READ BEFORE POSTING: Advanced Board Rules

READ BEFORE POSTING: Advanced Board Rules

Postby Chase » Thu Oct 18, 2012 6:33 pm


1. Only intermediate members and up are permitted to post on the Advanced Board. This means members who’ve slept with at least ten (10) women lifetime, and have been posting on the Boards long enough to be acquainted with what posts go in which categories.

2. Advanced is for discussing both more advanced techniques that are more difficult to pull off (see the “Advanced Techniques” board), insightful observations and patterns and trends noticed in the course of meeting new women, picking up, and socializing (see the “Observations” board), and more general concepts, ideas, and realizations arrived at over the course of socializing and seduction.

3. Beginner-level posts posted to Advanced will be removed, and violating members may be warned or banned. If you’re not certain if your post belongs in Advanced, you should post it to General.


1. Do not spam, sell, hawk wares, or push your products or services here. These boards are for discussion, not marketing or advertising. If you are caught violating this rule, you will be warned, suspended, or banned.

2. Do not cross post. If you have a question, post it in one place only. If you’re not sure the right place to post, contact a moderator.

3. Do not post links to books, movies, products, or anything illegal or otherwise under copyright. These links will be deleted, and you will be we warned, suspended, or banned.

4. Do not engage in hateful or offensive remarks or rants or link to offensive pages on other websites. This forum is for personal growth and improvement, not for venting vitriolic emotions. Hateful or offensive posts will be deleted, and you will be warned, suspended, or banned.

5. Do not message individual users asking for help. Post your questions to the forum and wait for a response. If you are not getting the response you need, sign up for one of our programs or coaching sessions designed specifically for helping guys with problems and questions.

6. Respect your fellow users and moderators at all times. If you disagree with something, state as much in respectful and specific terms and argue politely. Name-calling, accusations, and labeling are not allowed on these boards. Members engaging in these, trolling, or flame wars will be warned, suspended, or banned.

We appreciate you minding these rules. By following the rules, you help keep the boards a fun, orderly, and productive place to share information, build, and grow.

Happy talking and posting,

The Girls Chase Team

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