says she in love with someone else

says she in love with someone else

Postby seanmagy » Sun Apr 14, 2019 5:28 am

So was with a girl I was seeing sort of casually at the beginning, all the while she gave me drama about how she was more attached to me than I was and of course we were having sex all the while. About December of last she started complaining again about how I wasn't texting her enough, which she was right I let her initiate most of the texts at that time. two days after she blew up on me on texts she called me crying about how her father wanted to make her marry another dude because he had money, so he was trying to tie himself to the guy because of that, she even threatened suicide because she didn't want anything to do with the man.

The next day she called I was in the middle of something so I just answered the call without looking who called and asked who it was then she cut me and send a message afterwards in which she was mad I didn't recognize her voice, she even accused me of cheating. Next day we made up and planned we were goin to spend Christmas together but torwards Christmas her phone wasn't available up the 3rd of January when I reached out that's when she answered the call briefly but didn't talk about anything meaningful. She sent a text afterwards about how she was sorry and told me she was in love with someone else, I replied asking if she wanted to be with me and she told me "how would you feel knowing that I'm in love with someone else" so I broke it off with her.

Three months later she texted me after I had asked her how she was doing only her to tell me that she missed me so much. My question is did she mean it when she told me about being in love with someone else or was it revenge because her girl friends haven't seen the guy. What your take on this?

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Re: says she in love with someone else

Postby Fluxcapacitor » Sun Apr 14, 2019 7:20 pm

Seanmagy dude! Bottom line on this for me is if she's been with another dude since me we're done. Ya can't get physical with someone else an come back cause ya damaged goods an obviously lost respect at some point for me so yeah NEXT!

Did she mean it? Possibly not. If ya were the only one she was seeing the new guy would have been very new an a rebound for not getting what she wanted from ya. Possibly didn't love him but would have wanted to to justify it. It also lets you down an will see if ya get jealous.

If she was seeing him for a while she might have meant it or again maybe saying it for a rise. Every time one of my exes come back they always, always! Say I love you. Total full of shit, a made a mistake of taking my last one back. Don't do it, ya better of letting her go!

She's made her bed dude she can sleep in it with somebody else!

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