LR: Cute girl writes sticky note message on my windshield

LR: Cute girl writes sticky note message on my windshield

Postby Michelangelo » Thu Jul 11, 2019 7:23 am

Hey guys,

So if you've been reading the general boards, you've probably already heard the beginning of this story, but as the title suggests, things definitely got interesting with this girl. Here's the jist of what happened from my earlier post.

She's a cutie, a brunette with green eyes and maybe 5'7". Green eyes with glasses (I love glasses). Looks a little like a young Jennifer Connelly, though admittedly probably a cup size smaller and a little curvier. (Though there's not many hotter than a young Jennifer Connelly). But she's got a tighter and thicker ass. She's 24.

So, this cute girl that lives in my apartment building that Ive seen maybe a dozen short times when I take my dog out to go to the bathroom, left a sticky note on my car:

Hi! Ran into you by the elevator with your dog again. Text me?

Now, for my style of game, I generally use a fisherman's type approach. I make myself to be an attractive lure for girls and once they bite, I generally take over most of the assertiveness and make most of the moves to pull her in. And here, with her note, I was positive I had this girl on my line.

We texted back and forth:

M: Hey Name, I got your little note on my car :) At first, I thought it was something from our building, but was pleasantly surprised to see it was from you might have been a bit stalkerish, but it was cute, so I'll overlook that :p -Michelangelo

Her: Haha I haven't quite mastered stalking yet and couldn't find your place so I figured your car was the next best place!! :P

M: Well, you'll just have to try a little harder to find out where I live then ;p So I'm thinking, we should run into each other somewhere other than the elevator for once. Grab a bite to eat or drink?

Her: Haha sounds like I am going to have to!! ;) I definitely think we need to! I would be down for either!

M: Are you free anytime soon? Tonight?

This turned out to be a minor hiccup, because as I would learn she was going to be out of town for over a week and to add to that she was actually moving out of our building when I last saw her just before she left that note. It turns out her leaving the note was a last ditch effort by her to get things going with me.

Here's the rest of the entire exchange over 10 days before the eventual meetup:

Her: No:( unfortunately I am gone until next Sunday. But I would love to do something then:)

M: That's a bummer :p I guess we'll both just have to be a bit more patient ;)

Her: I know!! That might be a bit of a challenge :P haha

(That Sunday)

M: Name, hey! Hope your weekend was pleasant :) Let’s figure out a time to grab that bite to eat/drinks. How’s this week looking for you?

Her: Hi:) it was good! I am gone until a week from today Sunday...sorry I should have been more clear! :( I'm at my grandmas for the week of the fourth!

M: You're breaking my tender heart, Name! :p :p We'll have to wait a even longer now ;) Have a wonderful fourth of July at your grandmas :)

Her: Well that's not what I want!! I'm thinking it will be worth the wait though;) haha thank you! Do you have any special 4th plans?

M: I'm working on the 4th unfortunately :p but I'm planning on going canoeing with my dog, this week :)

Her: Ooh I bet that's going to be a busy day! That sounds like a lot of fun :)

(I didn't continue the conversation so as not to get caught up in rapport texting and believe that at least giving a hint of what I'm doing would interest her and not make it seem like I'm ignoring the question)

(The next Sunday)

M: Good morning, Name! Hope your Fourth of July was fantastic and full of fireworks :) Are we still on for our little get together? ;)

Her: Good morning! Ah yes it was filled with family, food and fireworks so it was wonderful! Yes I would like that!!:) haha when are you available?

M: I happen to be off both tonight and tomorrow night, if either works for you ...and you're tired of waiting ;)

Her: Oh goodness! Haha I am tired of waiting!! And it looks like I might have to wait a little longer...:/ I'm free after Tuesday, don't think I'll get in until late tonight and I have a work thing tomorrow haha

M: Haha! You must be dying of anticipation after writing that note for what seems like ages ago :p One of these nights we'll finally get our chance to get together ;) What nights are you free after Tuesday?

Her: Oh I am!! Haha although it was a long shot you even text me back in the first place!:) oh it's definitely going to need to happen sometime haha every night:)

M: Great! I'm thinking we should take a stroll together through (downtown where my apartment is), choose a place that catches our eye and go from there :) How does Wednesday night sound?

Her: Sounds wonderful!!:)

M: Perfect, see you Wed ;)

Her: Can't wait:)

Essentially, I only texted her to figure out when she was going to be available and avoided rapport texting besides the occasional chase frame.

I focused only on the date, since I've had issues with girls when the logistics are bad that I thought, if I just keep texting before the first meet up, it would make her more comfortable. In reality, things would simmer out and sometimes not happen.

However, I definitely need to work on my logistics planning, though my excuse is that most of that was due to not wanting her to lose interest by getting into rapport texting too much, which had been an actual annoyance of mine. Her bad logistics could at least be explained away as bad luck and timing and me being persistent but aloof when things didn't work, seemed to make her remained interested. And she was unavailable or busy, but made sure to meet up the first chance she got.

(Wednesday, the day of the date)

M: Good morning Name, the wait is almost over :p How does kicking things off together at 730 sound?

Her: Getting close!! Haha that's works for me!

M: Hey, so I'll meet you in the front lobby by the mailroom, see you soon!

Her: Currently stuck in traffic but I am hurting (her typo)
Her: Hurrying

M: I could give you a few minutes, so you don't have to be in such a rush :)

Her: I'll be close:)

M: Let me know when you're a minute or two away :)

Her: Got it!!
Her: Almost there

(Now for the actual date)

So, when things started, we walked through a park downtown looking at restaurants that would interest us. We talked a little about family, work etc., and I made sure to tease her how much she liked me by leaving the note. She saw a restaurant that I've been to before didn't really care for the vibe and I steered things away to this more laid back lounge restaurant, which she agreed and said wherever I want to go she's okay with.

We get inside the lounge and get a table together and share an appetizer over drinks. We had conversations about life, hobbies and all that jazz. I peppered in a few of jokes and there was definitely a lot of intimacy between us. We finished the appetizer and she had one drink to my two. I asked for the check, which we split down the middle and I suggested we walk around outside for a bit.

Outside, she mentions that she has work at 5am (it was now 9pm), but mentions she doesn't want to go home yet. Seeing this as the opportunity to take her home or lose her to the excuse of work, I suggest to her to come upstairs and see my dog again, with the excuse that I need to take him out to go to the bathroom (he honestly was going to be fine, but it worked).

We get upstairs and my dog gets excited and she's excited to see him. We take him outside and while there, my dog legitimately accidentally makes me brush my hand over her ass. I laugh it off and honestly say it was my dog, to which she playfully acts incredulously. Now, I see this as an opportunity to explore some playful touch, so grab her ass a moment later and blame it on my dog again. She laughs and plays along.

We head back upstairs and I grab her ass a few times on the way up and she jokingly says that, I think at this point, it's hardly a mistake. I smile and say, you got me, it's been completely me. I put my dog into his cage and show her around my studio apartment a bit with my arms around her.

She sees my paintings and is really impressed. She remarks that she does watercolors but isn't that good. I turn her around to face me, and she is showing clear signs of wanting me to kiss her at that moment, so of course, I do. We kiss for about three seconds and I pull away teasingly. I tell her to sit down with me and we continue things.

I escalate to kissing her neck and other secondary arousal areas and then teasingly stop again. I tell her, let's turn off the lights and we both head towards the light switch, keeping physical touch by kissing the entire way. We turn off the light and continue walking and kissing in the dark and I push her gently onto the bed.

I continue escalating, focusing on the secondary areas. I've found from experience that these areas are more of a turn on and builds instead of removes sexual tension. I slowly took off her clothes, as I headed downstairs, all the while kissing the body parts I'm exposing. I take off her pants and start going down on her, starting outside and around, until going in and focusing on her clitoris.

Normally, when I go down on a girl, I will gladly finish her off, but as a first date, I feel that's not the ultimate goal. So, just before she's about to climax I stop and then proceed to thrust and rub my thigh against her, to keep the physical tension. She takes my pants off and starts going down on me. I let her go for about a minute and quickly bring her back up to kiss her and then push her again back onto the bed, with both of us completely naked.

It's pretty clear what happens next. Without going into too much detail, we finish and after, she lays her head on top of me. She thanks me for the great time and says she should get going, since she has to wake up early for work. We get dressed and say goodnight and I tell her to text me when she gets home safe.

Her: Made it home

M: Good :) Had a great time with you the entire night tonight, sweet dreams! :)

Her: Yeah me too!! Goodnight:)
The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but is setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark

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Re: LR: Cute girl writes sticky note message on my windshield

Postby JacobPalmer » Thu Jul 11, 2019 11:11 am

Great post, everything was smooth and calibrated, doesn't get too much better than that. Congrats! The jokes about the ass grabbing were clever, and you gave her some good deniability to coming back to your place for your dog. Good job. :)

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Re: LR: Cute girl writes sticky note message on my windshield

Postby Fuck This » Thu Jul 11, 2019 2:35 pm

Well done. I like your "Fisherman Style" Does she live in your building? How does that work with your overall dating mindset? I'll be looking forward to the followup and relationship /plate management on this obviously attracted woman...
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Re: LR: Cute girl writes sticky note message on my windshield

Postby Michelangelo » Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:49 pm


She no longer lives in my building I learned when we met for the date. She was apparently moving out of the building when I met her that last time in the elevator, just before she wrote that note on my windshield.

The "fisherman's style" I've incorporated is mainly because I'm rather introverted and not an experienced pick up artist tbh. It obviously lowers the number of opportunities with girls, but the ones that do show their interest have a higher chance of working out from my experience. Also, it requires you to have solid fundamentals and attractiveness because girls rarely make that first bite without those. I think I have incorporated that style because it makes things go really smooth on dates, because I can always naturally use a chase frame as the foundation of the interaction since she made the first move.

I must emphasize though, that if anyone is on this site to learn seduction, it's not really going to push your boundaries or teach you anything about becoming a great seducer. To learn that style, you need to become comfortable using a broad net to catch girls instead of a lure.
The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but is setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark

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