How to maintain attraction over long distance

How to maintain attraction over long distance

Postby 1mag1ne » Sat Jul 06, 2019 3:17 am

We've been together for half a year now, the relationship is sexual and I am her first boyfriend. Both of us are progressing into the final year of uni, however, due to the financial situation and some family issues, my girlfriend has to take a gap year and fly back home. We will live very far apart and it is unlikely we will be able to meet during the year as tickets are very expensive.
So basically a long distance for 1 year without meeting each other in person (until she comes back to uni).

I've been through quite a few serious committed relationships, and compared to the past experiences she is the one that I click with the most - that's why I really want to try something so challenging and make it work.

Would really appreciate insights, advice and, specifically - how do I maintain her attraction over a long distance?

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Re: How to maintain attraction over long distance

Postby JacobPalmer » Sun Jul 07, 2019 11:41 am

To be honest, I think you should break up. :( 1 year apart is going to be insanely hard, and by the end of that year when she comes back who knows how the both of you are going to feel.

But if you're really going to try to make things work:

Set up skype dates here and there, like a typical date - make dinner and have it together - make it romantic. And you're going to have to get good at sexting and or video chat sex talk. And you have to bring your A-game too. Maybe send her a blindfold or some kinky thing and tell her that's how the two of you are going to play next time.

And also don't talk with her all the time - live your life still.

But I still think your best bet is breaking up and then trying to start things up again once the year is over/she's back in town.

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Re: How to maintain attraction over long distance

Postby Ecemata » Mon Jul 08, 2019 1:35 am

This is also interesting for me.

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