Walking the mind of a Psychopath

Walking the mind of a Psychopath

Postby ZacAdam » Thu Feb 07, 2019 4:41 pm

I know a lot of people won't understand this.

There's no 'who', in who i am addressing in this post. Except for 'how to get girls by understanding lack of agency'. This is the first rule of advertising. Who is your customer, you talking to.

But a lot of people won't understand this post. They think i am talking about someone else. Infact, i am talking about you.

And no worries on me. I probably have 'wires' cut off my head. I am pretty confident that even Chase will say "i'm desensitized".

A lot of men, even the high level guys think that women know it all, and that women can have anything. They are still in that old state. Billionaires or successful people have this quote where you have to unlearn everything, before you actually learns something. Also, There's a saying in business that the moment you say 'this is a 3.7 trillion dollar industry', you will start off on the wrong note with entrepreneurs.

You see. I see the lie of
- the engagements, the likes, the pretty girl, the lifestyle entrepreneurship, the pickup artist, the tinder
- the fundamentals of what it takes to apply that lie
- the self awareness
- who that person is, and what what they are doing
- who am i, what i believe in

At the end of the day, recognize that all of this is variables. They are not you. NEVER.

The world today, is a wild wild west. It is a playground. Always has and always been. I found myself in a place, where i have given up. Given up that i can control everything. But the secret is, i will give you the illusion that my balls are bigger than yours. WAY BIGGER THAN YOURS.

History is true. Religion notes is true.

To get women is very simple. Women are not historical in their states. Today, she looks at me in disdain. Tomorrow she wants to be a cunt. She wants my dick in her face, 24 hours.

The world is always at present. 'Present' means the cards you dealt with. Your job like meditation gurus noted, is to be aware. You feel like shit. That's a variable. Feelings is part of the variable of life, alongside thinking, causality (principle) and all other things in my mindmap.

Feeling like a shit all you want. Standing in the middle of the road and feeling like shit, will still get you runover by a car. But the lesson is: The law of nature is that it's nothing personal. The further lesson is "GOD" always want you to remember him. Means to be 'Aware'

This is the mind of a psychopath, who is without the last sentence above. Psychopath is just a word. The feeling from most people is cognitive dissonance. They cannot fathom such brain power. The psychopaths...... They are just ahead of the curve. :) (Joker vs Batman)

In layman's: Decide what you want and go "Be" it. In practical, you don't always fuck the girl, because you not given enough states/agency/space to do it. But your mindset is already done. Your job is to see that all things are variables.

In an effort to not be honest...
society will create a bigger monster. You can call them 'mentally ill'/'weird'/'dark'/whatever. But civilizians have and will be already dead. That's the world we live in, today.



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