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Becoming a Master Seducer

PostPosted: Fri May 10, 2019 11:06 am
by zeroman2
A Brief History about me I'll keep it short.

(for the few of you that's reading fell free to ask question if you need me to fill in a gaps in a few places)

Their was this one girl I was very interested in. I was so invested in her I thought that she might be the one. however she was in a long distance relationship with someone so I didn't do anything. Than later I found out she was dating another guy for a month despite being in a long distance relationship. After the other guy broke it off with I try to give it a shot with her. It didn't work out and since she dated 2 other guys.

After failing it with her and being depressed I figure the best way to move on is to find another girl. I did just that when I was in a play. She a Beautiful, Thick, Red Head and I can tell she was interested with me. However I thought to myself I'll ask her out at the end of the play. Despite the fact I had plenty of Chances before hand. Even one time I was walking alone with her at night to her car. So Naturally after I ask her out at the end of the play she rejected me.

After these two incidents I was sick and tried of being bad at women (28 year old Virgin). That when I stumble upon Girl Chase, reading article after article it was a new world has open up for me. I wanted to be so good that there will be no girl that I can't have. And Incidents like the ones above will never happen again. I wanted to become a Master Seducer

its has been a year since I started reading girl chase and I only notice a slight changes in which I will tell you now

1. I got a lot better at reading the signs. Before I might notice one or two girls that like me if they make it obvious. Now I Notice Nearly 70% to 75% like me at one time or the other.

2. I go out More. I'm not a bar or party person but I knew if I want to get better I had to go out.

3. I'm more Fashion Conscience. I watch what I wear, keep my hair cut, etc

4. Attraction Expiration. If I don't make a move on a girl I just met sooner rather than later I don't even bother trying anymore.

Despite this I'm still getting no dates and no laid's. Because despite me be better at reading the signs most of the girls in my inner circle either have Boyfriends or Husbands (Happily), They are average looking (which I'm probably use for laid's in the future but for now I just want to lose it a hot girl first),or I had my chance waiting too long than blew it.

On Night Clubs I go by myself because I have no wing-man to go with. talk to a few girls, have short conversation, than I go home.

The reason I'm making this Journal is because I don't want another year go by with little progress. Or have to wait 6 to & 7 years before I start pulling in the girls that I want. So By this time next year I want to be really good. Maybe not a Master yet But damn near close.

Re: Becoming a Master Seducer

PostPosted: Tue May 14, 2019 9:02 pm
by zeroman2
Well after blowing it with another girl (in which I describe in detail in a another Forum). I feel I should talk a little bit about my frustration and what are my set goals.

I fell like once I start to get the hang on something (like Complements, Deep Dive, Flirtation, Investment, Etc) There are a Boat ton I still need to learn (like Escalation Windows, Your Value, Not coming off as Needy, etc)

The reason its frustrating is because since learning about Girl Chase almost a year ago I still haven't got Laid, I still haven't been on dates, and I still don't have Girlfriends. I feel like I could learn every trick in the book but until I see results like those than it doesn't matter.

over the course of the year so Far i only been close to getting laid twice. One time with a girl I work with but I was afraid if i did she would become my Girlfriend (because she was lower quality then I expect). The other is with a drunk chick at the bar. I still didn't know how to take women home yet plus I didn't have protection.

I took the the test on the site about were I am currently at in seduction and it said I'm a Journeyman which is a step up from what I did last year which was Beginner.

However even thought I'm more knowledgeable I still fell like a Beginner because I haven't done the things like I said up about. The way I see is this

Beginners: Someone who dosen't know what to do with women, Is clueless, and Almost never gets dates or gets laid.

Journeyman: He Knows somewhat what to do with women, can get a date here and there, and could get laid once or twice.

Intermediate: He knows Mostly what to do with women, has been on quite few dates, and gets laid pretty often

Advance: Someone who knows exactly what to do with women, goes on dates all the time, And gets laid all the time.

To me until I start getting on a few dates and getting laid once or twice i haven't move up yet and still a Beginner. My Next goal is to Become a True Journeyman and Keep moving up until I become Advance.

Re: Becoming a Master Seducer

PostPosted: Mon May 27, 2019 4:18 pm
by zeroman2
After Helping a few people on this Forums I realize that my Knowledge if very extensive. I mean i'm no expert and there are still things I need to learn but I know a thing or two.

But yet despite my Knowledge you would think I would get laid at least once or twice over this last few months, but no.

So after my hot girl flirting with someone else in my class with the same fundamentals as me (and she didn't flirt with me) I figure maybe its my Personality.

When I look up about Personality on this website I came across an article called "The 3 Sorts of Lady-Killers" I realize that I am The Mechanistic.

which means that I'm to analytical and that I look at game as more of a math problem that need to be solve. That I should concentrate on Social Intuition and being in state. Also Because I'm The Mechanistic that i'm going to have one of the buggiest learning curves.

I am determine not to make that happen. Whatever I have to do I'll do to make my learning curve as short as possible. Rather it be Posing on Forum about every Situation I don't have full knowledge of or learning techniques that I'm not use to I will do it.

Hopefully, Improving my Social Intuition and State can put me on a better track.