girl and have her warmed up, laughing, and smiling at me with light touch. I tell her let's get a shot and she's down, but then she invites her friends.

Come to think of it I didn't lead strong enough. I could have taken her arm, or said it was just her coming. The friends totally fuck me over and convince her not to keep hanging with me.

Dont' really care (=
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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Sat May 11, 2019 9:45 am


Long work shift. Kicked ass, and had one of the highest check averages (;

After I got off I headed straight back into my old bar. My buddy was taking forever, so I downed some shots and a drink, and headed to the gay bar down the street.

Approached an african chick with a husband, then she left to the bathroom. Saw a really cute duo of a black girl and guy. The woman had a sexy red dress on, a nice ass that popped, and a pretty face, and the guy was gay and had matching pants.

I go up and compliment their matching clothes. It's well received because gay bar's are cool as fuck and everyone is friendly and open to compliments there - it's not so weird like normal bars where this type of genuine friendliness might be considered weak or intrusive.

Quickly I get asked if I'm bisexual (later they ask me for a threesome) and I clarify I'm straight. I talk with them and slowly start moving things in an interesting direction. Since my vacation I've gotten much better at deep diving quickly. The girl cuts me off and says she has to go to the bathroom with a big smile.

Now I know that this means --> shit test.

She wants to see my reaction for cutting off conversation, and this is also her attempt to create a chasing dynamic.

It worked.

But I do tell her that I have a psychology question for her when she gets back. Introducing....

The "What People Want" Gambit

I haven't mastered it yet, but ooooh boy do I like this one.

So this is something I came up with on vacation, and then per my last LR put into action in the states. I ask them what 3 things EVERYBODY truly wants and have them explain (this also tells me the 3 things they want, which allows you to explore 3 directions of deep diving to whatever you like.

My three are:

1). To accomplish their dreams (or at least what they think those things are - say a powerful position at work)
2). To feel understood (not just to have human connection, but actually a deeper connection of knowing the person before you)
3). To get fucked properly

The last one is such a jarring step, and it spikes everything. I need to calibrate it, or at the very least sandwich it as the second option. It makes the whole gambit too obvious that you're trying to seduce the girl. It's not subtle enough. It will also help to go from an easy, all encompassing (not too deep either) question like fulfilling your dreams, to step to a sexual intent and plant that seed, let it grow, and then finish with human connection and understanding.

Yes, I think I'll do that.

It walks the brain through common goal --> good sex / arousal --> feeling understood / attainability and connection.

Damn I feel manipulative coming up with this....

But it's also so fucking true!!! That IS what people want!

Anyways, in regard to the FR...

My girl comes back from the bathroom and is eye balling the fuck out of me. It tried to remain in my seat to have her come back to me, and perhaps I should have just stayed to let the power return to me, but instead I reengage her with a chase frame for staring at me.

They want to go back to my old bar. I agree, but I shouldn't have. This gave them the leading frame AND it made things weird with the bartender who dislikes me... because I was being very persistent at the end and could visibly see her getting uncomfortable.

At my bar, I start the gambit. It goes really well, and after stepping into the human connection part, this mamacita TELLS me that she feels very connected to me. Bullshit? Maybe. Powerful? Um, yea. But then I say the sex part, and it's too polarizing. Likely because she's older (she was 34 I think, but aged beautifully).

I know I just wrote that experienced girls know they're being seduced - but that doesn't always mean full explicit is always appropriate. Many older girls, because they're so experienced, realllly prefer the subtle seduction that demands high calibration. Shows maturity. Venice was like this too.

So she showers me with compliments about how I am not like most guys here and is amazed that I'm only 23, but then starts pushing for getting my number and leaving. I'm put in a tough position because I have to persist here (at least that seemed the move), but AT my old bar, so in front of all my friends.

And it was eventually chasing by the end, because I was trying to convince her to continue with me. But she wanted to, it was so obvious! She kept asking her friend for permission to stay with me, the friend would give it to her, and then she would flip and ask for my number. It's like the resistance track in her head kept getting hit over and over again, and I couldn't think of a way to steer it differently once she gained approval from her friend to stay with me. So I just persisted.

I grab the bill and we leave. Walking outside I keep persisting. We're eventually next to this bar that is open later than others. My girl asks the guy if he wants to come in with me. He says he as to go but she is free to stay. She asks for my number again with a big smile. My dumb ass says something about how we both know how this will go and that I persist until the end for things I want. She's not down so I say, "let me walk you to your car" and she isn't down, nor is the friend, because of rapey implications?

I qualify myself saying I'm not ever the guy to push something on a girl she doesn't already want, but even this (in this day and age, especially in the leftist community) wasn't well received. I get them saying how cute and adorable I am (I get this a lot with gays), and they offer me a threesome but I decline. I bid them adieu, as I've realized my persistance has become convincingy.

Texted the gay guy this morning about getting my girls number. Probably shot the shot too early in asking and it would have been better to warm him up with some texts first.

Meta game, you got me going crazy. It's mad powerful, but I also feel like it's SO different than what most guys do it makes me look literally fucking crazy to people that don't understand it - which is most people lol.

Last mini coaching call with Hector soon. Bless that man for all he's done for me.
Always be a student.

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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Mon May 13, 2019 1:45 pm

LR: Server Game - Love A Good Tip

From last Wednesday.

I now work at a well established restaurant company as a server. It's crazy looking back at some of my old FR's from developing "Server Game", in both my execution and how much better I am at my job now.

Serving a table of 2 recent college graduate girls, 1 rich french woman her husband. They're celebrating their daughter's graduation. Basically, I just do my thing, make some suggestions, and make the table have fun. I crack some jokes, give a couple friendly jabs about how they're pounding back the cocktails I had sent their way, and talk to my target (the graduate) about her new accomplishment. It was also her birthday. We both want to do similar things professionally, which I like - it also puts similarity right in the basket. This gave us a quick little moment in front of the table where we smiled at eachother and I felt a little pulse of connectivity.

If I had to break it down, I'd say I focused mainly on making little normal things that have to do with serving tables (getting their drinks, clearing their table, setting up their silverware, pouring their wine) more fun than usual!

Setting down their drinks --> "okay, Ms. graduate.. careful with this one - I would hate to kick you out on your birthday"
Picking up their plates --> "well it looks like you liked it! (empty plate), don't forget to breath after inhaling that much food!"
Dropping the check --> "well guys, it's been an absolute pleasure (= I really wish you the best of luck going forward, and hope to see you guys again".

How much more magical is that?

Most places give you a, "Salmon." then drop their plate, or "I'll take that for you", then grab for their plate, "or 'vodka soda' " for the drink. Obviously, you can't be that cartoonish with EVERY table - you have to read table by table.

In this case, I see a girl who just graduated buying 2+ drinks (clearly balling out on her dad's card, and likes to party), yet she's acting like an angel in front of mom and dad. So, when I decide to flirt with her, it just takes some charming of the father, and a few subtle hints in my facial expression or tonality while I'm talking to the girl I want to fuck.

After doing this for about an hour with different levels of chit chat (and remembering to never overload the girl or the table with attention, and to pace it out), the check is dropped.

Before they left, I asked them their plans later in the night. They had some party for my girl, Alice, after the dinner, and then they were going out. Jesus lol this girl loves to party! I told them to make sure she showed her parents a good time at the party, and to keep an eye on them in case they get too rowdy. The dad is happy, and I see him slide the receipt to the daughter.

I won the dad's approval.

The guy liked me enough to slide the check to his daughter, and to have her write down her number.

You gotta wonder...

Was he just cool enough to be like, "yea, this guy is legit. I'd let him plow my daughter.", or did my 'server personality' exude traits of a nicer guy who wouldn't be doing the dance of seduction with his daughter only a few days later?

Who knows. Oh well. Thanks bud!

I message her a few hours later,
Me: helloo Alice.. this is Hue from [restaurant]. how's your birthday party going? (=
Her: hey Hue (: it's basically just starting but it's good so far!!
Me: niiice.. I just finished my shift and am on my way to a margarita, you said you're headed out after?

Next day

Her: Omg I'm sorry I was so drunk last night and just saw this
Her: Wish I would've seen this! We're u at last night?
Me: *laughing emoji* I totally understand
Me: I grabbed a few with some old co-workers. sounds like your friends made sure you had a good time?
Her: Haha yeah they did. We had a lot of fun and now I'm sad college is over :/
Me: haha Alice don't let that getcha down, as far as I see it you and everyone else are just getting started (;
Her: Lol I know so gotta suck it up. I am definitely excited for a change tho (:
Me: lol there we go ;P
Me: we should finish celebrating for you sometime. the way you were pounding [drink]s I'd like to see if you can keep up with me
Her: I think you might be surprised (;
Me: good haha I love people who are full of surprises (;
Me: let's share one of those lil mule pitchers at [bar]. when's a time you're free?
Her: Lol I'm down! I'm free pretty much all week
Me: my best is tonight since I'm off, and then I'm first cut tomorrow. either work for you? after that I'm pretty busy (=
Her: Tomorrow would be better for me if that's cool? My friends wanna go somewhere together tonight before they all leave :/
Me: all good, I've got an old friend to catch up with tn. not sure what time I'll be off exactly, but should be around 9-10
Her: Okay cool, sounds good. Just let me know when and I can come meet ya (:
Me: sounds great (= have fun with ya ladies tonight Alice

Next day

Her: Still on for tonight?
Me: yes. just got cut (=
Her: Cool:) So like now?
Me: meet at [bar] at 10
Her: Sounds good
Her: Almost here are you inside?
Me: ahh my bad
Me: I've got like 2 more things to do I'm really sorry
Me: still at [restaurant]
Me: will be there in like 15 I'm finishing up
Her: It's cool! Do you think another time would be better
Her: Ok do u think you'll be there by 10:30? I stopped to get a drink at my cousins place lol
Me: that's perfect
Her: Text me when you're there
Me: on my way now
Her: Ok sorry just saw this I'm on way way
Her: I'm here @ bar
Me: walkin in

I see her at the bar. She's skinny, brunette, with a cute round little ass and a naturally pretty face, sitting in a chair waiting for me. I walk in wearing a red flannel and jeans, fresh off my shift. I sit down and say it's great to see her and complain a bit about how late my new job is keeping me.

She seems a little nervous off the bat and is fixing her hair. I've been having this effect on girls more and more lately!

Time to lead, then. I say let's sit out on the patio, and we find a nice spot. There we shoot the shit and ask some basic questions. I mention how I used to work somewhere else, and she's best friends with one of my old coworkers. This is good and bad.

It's good because that establishes social proof for me immediately, and it gives me an immediate idea of what kind of girl she actually is. You are who you hang out with, after all. I already knew she was a party chick, but now I know that she's in the company of girls who do blow, and one of which has taken part in a foursome. Where she falls on the spectrum, I'm not entirely sure, precisely.

It's bad because that means she might feel slutty for fucking me, since I know her friends and her friends know me. Or, the fact that I tried to fuck one of her friends, this one drunked night. I decide that I'll have to exude that I'm FRIENDS with the girls she's hanging out with (no jealousy plotlines) and that I know at least one of the girls well enough for her to imagine that her friends would approve of me.

I was somewhat recently in the city where her friend lives for a concert. They have a branch of the bar I used to work at there, so I thought I would check it out! When I went in I saw Alice's friend (my old coworker), completely by chance. However, given the circumstance, I give her this frame.

"Yea I was just in [city] for the [artist] concert. I visited [friend] at the [bar] there". (sorry for all the anonymity stuff)

I'm technically not lying lol.

Marketing my information is what I'm doing though. If I know the girl well enough to take time out of my trip to visit her, we must be decently close and see eachother in a good light. At least, this is how she'll receive it, emotionally. She smiles.

After this gay guys hitting on me somehow comes up since I was one of the only straight people at my old bar. I tell her I loved the feminine energy of the bar (loverish frame).

I tell her the story of the guy who I thought was just my friend but I later found out was slowly trying to get into my pants (as well as a rumor circulating that we were fucking) and the difference I observed in more aggressive guys who I simply reject and it's over as opposed to someone who's more in the friendzone.

I know this sounds weird, but this is preselection.

Yes, gay guys wanting to fuck you looks good for girls.

Because gay guys are girls with dicks.

I can see the dots connecting in her head about the story, and I personally see this as one that says I'm socially aware to some degree, open minded enough to still hang out with gay dudes some of the time, and easy enough to write off talking about preselection as a funny story coming from a straight guy. At the end I also say, "but hey haha this is just me humble bragging about gay guys thinking I'm hot - enough about that".

I'm owning the humble brag, because that's exactly what I was doing haha.

She laughs and gives me a little punch and says yea, stop it (:

Very good sign.

Shortly after this she tells me a story of hers about how she recently had to be in a wheelchair for months because of a growth in her tibia she survived. I show my compassion for going through such a serious surgery, and then make it light again by painting the picture of her partying in a wheelchair lol. I was using touch now, which she liked.

After this I move us inside to split the pitcher, like we decided.

I set us up so she's facing me, so I can create tension and touch withdrawal. Also I want her to look at my face since (here comes the narcissism, everyone) my face is my most attractive attribute. I'm great with facial expressions and talking with my hands / looking away in an attractive way. Yes I practiced in the mirror with some of this, and no I'm not American Psycho (yet).

We drink our pitcher and talk some more. I end up talking maybe a little too much about myself (some ideas I have going for a blog), but mainly my epiphanies with my recent vacation. About how in the states we have so many mental barriers in our way that people have to move around in order to see the person there in front of them, full and ready to connect with. That we all have the easy ability to do so, but the barriers hold us back. Other parts of the world, this didn't seem to be as much of a problem.

She tells me that deep down she's kind of a judgemental bitch. I tell her that so is everyone, and use some elements of "The Shadow" idea in talking to her - that everyone is good and bad and we must accept both. She switches into a little bit more of a bitchy attitude after this.

I also on the spot make up the "What People Want" gambit, which is in my last journal post and will eventually become a post-post as soon as I make a final, polished, tried and tested version of it. If the gambit's success goes really well I may even reach out to some of the writers and see if I can flex on the main site, but I don't want to reach too much.

Anyways, she agrees with my 3 things that people want (big dreams in success, human connection, and getting the shit fucked out of you). I also say there's a spectrum to getting fucked, that some people like vanilla bullshit and some like hardcore bdsm, choking and all that. She's excited across the table, I can tell.

I say we should go somewhere else, once we finish our pitcher. She makes a disappointed look and says it's getting late and she has to babysit tomorrow. She mulls it over, and asks where we would go. I tell her give me a sec and I think of something, and she goes to use the bathroom.

My gut feeling says I have to pull her home right now, even though my brain said move her to another spot. I tell my brain to shut the fuck up and once we walk out of the bar invite her home. The rest of the seduction was token resistance.

I propose that we have this margarita wine mix and my house, and ask if she's ever had margarita wine. She says that sounds fun, but she has to get up early so she isn't sure. I say that we can uber to my house, I'll walk her home after she comes in for one drink. There's a bit of a back and forth, but I'm completely warm and friendly with how I'm persisting, and she eventually agrees. I also have 2% on my phone to call the uber with, and I think she was nudged by that to say fuck it and do it (which I don't like, it's less wholesome).

Remaining warm and friendly for the persistance is huge though. My face was literally like this (= most of the time. I genuinely wanted to keep having fun with her. None of ANY of this felt like effort, and conversation went super easy the entire time. Plus I know that she wants to get fucked, so, I was helping guide her along that path.

In the uber however, she shit tests me by saying, "okay so now you're gonna redirect it to my house and drop me off? yea?" with a neutral tone and kinda a bitchy face. This was a little hard for me, since now I feel pressure of the uber, as well as her - even though she just agreed to come home and said she wanted to. This wasn't the plan when we got in the uber, so I smile and say no, I'm walking you home, plus I don't think we can redirect the location on the uber. She says no, you can redirect it.

I actually don't think you can(?) so I wonder if this was all a shit test or if I'm just misinformed. Gonna have to check on that for clarity.

Again I persist with the plan, and then change the subject to how much I owe her for the pitcher. She pauses and then tells me. The rest of the ride the uber and us joke, and all is well.

We get to my apartment and sit on my couch. I make fun of my tiny ass apartment, my small tv, and my tiny loveseat. I put on youtube for music, and she gives me shit instead of having a nice speaker to put shit on. I just laugh at her and say I like the youtube part. (I do have a speaker, but telling her that would be qualifying, submitting, and overall silly - she's just testing me by poking at a minor thing seeing if I'll react).

At some point,
Her: You're so cocky
Me: *devilish grin* Yea, and you like it
Her: Yea, that's early on what I kind of picked up on
Me: Is that so?
Her: Yea *sexy smile*
Me: So you like that I go for what I want, when I want it?
Her: *smile grows slowly, eyes show her getting turned on* Yea
Me: *manhandle kiss*

I back off and say she's a pretty good kisser (cheesy on my part). She says, "yea it was okay" like a sassy bitch lol.

We go back to watching a video and I have her turn a song she likes on. Pretty soon we're making out again, and she gets on top of me without me doing anything. Yea, she wants to fuck. Shortly after I say "don't you just love this little couch?" and she says she does, but then I pick her up and move her to my bed and say "I actually hate it" and she starts laughing. I lay her down and start kissing her and her neck. She goes for my dick, so I know she for sure wants to fuck.

A few times she says that she has to go, with a sassy smile, so I know it's just a shit test. I basically keep talking to her and keep taking her clothes and my clothes off.

Her: And now your shirts off
Me: *unhooks bra* And now your tits are out

This continues until I'm on top of her with just our jeans (hers unzipped) on and she does a final shit test and says that I just want to fuck her, and I do what Hector told me to do in a call. I own it and ask who wouldn't want to fuck her, while grabbing into her with good eye contact (hope I'm allowed to share that man - if not my bad). I say that I want nothing more than to fuck her brains out until she cums 40 times on my dick, then laugh at myself and say okay fine 40 is a bit high (this might fuck me later - we'll see if she texts back).

She says "alright fine, but I'm gonna just lay here like a pillow - I'm really tired".

Lol what bitch.

I say "fine, I'll fuck your brains out this time, and next time I want to see you riding this dick like a champ". She smiles and says okay. This - I don't know if it was the best way to go. Agreeing to let her just sit there and have me fuck her might be giving her too much power, but eh.

I finger her a little bit and then just say fuck it and put it in. My foreplay was good, but not great. I start fucking her and oh my lord is her pussy fantastic. It's got those walls that just totally suck on your cock - unfair lol. Her eyes roll back in her head when I put my cock in. She had really good eye contact after that. After a few minutes I start talking dirty a slight bit. We both laugh while I'm fucking her - which, is good we're so comfortable, but bad for what happens next.

Switch to legs above her head adapted missionary while choking her a bit and bust in like 30 seconds of that position. I laugh it off and say "okay, firsts one's for me, second one's for you". She says she takes it like a compliment. We spoon and joke a little bit more, but she's a bit distant after that.

As if I failed one of her tests.

Or maybe it's because the sex was mediocre on my part. Had she stayed for round 2 I would have given her a great time.

Too bad though. I have done a lot better in bed. And the whole seduction felt so easy and natural with her.. I would like to see her again.

I do my best to provide good emotions verbally and physically. We kiss some more, I stand behind her with my dick on her ass once she's dressed and see her out. She seemed happy, but like I said distant. I can't tell if it's a facade or something more. Definitely left me wondering.

I shoot her a "had a great time" text and no answer on Thursday.

Today I texted her asking how her weekend trip was to persist. We'll see where it goes!

If not, let this be a great example of the third thing that woman want, according to me:

To be fucked properly.
Always be a student.

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Re: Get Pussy Or Die Tryin'

Postby Hue » Mon May 13, 2019 6:53 pm

Just got a text back from Alice - so gonna start working that back around soon. Going out with Day One tomorrow night, and if I find the energy I'm considering going somewhere solo tonight.

Work is becoming interesting though. In one way, I've never felt so socially attuned to everything around me. But, I can't go out as much, and I'm given shitty days to choose when I can do that (Mon & Tues) without getting off work at like midnight.

The good part of this is that I can go with high social energy and just jump straight into things at 12, but it means I miss out on the experiences before that with my friends. With this happening consistently, I'm simply not going to be seeing some of my best friends as much as I would like to, or in the context that I would like to. If I see them at midnight, they're piss drunk and I don't want to socialize with them. If I hit them up during the week, they have 9-5's in the morning.

I suppose this is part of growing up and I should embrace it.

As far as the work culture itself, I am mostly well received. However, I sense that Gohan may see me as competition, and I see him the same way. But I'm not going for the girls that he is? One girl that he's quickly become close with I get this strange vibe from. As if she doesn't want me to be there. I can't put my finger on it, but it makes me paranoid. The place I work is extremely corporate, and quite political. I'm doing my best to both maintain being an excellent server, and bring my personality to my coworkers, and bring my personality to my guests, all while staying within the professionalism to be upheld ALL the time - and it's fucking hard!

I have to watch how much I flirt, yet I'm expected to be joking around all the time and fun. I can't step over the line, in case it gets poorly received for whatever reason. Since I'm in a growth stage right now I'm spinning a shit ton of plates at the same time.

Notable mistake the other day. I"m gonna write this down so hopefully I can look back later and laugh at it.

I don't know why I did this... this girl asks about these nutrition balls I was eating midshift. My innuendo seeking brain goes, "oh, they're my balls", as I eat one. She thinks it's half funny half not (it was a childish joke lol - I think it's kinda funny, but yea it's immature). Then I want to make light of the situation, also having just made my section look good and done some side work - I had a second to spare.

Then I see her like 30s later on the floor and ask her if she wants one - then make a STUPID joke again and say I just wanted her to know that she can eat my balls. She repeats it back to me without laughing, "you want me to know I can eat your balls?" and I absurdly go "yea!".

It was fucking embarrassing.

Especially since this was days after I REALLY felt like I was in a flow state, and I can say with confidence my social calibration (now that I'm serving highly successful people) is getting better every day.

But to go from being totally on fire to saying some dumb shit like that? C'mon man lol.

Not only that I grabbed her from the floor, when I wasn't doing anything specifically to tell her that.

Like dude lol. What the fuck?

Ahhhh yea. So there's that. Wanted to get it out and humble myself a little since it's so easy to get ahead of myself.


Went out, grabbed a shot with Gohan, had a quick deep dive, and then met Day One at a bar. He's super high energy lately. Normally a total introvert, so it's interesting to see.

I had a few approaches that were quickly rejected. One was a girl that stopped me and said, "no she has a boyfriend". She gave me a flash of a look that said she wanted me to talk to her instead, too, but having just arrived at the bar at 1:30 I did a quick risk assessment of my time spent and decided that pulling one girl out of a group of 4 that were dancing has too many wild cards, and ejected.

Then I see a mamacita with big tits and a poppin ass by a table with tons of girls and guys around. I float over there and quickly notice how people around the bar are starting to look at me, simply because I'm standing in this crowd of people. Some people I knew saw me and I got the vibe that they thought I was with all these people, even though I was only talking to one of them and dressed well, standing confidently.

I overhear the latina say "I don't have a boyfriend so.... blah blah blah". Shortly after I open her and compliment her earings. We chit chat for a bit and I try my best to get conversation deep diving, with it being 1:45. It's going good and I land some solid sexual frames and jokes, to which I see some really good eye contact back and I think it's moving where I want it. Then while touching her leg I tell her that the only reason I'm over hear is because I have eyes like a hawk and overheard that she said she didn't have a boyfriend, and that made me really want to talk with her. I find out she's in law school.

Then right after that an actual lawyer that she knows comes outta nowhere and they start jabbering about law school stuff. I stand around for a bit with nothing to contribute to conversation - I don't know jack shit about law. Eventually I sit in the seat next to her, then something interesting happened.

All the guys at the table get defensive with me sitting down. One of them turns to his friend, and the friend is all "oh I don't know!". Good looking guy too. The one that turned looks at me and says "whatsup man?", I just burst with positivity and say "hey! what's good dude!". He tells me that I'm a really good looking guy and I thank him for the compliment. Then the guy that has the confused expression turns to me and before he can say anything I just go "dude! nice fucking piece!" and point to his watch. The first friend starts laughing and this guy says thanks meekly and then smirks and looks away with a "god fucking damnit" look in his eye, and somewhat of a defeated body language.

I could be wrong but here's my synopsis.

Just like the other people at the bar looked at me when I merged into the group (literally fake social proof), this guy sees me talking and sitting next to this latina, thinks that I've "won" her, and perhaps was going to big dick me getting out of the situation. Then I diffuse it by complimenting him and disarming his hostility before it even had the potential to arrive. He knows that he can't (reasonably / gracefully) get me out of the situation - so he's in a bind. As was I, with this fucking lawyer talking up the girl in law school.

Eventually, after watching the screen, talking to some strangers around me, and basically doing a lot of waiting with nothing more than me looking up and smiling (honestly just a defense tactic to appear that all is well - a facade), I cut their conversation and ask if she would like to talk later. I say that I've overheard some of their conversation and qualify her on actually knowing her shit in law school. The lawyer makes a joke and asks if I'm learning a lot. I joke back that I'm taking notes and do a little air scribble with my hands. The girl thinks it's really cute.

Cutes not what I'm going for. I needed to be dominant in this situation and wasn't sure how to, since she was clearly enjoying her conversation with the guy and was investing a lot. The bar's lights come on and it closes down. They start kicking everyone out. The guy from earlier comes up to my girl to get her number and says he really wants to see her another time.

Moments later I grab my girl, who is totally into me pulling her (should have taken this as a sign dummy!) and ask her what she's doing now that bars are closed. She says she has to stay with her brother's friend who's really fucked up and take care of him. I say that we can go to this pizza place for a bite really quick and keep talking since we didn't get enough of a chance earlier. She says she's down. Then the crowd is moving and people are nonstop coming up to her, grabbing her, getting her attention and all that shit.

She says to these people that they're going to the pizza place. My dumbass wants to "play it cool" and tells her to meet me there. She smiles and says okay.


I go and get pizza and have a nice convesation with the people in line, then go home.

I had to fucking PULL.

Hector told me two calls ago - when there's blood (and there was blood) you have to be dominant as fuck. Territorial, even.

Instead I thought, she'll respect how little I'm chasing, and then chase after me.


I failed to persist, so I lost the gal.

Oh well - onto the next.
Always be a student.

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