FU: Right Before The Finish Line - Latina Threesome Miss

FU: Right Before The Finish Line - Latina Threesome Miss

Postby Hue » Sun Mar 31, 2019 10:20 pm

This one was tough haha. I was having so much fun I forgot why I missed my last threesome. I did not lead enough right at the end. You have to lead, hard at the end. I slept with neither girl, both of who wanted to fuck me (and they were latinas, it would have been hot as fuck) because I didn't arouse one girl enough / use sex talk / escalate with both of them at the same time. I'm also super horny, haven't had a new girl in a sec, so I would have been a savage fucking these girls. Ah well, on to the next one... as failure is the doorway to success.

The girl who was connection-type needed more arousal, since I had satisfied the connection with her already. Worst of all is I made her feel I was just using her for sex, when I really did enjoy every moment I hung out with these women.


I was in a good mood because I did the right thing on Saturday. I chose not to go to a beer olympics party, and instead to go to a career fair, see some friends, and then go to a family event in another town. I turned down partying to give to people I cared about, and to help future me. It's very uplifting, when you feel what you've done was the best long term option, even if you had to miss out on short term fun.

Starting at my bar, I eat dinner, get some drinks, then uber to another place where my friends are. Everyone was happy to talk to me and I had a girl who's usually a total bitch to me laughing at everything coming out of my mouth. After I leave my friends and I play pool and have a great time, everyone was vibing and in a good mood. The guys decide they wanna go try and get some pussy, so I'm more than happy to head to a fun bar and do exactly that. Before we go I open a 3 top just to warm up. I didn't expect much, but it's good to get that first approach out of the way. One girl was into it, and the others thought I was weird haha.

Free for All

Irishman recently banged this hot brunette, and Maddhatter is down to fuck her friend even though she's kinda meh. Those two are immediately locked in to their girls, which leaves King, Turtleneck, and myself. King is pretty aggressive, BMOC asshole game, and Turtleneck is a white night but also a Slow Burn. Turtleneck is smart as fucking hell, and has a very high EQ... he's pretty blue pill as far as women and being politically correct go. I'm adaptive, but lean towards a more playful, high energy, and showing genuine interest in people. I could see myself gaming with either of them, but decide to start off alone. I don't think King or Turtleneck would be the ones opening, in any circumstance.

We get shots and then I see a beautiful tall blonde walk in. I go right up to her and ask her if I served her table before (I thought she was a girl from 2 weeks ago). She wasn't, but was very warm to my approach. My vibe was fucking ON IT. She has to go to her friend, but she clearly wants to stay. I say I'll find her later and let my had slowly come off of her as we switch directions.

There was a really hot blonde sitting at a table near the bar. I'm in the zone and just go up to her, tell her she's very pretty, and ask how her night is going. I follow up with if she's single and she says "no, are you trying to find a girl? my friend is." I just respond, "well, I'm horny as fuck". She points out an equally hot brunette, but she's dancing and moving around with this tall skinny dude. The blonde seems to think that she's not actually interested in him, because the guy started opening her less hot, red head friend. I tell her "eeeeh I don't know he's grabbing ass lol". She introduces me to the red head and she's just not hot enough, and I reject.

I did try to talk to the brunette, and ended up talking to the guy. We were both clearly doing the exact same thing hahahaha so he just went, "free for all!" which was pretty funny. He got the hotter one though, so props.

Mis Mamacitas

I return to my friends' area and they have all their greek life friends there. Some girls, some guys. It's hard for me to penetrate the girls' attention spans unless I'm at a house party, at least when they're with their guys. I'm too much of a stranger to some of the frat dudes so truly meshing into the group from the get go is hard. It takes time for you to really seep into their reality...

To my right are two HB7 latinas, hanging out at a table. One of them smiles at me, and I wait a bit. Then the two are talking and I come up to their side and say, "are you guys having a serious conversation? I wanted to chat with you but would hate to interrupt (= ". They're receptive and warm. I quickly find out they're latina. I know a little bit of spanish, they know a little bit of english.

I use this to my advantage. It gave me conversational breaks if I needed them, and it made simple dialogue more fun because we couldn't understand eachother. So I could pull her into me, or gesture more with what I was saying, or just say fuck it and start dancing on her lol. Body language was the tool of the night, and how we guided one another through all our interactions.

We talk about culture and I ask them to compare their countries, Tanya - from colombia, and Topo - from mexico, to america. They tell me about it and it was actually an interesting conversation that I enjoyed. Tanya is more connection / similarity based, and Topo is more arousal. I know this because Tanya is shy in the way that she dances, but had the most to say in conversation. Topo on the other had gave more superficial, yet energized conversation, and loved to dance to the bar's music.

Right as we wrap up part of the convo, I ask if they wanna get tequila shots. They do! We walk to the bar and rip them down. This was probably the hooking point, and I cemented it by saying "you guys seem fun, I like hanging out with you guys". Super simple.

From here on I incorporate more touch and we bounce around topics, sometimes barely even saying words and just enjoying eachother's company or dancing. Again, because of the language barrier, everything was streched out. I eventually get Tanya closer to me and ask if she is seeing anybody. She's not, and I tell her, as I pull her into me, "fantastico".

Pretend You're My Boyfriend

Tanya asks me where my friends are, and that she wants a guy (a dick) for Topo. Right at this moment, King comes up with his BMOC asshole game, and totally fucks up hahahaha. He was being too much of a dick and offended Topo and Tanye, saying some racist shit about Mexicans. He was kidding, but they told me that he was a fucking asshole. Pretty funny for me, but not a good move bro lol. Turtleneck talks with Tanya and she likes him. He's also fluent in spanish... we probably could have figured out him taking Tanye and me taking Topo, but eh. Oh well.

I'm pretty drunk at this point and don't remember all that well how it went after that, at least with my friends or what we ended up talking about. Topo tells me that I'm her favorite gringo and loves partying with me. We cement our little trio pretty hard and were having a blast. We were impressionable, and had some people come up to us because we looked like fun.

Topo sees her ex boyfriend, and is upset. Now she can't get dick, and here's this guy with some other girl. She tells Tanya to pretend to tell me that I should "fake being her boyfriend" to make this guy jealous. I didn't know the full extent of what she meant by that. She takes my hand and walks me over, near the boyfriend, then starts making out with me. There's lipstick all over my mouth.

She keeps looking at him like "aaah! he's not looking!" and then would go back to kissing me. I was having so much fun I forgot the effect this might have on Tanya. After this Tanya is a bit colder with me... though I wonder if she had resentments towards Topo, as Topo obviously knew that I had chosen Tanya already.

After this little scene subsides and we make out about 3 times, I make sure to hold Tanya close. I probably should have kissed her with a little quip about wanting to see who's a better kisser, that would have set a great and playful dynamic for a threesome frame.

We stay at the bar until close and get kicked out. Mis amigas calmed down an angry bouncer as I was being a little slow in his demands. We go down the street and grab pizza. In line I'm holding Tanya close and setting up having her over to my house, or both of them coming to my house. I tried to see their logistics, but Topo lives with her parents, and Tanya is only visiting. I say there's enough of me for both of them when Tanya says she feels bad about Topo not getting any dick, and Tanya likes it as I pull her into me as I say this.

In line there's two gay guys who speak spanish talking to my girls, and they're rapidly talking in spanish. I had no idea he was gay and actually thought he was gaming the fuck out of her. I also had no fucking idea what they were saying so I would periodically laugh at random shit hahahaha and it actually somehow worked out. When they leave, we get our pizza, pay separately, and then huddle in a corner. I invite both of them home with me, for like 30 minutes. They agree. Topo is obviously down, but Tanya's on the fence. I should have taken note of this earlier.

Finish Line In Sight

The uber over is great, and Tanya's leaning on me as I feel her up. I should probably have gone in the middle and been holding both of them earlier on, rather than initiating that at my house.

My house looks like fucking shit. They also see the outside and think it's not as nice as they expected. Which sucks. But I hold frame and quickly clean shit while Tanya's in the bathroom. Topo word for word says "we're just gonna be here while you two fuck then we're leaving". I talk to her about how she deserved better than that guy at the bar, and that she's a beautiful girl. She smiles.

Tanya comes back and they sit on opposite ends of the love seat. I said I was gonna bring my Mezcal out, but kinda said fuck it. I sit in between them, and put my arms around both of them. I don't remember exactly what I said. I start feeling both of their legs, and Topo starts nearing to kiss me, and putting her hand next to my dick.

They start talking rapidly in spanish and I hear the word "trio" about 20 times. Threesome, in spanish. Tanya doesn't seem happy, from the moment she walked in the door. Topo is pleading with her. I tell them that I hear them saying trio, and I think they are both very cool girls, and that there's enough of me for both of them. I say a trio is up to them, if they want to. Dumb.

Then, Tanya calls herself an uber. Topo is pleading with her and grabbing my dick. I WAS SO HORNY. I figure I"ll just fuck Topo, but then as they back and forth in spanish, Topo pulls out her phone and starts calling herself an uber.

I'm so confused and also watching the amazing prospect just slip from my hands right before me. I try talking to Tanya and she's silent. I say "so you're just not gonna say anything to me?" and she doesn't. A better approach would have been to identify that she feels like I just wanted them for sex, and that not only that I don't see either of them as better aka respect queen theory. If I had done something to qualify her in a hail mary like, "Tanya, I can tell that you're upset and I didn't mean to make you feel that way. I think you're both great girls and that is three had a really great night together. If you want to leave you can, but you're welcome to stay with Topo and I".

That would have given Topo a little nudge to stay as well, and addressed her feelings and respected her for the woman she is. I honestly do feel bad, that I brought her to thinking we had this great thing going and allowing her understanding of it be I just wanted her for sex.

They leave and I sit there, then drunkedly write the journal post I made last night, as I knew nothing better to do.

Post analysis I think that Topo may have been trying to compete for me, since she was pleading with Tanya the way she was, and having manuevered us making out at the bar. I didn't bring Tanya's arousal to the proper levels for what I tried to pull off, and I didn't lead hard enough when we got into my apartment.

Right before the finish line....

But hey, if I'm not ready, I'm not ready.

As Hector told me...

Always be a student.

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