LR: Slut! Second Ever Night Game Encounter

LR: Slut! Second Ever Night Game Encounter

Postby Grand Pooba » Sun May 26, 2019 9:56 pm

Note: I wrote this report like a novel (extra long and detailed) to learn more from it. So it's unnecessarily long, but this was my second ever night game encounter, so it's a big milestone. Been working hard to understand night game this year.

Spent the long weekend in Ottawa, Canada – planned to write some articles with my friend and co-writer Daniel Adebayo. Planned this trip for a while also to focus on game training – mainly in night game which is a weak area.

Arrived Thursday in the afternoon after many delayed flights. Approached almost ten girls all day, but my vibe was crappy and none of these ended up going anywhere – very quick rejections. Wasn’t optimistic for the start.

Took a nap from 8-10, then Daniel showed up and four of us were ready to head out (my friend also with me from New York, as well as his friend in town). Picked a place called P10" – I had no idea what kind of venue this was, but based on what I’ve seen in town most places are Irish pub like in nature.

As the four of us were walking into the bar, we saw a set of two girls walking in right in front of us, and a set of three girls walking in right behind us. The bouncer carded us one at a time – the set of two in front looked back to our group twice.

This venue has three levels – pub style bar on levels 1 and 2 which had a basketball game playing loudly (Raptors vs Bucks), and a dance floor and dark bar on level three. We first loop around the first level, then walk up to the second level and pause for a sec to scope the scene. It’s packed and people are sitting in booths watching the game on a big screen. Finally decide to walk upstairs after a couple minutes – we see the group of three girls follow us up, they had their eyes on us.
Note: Have to watch for these indicators of interest especially when walking into a venue – who sees us first, and who shows interest immediately? People always notice new people walking into a venue or a space if they’re out hunting.

Our group briefly splits on the third floor – I’m at the table with my NY friend, while Dan and his friend are at the bar. Suddenly the set of two (whom were in front of us in line) walk upstairs and walk past us – I see the hot curly haired girl walk past Dan, then turn and smile to look at him, while she’s walking to the bathroom with her blonde friend. She walked past him (behind him), but turned to look and smile. Huge IOI. I wait for them to go into the bathroom, then walk to Dan at the bar and tell him what happened. We grab the bartender for a drink and wait.

Dan starts briefing me on how he pulled his lay from the night before – a 15 minute pull from a gay club in town (see the end of this post for that story). He shares how he had talked to her about travel earlier in the night, and exactly what he did to seed the pull. I want yo try implementing similar methods, so I write these out and mentally memorize them, as I’ll be using them shortly.

As we’re talking the girls come back and post up at a different part of the bar, and Dan and I subtly notice – we don’t look directly at them, but catch the curly haired girl looking right at us. The bar is a U shape – if you were to look at us from the top down, we’re at the bottom right of the U looking up, whereas the girls are on the left side of the U looking right.

Dan disengages me and moves into proximity to the girls, at the bottom left of the U, right next to the curly dark haired girl. Her blonde friend is on her left side, Dan to her right. Dan orders a drink and waits to engage – I proceed to relocate as well to the right of Dan. Finally curly hair gives him an opening and he opens. “How’s your night going?” She engages quickly. Her blonde friend is now left alone, so after about 60 seconds I move to her left and open.

She doesn’t notice me at first as she’s turned facing her friend, so I preopen her with some incidental touch.

“How’s your night going?”
“It’s going good, how’s yours?”
“It’s good – just getting started. Such an interesting town this is.”
“You’re not from here?”
“Where are you from”
“Take a wild guess”

We started talking about Ottawa, and I had seeded that I’m from out of town. She engages me and asks where I’m from – I have her guess and she fails. I tell her New York, asking if she’s ever been. Then I ask about where she’s from and how long she’s been in town for – three years, but she’s from a small town up in northern Ontario. I tell her that it sounds like a nightmare if it’s a place where everyone knows your business. She sighs and almost rolls her eyes, but agrees. I share how annoying it is that so many people in small towns love to learn about people’s business, and gossip about it. Then they start giving judgemental vibes and it’s especially unfair to women.

Talk about the madonna whore complex here, in detail - how guys view women in two ways but don't see them as sexual as they really are.

Almost from the start, by the way, I notice that she’s giving me a lot of incidental contact. I’m mostly facing her and her partially facing me, but I notice she keeps backing into me and touching me with her arm (but not her hand). So I do the same, I make body incidental contact with her, and once in a while I touch her around the small of her back with intent. We’re smiling and vibing as we talk.

Correction here – always face away and look over my shoulder unless she gives me sufficient investment).

Meanwhile Dan’s girl is engaged to him, everything is going well. All of a sudden the basketball game ends and the third floor turns from a quiet empty space into a crowded dance floor with loud music. It becomes more difficult to talk to my girl – but she’s still making a lot of incidental contact. A LOT. I keep matching her contact. We’re still talking abut travel.

Dan suddenly proposes to his girl to move downstairs, and they start going down. I don’t know how he did it, but this was a good frame for us to move too. Blondie and I follow, her in front of me. Now that the basketball game is over, it looks like every single person on the second floor moved to the third floor – leaving the second floor totally empty. Dan leads his girl to a large L shaped booth, going in first. His girl follows behind, then mine, then me. They look at us first and then at each other, curly hair girl wasn’t sure what to do.

Note: This was probably the first sign that she was the more innocent one.

I think Dan instigated them to go in, and Blondie and I sat at the bottom of the L.

I continue my incidental contact as we sit down, getting really close to her and rubbing shoulders with her. We’re continuing conversation, then there’s a pause, then she asks me how old I am.
“So how old are you?”
“Oh – how old do I look? Take a wild guess”
“Close – keep going”
“Haha, actually the other way – 26” <note to readers – I’m actually almost 32, lol>
“Oh, wow! 26?”
“Yes….how about you?”
“I’m way younger…”
“Let’s see…18?”
“No, not that…”
“Then what?”
“I’m 19”
“Oh, cool….”

I actually use this to segue into a variation of the mirror gambit – I tell her that she seems way more mature for her age than people think and that I bet that people mistake her age all the time. I talk about how people often have an outer persona – like, if she were to look in the mirror, she would she the outer shell of how people see her <I describe her appearance>; but as you and I know, there’s far more to her than just what people see on the outside.

I start putting my hand on her thigh amongst all the incidental contact. She’s super close to me physically, so this makes sense.

Note: It’s very apparent that this girl is a total Green at this point. I’m starting to think about what to do next, but still following Dan’s lead.

I continue into the mirror gambit and start talking about how girls in college who don’t drink in high school become the craziest drinkers early on, and that’s the same way society works – everybody has the same desires, but we’re constantly wanting to do things that society doesn’t approve of, which only makes us want to do those things more.

Suddenly Dan tells me that he’s going to go upstairs with his girl for a bit – he tells me to stay here, motioning with his hands to stay put. He takes his girl by the hand and leads her upstairs. This is actually a very good move as it allows the girls to feel comfortable being alone from each other and it establishes some trust – and I owe Dan big time for doing this several times as well.

Note: I learned later that he noticed that his own girl was giving mine some ASD vibes – and so he separated the girls by leading his girl upstairs for a while, leaving me alone with mine. Dan started mentioning this to me much later, but I do remember now that Curly Hair kept interrupting Blondie at times, and I think Dan picked up on her throwing ASD vibes.

I continue to talk, and I still have my hand on her thigh. My girl was still giving me incidental contact – we go back to travel some more, and where she would go if she had one week to go anywhere and do anything in the world.

I also pulled out my phone and started showing her travel photos on my Instagram, and share how I travel often and take photos.

Question to add here: if you had one week to do anything in the world, what would you spend it doing besides eating, drinking, and partying?

Dan comes back with Curly Hair after ten minutes; they sit down, then we talk about going somewhere else after a while. Girls are hungry. They pick a spot called Warehouse, which is a few blocks away.

Moving to Venue #2

Leading her out of the venue - grabbed her hand and led her out first down the stairs and then out the door. I was actually following Dan’s lead here – I saw him with his girl doing the same thing, leading her out of the venue by holding her hand right next to her and leading her down the stairs.

Note: She was to his right about a step behind him, his hand was extended out and back and she had her hand on his, leading her out.

We then walked to another venue which was just a short five minute and two block walk from the first – Dan and his girl were walking in front of us hand in hand. Curly haired girl was looking back at Blondie with me every so often – instead of holding her hand in hand, I offered her the crook of my arm, and to her that was sexy and dominant enough.

We walked into the new venue, where we all planned to grab some cocktails and the girls wanted some food. The hostess led us to a table for four where I sat first – and Dan across from me – and then the girls followed and took seats next to us appropriately.

I looked at the menu of drinks with Blondie, we talked about getting a sour drink. I told her she should get that and asked about it, and then shared the drink I wanted to get as well.

I knew we were going to pull – but I had my own logistics problem, where my friend whom was staying with me held the one key to our unit (we were going to get a second set the following day). So I texted him to meet us – and he did after ten minutes, and walked up to our table to talk to Dan and myself, while giving me the key. This broke the circle for some time, where Dan, our friend, and I talked amongst ourselves, while the girls did too – and then my friend passed me the key and left.

The girl’s friend saw this even though we tried to be very discreet – so we weren’t discreet enough.

It didn’t matter, I started engaging my girl again afterwards and we ordered drinks.

I noticed that she was still giving me lots and lots of incidental contact – in fact, she was periodically also putting her right hand on my left thigh under the table (as she was sitting to my left), and sometimes would grab my left hand with her right and hold it.

One time that she did this, I took her open palm and just started to scratch it with my middle finger on the palm, while holding, with the rest of my fingers interlocked with hers.

The conversation between us had died down a bit, and I thought it was time to reengage. So, I thought I would use sex talk, as that’s usually a good segue into a pull.

I told her I was at the airport on my way to Canada and my flight was delayed in my connection, and so I had some time to walk around the airport terminal and looked around a news stand. And there, I saw Cosmopolitan magazine, which always has sex on the front cover in some form. I told her that this magazine had something about the three best positions to have an orgasm in, and then started sharing how I’ve heard from most girls and girlfriends that guys never really take the time to learn about what pleases them, and how to give girls a really fun time in bed. Most guys just want to cum really quickly, and I’ve heard from girls that guys will just go down on them really quickly before going back up; or, they’ll just try to cum as quickly as possible without worrying about how the girl feels. Then I said that they’re really missing out, because I think that female sexuality is so fascinating and amazing, how women can have orgasms that are far more powerful than anything a guy can do.

Then I did the orgasm control routine, which you can read as an article on GC.

What’s awesome here is that my girl was giving me her full, utter attention – while her friend was trying to get her attention from across the table, and failed miserably. She was literally clamoring for her and talking loudly trying to talk to her, but my girl just looked at me with bug eyes and listened intently to the sex talk routine without saying a word. She just smiled and listened. We were very close in contact.

At some point Dan went to the bathroom and returned after ten minutes. The girls talked to each other in French while I kept them company. The food arrived, and although I didn’t get any food (only the girls did) my girl took her fork and fed me some bites.

At this point we were still doing lots of incidental touch and holding hands. I was quieter and let the girls talk to each other, and told them that I was in town for some work with my friend (true story).

Then I began to seed the pull, in exactly the way that Dan had described with his Russian girl pull.

I told her that we were staying in a place with a beautiful view of the city, which made it amazing for photographs. I asked her that “since you lean creative, I would be interested in getting your opinion on some of my photographs and art.”

After inviting her to look at photographs and the view, I didn’t wait for an answer. I started to dive into it a bit more, and started describing it – how it’s fascinating how photographs allow you to capture so many different moments in the space of time that would otherwise be lost, and especially when you’re traveling, you’re able to stay present in the moment just by taking the photograph and looking at it later.

Note for future: It’s a very fascinating thing when you capture deep emotions in a place and show it in the beauty and persona of the landscape. It’s really wonderful to be able to bring this to life, in a photograph. Talk about that for a couple of beats.

At this point the girls were done with food, and we were almost done with drinks. “Okay, so let’s go head there so I can show you that view and those photographs that I’m talking about.“

Now it got a little complicated, as Dan was also trying to pull his girl home – and it turns out that she had work the next morning at 7:00am that she had already told him about. It was a Thursday night after all – Friday was still in the picture.

I asked Blondie where she lived – turned out her Curly Hair friend is her roommate, and she lived in the area a ten minute walk away. I pulled out my phone and showed on a map where we were staying in downtown – it was a twenty minute walk away, but I proposed we could just take an uber.

The girls were now well aware what was going on, and a decision had to be made. They excused themselves to go to the bathroom. Dan and I sat and waited – we would have to see how this plays out.

After about ten minutes the girls came back and sat down. We asked for our checks.

We got up off the table and there was still a fair bit of confusion about what was happening. This was a do or die moment for me – I’ve never been good at pulling or seeding a pull, and so this would be a first. The girls were confused about what they wanted to do – my girl wanted to go home with me, but her friend appeared to be worried about her and not on the same page.
“What are we doing?”
“Let’s go look at some photos”

Since we had all paid our checks, the girls started to get dressed, and we began to walk out. Curly hair was lagging way behind the rest of us.
I told Blondie that my Airbnb was a twenty minute walk away. She was shocked, so I told her we can just catch an Uber then – and I called it immediately. Luckily it showed up in just one minute. This was a really awkward moment though – because Curly Hair was starting to protest with Blondie, whom was still close to me and appeared to be following me home. They started to talk among each other intently in French, and I showed Blondie my Uber map and that it was almost here.
I think Dan talked about walking Curly Hair home. Either way, my Uber showed up, and I just started walking toward it while waving bye to Dan. Then, Blondie started to follow me to the Uber.

Then, Curly Hair started calling Blondie a slut.

Like, really loudly.

She probably said it like three times.


That was awkward.

Dan and Curly Hair start walking the other way down the street.

I opened the door to the Uber and let her get in first, she sat on the right and me on the left. My hand was still on her thigh in the Uber. We talked about more life in Ottawa and how it was for her growing up in her town – she’s an avid hockey fan and player, and I pulled up a map of her town on my phone so she could show me where she’s from. We talked a bit more about her town.

After the Uber we got into my building and then into the elevator to the 20th floor, where the AirBnb was located. I took the elevator ride as the opportunity to kiss her – at this point she was green, so there was really no point in waiting. I grabbed her waist and the back of her head, and pushed her against the elevator wall as we went up, and gave her a passionate kiss. No resistance, she was immediately into it. Kissed about five or six different times, all very good and passionate.
Walked into our place, which was a nice Airbnb on the 20th floor of a building downtown, with a balcony. She immediately walked to the living room – I didn’t ask her to take off her shoes, as I usually do (note - must do this moving onwards) – and walked towards the view. She was awed. I followed suit and took her to the balcony to show her the view, as I was holding her by the waist.

I pointed out the buildings and told her that Ottawa has really boring architecture, but this view is still so incredible. Improvement Point – say something about how city views and city lights are so sensual, maybe that’s why we find them so fascinating.

Then I turned her around, and pushed her against the wall on the balcony and started to make out with her again. It was time to start escalating….

At this point we still had our shoes on, so after feeling up her body for a few minutes while making out with her, I suggest we go inside and take off our shoes. She complied, went in and removed them as I removed mine; then I grabbed her hand and led her to the adjacent bedroom, and wall slammed her again. I felt her body and kissed her boobs over her clothes, as I started to unbutton my own jeans. I’ve found that the best way to escalate is to take out my belt and pull down my jeans, and put a girl’s hand on my cock. Which, I did. I wasn’t hard, but that would change soon enough.

Eventually she got the hang of it and we started to talk off each others clothes, and she moved to take off her own jeans. At some point I pushed her onto the bed and took off her panties as well as my shirt which was the last thing left on my own body.

One thing was for sure – even though this girl was just 19, she had already had a fair amount of sexual experience, I could tell just by feeling her pussy. She looked much better naked than with clothes on which was nice to see – I went down on her several times before fucking her, to find that she was extremely wet and turned on. At some point she talked about wanting my cock in her pussy in between some moans, so I grabbed the condom box out of my bag, took one out and put it on. It was still very tough for me to get hard but I managed to put on the condom and then fuck her (putting on condoms always takes me out of my sexual mood, so it’s a very tricky process that I’m trying to mentally understand and deal with when it happens – I often second guess myself and get distracted, then worry I might lost my erection which has happened often unless I can get the condom on quickly enough).

We fucked hard in missionary for a while, then in doggy style, and by this point I was also waxing and waning in my erection.

I took frequent breaks to finger her – hard – and also to go down on her between rounds. All in all we had like three rounds of sex, and I came after the third short round in missionary.

I actually fucked her very briefly without a condom as I was having some performance anxiety that I shouldn’t have been having – this made the sex very hard and rough early on, but it also led me to an orgasm faster than I wanted. I pulled out and came outside her on the bed while switching my cock for some fingers and trying to give her a G spot orgasm instead.

We had a bit of an awkward moment after sex. I tried fucking her one last time in doggystyle, and she noticed I didn’t have a condom on. At this point I had already cum and was basically in “recharge” mode. She felt my dick and noticed I didn’t have a condom on, but was trying to get in. I think that was a bad choice on my part, as it made her more paranoid.

Had to take a break as my travel mate came back and called – I told her I’d be right back as I had to drop the keys for him (we only had a single set of keys). She was texting her friend while I went to the balcony on the phone with him and threw the keys to the ground below.

Then I went back to escalating on her, she put away her phone. Hard fingering and more eating her out, and a BJ.

At some point I pushed her against the wall as I made out with her and fingered her – and then told her that I already came, and that I need a little while to recharge.
She slept the night, but the vibe was awkward. She wanted very hard and rough sex – which I gave to her until I came. Then she wanted my cock even more, and I wasn’t hard.

It was like 2:30am and I was tired, so I stopped sexualizing and started to slow down to sleep. She was still texting her friend at times, and looked more and more worried over time. Felt insecure and probably slutty.

She cuddled up against me and asked me three questions:

- Did you use a condom with me? Yes, I did.
- The whole time? Yes
- Did you cum inside me? No
- Where did you cum? Inside the condom.

This last part was a lie – I should probably have been honest and just said that I took off the condom and came on the bed, then showed her where – but I didn’t.
I think at this point she was experiencing some sex regret – maybe it wasn’t as good as she had hoped. I was pretty sure she came once at least, but I was also too tired not to expend any more effort. I checked my phone briefly before sleeping, to learn that Dan had not fucked his girl – he had gotten into her place and into her bed, but she was giving a lot of LMR about having work in the morning, and rather than spend fifteen to twenty minutes working through it, Dan simply left.

Blondie slept over – sometime around 4am I woke up and wanted to kiss her (to escalate back to sex) but she pushed me off, and so I didn’t, instead going back to sleep. We woke up around the same time at 6:30am, she just got up and put on her clothes and left, without saying bye or anything.

The Good:
I think our approach was solid.
I picked up on incidental contact quickly and kept matching it.
Blondie was a green from the get go, at that point it was just focusing on comfort and arousal.
Dan moved his girl three times.
I moved my girl a total of two times – first from the third to the second floor and to the booth, and then to a new venue altogether.
I seeded sex talk well (I could have executed that more smoothly) and then finished the seed with orgasm control.
It was smart to talk about travel.
Separating girls is about comfort. Her roommate/friend being worried about the safety of Blondie. Dan had to mitigate this on his side, otherwise she could have texted/called Blondie while with me and it would have stopped the whole thing.

The Bad:
The girl felt a fair amount of sex regret after the experience – I think this is because she felt like I pumped and dumped her. Telling her that I came was actually a mistake. I wanted the sex to be longer and harder, and more fun for her, but I couldn’t muster up any more strength to have sex. By the end point it was also 2:00am in the morning and I knew I’d have to be up for work by 6:00am as well – I was traveling but also working remotely.
I didn't befriend the girl's friend, so that caused her to be very suspicious about me and feel that I wasn't a safe guy. This could have destroyed the whole thing if Dan didn't help.
Splitting the girls was risky but also required because the curly hair friend didn't like me.
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