Erectile Dysfunction and Stalling Tactics

Erectile Dysfunction and Stalling Tactics

Postby thrasymachus3 » Sun Apr 07, 2019 11:46 am

Hi fellas. I'm currently living abroad in an undisclosed location. I cold approached a voluptuous young woman at a cafe, number closed and took her out for a successful first date that ended in kisses and the clear prospect of sex. 2nd date she came to my place, got her off a few times with oral but then could not stay hard enough to put on the condoms she demanded I wear. 3rd date she was on her period. 4th date once again she came over but I couldn't keep it hard enough to put the condoms on and f-close. Her frustration was palpable. But she really likes me and we are continuing on to a 5th date, this time at the boardwalk and secluded beach. I'm going home to America next week and there I will be able to get my hands on Viagra or Cialis or whatever. Between returning and hopefully f-closing I have to survive tomorrow's date and one more.

I decided on a beach date to honor Chase's idea that girls seek progress in their relationships. Sex would be obvious progress, but in absence of my ability to perform, the best I can do is take her to a new, somewhat exotic location. What sort of attitude should I adopt of my upcoming date? Any suggestions for a post beach date? I live in a major metropolitan city with access to comedy clubs and the like.

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Re: Erectile Dysfunction and Stalling Tactics

Postby Will KZ » Fri Apr 26, 2019 9:02 pm

You could always try turning her around and putting it in her semi-hard, or get a flavoured condom and get her to help you get hard with it on. I sometimes have a girl blow me with an unwrapped condom in my hand so I can get it on quickly once I'm hard...I have no idea about exotic dates, that kind of seems like an overcompensation.
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