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Postby Witcher » Sun Jan 27, 2019 11:44 am

The Tool wrote:Hey Witcher. So lets assume you cant take her home/go to her place because of logistics. Or you cant escalate in the car and or just continuing the date is just not possible based on things out of her or your control. Then you just end the date with a simple Kiss on the lips. Nothing too long but like a 1 second kiss. This leaves just enough so you don't put a lot on the table and she will be wanting more ;) then you go your separate ways as you walk away into the sunset or moonlight :D

As for getting the second date after this. Some guys prefer a "date compression" can find this on Chase's site. But I generally prefer to wait 3-7 days before contacting her again for a second date because I am a busy man with an abundance mentality and don't like to come off as though I don't ;)

Getting the post out of oblivion!

Hey the Tool,

I started this week trying to use your date for one main reason, I am broke and with yours, we can do it in Starbucks. I am not on the level of pulling on the first date but all the girls I ran on this date this way ( with some little changes, I adapt to the location and do the Cube Game rather than the 8 questions ) all want to see me for a second one.

I am wondering is what would be the best date plan after one run this one ending up in a simple kiss? Another one like that but I pull or a date at my place or her place?


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