Making and keeping friends (in a foreign land)

Making and keeping friends (in a foreign land)

Postby Mario » Sat Apr 13, 2019 6:28 pm

So I'm a college student living in France, my french is quite bad. But I can manage 1 on 1 conversations but it's very difficult with a group.

Anyway I could be considered antisocial/introverted, but I have no trouble making new friends, it's just keeping contact with them is a sticking point for me and it usually stresses me out to inaction.

This has been a problem in my home country as well but it has hit me harder since moving to France since my social circle is gone, which except for my best friend my social circle consisted of people met through extracurricular activities. But outside of these I barely met them.

And it usually gets depressing when I compare myself to others (I know I shouldn't but it still nags me). For example how one of my friends gets invited to a party and I'm not.

So I'd like some advice or process of how builds a strong friendly relationships with people, anything would be appreciated, anxiety has left me clueless

For example things I need help with;
    1) After meeting someone new, do I get their contact details? Only if I hit it off well with them or maybe neutral

    2) Do I text them as soon as possible or follow the same process as girls?

    3) How often we text or meet up, make plans? Get together and hit up clubs

    4) What about the people I already meet daily? Do I make a gradual or a sudden change

    5) I remember one of Chase's article about offering value, but what kind of value can I offer

While I am shy/have social anxiety/introverted other people don't agree with me and take it as a joke because Girlschase has done wonders for my fundamentals, but i still need work in some areas.

The only problem is when I'm speaking french I tend to lose confidence there (Imagine trying to get over approach anxiety here hahaha)

Any process or rules to follow would be helpful

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