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F*ck Self Improvement, once and forever

PostPosted: Sat Sep 24, 2016 6:17 am
by Drck
Stop improving yourself, stop looking for your weaknesses, stop following the desire to be better. The reason is simple: the more weaknesses you look for in yourself the more weakness you will find. Simple as that, it only creates more self-pity.... Fuck it, fuck it all, fuck the self pity once and forever. You are who you are, accept it and move on...

Start improving the world around you instead, switch the focus from you to your surroundings. Improve your surroundings, improve the external world.

Start building things around you. Build people around you, build external success, build wealth. Built connections, built friendships. Hunt down external success. Hunt goals, hunt for college degrees, or hunt for some valuable skills that not so many have. Hunt money, fuck what every self pity soul says about it. They always work jobs 9-5, begging for 50 cent raise while believing that they are happy and free. Fuck that, all they are is slaves, convincing themselves that they are happy in their chains. Build freedom instead, build your own freedom from scratch...

Start with zero in your pocket and build one million. Or build ten millions, fifty, who cares, build lots of numbers. Build success, build company, build an empire around you, or build a house with bare hands if you have to. Whatever, just build and hunt...

Hate Trump or not, learn ONE thing from him: BUILD everything and anything from zero up and make it look great. Build it from nothing, use your skills, use your brain. Use all you have, if you have two hands, use two hands. If you have 5 millions, use 5 millions. If you have brains, use brains. If you have Nothing, even better - use Nothing. Build a fucking wall around your backyard and put your name on it, if you have to. Piss people off, then fight with them. Win or lose, who cares - just fight...

That's who you are. You are a builder, you are a hunter, and you are a fighter... Stop the self pity and BUILD a New, Better World around You...

Re: F*ck Self Improvement, once and forever

PostPosted: Sat Sep 24, 2016 8:00 am
by CaptainHenley
Though I do understand where you are coming from , I do not agree.

This is a weak way of viewing the world around you. A quick, easy fix, a patch, a "hit", so you can run away from your problems eternally.

In the movie the "Wolf of Wall street" , Jordan Belford, played by Leonardo Dicaprio, says to his employees :" I want you to deal with your problems, by being fucking rich".

I remember thinking, this is the weakest thing a man can do.

Because wealth can be lost, friends can go away, degrees can be rendered useless or unwanted(i am 100% in favor of getting a higher education btw, just listing examples here), women can stop desiring you. And then, all you are left with is....yourself. And you really do spiral down that endless void you wanted to avoid in the first place.

You fall so hard because you ignored the real problems. You were weak, afraid to look yourself in the eye, face to face, and measure him up and see where you are at fault.

Afraid to hurt your ego.

So you just look for a fix.
And when the environment isn't favorable to you, you crack. You crack because you are depended on external factors. You are being defined by the things around you.

What a man should be striving for is to forge true character. To be strong, even when all is lost. Ancient Greeks used to say, a man's true character is only visible in the moment of crisis. After all crisis in Greek means judgement.

And a loss of character, means a loss of purpose as well.

At the end of your post, you say "piss people off", "build a wall around you" etc. etc.

But these are traces of bitterness and weakness. Why would you fight people? Whats your cause? What have they done to you?

Fighting just for fighting? Thats the most useless thing a person can do.

You mentioned " you are who you are"...well , who are we really?
Arent we constantly improving ourselves, learning, becoming better? Isnt this what the human race is all about? Troubleshooting situations, and coming out victorious from all the lessons that defeat taught us?

I do understand you, and many of the things you say are not wrong at all, but they are not the true purpose a strong, valuable person would have. You need to work on yourself first, and then externalize that through all the things you listed.

And I get it, picking apart your weakness can put you down. Noone said it would be easy. If it was, everyone would do it. But its a job that has to be done.

Has to be done, if you want to get rid of bitterness and self-pity for ever, and not just a quick fix.

That's my two cents, all with love and care,


Re: F*ck Self Improvement, once and forever

PostPosted: Sat Sep 24, 2016 10:14 am
by Drck
It all depends how you look at it bro, we can only find what we are looking for...

Can wealth be lost? Sure, anything can be lost, the whole economy can collapse. Your health can be lost. Your life can be lost too. Chances are though, that if you are smart you will build wealth in different areas, you distribute your interest... Chances are that if you build great connection with people and if you build trust, you will never lose these friends. They will pull you out of a mess, they will help you out, they will support you (assuming that you can offer the same to them as well)... Chances are that the degree(s) you earned will never be taken away from you (why would they...??). Again, if you are smart you will get Valuable degree, not just something anybody can get...


"And then, all you are left with is.... yourself. And you really do spiral down that endless void you wanted to avoid in the first place"

>>>> That is quite interesting sentence you wrote. I see it much differently though, in my view you are always "left with yourself". You should not cling or hang on to other people, you should be always self-reliant... If you go to a party you should be happy, even if you don't know many people there. If you end up in the middle of woods alone, somewhere in distant mountains, you should be happy. Or even happier. You should be happy without woman, and you should be happy with woman as well. You should be happy living in 5 million dollar house, and you should have the same happiness should you end up living under the bridge... That's the true happiness, indifferent inner happiness...

See, the inner happiness should not be dependent on external world. Maybe there is a misunderstanding though - you should not build things, make friends, get degrees or get girls to become happy. Not at all, that is wrong attitude, it's exactly the other way...

You should learn to build, build from zero. If you have nothing today, build something, whatever it is. If you have 1 million today, build 10 millions. If you lose 10 millions and have zero again, well - build again. If you have 0 friends today, make one. If you lose 10 friends tomorrow and have zero again, well - build new friendships, this time better and stronger...

Hunt down trophies. Get that certificate or a college degree, hang it on the wall like a trophy, be proud of it. It's not a piece of paper, it is a trophy, something you achieved. Put it on the wall, add more trophies to it, display your success. Hunt down success, hunt down various skills... The external success comes from inner attitude, not the other way. In stead of improving "yourself" focus on improving world around you...

... The whole point is to switch the believe "I am not good enough", "I need to improve here and there", "I need to work on myself in order to become better (because I am not good enough"... This is a wrong believe system, it convinces you that there is something wrong with you because the more you keep improving the more areas of improvement you will find. The more weakness you are seeking, the more weakness you will find... Stop building weakness, start building strength...

Re: F*ck Self Improvement, once and forever

PostPosted: Sat Sep 24, 2016 11:03 am
by CaptainHenley
Your second post is in-line with the message I am getting through.

But I feel like there is a disconnection between your first and second one.

Maybe I misunderstood you in the beginning.


Re: F*ck Self Improvement, once and forever

PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 6:31 am
by disciple99
maybe by building from scratch become strong and in same time remove our weakness

Re: F*ck Self Improvement, once and forever

PostPosted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 1:30 am
by Motiv
I like Drck


Re: F*ck Self Improvement, once and forever

PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 3:43 pm
by aray808311
^ what?
That is a good point though dont try to fix yourself but instead build things

Re: F*ck Self Improvement, once and forever

PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 7:03 pm
by Prince
Didn't read the whole thing 'cause I am in a hurry but I will combine what both you two said.

I don't agree with building just your world.

For one: Like homeboy said, the world is dynamic. Stocks can plummet, friendships are fleeting(everything can be a-okay for YEARS than he sees you with a new French chick and gets jealous then it crumbles), what is valuable is dynamic, and especially your objective & subjective reality.

For two: If you work on yourself things change in your reality. If you have more charisma you won't need to build friendships so drastically as people like being around you because you are charismatic, in example.

For three: If you aren't self aware of who you are what you are even changing in your world may not matter. I.E. you spend years building a social circle or working on a YT channel 'cause that is what your friends/family told you to do or what gave you the most status. But a few years later you are burnt out and now that you don't enjoy that you are like a empty husk because you didn't even know what *you* wanted, because you didn't identify who *you* are.

Although, I do not agree you should *only* work on yourself, your environment is almost everything, and what you surround yourself by surely becomes you. You can either try and modify that or just find new horizons.

My input on this.