Girl Free After Work at 8:30 PM - How to Handle?

Girl Free After Work at 8:30 PM - How to Handle?

Postby NewBeeWinner » Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:26 pm

Hey guys,

Met this girl through cold approach and got her number.

Here's the convo:
NBW: hey [name] its NBW - nice meeting you today ;)

Her: Ya, you too

NBW: so Im not free tomorrow, but I am next friday night if starbucks works for you ((she told me she was free on friday nights))

Her: I actually have to work every Friday I'm sorry, I work every day but Sunday

NBW: ok no worries. I am free this sunday around 11 if that works ((No response))

**Two days later**

NBW: Hey [name], hope your work went well and that it flowed into an even better weekend :D I got floored with homework myself...whats your schedule like this week for that bite or drink?

Her: Oh hey sorry for some reason I never saw your text from a couple days ago, but I usually get off of work at 8:30

With her only being able to meet so late (more realistically, like 9 PM after she gets to starbucks or wherever) how should I best go about this? She might be an easy date that I can pull in an hour, but if not and the date goes too late, not only will I want to sleep but she'll probably have to go too. Any tips?

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Re: Girl Free After Work at 8:30 PM - How to Handle?

Postby ElderPrice » Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:20 am

If you haven't before tried just inviting her over right off the bat, this may be a great one to try it on.

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Re: Girl Free After Work at 8:30 PM - How to Handle?

Postby Fuck This » Mon Feb 11, 2019 3:48 pm

1- is she of legal drinking age?
2- Is she "eating dinner" before she works her shift?
3- Do you have a place to cook at your place (where you would pull to)?
4-How close is your place to a venue for music and drinks?

I'm coming at this from the perspective of someone of legal drinking age with their own place.

Offer to fix her dinner at your place and head out to grab a drink if she wants. I think it is important that she has a meal before you ply her with alcohol because sloppy drunk chicks are a boner killer. You might not even leave your place.

If you are a "youngster" 18-25, they are used to late nights and might meet you for a drink straight off of work. Friday night venues are hard to find a quiet place for her to build comfort, and that would be weird going to a piano bar at that age. She would likely meet you somewhere to give her the option to eject.

I think the flake factor for this one is pretty high. Gonna have to build some comfort here..
Fuck This

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