Thrusting Speed Over Time?

Thrusting Speed Over Time?

Postby Phallosopher » Sat Jul 14, 2018 5:46 am

So, I was uh... pretty drugged out... and I bedded this cute short girl. Her only major flaw was that she was from that subset of Boston natives that is totally obsessed with political correctness, feminism, etc. Ultimately I think some of my brashness and lack of giving a fuck about that stuff (not to say I'm a Trumpian or something, quite the opposite, just don't give a fuck about speech policing) is what switched on her guilty pleasure and set up the situation so that then anything chivalrous I did swept her off her feet to an unreasonable extent.

Anyway, I had sex with her and it just was not good. I could blame her, the lack of chemistry, possibly insufficient arousal due to her annoying personality characteristics, but I'm trying to look deeper here.

I was on some uppers, and honestly, once I was inside her I just railed her... full speed ahead like I had just hopped on a moving train. Her head was hanging off the edge of the bed at various times and I had to move her back in a more comfortable place. Anyway, the end was lame for me, and she had a climax. The next few days we spent together continued to show her obnoxious personality, and I was about ready to call it off but there we were in bed again and I thought there was an opportunity. Then she got bitchy and said something like, "I think we should wait. I mean, did you enjoy last time? Because I didn't."

Anyway, I'm a guy with a history of having been able to please other women, so it could be incompatibility and mutual disdain. But... what about thrusting speed? Do you guys have any particular techniques or have you found things that do or do not work as far as how fast and hard you go, and at what time? My thought is that that time, consistently fast and hard from start to end, was not the best approach.

I mean sure, this girl just did not like me... but just like we can think a really hot girl is annoying as hell and still cum inside her, I figure even though they supposedly have more emotional investment in the matter, they can still have a good time if the guy knows what he's doing. So, I'm wondering if I fucked up technique wise since I was on too many uppers. Let me know.

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Re: Thrusting Speed Over Time?

Postby Jack123Frost » Sun Aug 19, 2018 2:44 pm

Phallosopher, That's a good question. I don't think it's just speed.

Sometimes when you start out putting your wang inside, you can start out just putting the tip in, then over five or so thrusts, you slowly put more and more in until you're all the way in. Then after you've been going at it for a while, you can take a break and have a few thrusts of just putting the tip in. It's nice when they beg you to put it back in all the way again. You can do this when you're about to change positions.

As far as speed, I work up to the stage of the "full speed ahead". I don't go hard and fast right away usually, unless its a quicky where you're leaving your clothes on. I work up to the speed. Sometimes, she'll say things like "destroy me" or "fuck me down" just to let you know that she wants to be taken to poundtown. You can alternate between going full speed (hit her hard and fast, maybe pulling her hair or choking) and going slowly and more passionately (kissing her, dirty talking, kissing her body). In my experience, when she comes, it can happen in multiple ways. Usually it comes from the hard and fast pounding, as well as rubbing her clit if she likes it. I've had girls that cum only when I'm going slowly though.

I've definitely dealt with what you're dealing with, man. I've had a few "stale fish" who just kind of lie there on the bed, completely still during sex. I've wondered whether their just like that or if I wasn't turning them on lol. I usually just don't sleep with them again. Anyway, hope that helps!


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Re: Thrusting Speed Over Time?

Postby Fuck This » Sat Aug 25, 2018 1:39 pm

There is no two times exactly the same but my general progression is to give her at least one clitoral orgasm by hand or mouth before I even put my dick in... This guarantees wetness and some relaxing of the vaginal walls. then entering her with progressively deeper thrusts to work the lube and ramp her pleasure level back up. I let her ratchet up the pace a little bit at a time. Read the GC article on techniqueas well. Once she comes on your cock, you can really go to pound town. If you start ramming hard and fast you can bruise her cervix and that will hurt like hell for her. Think rhythm before speed.

...The depth from the vaginal opening to the tip of the cervix is 3 to 4 inches when they are not sexually aroused. Other women may have a vaginal depth of five to seven inches. Regardless, during arousal, blood flows to the genital area, and sexual excitement causes the upper two-thirds of the vagina to lengthen by forcing the cervix and uterus to ascend. The vagina also lubricates to help ease penetration.
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Re: Thrusting Speed Over Time?

Postby bra » Sat Sep 08, 2018 4:23 am

Speed thrusting got popularized from the porn.

It can be hurtful if either on the involving person is not adequately lubed up or excited.

None the less a food rough sex is incomplete without speed thrusting for most.

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