Trying to get my open relationship girl back

Trying to get my open relationship girl back

Postby SuperSaiyan92 » Fri Mar 29, 2019 9:34 am

I had broken up with my casual open relationship girl a month back and told her I needed some space and that we would remain friends (note she was already dating another guy ). However she was upset for something that I had told her (few days before breakup) and reduced contact with me. We are in the same social circle so it's not possible to not talk with each other. Whenever we spoke there was an aura of akwardness (as she was upset with me).

I'm living in a remote college campus where there is lack of options when it comes to dating. A week ago we started talking again like normal and I thought of getting her back. So I started flirting and she was flirting back. One night she texted me saying she missed me a lot. And for the next few days we were hitting off really good. She was chasing me as much as I chased her. On some occasions I pushed back and it was working well as she wanted more attention from me. Since we live in a college campus it's not easy to take her to private place to escalate for sex. And when I ask her to go out with me she says yes but only as friends. So I finally decided to officially ask her to become my girlfriend again. To which she replied as no. After a few days I pulled her leg saying she was trying to get back at me by leading me on . To which she said no she wasn't ..

I kept the ball in her court by asking her to be my gf again. This kind of gave her the power position and reduced the motivation to chase me

What will be the best strategy to get her back ? (please note : She is already dating another guy ) We are in the same social circle and have started talking like friends. I'm just afraid that she might become indifferent towards me (by remaining friends).

Should I reduce contact to respark attraction and make her miss me ? Should I flirt with her (without neediness ,) during our little interactions. And avoid chasing her / showing neediness. Or should I become cold and friendzone her. It's difficult to completely do a no contact with her as we are in the same social circle. I mean I don't mind that in the end I may not end up with her but it will be good to have her as my gf for companionship and sex. Just being friends is a bummer.

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Re: Trying to get my open relationship girl back

Postby seanmagy » Sun Apr 14, 2019 7:25 am

I would say, since she is dating another guy you need to start looking to dating another girl yourself because honestly how could she want you if she knows she has you and you are waiting for a chance to jump back into a relationship with her. Let her see you flirting with other girls

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