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Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:28 pm
by Alcman
Dear lovers-of-women,

I'm a 24-year-old student, writing out of Stockholm, Sweden. Americans often say my appearance is the Swedish archetype; 6'2", blond and blue eyes. I lift regularly and only weigh in at 152 pounds (69 kg), so mine is definitely the athletic body type. I am a knight of the order of NoFap since the end of September.

As you'll discover in my bio, I'm a virgin (the closest I've gotten to sex is fingering a girl to orgasm on the beach, lol!). This journal will chronicle my odyssey towards mastering day-game and sex. I aim to cold approach girls every weekday; in transit on my way to or from university, or during some other daily peregrinations. During the weekend I do longer, more dedicated day-game outings.

Feel free to chime in and criticize anything or everything; I'm the clay and you are the molds, my dear Don Juans, womanizers and Casanovas, philanderers, Lotharios and seducers! Philogyny brings us together.

--- Bio ---

Growing up, I had no female friends, not even friends-of-friends, and my interests were purely intellectual and/or nerdy. I might have set some record for minimal female interaction; the first time I asked a girl out (and got rejected), I was 18, the next time I tried, I was 22! By sheer luck, this time I happened to cold approach a girl who just happened to like me. We went on a romantic date, and I got my first kiss. But being ignorant of everything social and pick-up, I moved too slow, grew needy and lost her. Looking back, this was the shattering wake-up call I needed. My confusion was total; I could not for my life understand what had happened, I had zero references, zero theories. Being a philosopher, this dire epistemic situation distressed me almost as much as the heartbreak.

Enter GirlsChase. Very reluctantly at first, I started looking for some information on the subject of dating. (Obviously, the first article I read was 'How to Get Her Back', which in hindsight probably was the worst article for me.) In my romantic revelries, I had always considered PU vulgar heresy; love was transcendental, was inaccessible to the rational mind, a bubble that would burst if put under the loupe etc. ad nauseuam. But if a girl can love me that much, only to grow cold so quickly, love can not be an eternal predestinated meeting of souls.
After going through the worst depression of my life for several months, I read Chase's piece on tackling depression, which prescribes the essence of all the best ethics: you choose to be happy.

Slowly I made myself receptive to the ideas of social art, saw how the towering skill-set I lacked explained my failure and decided to conform. That was two years ago, in the fall of 2015. Being an almost complete psychological and ideological paradigm shift, change was slow. I didn't go for another date until a year later. What I did work on, though, was my fundamentals (clothes, posture, walk, eye-contact, voice...), which at the end of 2016 were solid.

At the beginning of 2017 I finished my bachelor, and found myself yet again in one of those crucial but excruciating moments of loss of direction, a crisis of purpose. My thesis writing had been intense and kind of monomaniac, and I felt the need to engage the emergence brakes. I examined my life, and saw that it was out of balance, that nothing essential had changed during the 1,5 years, that I was fooling myself I was making real progress. This was where my journey really started.

A key event was that I reconnected with an old friend, ironically a rather asocial mathematician. He inspired me to start studying at a kind of student-union run library at campus, which was more important than it sounds. Throughout my studies, I had always studied from home, which deprived me of all the "free" interaction with friends and girls. I decided to start my turn-over by changing my life-style, from being at home to being out there. At first it was hell - psychosomatic effects like headache, combined with extreme distraction by women. But I had consciously cut down on studies for that semester, so that I would not have any productivity excuses: I didn't accomplish shit, but that was fine, since my only goal was to sit there in public the whole day, fretting away!

One day, a very cute middle eastern girl I had been looking at left a note with her number on in my open book, when I left to go to the bathroom. We went on a date on Valentine's day, and of course I couldn't handle it, but boy! was I motivated, because i) "being out there" worked; it upped your chances from 0 to 0.0...01, an infinite rate of increase, and ii) it was made crystal clear where I needed to improve, and what I needed to do; my fundamentals were so tight a hot girl left her number by herself, but my game so weak even a girl who was that into me couldn't stand more than one date!

All through the spring I studied at this union library, slowly incorporating more proactive behavior. I made it a habit to approach a woman at lunch-time as often as I could, which even yielded me two numbers. During this time, I also had my first positive Tinder date with a girl I liked, and even got a second date from, during which I could have easily invited her home. We had lunch at a place she loved, then I moved her for tea at another place close to home, and then we walked past my apartment building. I sensed her growing needy/horny, but didn't do anything, because I had never asked a girl home. Needless to say, she never wanted to see me again. After this, I resolved to ask every girl I went on a first date with to come home with me (which I've upheld!). During the spring, I also approached and got numbers from two women I met at exams.

Then came summer break. In June I went on a road-trip to Mississippi with a friend (rented a Mustang - best investment I ever made). We camped, so no real girl opportunities, but I chatted up and flirted with women whenever and wherever. After the driving, I flew to visit my step-father who lives in a little beach community on the East coast. First day on the beach I met cute 18 year old Grace, and set up a beach date for the next day. Remembering that Chase recommended it somewhere, first thing I did was pick her up and throw her in the water. You should have seen her eyes as she reappeared, radiating with equal amounts of surprise and lust. We made out and I sucked her tits in the water. On land I started fingering her through her swimsuit (with an old couple fishing in a boat nearby, hahaha), which drove her mad. As the couple left, I slipped my fingers inside her pussy while she was on top of me. When I whipped out my cock, she just shook her head smilingly. Being inexperienced, I didn't push it any further. Pretty awesome experience anyway.

During the later part of summer I had some more approaches and dates in Sweden, but it wasn't until this semester started my game reached the new level. First week of school I brought a girl home for the first time ever, after having approached her in the corridor of my university. We made out in my bed, but when I started escalating physically she LMR:d ("Can we take it a little easy? Shouldn't we get to know each other more first?"). A few weeks later I brought home a Russian girl, but only managed to get her to stay for five minutes (I used the "I need to charge my phone" pull, that someone here recommended, after our coffee), and she wouldn't take off her coat.

Some time after that, I vowed to get serious about my day-game; specifically by aiming to approach girls every morning on the subway. This journal is the finalization of that vow. Let's pop the cherry!

Re: Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:42 pm
by Alcman
Some back-journals:

Journal 29/10

Two hi’s and one approach. Saw a superbly clad cute teen waiting for her subway.
I preopened from the side by touching her shoulder (but forgot to not look her in the eye before she looks at me. Something to improve next time).

— Hi!
— …
— I just had to say that you dress fantastically; the bag, jacket and everything.
— Thanks…
— Where are you going?
— To X.
— Do you live there?
— My boyfriend lives there.
— [Can’t keep from laughing] Oh, well, lucky him that he has a girl who dresses this nice.
— Oh, come on! [Waves her hand dissmissingly]
— Anyway, have a nice day!
— You too.

For the hi’s, both were with girls who were riding the escalator in the opposite direction to me, and kept eye-contact with me and smiled. It’s kind of an hilarious situation when you glide past each other. They both reciprocated and responded well, but I should work at saying hi slower and sexier, instead of the uncalibrated hi’s that came out of my mouth.

Journal 5/11

Date with Polish-German Bella. Very good kino and rapport during coffee. Pull home smooth and effortless; she even asked me if I had any roommates, haha! Had forgot to stack stuff in my armchair so she ended up camping out there while I was on the bed. Should probably have kissed her when she moved around the apartment. When I made a move the one time she was on the bed, checking out the map on the wall there, she fled back to the armchair. Quoth she: “I have a boyfriend in Germany.” Yeah, right, is that why you went home with a stranger after checking that he lived alone? Silly girl; had I been more assertive, she would have slept with me.
- Stack the armchair, like I used to.
- Use Chase’s timing tip: kiss girls within a certain amount of minutes of them entering your home.
- Persist; improve “stamina” and don’t give up until the girl actually leaves! I have a hard time keeping up my passion in the face of the least resistance. Need “resistance is futile” mindset.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 6:46 am
by Alcman
Week Summary

This has been a revolutionary week for me. During the fall I have tried out opening girls sitting down, walking in front of me, riding the escalator, standing beside me, etc., but the one situation I have never yet had the guts for is opening a girl walking in the opposite direction. I have been feeling that getting this approach technique down is crucial for my development, since girls passing you often give you the most obvious eye contact approach invitations, and, hands down, doesn't it just feel like shit passing sexy women checking you out without acting?

So Thursday I opened a girl on the subway, and deep-dived her all the way to her stop. I said that we should grab a coffee, and she answered asking if I was on FB. I never give FB, so I said I preferred phone. She kind of reluctantly took my number and told me she "might call me sometime". I just smirked and said "Sure"; it's so funny watching girls thinking that you don't realize that they are rejecting you.

Anyway, when I arrived at campus I had momentum and felt really good, so when a girl in fabulous attire walked past holding steady eye contact, I let her pass, turned around, paced up to her, lightly touched her arm and said

- Hi! I just had to say you dress great - that jacket and everything. [In Swedish]
- Hii! I'm sorry, I don't speak Swedish!
- You dress great!
- Thank you!
- I'm Alcman.
- I'm Marianna.
- Are you an exchange student?
- No, I live here.
- What do you study?
- I'm doing a master in criminology.
- You look like you are kind of in a hurry?
- Yeah, my criminology class starts in 3 minutes!
- What do you say we grab a coffee sometime and get to know each other?
- Sure!
[I try to get my phone working to enter her number, but it's unfortunately dead]
- Wait, take my card. [Fiddles in bag] Here, email is there. [points]
- Haha, cool that you have a card, I always wanted one. Bye!
- Bye!

This only lasted about two minutes, and I haven't heard from her, but what mattered was I did the pass approach for the first time. And I never got a girl's business card before, hahaha!

This was a threshold experience. So yesterday when I was walking around after dark I passed a cute short brunette with curly hair who held eye contact, and I did the same pass procedure. Quoth I:
- Hi! Cool hair!
- Thaank you!
- I'm Alcman. What's your name?
[Reaching out her hand] - I'm Chanel.
- What's your plan for tonight?
- I'm heading towards a party. And you?
[Making some generic shit up] - I'm meeting up with a friend, but don't know where yet. Where are you from?
- In Sweden, or what do you mean?
[Put-off by my own lame question] - Well, like in Stockholm. Where do you live?
- Here in this part.
- Cool, me too. Did you grow up here?
[Her phone rings. She answers.] - Oh, hi sweetie.
[I decide to bail.] - Have a good night.
- You too!

I could feel her attraction spike when I approach, only to plummet when I got in my head and started asking lame questions. Her phone rang right when I tried to save it, and since it also sounded like she talked to her boyfriend I left. Had I been more in the moment, I should have followed up on her interesting name - asked if she was named after Coco. The lesson is that asking even the smallest personalized question beats asking even the full standard info questionnaire. I also should have been more honest and mysterious on answering her question - like "Whatever the night brings."

Today I'm going out to get some further trials of my newfound power.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:22 am
by Alcman
Weekend Summary

Went out Saturday walking around. Ended up in a library where I met a girl who looked for books on Norse mythology. She was very eager to talk to me about it, and glad when I proposed to take a coffee sometime. Fucked up by not seeing to it that she called my number after she had entered it, so I didn't get hers. Lesson: I should stay to protocol about always letting the women enter their number into my phone. Obviously, no matter how much she likes you, there's just some dynamic that hinders women from contacting you first. (Still, she might some day.) On my way home I also approached a woman walking by, just for the heck of it, though she was not interested. Lesson: By biggest flaw is not working with numbers; I've never bulk approached in a single outing. I understand in my very bones, that numbers, probability and momentum is the way to go.

Sunday I had a date booked with a girl, Natalia, I met last Friday at an open seminar on psychedelics and philosophy (lol!). I saw that she fell in love with me the first time she saw me. So I was not surprised, but slightly amused, when this became the first date ever that a girl paid for me ("I'll take this one, and you'll take the next!")! I know Chase sees that as the ultimate setup, and by Jove! it establishes a nearly flawless chase frame. The cute girl kept on nervously spilling her coffee and dropping her cinnamon bun, while being enchanted by the conversation. I don't know her age exactly, but she is the oldest girl I've dated; around 25-28. Staying with the protocol, I planned to pull her after an hour, after visiting the bathroom. When I came back though, it turned out the girl had ordered more tea! What covert ops to prolong our date. I just had no way of countering it, since she had already paid. 1-0 to her in getting me out of lover and into boyfriend territory. With the date prolonged, there was no longer any time to pull, since she was booked later in the evening. So after two hours of talking, we went our separate ways. I certainly will not go on any more coffee dates with her; next time will be Chase's lazy date where she comes home to me, or nothing. I'll try to make it happen next weekend.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:19 pm
by Alcman

Started early today, which is when I usually do the best transit game, because the subway is so crowded with cute schoolgirls, you are almost standing on top of them. Waiting for the train, I checked out a brunette in a cute trenchcoat. When we boarded she was entrenched (lol) further inside the crowded train, but I cought her staring at me; I mistakenly looked away before she did, should have known better. When people streamed in and out at the next station I found a chance to get up to her. I touched her shoulder, and said
- Hi!
- Umm, hii!
- What a stylish coat you have!
- Thanks!
- Where are you heading?
- To the Royal School of Technology.
- Oh, so also start early today?
- Yeah, haha!
- I'm Albin...
[Conversation continues, until where closing in on her stop]
- Would you like to take a coffee sometime after school?
- Uh, maaybe...
[I just look at her quizzically with a slight smile]
Her - Can I add you on facebook?
- I don't have facebook.
- How do I get in touch with you then?? [The tables have turned, haha!]
- We can change numbers.
- Ok.
- Have a nice day!
- You too!

I've lately gotten into a weird bad habit of having the girl enter my number without me seeing to it that she calls me while I'm with her. Fortunately, she did sms me a few minutes later; "Hiya, this is Gabbie". I guess that's the bonus of approaching girls who have shown some major interest; you can afford to fuck up a bit. Evening now, and I just sms:ed her about planning our coffee date. Lessons of today: (1) Don't look at girls before you approach, unless you catch her looking, upon which you wait till she looks away, and then approach very soon. (2) Something I find very hard to learn: to not look at the girl when you pre-open. I don't really know how to remember this in the heat of the moment, as it is so subtle. (3) Let her enter her number in my phone, instead of the other way around. If she won't, it wouldn't have been worth it anyway.

Wish me good luck for tomorrow morning, haha!


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PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:35 pm
by Alcman

Saw a fantabulous girl in heels with great style on my way to the gym Thursday night. Was feeling swell, so I march up to her and touch her arm from the side. She is really startled and looks like she just saw a ghost, and it's all so funny I just smile more than usual as I say that I just wanted to say here shoes are great. She is quickly reassured, smiles and says thank you. I laugh and tell her I'm sorry I startled her and again that "I just wanted to tell you that you dress great!". She seems happy, but I just arrived at the gym, so I don't press her more. I don't like to talk to girls I've startled anyway, just kind of a weird vibe.

Yesterday I went on a date with a Russian girl from Tinder. She was sweet and seemed to enjoy herself, but wouldn't go home with me. I tried out a touch move Seppuku wrote about in a post, namely to gently brush her hair-locks back from her face mid conversation, and she seemed to like that. Will be incorporating that one from now on.

Will be getting up earlier consistently this week, to catch the morning game. Need to get that back to consistency. And I should probably start doing some weekend night game, to push my comfort zones; goal for next weekend!


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PostPosted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:06 pm
by Alcman

  • 3 approaches
  • 1 number

First snow today! After not approaching any girls in the morning, I was so frustrated with myself that I skipped staying and studying after class, and instead went and forced myself to walk around the mall and central station until I got a few approaches. Was suffering heavy a.a. until I opened a girl in the escalators at the mall. Opened direct by complimenting her on her style. She melted. Turned out she studies the same thing as me. Number closed at a high point. Second approach was not interested, and a bit older than I thought. Third was a Russian girl (the third Russian this semester! Soon I'll be more involved with them than Trump) in Dr. Martens and rocking a cute punk-ish style. We had a pretty long conversation as I deep-dived her, but even though she smiled happily I felt I was constantly resuscitating the rapport. Could have been her inexperience, a language barrier or attainability problems. Anyway, I bowed out of the conversation, bid her good-day and went home.

I still have a problem with cold-approaching the prettiest girls, even though reading Chase's article on the subtleness-beauty correlation certainly helped. Had a few good chances today, but my ego held me back. I feel it would be very good for me to endure a few rejections from perfect tens, to take the edge off of the threat.

Let's try again tomorrow morning!


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PostPosted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 4:18 pm
by Alcman
Two dates the last two days. Neither one with a woman I honestly felt like escalating with, even though both were down. I realize this problem comes indirectly from approaching too few girls per outing. I start out opening girls I'm less attracted too, girls I feel are out of my league, just to get warmed up, but then I chicken out or pretend I'm out of time or whatever, and then I'm stuck with the phone number of the first girl, who was supposed merely to serve as a warming up to the true crucibles. I also use success with these easy girls as quick satisfaction and ego boost, hiding the fact that I'm not substantially leaving my comfort zone. When I was still struggling with approaching ANYBODY, this was surely acceptable behaviour, but not anymore.

Tomorrow I'm going out with the sole purpose of experiencing the whole arc of a day game session - warm-up, crucible and momentum - without fizzling out prematurely. There's some really inspiring wisdom in Toggianinis "5 Reasons to Approach Hotter Girls". Even though I'm very far from having a thousand street approaches, I'm pretty consistently getting phone numbers from the 'middle tier' girls I do approach.

Let's dare myself to take on Beauty, though dangerous...

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 04, 2017 5:43 am
by Alcman
Week Summary

Last week I mostly failed to do my chores, so to speak, but the only solid one of the three street approaches I did (the only one where I didn't phone it in) yielded a date scheduled for this afternoon. I was on my way to school frustrated about not having approached the cute girls on the subway, when I mounted some stairs behind a woman with nylons and a great swaying butt. When I reached the top of the stairs I had also reached the point when "your desire to get laid is stronger than your fear of rejection", and I approached. She was french, so I had to repeat the opener in English. She was a bit confused, but she was heading towards the same edifice as I was, so I had ample time to deep dive her. This worked well, and she had fun. She told me about having lost her phone long before I asked her out, so the excuse to just give me her facebook seemed genuine for once. She took from Wednesday to Sunday to respond, but then excused her slowness. The power of giving women time and not being needy!

Saturday I went out to have some beers with a friend. It was good to break out of my nightlife dry spell. Wanted to talk to my friend, whom I hadn't seen in a while, so I didn't approach, but it'll make it easier to go out solo next weekend. We a good conversation about the "Matrices" people build, restricting themselves about everything from cold approach to alternative ways of life. Inspiring.

This morning I approached a very stylish girl dressed all black on the subway. We had a good albeit platonic conversation, and she tactfully declined the number close. My approach was off in several regards: I looked at her a couple of times nervously before opening, which I thought I had stopped doing; I focused too much on boring and involved topics like school; we were placed in a weird way with people occasionally passing in between us. All of this comes from not having approached for half a week. I've never felt so strongly the effect of short-time rust; must not let this happen again.

Let's see how far I can push the date...

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:32 am
by Alcman

Brought the girl home from the date, but again she wouldn't even take off her jacket and left in ten minutes. I feel that this is my greatest sticking point. Should I insist harder that she take her jacket off, that she sits down etc, or is it my vibe that's off? I'm unsure about this one, need more reference points. Anyway, I might see her again, she said she had a great time during the date.


- 3 approaches

Yesterday I went out for a cold-approach session at the girl-filled usual malls and central station area. On my way there I had a great approach and encounter with an actress. She was obviously charmed, but curiously enough she just bowed out and fled when the subway we were waiting for arrived. Must have been in a relationship or something.

Arriving at the mall I sat down by the most traffic and watched for sets to open. After being too anxious to approach a few times, I saw a girl dressed in a stylish fur robe and interesting head-wear. I catch up with her and compliment her on her style, tell her it's unusual.
- Unusual?
- Yeah, it looks like you gave a lot of thought to your outfit!
- Haha, I'm going to [sexy male performer X's] show tonight.
- Aha, so you want him to spot you in the audience? [wink]
- Haha, yes!
- Well, enjoy the show!
- Bye, and thanks for the compliment!

She wouldn't spot walking and occasionally looked at her phone, which I took as a sign of disinterest. Her warm goodbye made me kick myself for not number closing, though. I have gotten into a bad habit of not number closing every girl I interact with. Need to start doing that categorically; can't trust my beginner's judgment.

Another girl sat down next to me, and I gave her a compliment and talked to her. She constantly checked her phone, though, which made me kind of tired so I bowed out.


Just before arriving at the university and writing this, I approached a girl whom I had spotted entering my subway car on my way here. I didn't have the guts to approach in the car, and when we left and were riding the escalator she was talking on the phone. But she looked so good, I had decided to approach her if she went off at my stop. Her call ends and I catch up with her from the side, starting to talk a bit too early, so I startle her:
- I just have to say, your hair color is amazing!
- Oh!
- I just had to tell you.
- Thank you!
- Sorry, did I scare you? [pats her arm]
- No, I was just in my own world...
- Yeah, aren't we all? So how did you do those color differences?
- My hair stylist did that...
- It's really cool!
- You think so?
- What's your name?
- Alex...
- I'm Albin. Are you on your way to school?
- Yes.
- So you also start late today?
- No, I'm working on a group project.
- Are you heading this way? [pointing towards university; she had stopped]
- No, I'm meeting a friend.
- What are you studying?
- Blabla
- So are you from Stockholm?
- Yes.
- Where? [Meaning where in Stockholm]
- From Stockholm.
- Okay, have a nice day!
- Thank you, bye!

After her not accompanying me towards the university, I got a bit off-track and nervous, so I started with my usual boring questions and the conversation died. I have noticed it is actually sometimes perceived as a bit creepy to ask where she's from too early in the conversation. I should have stayed with the hair thread which she responded so well to, asked her more about what styles she likes, if she does it herself sometimes, etc. It is a consequence of nervousness and aloofness for me to not be in the moment and catch onto the natural chains of association and conversation. This natural flow is THE sign of social savvy, and girls immediately catch onto a lack of it. Have to change this. One way is simply to try to have more conversational fun, more repartee.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:07 pm
by kristian

Nice to see you're so committed and have balls to approach. Love that you analyze every set you're on. I think you'll be good very fast!

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 5:07 pm
by Alcman
Week summary

Worst game week in a long time. Stayed home and studied on friday, because I thought I had the rest of the weekend booked with fun. Instead I get a fever on Saturday and have to cancel my date on Sunday. Girl says she can't see me again until january. Sigh.

At least I've been doing some approaches since I got well. Monday I met a girl on the way to uni. She was walking in the snowy weather with an open backpack, so I opened indirectly. She reacted very positively, gave me her name and started talking. For some reason I didn't ask her out. She almost felt disappointed when our paths diverged. It's all in the moment and goes by so quickly. Brain worked too slow after the long asocial incubation.

Today I met a friend while lounging in the cafeteria taking a break from my studies towards friday's final exam. He was with an Italian female platonic aquantance who had the most stunning body in a tight green dress, nylons and a golden Cleopatra style bracelet. I was introduced and complimented her on the bracelet. I deep-dived her as best I could in our three-way conversation. She happily hugged me when I left. Will probably see more of her, as she will be taking classes in my vicinity, and might show up at social gatherings with my friend. First social circle prospect since high school!

On the subway I opened a very cute high-school girl. She responded smilingly to my compliment, but my conversation was so flabbergastingly bad I don't want to transcribe it. I'd been studying alone for hours, which took its toll on my social skills. Suffice to say I couldn't find anything to say and got stuck in local geographics and questions of her whereabouts which I am actively trying to avoid. Good general wake-up call, though. Looking forward to post-exam Friday and weekend for some more hearty game.

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 16, 2017 1:28 pm
by Alcman

Breakthrough night game yesterday! Thanks partly to, I went out to party solo for the first time in a long while. I have known and felt that the best way to further my comfort zone is to also do night game, but have mostly flaked last minute. Even though that has sometimes led to furious compensatory day game, I now know first-hand that cross game is the most beneficial route for me.

At a classmate's suggestion I went to a party at the natural scientists' student union. Turned out I arrived way to early at half past nine, and was the only patron. Did some small talk with the lonely DJ at the empty dancefloor, and he recommended me to go across campus to the law students' union's bigger party. Which turned out to be one hell of a recommendation!

The law student's union house was already packed, with a crowd consisting of probably more girls than guys, and I don't know about elsewhere, but female law students in Sweden are in my experience on average the prettiest students there are. And the best thing was that these girls had been partying since their dinner at seven, when I arrived sober as a gopher... Met two female classmates on my way there so I arrived with these girls and was already in a social mood.

Upon entering, I notice all the girls checking me out. I had chosen a casual attire, with a tight pink polo and an open gray zip hoodie, which together with my rather wild hair (its been a couple of months since my last hair cut) made me stand out positively from the suited up, slicked back and honestly rather 19-year-old rosy cheeked appearance of the male law students. Even more so on the floor, it turned out. First thing, a girl bumps into me (we know what that means), laughingly excuses herself and later grinds me. Nice welcome.

* Lovisa

First real approach comes when I position myself near the main pedestrian artery, and catches a goddess in a flashy silver suit with a compliment as she slides by. "I love your dress jacket!" She's so happy she hugs me and cries "Oh, thank you!". She asks me if I'm a law student (probably suspected/hoped I was not) and I answer "no, I'm an intruder... are you?". Before we can strike up a real conversation her friend calls to her from the bathroom (?), maybe just to cockblock. "Stay here", says she. Pretty soon she returns and we exchange names. Immediately her friend calls again. She disappears and after waiting a minute, I get awkward standing around and go away joining an old friend I met earlier on the floor, and have a great conversation with an architect friend of his. I don't see the silver girl again for the whole night, but she is nice proof of the spectacular effectiveness of cold approach upon a girl with positive predisposition towards you or your type.

* Floor make out

Second time I hit the floor, I dance harder and move to the front. I'm having a swell time just dancing when a pretty drunk cute middle-eastern girl move up to me assuredly and starts grinding me closely, and takes my hands and places them around her waist. We make out, and I gradually discover I can do all kinds of dirty stuff to her; I kiss her neck and ears, grope her boobs, twist her nipples through her dress, smack her butt, make her lustfully suck on first one then two of my fingers (the animal strength with which she sucked and licked my fingers with her mouth and muscular tongue was the greatest turn-on of the night), choke her lightly with my hand, then with my biceps as I dry-hump her to the beat. The girl was beaming and obviously having the time of her life until her friend appeared and moved her away. I didn't care, just continued dancing harder than ever. After that long dance session I retreat to drink water, and, watching quite a lot of people leave, call it a day.


An important thing was that I got out there and had genuine fun. It's the first time in my life I really enjoyed clubbing, which means a lot when it comes to dragging myself out next time. I have so little night life experience that every single occasion is a big new reference point. On the other hand, I noticed my hard-fought day time skills amplified; if you have trained up the balls to approach any girl day time, you become an approach machine after a beer. I could have approached way more; there were clear invitations I missed out on. Stronger numbers game is something I have to work on both for day and night game. The second takeaway was savoring the female desire for me, drinking in their lusty longing eyes. The most important experience was being physical with the girl on the dance floor. I haven't been that physical with a girl since the babe on the beach this summer, and over time it makes you dry up, kills your motivation and vibe. Suddenly, I saw all the once-intimidating gorgeous and ambitious young women around me as the cute little horny does they are, their physically weaker frames waiting and longing for me to dominate them into submission, penetration and intimate pleasure. As my playthings.

Have to study for Thursday's maths exam now,

Re: Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Tue Dec 26, 2017 5:18 am
by Alcman
Holiday Summary

After finishing my last exam Thursday, I snapped out of study psychosis, ready to spend some three weeks of vacation in doing neglected cold approach homework! I immediately went to the mall for some Yuletide approaches. I gave a lot of good compliments, and talked to a gorgeous redhead teen, but I felt rusty and kept forgetting to get early investment like her name, so nothing happened. Oh well, first day, felt good just to be out there!


First morning without any school work on my mind in a long time. Woke up at seven, horny as fuck, thinking about the redhead and yearning to go out and approach more. Went to the mall and like yesterday opened a lot of girls, and felt approach anxiety lessening. At one point I was walking alongside a sexy blonde girl with tight red pants talking to her cellphone. As she hung up, I opened her from the side:

- How well-dressed you are!
- Oh, thanks! You too!
- With the red pants and all...
- Thank you!
- What's your name?
- Rebecka! And you?
- I'm Alcman. What are you shopping for today?
- I'm meeting my mother for lunch and then doing some shopping.
- Are you from Stockholm?
- Yes! And you?
- Yeah. And are you on school break, or do you work?
- I got to high school.
- Which school?
- X.
Oh, cool. Which program?
- Social science international. It's like the social science program, but everything is in English.
- Oh, great! Social sciences, sounds interesting! Are you a girl who will go on to study Political Science at university?
- I don't know really, haha! I want to take a gap year.
- Do you want to travel?
- Yeah, maybe to France!
- Oh, fun! I'm looking to go there this summer. Do you know French?
- Yes, I went there for a study exchange three years.
- Three years? You mean three years in a row?
- Yeah, haha!
- [Arriving at the mall] So, you are going up to eat lunch?
- Yeah, I'm meeting my mother up on the third floor by the book shop.
- I enjoyed talking to you. Would you like to grab a coffee some day?
- Oh, I'm sorry, but I have a boyfriend!
- Haha, that's allright! It was great meeting you, Rebecka. [Strokes her arm]
- It was very nice to meet you, too! [Turns to go, but then looks longingly back before dissappearing]

That girl was so sexy and into me, and we had great chemistry from the start. I get turned on just thinking about her right now. Great experience; can't wait until I approach a single girl like her next!


Saturday I started with some momentum from the day before, and immediately approached a teen girl who checked me out in the subway. I sat down opposite her and gave her a compliment, but she turned red and was extremely shy. She would answer all my questions with nervous giggles and single syllables, so I gave up. Did some more approaching at the mall. Opened one girl who was looking at travel guides and asked her if she had any plans. She didn't. I should have used a compliment since she had very sexy make-up. When I left and told her Merry Christmas, she looked me in the eye quite strongly, and I felt that I should have pushed more.

General take-away from the first days: I should follow protocol and try to get investment and numbers from all the women I approach, since my intuitions about who is into me are not calibrated.

Obviously didn't do any approaching during the actual Christmas family festivities. I got an interesting book from my step-father, though, who has been a sort of light social arts mentor for me during the years: "Now that you've got me here, what are we going to do?" by Ruth Dickson. It's a sex manual written for men by a woman, and it resonates amazingly well with the philosophy of GirlsChase, while supplying good nitty-gritty details. Will be delving into this one.

Now it is Tuesday, and the Game is back on. After breakfast I'll hit the mall for some more Yuletide teens.


Re: Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 10:25 am
by Alcman

Went to the mall as promised, though it was a quickie, as I was heading to some relatives for more celebration and eating of cookies. Still, the one approach I managed was very solid:

* Isabelle

I opened her from the side while getting on the escalator behind her, a now well-established routine of mine. There's something about being behind a woman in an escalator or up a staircase that motivates you... ;)

- Hi! I just had to say that you are dressed unbelievably cool!
- Ohh, thaanks!
- What's your name?
- Isabelle.
- Alcman.
- What are you shopping for today? Any Christmas presents of the wrong size you need to change?
- No, everything was perfect! [Makes the 'delicious' sign by touching her thumb and index finger]
- Haha, great! [Escalator ends and we move away a bit from the crowd] I just had to go change this belt for really fat people my father gave me; I don't have 105 cm waist! [I show my new belt and indicate how far out the hold belt could go; she laughs] What did you get?
- These! [Points to cute soft pants]
- Nice, you got your outfit!
- Yeah, I wanted to wear it directly, hihi!
- Guess what I got? This! [Points to my new sweater]
- Ooh, that's cozy!
- Are you single?
- Uhm, to and fro!
- Haha! What is that supposed to mean?
- ... [Thinks for awhile] No.
- Okay, it was nice talking to you, Isabelle! [Cups her overarm]
- You too! [Cups my elbow]
- Take care!
- Bye! [Looks back longingly as I leave hastily]

An interesting approach. First time I used Ricardus' patented 'single' line, though not as an opener. Her first answer was clearly wishful thinking or truth bending. I'm not sure if I should have just framed her answer as a "yes", by saying "What do you say we grab a coffee some day when it is 'fro'?", and thereby lost a date. I'll try to be more savvy next time. Anyway, great learning experience! I'll try to get in some approach today as well. The positive effect of approaching many days in a row are really palpable; it's like when you pick up the guitar the day after you played your heart out, and you just start off really relaxed and fluent. Some two weeks left of the vacation; let's play!


Re: Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 6:45 am
by Alcman
I broke the spell and didn't approach yesterday. I'm not proud of it, but I got quite a bit done at home, and had some good long talks about girls with one of my best friends, Arvid the sailor. I also re-watched my childhood favorite Swedish children's movie (only 13 min) and discovered that it included an instructive part about pirates doing cold-approach at a bar B-)


Breakthrough! Slept rather late, then went to the mall to meet girls. Didn't accomplish anything of substance before heading to an appointment at the hair salon. Chatted with the (female) barber. Afterwards I felt the need to refresh and restart my day, and went to grab a coffee and meditate for a while (for getting babes, coffee > alcohol!). I went back to mall and spent quite some time inactive again. Frustrated I sat down and told myself that I was not going home before I started approaching. Did a first important approach by complimenting a girls red hair, but she didn't seem interested (nor as interesting as she seemed from behind). Sat down and watched the crowd until a magnificent teen ass in jeans wobbled by, topped by a cute tight orange sweater. Followed and admired the unbelievable ass (I still get an erection thinking about it) for some time, then approached the owner and complimented her on her style. She was greatly surprised and a bit embarassed, and looked quite inexperienced. Exchanged names, but the interaction stalled so I ejected. Takeaway: Stop ejecting before you have asked her out! Or are you such a proficient mind reader? Still it felt good actually approaching the girl whom all men looked at sneakily and bitterly.

Quite soon I spot from behind a wonderful brunette in a huge yellow "Michelin man" type jacket, and approach her from the side:

- You have fantastic hair!
- Oh, thaank you! You too!
- What's your name?
- Carolina.
- I'm Alcman.
- What are you shopping for today?
- Oh, just perusing the sale.
- So it's not that you have to change Christmas presents with the wrong size or something?
- No, there's been so much Christmas shopping and back and forth, so today I'm just shopping for myself.
- Have you been celebrating at different places too?
- Yes!
- So what have you found today?
[Looks into bag] - A little bit of everything; a shirt, and pants...
- Cool, a whole new outfit.
- What made you approach me, was it the hair?
- Yeah, I love women with long hair.
- You do? [Almost needy]
- Yes, you have quite long hair! Definitely a bit longer than the average long hair...
- Haha, yes, maybe a little...
- Where are you heading now?
- I'm off to work.
- Work? Are you studying otherwise or is working what you do?
- Yes, it's what I do. I have three jobs.
- Three!
- Yes, I work as a waitress, personal assistant and seller.
[Entering the subway] Her: - Oh, did I go wrong now? I'm looking for the commuter train.
- No, you're alright, just go right through there to the other end. It's a new station.
- Maybe you can walk me there? That would be nice.
- Okay, I'll escort you.
- What was your name again?
- Alcman. Caroline?
- Carolina.
- So which one of your jobs do you like the most?
- Hmm... seller!
- Telephone seller?
- Yep, the ones you hate.
- I think you are one of those you love, who is so lovely you just buy everything...
- Haha, maybe! Sometimes I'm too kind and just become friends with the customer.
- Well, I guess you can't be too nice, and give away the fine print...
- But I can be tough too.
- So how long have you been out of high school?
- I've been abroad for ten years.
- Ten years?! Most people take sabbaticals for a year...
- I've been living in Chile.
- Hablas español?
- Si! Y tù?
- Si, un poco...
- [Talks fast in Chilean spanish, mentions "colegio" so I get it she's asking if I learned it at school]
- Si!
- Wow, you are so good! [Actually sounded genuinely impressed, lol!]
- Haha, yeah... So I'll have to turn back to the subway here.
- Oh... [Turns toward me expectantly]
- But what do you say we grab a coffee sometime?
- Sure, take my number.
[Hands her my phone]
- What's this? [Mistakenly got the Greek keyboard up on my phone]
- Haha, oops, Greek. [Changes the keyboard]
[She enters name and number]
- Do you have a nickname or are you only Carolina? [While she enters her name]
- Carola sometimes...
- It was great to meet you, Carolina! [Hugs her]
- Great to meet you to.
- Have a nice day!
- Fun that you approached! [It's like the realization that she has just been once-in-a-lifetime cold approached hit now]

This was my best cold approach ever, and the girl is the prettiest I ever got a number from (the number was genuine, I checked it). Took a long walk on my way home and cried tears of joy and emotional exhaustion. This GirlsChase program is working! It's just unbelievable thinking of how utterly lonely and asocial I was a year ago.

Time to hit the mall!


Re: Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Sat Dec 30, 2017 7:05 pm
by Alcman

Bad day at the mall, was in my head and missed every opportunity. I guess Thursday's success made me too comfortable and lazy; I didn't have that raw anger-fueled energy I have when I set myself to break a bad spell. At night I grab a beer with some friends and realize how boring it is to go out to bars with friends (none of whom was even single). I'm in a bad vibe after the day time failures. Later me and a friend head to a club to dance, which I'm horrible at but trying to improve. Place is kind of empty, with only two tipsy teen girls twerking or what have you on the floor. We spend a couple of hours dancing with them. One of them likes me and we chat, but I'm clueless with night game pick-up, and she is looking out for her drunken twerk friend.

Good thing Carolina (from Thursday cold approach) answers my sms about meeting next week. Hopefully we'll get a date.


A bit better at the mall today. Stalled preposterously, but got in a few approaches, though nothing solid. I'm noticing younger girls don't take me for real. I think of Sebastian Marshall's three questions of attainability:

    - Is this for real?
    - Can a girl like me get a guy like him?
    - Does he respect me as a friend?

I just realized that I mostly fail all of these questions with the teens. When the girl is a bit older, she pretty much automatically answers yes to the first two questions. (I still never had a female friend, so how on Earth am I suppose to get the vibe for the third question? I just feel lost when I try to put myself in a girl's situation. Night game helps a bit; seeing the helpless and uncalibrated girls there gives me more empathy reference points.)

I'm upset about this, though, since I'm more attracted to the younger girls. I feel that excessive smiling gives me that player vibe which kills "realness", but on the other hand lack of smiling would make me very intimidating to the tiny damsels. I wonder if working on making my compliments and conversation more personalized would be an option? Or just more sheer mass of compliments and positive screening.

Some other topics:
First, the many girls in pairs. I wonder if I should just approach them to, when there's a lack of singles, just for the momentum. Secondly, the many women who are walking in the opposite direction as me, and check me out. I'm missing out on them, because I never did a heads-on approach, and I've started to flake when it comes to running back up to a girl. Need to sort this out. Thirdly, I need to set time-limits for myself BETWEEN APPROACHES. If I had to single out one stumbling block of mine, it would be losing momentum. I think 15 min max would be a good start during mall sessions.

Now for the legendary thing that happened today. I have planned a new year's party at my place with some friends, but was wondering how to fix the lack of girl guests. Then today I happened upon five happy and cute Norwegian girls in my condominium stairwell, who were loaded with spirits and also planning to party tomorrow. So now our parties are merging. I thought these things only happen in movies.

Here's to the last day of the most important, amazing and longest year of my life!


Re: Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 8:26 pm
by Ergon
Alcman wrote:I guess Thursday's success made me too comfortable and lazy; I didn't have that raw anger-fueled energy I have when I set myself to break a bad spell.

Oh man, can totally relate to that. It has happened to me before haha.
You still seem to be doing good with daygame. Cheers for that :)

Really curious about how that New Year's party went.

Re: Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 8:45 pm
by Alcman
Ergon wrote:You still seem to be doing good with daygame. Cheers for that :)

Thanks, man! I feel so too :)

Ergon wrote:Really curious about how that New Year's party went.

I'm sorry to say the girls just wanted to hit an expensive nightclub in central Stockholm which we certainly did not want to go to, so we took a chance and went to another party, but none of the girls there were single, just a tease who loves me and flirts whenever her jealous boyfriend turns his head the other way. Kind of fun, but nothing much... But all that's ancient history; now it's 2018! I know we'll both have truck loads of new chances.


MASSIVE outing today, with corresponding massive report!

I started the year Monday by re-watching one of my all time favorite movies, Oliver Stone's 1987 masterpiece "Wallstreet". I heartily recommend it to all of you. Charlie Sheen's character is inspiring in so many ways. Gordon Gekko helps him grow into a man, but he resists the temptation to go overboard and ultimately manages to keep both his newfound powers and his integrity and ethics. Both Gekko and Bud Fox are excellent with women, and show it off on screen in several memorable and highly instructive scenes. There's a great scene where we see Sheen rising from the bed in his one-room flat, a naked bubbly butt girl lying expended on her stomach, only (bottom) half in picture. He staggers over to his desk and logs onto his stock software and starts working. Slowly the girl comes alive, rises and walks nakedly towards the shower. Before she exits she turns to look at Sheen and smiles contentedly. Sheen distractedly looks at her and then back at the computer. I find the scene a perfect illustration of how life ambition and breadth of skills creates an irresistible dynamic with women.

The morning after I dreamed I was hitting a girl from behind. When she screamed "I always wanted to be fucked by a cock like this", I pushed in deeper, ejaculated against her cervix and suddenly woke up as I was spouting like a whale in real life. This is the third time that happens since I stopped fapping off in September. Powerful stuff, NoFap. Inspired by the movie, I was motivated and horny (I had put a post-it saying "This is your wake-up call - G. Gekko" on my alarm clock). I delved into working on an academic paper I'm writing over the Christmas break and made good progress for a couple of hours. At noon I headed out to the mall to spend the rest of the day before dinner approaching the bubbliest butts, as I have done and will do every day until next Tuesday.

Note of clarification: whenever I say that I head 'to the mall', I actually mean that I head to the most central plaza in Stockholm and the busiest spot in all of Sweden, Sergels torg, whereat there is easy access to the three biggest malls, which all lie on the same street, as well as the longest outside shopping street, Drottninggatan. These are spots you will want to hit if you get to Stockholm. Both of my best approaches today took place on a semi-inside semi-underground route between the three malls, with excellent people flow. The girls there come both from the exclusive mall (NK) and the cheaper one (Gallerian), so there's a good mix of styles. My modus operandi is to rotate around these three malls and the strip, so I have a constant change of venue, fresh supply of bubble butt and no permanent audience. I've located all the best places to rest and meditate, the best place for lunch and coffee as well as where the best free public bathrooms are, so I don't have to think about structuring my day, every day. One perk of going to the same area, is that I know my way around flawlessly, which means that I can answer any question for directions as well as lead a girl anywhere she/I wants. But the greatest benefit is that I feel at home, and approach the girls like they're at my party.

For some reason, the day after I ejaculate in my sleep I always get hornier than usual, so I walked around with a boner all day, which was good. I was out for almost five hours, so let's skip to the highlights:

* Elin
Saw a woman from behind with gorgeous long blond hair, flat on high but curly halfway down. She wore a stylish trench coat and walked like she knew where she was going. I stalk on up, and approach from the side:

- Hi, I just had to say that you have amazing hair! Unbelievably nice color and length.
- Oh, thank you! You really think so? I was just thinking this morning that I ought to go to the hair salon today.
- Haha, no, it's very nice long like that, and with those curls.
- Yeah, I inherited those curls from my mother! You have very nice and curly hair too. [Looks at my hair]
- Haha, thanks! I just went to have my hair cut. But since you have curly hair, have you had the hair flattened on top?
- Haha, yes, that's what they do at the hair salon, it takes several hours!
- Haha, I guess everybody who has straight hair wants curly, and vice versa!
- Yes, I guess you really ought to be happy with what you were born with!
- Yeah, so much money that is wasted on these people exchanging hair styles with each other, haha!
- What was your name again? [I hadn't introduced myself, because I auto-rejected due to her beauty and age (32) as soon as she opened.]
- Albin, and you?
- Elin.
[Notwithstanding the already good investment she's made, I continue auto-rejecting as we arrive closer to the subway. Can you believe it??]
- Alright, it was nice meeting you!
- Where are you going? [As I half-turn to exit, she grows visibly extremely needy. I'm flabbergasted as she looks at me with eyes full of limb-loosening desire, as Homer would have put it, as desperate as if she'd give me a blowjob then and there to make me stay another minute, ignores that I almost left and continues the conversation. Immediately all auto-rejection run off me, I go from defeat to knowing I've scored.]
- I don't know, just about town...
- Would you like to grab a coffee some day?
- Sure! Do you work here? etc.

I deep dive her and she showers me with questions. We are both talking awkwardly because of sexual tension and she is all distracted and cute through our constant eye-fucking. She looks at me with that serious demeanor which says that she needs to be fucked immediately. Had I been more experienced and moved her, I am certain she would have been down to follow me home. I number-close and hug the poor needy woman goodbye. I forgot her name, and google her number, but the name I find and use in my sms turn out to be her middle name! Remarkably, she saves my ass a third time, and smoothly gives her first name. I own my mistake and tell her I searched for it because I forgot, and she responds by saying she's forgetful too. We then set-up a date for Sunday, close to my home. I already have a boner and I'll try my best to make this the woman I lose my virginity to.

* Married Matilda

Fueled by the success, I start talking to a middle-aged Chilean woman, just because she looked cute and friendly and I wanted to keep momentum. I deep-dived her and got to hear some very interesting stories. We say goodbye like old friends.

Some time after this I spot a 10/10 short teen girl with a bubble butt and huge hair. Her body is like Gigi Rivera's. I approach her in the same way, complimenting her hair. She thanks me, but keeps flicking around nervously with her eyes, obviously worrying about what people will think of her talking to a strange man. I ignore her nervousness, and is slightly amused by it, feeling not the slightest nervousness myself. My constant conversation and calm appearance, combined with the fact that nobody gave a damn to what she and I were doing, she stopped flicking and started returning my gaze. The hook had come as I found out her passion for dancing and asked her more about that. I decided I wanted to be more physical and asked her about a ring. As I asked if the stone was real, she replied no. I jokingly answered that, "well, you aren't married are you?", upon which she answers "No, I'm engaged" and holds out her OTHER hand, which actually has a golden engagement ring on it!! I'm speechless. The girl is 17 or 18, and in Sweden people marry late, if ever (Stockholm has the most singles of all cities in the world). I look at her, smiling doubtfully, but she smiles back and doesn't break. I ask her "for real?", which she confirms, and I continue looking at her with disbelief for some time waiting for her to give up the charade, but she doesn't. The vibe is really funny, we're both smiling and she just says "some people find a partner early". At last I realized she might be telling the truth, but she looked so foxy and smiled so deceptively I still have a hard time believing it. She obviously liked me a lot, is a bit needy before we part and tells me to have a happy new year. Amazing girl. I guess I should have gambled and said something like "why don't we discuss your engagement more over a cup of coffee?".

The takeaway from Matilda is that I now have a solid reference point with hooking teens: just stay in there and make conversation (solely about them!) until they get comfortable. Then they suddenly jump back into their girly selves and are a breeze to deal with, at which point you tease them a little and get their juices flowing. In short, it seems like these girls need the opposite order of repartee and rapport as older. Will try this out on more teen bubbly butts tomorrow. Have to sleep now after an unusually hard go at the gym, motivated by thoughts of Elin's pussy.

Re: Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:07 pm
by Alcman

There was a loudmouthed demonstration at the plaza where I went today, which had a negative impact on approachability in the vicinity. I also had the perception of there being fewer solo girls, but realized that there's no rational reason for that and it's all in my head. I dealt with some severe approach anxiety today, with at least two last minute flakes, where I'm walking up from behind a girl and almost opens, but exits with my heart beating like I was a marathon runner. I only managed some three approaches, and none really solid. The best thing that happened was that a really classy girl I approached just frowningly blurted out "I'm on the phone" as I said "hi"; it was good because I got to practice rejection, without it being hard on me. If there's one thing I need, it is to experience myself surviving a harsh rejection. I guess the only way to practice that is to target women who look busy, classy and not single, which seems like a good strategy to cope with approach anxiety anyway.

One thing I consistently noticed is that I have a hard time getting myself to turn around and open a girl who passed in the other direction. It has to do with the fact that I think my odds are lower if I think she might have seen me checking her out already. I really have to say "fuck it" and jump the gun.

I'm looking to head out earlier tomorrow and focus solely on volume/momentum and see how much I can limit the time between approaches. During my best outing yesterday I set a timer on my phone at 10 minutes after every approach, so as to urge me to approach again, which was a very good idea.

Re: Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:40 pm
by Alcman

- 4 approaches
- 1 number, with date set up

Quite wonderful session today. Warmed up by feigning I wanted directions from the man next to me on the subway, and asking questions to "a hired gun" at a store (as Chase would have said). The first girl I approached had a big butt in tight black chinos and walked ahead of me in some stairs. She responded well to the approach and introduction. I deep-dived her for quite a while. When I number-closed she was unsure and said she "didn't know", so I hugged her and left.

After that I approached a girl with dyed hair, but she responded coldly to my compliment. The third approach was a 25 year old blonde with great hair and clothing, and she responded well to my compliment and the laid back aura projected through me sipping a take-away coffee I had sat and enjoyed before I had to rush off to get her. She was Romanian and as I deep-dived her she invited me to join her as she went to a women's clothing store. It was great fun, and it was the first time I was flirting with a "girl in girls' retail", as Ergon recently put it in his journal (thanks for the inspiration!). I teased her by suggesting different scanty and/or funny clothing for her, and put a large pink hat on her head. She really enjoyed it, but was unfortunately married. However, she wanted to match me with a girl friend who is moving here from Romania in February, so after some persuasion I agreed and added her on messenger. She promised to send pictures of her friend, so we'll see if its worth it. Luckily, Romania arguably has some of the most beautiful Caucasian women in the world.

With awe-inspiring momentum, I jumped upon a tall Middle Eastern looking lamb with long brown hair. She responded happily surprised to my coiffure compliment and turned out to have a very cute face. Conversational highlights:

- Hi!
- Hii!
- I just had to say you have the most lovely hair.
- Oh, you think so?
- Yes, certainly, very nice, the best I've seen in a long time.
- Thank you!
- I'm Alcman. What's your name?
- Linn.
- Nice to meet you, Linn! [Holds hand]
- What are you shopping for?
- I'm looking for a dress. And you? [She has been walking along, but now stops, steps out of pedestrian traffic and really invests]
- Just checking the sales. And what did you wear for New Years? A nice dress too?
- Yes!
- How was it?
- Great, I was in Berlin.
- Wow, NY in Berlin! etc
- What are you doing out here all alone? [She challenges me, hinting that I'm out just to pick-up girls]
- Oh, are little boys like me not allowed to be out alone?
- Hihihi, giggle, giggle, blush...
- What are you doing out here all alone?
- I'm meeting a friend for coffee.
- Are you single? [Caught the smooth opportunity, because of the similarity of 'alone' and 'single']
- Yes! [No hesitation]
- What are you studying when you are not in Berlin?
- I'm in high school. I guess I don't look like it... [She thought I thought that she was older, which I didn't. She probably also thought that I would have preferred her to be older, which I wouldn't have either]
- Haha, why not? And what's your program?
- Social sciences, behaviour.
- That's the one I went to. What do you like the most?
- Social science, philosophy...
- Oh, philosophy is what I study.
- Really? We have so much in common!
- You seem like a really fun person to talk to. Would you like to take a coffee some day?
- Oh, but shouldn't we get to know each other a bit first... [Confused]
- having a coffee?
- Haha, yeah, I guess! I just have to ask you, how old are you? [The one question teenagers never fail to ask!]
- Haha, guess!
- Don't lie now! [Challenges me again, but I ignore her]
- Guess.
- 25?
- Good guess.
- 24?
- Yeah, is that an approved age for you to have coffee with? [Sarcastically teases her]
- Haha, as long as you're not over 30... Just kidding! [My frame of age being uninteresting won her over, and she was a bit embarassed]
- Let's switch numbers, then.
- Okay...
- Nobody can get too much coffee, right?
- No!
- Nice meeting you!
- Very nice to meet you!

Our date is already set up for next Wednesday. Right now, I bet that girl is a really happy girl! Tomorrow, there'll be night game as well as the usual day game.


Re: Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 2:14 pm
by Alcman
Sunday: Date and Breast Play with Elin

I played Squash with my father in the morning, which helped make me relaxed for the afternoon date.
For the date, see my first report (L--):

Looking forward to Wednesday's date with Linn, which I scheduled as a short informational date, quite far from my home, to try something new and go for the fast pull second date.

"Onwards and upwards", or what was it Ricardus used to write?

Re: Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:15 pm
by Alcman
Winter Break: Summary

For Friday and Saturday I did some three street approaches per day, and today a last one. All in all, I've done more approaches this winter break than in my entire life before, and have broken the barrier of experience to make it permanently easier. The raw results were two dates, both with women more beautiful and way more confident than any I've dated before. The one I had yesterday led to a pull involving the most serious erotic action I've had since summer, which was the first time I went beyond making out. That woman was eight years my senior, breaking my previous meager record of a girl one year my senior, and expanding my total dating reference span to 18 - 32. It is a thrilling (and pretty exciting!) insight to realize how many women there are out there who desire you.

New Year's Resolutions
- At least one (1) solo night game session per week.
- At least one (1) woman cold approached per day, every day of the year.

Seduction Goals for 2018
- Pop my cherry
- Pop someone else's cherry
- Get lots of sexual experience
- Date my first girl younger than 18
- Fuck a frenchwoman


A big thank you to everyone who made me come this far in 2017. To the friend who inspired me to stop studying at home; the friend who took me out to clubs which gave me my first floor make-out; to the two wonderful girls I dated who busted my balls during the spring semester and made the last neediness leave my body together with the last tears I shed over a girl who's not my girlfriend; to the 18 year old mermaid Grace who let up her salty graces for me on the beach, and introduced me to the taste of mammary glands and the feel of vagina, as well as to the beautiful desire of a dreamy young girl who just realized she's a woman; to the first girl who ever accompanied me home, where she gave me a private lecture on LMR, that first magic week of fall semester; to the drunkard who told me on the floor last weekend that I danced "like a stick", both for the laugh and motivation; to Marcus Aurelius and Joseph Campbell, whose evergreen writings inspire me to accept the call to adventure with equanimity and imperturbability; and last but not least to GC and these forums, especially to kristian and ajay, who made me feel at home and who's support motivated me to complete this final homerun of 2017. "For my part, since I have always admitted that I was the chief cause of all the misfortunes which have befallen me, I have rejoiced in my ability to be my own pupil, and in my duty to love my teacher." (Giacomo Casanova, preface to History of My Life, translation by William Trask)

2017 has been the best year of my life, but the first week of 2018 has already been the best week of my life, and I have not the shadow of a doubt that the coming year will mark an even higher apotheosis.

Ad astra,

Re: Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 3:09 pm
by Alcman

Two approaches after my eight hours at school were done. A punky girl who probably didn't match with my more classy outfit, and a cute young girl with hair dyed as red as her tights, who blushed and got so shy from my compliment that she had to walk away, haha! Good thing is she was walking in the opposite direction as me, but I still turned around, catched up and opened. Need to do that more often, as it obviously constitutes half of the opportunities in any people flow.

Re: Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:03 pm
by Alcman
Wednesday 10/1


As I sat studying in the library I spotted a tearjerkingly fair-tressed redhead, and was instantly and strongly enamored. Sitting one row behind her, I could hardly concentrate on what I was doing, for her long flow of fiery fibers called on my soul like a beacon (even the most superficial reader of my journal knows that I am a "hair man" to 110 %). So I sat there and sighed like a love-sick Charlie Brown. Upon entering the library one time, I believe I caught her checking me out in my peripheral view. The hours passed by, and eventually she and her friends, a girl and a boy, went for lunch. As my library is constructed, there are glass walls permitting a view from the reading to the eating area. I saw them go out and thought it all lost, as groups are instant death in this hyper self-conscious environment.

But lo and behold, through the glass I suddenly saw her breaking out and walking away with inviting gait. I instantly understood that she was going to order lunch! Without further ado, I grabbed my valuables and laptop and exited. Moving up to pour myself some water I saw her ordering falafel. Realizing that my water session was quicker than her ordering, I moved outside for a bit, and checked her through the window. When she was done, and stood all alone waiting for her falafel, I stalked up and opened her:

- Hej, du har fantastiskt hår! [I opened in Swedish, though I was half-sure I had overheard English; always better to sound spontaneous]
- Ohh, ah, you will have to take that in English! [Cute and confused]
- I just had to say you have fantastic hair! Really unusual!
- Thank you! I was born in Ireland so... ;)
- Cool, are you an exchange student?
- No, I've moved here!
- What's your name?
- I'm Caoimhe [pronounced "Qweeva"]!
- [I'm Albin.] Is that, uh, what is that ancient language you have? [Not 100% sure I introduced myself, because her name got my attention]
- Gaelic, yes, hihi! Are you from here?
- Yeah. What are you studying?
- Global relations and Portuguese!
- Haha, why Portuguese and not Spanish?
- I already speak Italian and Spanish, so...
- Wow. And I guess Portugal is actually relatively close to Ireland; you can probably take the boat right over! ;)
- Haha, yeah!
- So you are a language master?
- Haha, though I haven't mastered Swedish yet!
- I think that is a swell combination, all those languages and global politics.
- What are you studying?
- Philosophy. Have you moved here for good, or?
- Yeah, or, well, I'm here for three years.
- Oh, you're taking a Bachelor?
- Yes. Well, I think I'll have to go back to my friends...
- Want to grab a coffee some day?
- Yeah, why not. Will you teach me Swedish? [smiles]
- Sure. Want to grab a "fika" some day?
- Haha, yes!
- Have you learned that word yet, 'fika'?
- Yes, hihi! Let me add you on facebook.
- I don't use facebook.
- You can take my number.
- Sure [I enter it, while she reads it aloud, then calls it]
- It doesn't work! [It takes a while to get through, so she gets nervous]
- There now!
- What was your name, again?
- Albin. Great to meet you, Qweena!
- Great to meet you, bye!

As we talked she dropped stuff she was carrying twice for no apparent reason, which I took as a sign of the nervousness of attraction. As I walked away, I noticed her two friends at a distance looking in disbelief at me, who just picked up their gorgeous friend. I guess she got some questions when she headed back, haha! Just hope she doesn't ditch me straight off the bat because of peer pressure. I took my stuff and changed study place to another library; tarring around after getting the number is never good, and kills the mystery of the moment.

This pick-up was the smoothest I ever did at school, and the unwavering execution took even myself at bed. I have improved as a man! I also pat myself on the back for approaching a girl I fell in love with and glanced at for so long. As a friend recently put it, "any guy can approach a girl in the spur of the moment of seeing her, but they are rare who dare after having waited a minute!"

Date with Linn

I picked up this Palestinian 18-year old a week ago, and met her for coffee close to where I picked her up, scheduling it as an informational date. As she took off her jacket, she unraveled big juicy breasts bursting out of a tight short top, which had been hidden when I picked her up, and I made sure to complement her on it (the top, that is). She works out four times a week (butt, legs and abs) and is trained as a figure skater, so I am looking forward to her booty as well. She started out saying she loves philosophy and that we are going to have a great conversation. Which we had! Incorporated lots of touch, initially of forearm, but I made her comfortable with thigh and knee touch as well, and for a long time kept my leg against hers, which gave me a mad boner, and if Chase is correct about "what feels good to you feels good to her", must have made her wet. It is curious how a conversation just gets immensely much more intimate if you maintain just the slightest physical contact throughout. I always think of the research Chase cites somewhere about people being more willing to keep watch over a dog outside a store while the owner shops, if the question is accompanied by a touch of forearm. After an hour or so, I called it quits. She asked what we were going to do, and we took a brief walk through the galleria before parting ways at the subway station. If she's up for a second date, I'm going to make it close to home and fuck her.

I just feel so good about gaming everywhere. I have noticed that in general, every single day I get two or three opportunities to approach women who are my HB10s. And that's just from moving my daily routines. If I can develop the habit of always grabbing these, my life will come around in a hurry. Looking forward to cold approaching tomorrow, as much as ever. Life is good.


Re: Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:07 pm
by Alcman

Thursday I developed a cold and stayed home all day. The next day I had to go to school anyway, and approached a girl on the way home, my dripping nose notwithstanding. I'm a new man and nothing can stop me. Despite still being kind of sickly and slow, I headed out today to score some afternoon babes, after having met a buddy who gave me private masterclass on the theory of opening bras. And it turned out to be my best "hole-in-one" session ever! As I departed my subway cart at the central station I caught side of a pretty brunette in leather jacket and sexy red pants hugging a friend goodbye and starting down some stairs. I continued walking for a few steps, but then the divine enthusiasm hit me. When I see exceptional beauty and style, I get intense motivation. So I turn around and rush after her. She has quite the lead on me, but eventually I catch up, and in the escalator I walk into her view and compliment her style (escalator game is my specialty!). She reacts well and compliments back. She complains of a bad hang-over and I accompany her to buy water. I buy gum afterwards so that she has to wait for me, balancing investment.

She's a funny girl and we have great rapport and chemistry. I feign a destination so that we end up on the same commuter train, to her delight. It's rather empty, and we sit alone facing each other. I tease her a lot, and bounce her questions. Examples:
- I take it that you think a lot. I think a lot too.
- About what? The latest episode of "Mean Girls"?
- Haha, you're mean!
- I have to press you a bit, so you'll deliver.
- That's ok, press me, I can take it :)

When my station is closing in I look her in the eye and ask her without flinching
- Are you single?
- Yes.
- Do you want to grab a coffee sometime?
- Yeah, sure!
- Then we should switch contact information before I get off.
- Haha, yes!

- I really like that you approached me, in these days of Tinder. That was courageous. I would never have dared to!
- That's why I did it for you. But you just have to take these on anyway, and it's done. Red is a secret signal. [Grabs her sexy red pants]
- Haha, yes, red is kind of sexual, isn't it?
- It certainly is.

At the last moment I call her Jessica, which is apparently not her name. She teases me about it, and I play along and own my memory loss. Since I can't guess and she won't give me her name again, except that it's close, I resolve to call her J., which she likes.

This is not the first girl who has explicitly stated how much she enjoyed being approached. Just think of all the women out there tired of the general Tinder dick pick strategy of the average guy.

Another interesting thing I noticed is that more women checked me out after I got my cold. Something in the way I got more laid-back and taciturn, makes women chase more. This was also so during my chat today. I was dressed tight and warm, and responded unfazed to the whole interaction. I was in the sort of bubble you get into when sick, and it did the interaction good! My game today was perhaps more than anything, natural game. Food for thought.

Re: Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 6:10 am
by Alcman
What a January I've had! This journal has been dormant, as I have instead been reporting in private chats with kristian and ajay, but my game has been burning! The major goal of this journal, this odyssey into love, and my main seduction goal for 2018 has been achieved: I am no longer a virgin!

Seduction Goals for 2018
- Pop my cherry DONE
- Pop someone else's cherry
- Get lots of sexual experience
- Date my first girl younger than 18
- Fuck a frenchwoman

I have also had my first attempt at a threesome, when two Italian girls invited themselves over to drink spirits and discuss dirty Swedish words. I made out with and groped both of them, but no threesome, unfortunately. Nonetheless, that night was the best and most fun of my career.

Sticking point
Lately I've struggled with approach anxiety when it comes to girls who look to be younger than 18. I get these thoughts that they're going to think I'm a perv, which I know from earlier experience is just nonsense. I suffer from this, as mid-teens is my preferred age group. I know the only way out of this is exposure and experience, ditching the ego and being outcome independent. I'll track my progress on this one.

Night game
I'm going out solo every weekend to extend my comfort zone and develop night game for the first time. Engaged a brazilian-italian woman at the bar yesterday. Used lot's of touch, but had to number close as she was stuck with a friend. Fun, though! Looking forward to next weekend, to just enjoy whatever the nights bring. My new sexual experience makes the thought of night pull much less nervous.


Re: Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2018 2:14 pm
by Alcman

Street stopped a blonde long-haired girl outside my building yesterday morning, and set up a date for today at the corner café. It's the first time I set up a day-game date without taking phone number, so it was fun and informative to try something new, and even more fun when she showed up, perfectly on time.

She met me with a radiating happy mien, and parts of the conversation was good, such as when I asked her if I could put a personal question to her, and then inquired what qualities she was attracted to in a man. Remembering to ask such a question, which I'm genuinely curious about and which creates a mischievous atmosphere, shows that I'm improving ever so slightly as a dater and conversationalist. I'm still horrible at pulling, though, and might have missed an escalation window. Anyway, we gradually grew bored and slightly awkward with each other, and so when I suggested we leave, she hurriedly answered that she had to go meet a friend, anticipating and preempting any attempt from my side to invite her home. Thus we parted ways, warmly but dispassionately.

What a lovely girl. Beautiful, intelligent, cute accent from the north of Sweden (Norrland) and a sense of humour that I gleamed at times, such as when I said I was getting my hair cut tomorrow, and asked if she thought I would look good in a green mohawk (tuppkam). She was wearing adorable summery clothes; a translucent white shirt and a short skirt, revealing her long shapely legs. Such a turn on.

I have to start having fun on my dates. This is the last date I'm doing normal boring conversation. Fortune favours the brave. Better banter, joke and ask things I genuinely want to know, rather than get boring tidbits of information that anybody could get from her LinkedIn. And most importantly, I need to start pulling from coffee dates with confidence and rather too early and than too late. Good thing I really know my sticking points, and what to do about them.

Class Game

For the first time in my life, I am having an affair with a female classmate. She's a funny little colleen with an emo-goth style that includes short-hair, fish-nets and chokers. There's been silent electricity all year, and finally we got ourselves the date we both wanted, an admirably cute one, with ice-cream and making out at my place while listening to music. Haven't ever felt so puppy-lovely, and I enjoyed it a bunch. We have a very funny and explicit sexual banter and flirting going on all the time in class and over text. Yesterday she confided that she has had an abusive relationship, which is why she hesitated for sex at our date. We both then confided that we're not looking for relationships, which only seemed to strengthen our connection, and she is pushing for meeting again, which I'm looking forward too.


I'm some two-thirds into Zac Perrion's curious book The Alabaster Girl (2013), and I find it a perfect companion to GC. For although GC is great at giving you practical hints and mindsets, the overarching story of love and life is left out. Recommended as a sort of "master class", when you feel you have digested the zest of the GC gospel.

Re: Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Thu May 17, 2018 11:47 am
by Alcman
Love of my life, fire of my loins

I never had to muster more strength to write an entry. I haven't been this heart broken in a very long time, and just crawled out of my bed of tears to let off some steam in this journal. Twenty minutes ago the most radiating seventeen year old nymph hastily left my apartment, after I kissed her, telling me it was too good to be true. Oh, how utterly sad when two people who love each other are separated due to attainability problems! She thought I escalated fast because I didn't care for her, when in reality she is the girl I've cared for the most out of all the women I've encountered for the last year.

I approached her on the street Monday, and there was instant attraction. It was one of those lovely reciprocal interactions, where the girl saves you, helps you, and asked for my name when I forgot to introduce myself. To her delight, we set up an ice cream date for today, and this morning she sms:ed me to confirm that it was really happening. I never had a girl this smitten by me.

We had ice cream, and walked back to my apartment. On the way, we talked about the age difference, and I asked her how she felt about that, and apparently she had even told her friends, so she seemed cool with it. She genuinely complimented me more than any other girl, both on my style and on my initial approach, saying how such a thing had never happened to her before. Of course, I showed my delighted appreciation of every part of her and her apparel as well.

At my place we walked around and danced a bit, and I tried to kiss her. She dismissed it, and we slumped on the bed, orthogonal to each other, with crossed legs. I tickled her, played her some guitar and then kissed her neck and cheek, upon which she left, saying that "it was too good to be true" and was "going too fast". I had to catch her in the staircase to get a proper goodbye. She told me she felt bad about leaving me, so I was very sweet with her and told her that I didn't know what she was thinking, but that she shouldn't mind it, and she told me how she thought I was such a good person. She was breathlessly beautiful in the lighting, and I tossed her hair in front of her face and arranged it in the slightly unruly way I like it the most. For awhile we just stood there with locked eyes, dreamy but sad, each admiring the other, knowing that due to the incomprehensible laws of courtship we'll never meet again, feeling exactly like when we first met, closing circle on an apex of desire. We embraced again and she was gone.

Excuse the heresy, but such an experience makes me slightly doubt if the laws of moving fast (first date pull, ten minute kiss) work on the specific demography of mid-teens, which Chase excludes on his blog, due to legal difficulties in parts of medieval USA. My hypothesis (based on what I could read from her, my only real datapoint) is that these girls, in the context of daytime interaction with an older well-put-together man, require a bit more context to be comfortable, than the average nineteen year old, or thirty year old, due to the immense value gap. Of course, the reason I've used these methods, is that they promote action and give very valuable experience. I would still probably be a virgin if it wasn't for the ten minute rule! Nevertheless, I'm wondering if I should sometimes make the courtship a two-date process. Pretty lost about this though.

Anyway, today marks a milestone on Yours Truly's odyssey into love:

Seduction Goals for 2018
- Pop my cherry DONE
- Pop someone else's cherry
- Get lots of sexual experience
- Date my first girl younger than 18 DONE
- Fuck a frenchwoman

This is definitely the second most important of the seduction goals, as it brings me closer to the kind of girls who not only set my loins on fire, but makes my heart ache with the longing that makes life worthwhile. The honest chats I had with her gave me information about the mind of a young girl, that I've long wondered about.

Girl, I'll keep you in my heart and wear the wound with pride and confidence that next time, next time...

"I rise in flames, the Phoenix said."

Re: Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 2:00 pm
by Alcman
Paris: Third Day

Yesterday I spent the whole day with two sweet girls I met at the hostel, one 21-ish Swedish and one vulgar and quite adorable Lolita from Maryland, who must have been 19, but looked and acted younger. So good to just hang out with girls. There's this feeling of contentment, that everything is alright with the world. We had picnic with food and wine, and the girls showed me how to eat cheap and well in Paris. They sang constantly, and after I got the key to the adorable AirBnB I'll be staying in (in Montmartre), we went there and I accompanied them on the guitar. Sadly, they had to leave for a booked Couch-surfing, and flew home today. At least Maryland Lolita kissed me on the cheek when we said goodbye. I'd love to have more female friends; it's a most healthy thing for me.

Today I did my first street cold approaches in French, a language I've only studied for a week! It's confusing to feel so confused again, but truckloads of fun. I prepared a list of my favourite compliments before heading out, like:

    "Quel beaux cheveux [tu as]!" - What beautiful hair [you have]!
    "Quel belle robe!" - What a beautiful dress!
    "Quel cool style!" (Yes, you can say this in French!)

I said the first one to fair-haired Gela, who I guess was 15 (when she told me her fine name, I quipped that it was almost like Italian 'gelato'). She was very happy and probably thought my attempts at French quite adorable, and I thought she was my favourite type of lady, with a face and voice that made you loose any coherent train of thought. Turned out she was unusually good at English, and we had a fun little conversation. I think it was my most confused approach of the year, since I was kind of out of balance after the initial language acrobatics, so I lost track and forgot to ask if she was single. We parted ways in a friendly way, though. (Feeling slightly patronized by a 15 year old is an experience I don't get very often these days. The naiveté you exude when dabbling with a foreign language is amazing.,)

Close to my home I used the third one on beautiful Natalie, and we had a good conversation, but when I asked "tu es celibataire?" (are you single?), she answered that she was unfortunately not.

It feels good to already have cracked the comfort zone and popped the cherry of French approaching. Come to think about it, it's the first time I ever approach in any other language than Swedish or English. A wonderful side-effect is that when I get back to Stockholm, I'll be able to approach the many cute French tourists and backpackers (and perhaps charm the Francophile natives).

Looking forward with some nervousness to the Weekend's night game. Foreign language night game is firmly outside of my comfort zone...

Au revoir,

Re: Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 5:24 pm
by Alcman
Paris: First week

During the weekdays I have made numerous approaches while exploring Paris by foot, trying to get a feeling for which areas are good for a philanderer to frequent. As expected, the famous and touristy areas are as a general rule the worst, with the girls mostly locked in romantic-weekend-in-Paris couples, with a barking herd of pubescent class-mates or with mom, dad, grammy, grampa and seven siblings, even though their eyes sometimes seem to signal me S.O.S. stronger than Melania Trumps.

Thursday or Friday I had two seventeen-year-olds in a row bowing out, but we had fun. The breakthrough came yesterday, Samedi. I had looked up a cool area for clubs popular with students and hip young people (in an area called Austerlitz, after Napoleon's crushing victory over the Russians), and was heading there early, passing through the Latin Quarter, the area around Sorbonne that once resounded with "'-us -a -um". Suddenly a wonderful skirted Mademoiselle appears (deus ex machina!) and hastily walks into a back road. Down the rabbit hole I go again, I think to myself, and run after. Arriving in Wonderland, I compliment her skirt and fashion skills, and she turns out to be the very cute cinematography student Estelle. We stop as she hits upon her door. I seize the closing window of opportunity and ask if she's single. She giggles and gets a bit shy, but says yes, and so I ask her out and we exchange numbers. A minute after parting, my damsel sms:es me "It's Estelle", as only a shy but embryonically enamored foreign darling can. I followed it up today, and she answered that she was tight on time until the 26th (all youths have their final exams in June or early July). I suggested we meet for a quick ice cream soon, and then for longer after the 26th, and she responded ambivalently, though mentioning a good ice cream parlor she knew. We'll see.

Closing in on the hip area, I stand at a red street light checking out a stately dressed Parisienne, when a man besides me follows my gaze and exclaims "pas mal!" I don't get it at first, but he explains that he said "not bad", signaling the woman. I like his style and he mine, so we strike up a conversation. Turns out he, Florient, is heading to the same club area, and invites me to join him and his friend. Amazingly, Florient turns out to be a PUA. One of the first things he says to me as we get to the area is "if you see anything you like (women), just tell me and I'll ask them to drink with us", which he does to two groups of girls within the first five minutes. I struck wing man gold!

His friend Coco (lol) is a handsome guy at the same age (27) as Florient, but of opposite temper, as they eagerly explain. While Florient favours the direct approach and likes bitchy girls for the challenge, Coco is more laid back and likes the shy girls who come on slow. Amusingly, they are also of wildly different political persuasions (guess who's right wing, haha). They give me beer and we sit and talk at the Seine pier for awhile, before deciding to hit this indie rock club called Supersonic.

And holy mole, was it a good choice! Entrance is free, the music is live and the crowd is young, hip and mingling. It's a two-floor edifice, with a useful quiet indoor smoke room on the landing. I discuss the music (a local band called "Red Djinn", featuring a straight soprano sax, some three-stringed African base and drums) with fun Edith, but it turns out she is there with her Lesbian girlfriend (who radiates jealousy whenever Edith flirts with me). Nevertheless, when Florient calls me into a conversation with three teenage girls he just opened (whenever he opened girl groups he'd tell them about me in French before I arrived, as a kind of MC announcing the artist), I have awesome momentum and fast get excellent and fun rapport with all of them. One of them fancies me especially, little Thaïs. She has an endless appetite for my attention and is only content when we have body contact, like a lamp that only shines when plugged in, so I make sure we rock to the concert with some skin touching more or less constantly (mostly her shoulder against my upper arm; that's the height difference...).

In the pause she wants me to follow her to the smoking room even though I say I don't smoke. I'm hard pressed to think of a more serene and joyous feeling than being led (pulled!) by the damp little hand of a beaming woman, every now and then looking back at you with eyes filled of equal measures anxiety, desire and excitement that, yes, this man I like is still there, dangling on my five-fingered hook, and has not slipped back into the night whence all tall dark strangers come and eventually return (at least as it seems to her). We talk and her friends have great fun at making poor Thaïs blush by telling me that she wants me to kiss her, and I have great fun in delighting them all by playing clueless foreigner.

Good friends as they are, they soon leave us alone. We have a conversation sparkling with innuendoes and pregnant pauses, as she hopelessly stares at my lips. Generous as I am, I soon end her sufferings and sate her desires, and we spend a good thirty minutes executing the tastiest French kissing of my life (we're in France, give us a break!) and caressing each other in the most tender way. Summer dresses are God's way of blessing the act of groping, and so my hands can freely feel her bare thighs where the dress ends and through the thin film of cloth clearly make out the landscape of her firm buttocks above them. And drenched as I presently am (third time in this paragraph I start a sentence with this kind of clause, I know) in the phenomenological prose of Sartre, I make sure to live every bit of the experience most deliberately, savouring her like she were a Rochefort (of more pleasant fragrance). "I love your smile", says I during a break, and try to turn her underlip into an instrument with my thumb. "I love your smile too", says she (Gainsborough's "moi non plus" is obviously a fiction), and retaliates by playing my underlip. She mimics everything I do to her face, and so I find myself in front of a sort of mirror, though its denizen is far cuter than the familiar guy in the one at home.

After our time is up, her conscientious friends come calling. Hesitantly she responds, untangling her branches from my stems. She French kisses me goodbye, infinitely sad, but then draws me on down the stairs. Here we bump into Florient and Coco. The former has won the heart of Thaïs' friend, and so as my damsel kisses me goodnight once more, her friend does the same to him.

After the sweethearts leave, and before the next set start, we mingle around and I'm approached by Tartarean Kamila, who offers me to slip away with her to the smoking room (criminals always seem to return to the crime scene!) to drink of a bottle of rosé she has smuggled through security. But first the dread lock babushka insists we share a vodka shot (and though she pays for both with her card, I give her a five euro bill for my half, incidentally the only money I spent during the night, except for the ride home). In the deepest corner of the smoke room, Kamila makes use of my tall frame as cover when pouring the smuggled wine in snatched water glasses, since there is both a gorilla guard outside the room and a surveillance camera inside (whew!). It turns out that she is a physics PhD student, and great conversation commences about fundamental particles, Parmenides and Tartary, though she admits that "I can't seem to think of my work right now, since you're standing so close; I just think of... something else." She asks me for a (smoke-filled) kiss, and I comply.

Eventually we venture back down, where the live music has ended and an indie rock dance floor has taken its place, complete with Oasis singalong ("Don't Look Back in Anger", anno 1995, still going strong). We swing it awhile, and then we leave. She invites me back to her place ("but no sex"; yeah, sure), but I weasel out and I slip into my own Uber (métro stops at 1:30 am in Paris; fortunately I only paid 14€ for the ride home thanks to Uber pool). I'd love to have her as a Parisian friend (my heart is with Thaïs and Estelle), but chances are she's disappointed.

Summa summarum, Saturday 9th of June was the best night out I ever had, filled to the brim with positive experiences and energy, and completely void of negativity. This is how night life was intended to be; free of charge and smooth like the summer breeze through the taxi window on the way home. PS. Thaïs just sms:ed me, saying that she'll get back to me about when we can meet this coming week.

Speaking of next week, Florient wants to meet up for after-work day game (which he engages in every day; "I don't own a TV, I don't have any other hobbies"). Fun times.

Au revoir, mes amis

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 5:12 am
by Alcman
Paris: Thaïs

Love of my life, fire of my loins, Thaïs wrote a confession to me: she's fifteen. The sms launched me into a stupor, a mix of incredulity, desire and nostalgia.

I remember so vividly my days of being a fifteen-year-old eighth grader, and how the girls suddenly came to full bloom. It could happen so quickly; one day in the corridor I walked past a freckled brunette classmate wearing a tight black top, and her breasts jumped out at me, took my breath away and burned the whole scene into my retina. Ten years on I'm still disconcerted and flushed when I think about it; I remember every part of the mise-en-scène, and her irritably patronizing me with her eyes, seeing that I saw (she had an older boyfriend, and I never saw her show the slightest erotic interest in her coevals). There is also a memorable visit to a public bath complex, when all the girls I coveted and admired showed off their wares in all their surprising new-found glory, and I proudly noticed that, yes, the two girlies I loved were still the best when undressed, and had the shapeliest breasts (proof that my X-ray vision worked!).

Friends, it took me ten years. It took me a decade to realize the dream of my fifteen year old lips to taste theirs, of my hands to grope their quince-ans buttocks. A thought enough to give one vertigo. I'm glad no one told me that at the time, or I would have struggled with motivating my life! I carried myself through the school years by fooling myself that next year, next year it's going to happen, it's got to happen according to the statistics... I didn't discover proactivity until about seven years into the decade.

And so I tenderly answered Thaïs that I cared only about feeling and connection, not externalities like age or height (which is only half true; I do care about age, but in the opposite way to what young girls expect --- unless they possess a precocious insight of their seductive powers, like Lolita! The poor souls don't realize that they have everything their older female peers have and more!), and she responded (verbatim) that she was "relieved to be clear with me <3". She suggested we go out and listen to music Friday.

The thought of accompanying her to a club made me a bit nervous, so I responded that we could just have ice-cream or so. To this she wrote another charming entry, calling me "her secret" and forbidding me to go to her school (which I couldn't be further from having suggested, lol!). What a beautiful thing, to be the secret of a little girl! She started pushing hard for coming to my place last Friday, asking me for my exact address, door code and number of stairs. Obviously the teen girl was anxious to meet me, but even more anxious about being seen with me! Which is, come to think of it, quite curious, given the uninhibited way she behaved with her girlfriends at the club. Nevertheless, I understand if her little mind is filled with confusing, contradictory and novel feelings! Eventually she flaked and sms:ed me she had some family problem, and that we should meet this Friday (tomorrow) instead. I have no expectation of us doing so, but I sure hope it.

Note of Clarification

There is perhaps a need here to note for the bewildered reader that in France, like in Italy, there is no age limit for bars and clubs, although there is a legal age of 18 (since 2009; before then it was 16, like in Italy) for ordering alcohol, though not for purchasing it in stores. Nevertheless, all this is mere formalities, since ID controls are practically unheard of in southern continental Europe, which means that it's all up to the subjective judgment of the individual bartender, usher or bouncer. This all has (to the stuck-up and frozen mind of an uncivilized Scandinavian) the amazing consequence that one can meet girls of any age in clubs, girls whom in Stockholm one would be forced to game off the street. I recall that Thaïs had her friend buy her a drink (a concoction of gin mixed with some fruit, which she magnanimously had me taste), a stratagem probably due to the fact that her friend was (or looked) older. To sum up: here was a cute fifteen year old girl having a drink in a club, flirting with me, and it was nothing out of the ordinary.

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by Alcman
Statistics, as of Wednesday, Week 3

During the last two weeks I have averaged around five good approaches per day, which means that I've probably done some 70 approaches in Paris yet. I'm counting the French numbers (they start with +33) on my phone, and they are 19. One or two might be other numbers I've called, but then I also know I've deleted at least one number from a girl who didn't respond. This squares well with the fact that I can't recall a day during which I did not get a single number. It should also be noted that I've gone on one instant (wine) date, with a twenty-eight-year-old Spanish-Sardinian woman who paid for all the drinks, with no number involved. I'd say the majority of attempts without number close are with girls who like me but are not single, célibataire. My favourite response is to ask them, with a wink, if they wouldn't like to have two boyfriends, which always make them gasp, blush and laugh, and makes for a great and light-weight end of our interaction.

From all the phone numbers, I've yet only been on a date with Lou, the art student I met on an exhibition (I've also been on two really boring online-game dates, one from Tinder and one from OKCupid, which is relatively popular in France, before I decided to delete the apps and quit online game again). She's great and I'm going to meet her again, but she's not smoking and I'm not that motivated to sleep with her.

Out of all the seventy approaches, I've had no negative experience, and most of the women I exchanged contact info with kissed me twice on the cheeks, as the French do to friends and family. The bad date harvest is a bother, though, and eventually leaves the whole enterprise insipid. I haven't gotten laid since February, friends, and I'm NoFap too, haha! I have the feeling that some of the girls are scared off by the fact that I'm only in Paris for vacation, fearing that they'd fall in love and be hurt, especially since they invariably ask me for how long I'm staying. This might be a downside to day game, which is in essence more serious and potentially long-term, compared to night game. Of course, before jumping to conclusions, I should post and analyze some examples of my interactions.


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PostPosted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:27 pm
by Alcman
Summa Summarum: Paris

A week ago I marked another milestone on Yours Truly's quasi-serious list:

Seduction Goals for 2018
- Pop my cherry DONE
- Pop someone else's cherry
- Get lots of sexual experience
- Date my first girl younger than 18 DONE
- Fuck a frenchwoman DONE

On a more serious note, it was neither the sex nor the nationality of the heroine which made this the most important evening of my adult life. Rather it was the fact that a fifteener coveted me and seduced me to sex, proof that my ultimate goals and gratifications were not just figments of a wild imagination. How far I've come in only a few months' time! I few posts back I wrote that I had a sticking point with approaching younger girls. Well, I pride myself with having overcome that sticking point by raw work and determination, guided by an overarching plan. I gradually started dating younger girls in Stockholm, through conversation and open-mindedness inching my way towards empathy and a first attempt at understanding their situation. Before I hit France I opened my heart to my sixteen-year-old sister, and we had a long talk about young love, sexual harassment and the female online experience. How fortunate I am to have a little ally in the trenches; it's like suddenly being able to ask the wall what sticks with it, before starting to throw random stuff.

In France I did perhaps more than I ever thought I would. I approached almost exclusively youngsters, a great deal of them around fifteen, my magical number, and they adored me. I mended the broken link between adulthood and pubescence, and suddenly that old anxiety turned into an excitement and a natural attraction. ajay visited me during a day when I truly seemed to turn into a magnet for the darling buds, in tune with my desires.

Nevertheless, my Parisian experience was exhausting. More than a hundred solid street approaches left me with only two girls dated. The lay was my first success with night game, and as such very satisfactory and motivating. Perhaps most important of all, the sheer mass of approach experience has changed the way I deal with approaching forever. I am now able to turn on autopilot and steer through my own anxiety, channeling it into excitement. My perceptivity of both which ladies I'd still desire with the clothes off, and which are probably in a good situation to meet has also considerably improved. I'm still sliding on my stomach through the dirt of Beginner Seducer's Hell Inc., but at least I know roughly what direction the escalator to the first terranean level is in.

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by Alcman
Roma: Friday (Venerdì)

Mi par ch’oggi il demonio si diverta d’opporsi a’ miei piacevoli progressi; vanno male tutti quanti!
(It seems to me that today the devil is amusing himself with opposing my pleasant advances. How badly everything is going!)
- Don Giovanni

Mark this day as the worst yet. My lovely Roman date from yesterday, sixteen-year-old Stefania, let's me know by sms she doesn't want to meet again ("I just want to be by myself for a few days"...), and that's only the start of the devil's amusements. But let's sweetly digress and dwell in timeless memory.

What an enchanting girl! Always wearing intricately patterned thin summer dresses, she is tall with irises so black her pupils often vanish. Although Stefania is half-Bulgarian, I believe hers was the kind of "deeper gaze" Keats ascribed to the Mediterranean girls as apposed to the English. And she certainly was not afraid of looking me deep in the eye. I met her right here on via flaminia, where I live, having just excited my domes, telling her truthfully that "sei vestito incredibilmente" (you are incredibly dressed!). It turned out she was a good liceo classico student with an excellent English (by any Italian standard!) who was going on an exchange to Texas in the fall. The same evening at 9:30 we met again and had gelato by the Spanish steps. I ask her to speak Italian to me, but she eventually drifts back into English. We talk of wonderful and strange things. She is such a thoughtful girl, she seems constantly on the verge of sliding into reverie. "Do you dream a lot?", I ask her. "I never dream at night", she answers, "perhaps that is why I daydream so much". She tells me a cute story of how her Italian father met her Bulgarian mother, who is an actress (prior to meeting me, S. had been to a setting of Chekhov's "Three sisters" (incidentally S. has precisely two sisters!), directed by her mother and acted by her mother's students). We talk about family, and the value of siblings. I show her a picture of my little sister, and she finds her beautiful, which is cute given that I had just sent a picture of S. to my sister, only to have her respond the same way!

I crack up when S. tells me she has the opposite character to her bigger sister, who is unflatteringly described as a "party animal" (though now twenty-eight, pregnant and forced to change her ways...). Notwithstanding the efforts of her Bulgarian grandmother who tried to give her wine at a young age, S. dislikes the taste of both alcohol and beer ("even the smell"). Her character thus suggests that she might be a virgin, although Mediterranean statistics make it unlikely.

Back to Black Friday. Her sms launched me into a dreadful mood. I did not yet have any amorous alternatives in Rome, so when she cut the cord, I found myself once again driven with the wind and tossed. Going home, I fell into feverish sleep on my bed, and woke up around 10 pm. Dazed and confused, I forced myself out of my lair and hit a famous ex-pat bar aptly called "Scholars' lounge". I stayed by the bar and talked to the handful of girl groups who came to order, but none of them invited me to join them, and my vibe was off. (The greatest downside of my persistent cold is that I can't jump-start my testosterone by working out. That magical solution never fails to bring me up out of the bluest of blue funks.)

Clubs in Rome open late, but at eleven I left headed for a club in the funky rione Testaccio, on the southern left bank of the Tiber. Forty minutes of walking later, I realized that the club did not exist in the summer, though I tried to enlist the geographical help of at least three groups of party-bound ragazzine. The renowned "estate romana", or Roman summer, has yet to impress me with its nightlife. I didn't have a bus ticket, so I grabbed a rental bike and rather furiously pedaled home.

Roma: Saturday (Sabato)

Slept late, but woke up in a good mood. I hit the shopping street and my first approach, Allegra of Taranto, joined me for a cappuccino at a café. I opened and hooked her in Italian, but she turned out to study a bachelor's in Scotland, so her English was flawless. She had been to a modeling gig in Monti this morning, but otherwise spent the summer doing an internship at some company by the piazza della repubblica. She was quite smitten with me, smiling and fidgeting. By calculations based on the fact that she just finished the first year of her baccalaureate, she was twenty. I hope we'll meet again soon. Fuelled by success I later approached yet another Italian principessa in a black dress, but she was en ménage.


Why do I write these laborious characterizations of all the ragazzine I meet? These flower buds have yet nothing to their name, so why not let them slip into oblivion, especially since their memories cause my heart pangs of hell? Well, as the eighteenth-century author Cao Xueqin put it (after having been ostracized for impregnating a maid and lapsing into alcoholism),

[h]aving made an utter failure of my life, one day I found myself in the midst of my poverty and wretchedness, thinking about the female companions of my youth. As I went over them in my mind’s eye one by one it suddenly came over me that those slips of girls – which is all they were then – were in every way, both morally and intellectually, superior to the ‘grave and moustachioed signor’ I am now supposed to have become. The realisation brought with it an overpowering sense of shame … And I resolved then, however unsightly my shortcomings might be, I must not, for the sake of keeping them hid, allow those wonderful girls to pass into oblivion without a memorial.

A worthy pursuit indeed! There is a quiet heroism in facing the fact that you, the Adult, though "grave and moustachioed", might in fact be overall morally and intellectually inferior to a child, and one to whom you hold feelings of unrequited love at that. For granting me access but for a moment to their healing light - a beam of puerile sanity - I might at least pay a humble paean.

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by Alcman
Lucca: Amor Lucchese? On the Pros and Cons of Rustic Romance

Half an hour from Pisa (you know, the city with the tower which could use some viagra) in mountainous Tuscany (Toscana) is little Lucca, famous for its medieval city center, completely surrounded by a massive wall. Lucca happens to be the place where a family friend has invited me to stay for free at his extra apartment, whereat he only sojourns. So yesterday, off I went from Rome by train to Lucca (after being driven to the train station by taxi driver Luca!).

I realize it is my first shot at country side / smaller town game, and I've already experienced some peculiarities. The first thing I noticed is that young girls are walking alone everywhere, way more often than in Rome, and in that way more reminding of Stockholm. This is perhaps the single most salient perk of a secure city (if you wonder what security means for a city, take everything that Rome is and negate it!). The first girl I met while still carrying my heavy travel suitcase, backpack and guitar hard-case. Lavignia charmingly opened her myself, something that happens way more often on the less trafficked and more personal streets of a small town. The road we were on was blocked, and that's what she commented on to me. She realized I was not an Italian and excused herself, but I gauged interest and simply asked for her name (in Italian), which she gave me and our conversation was on. The smoothness with which a woman who has already decided she wants to meet you hooks, never ceases to amaze and delight me. A native ragazza lucchese, She is studying neuroscience in London, and working at a lab for the summer, and hence was only visiting her home town shortly. At the moment, she was going to visit her grandmother who lived on the same via as I was going to live on. Perfect, thought I, but the poor girl was unable to gratify herself with dating me, since she was leaving on the morrow. Palpably smitten she bid me farewell.

After dropping my bags, I walked around and opened a super sexily dressed Italian, but she didn't respond (no earplugs), even though I followed up my initial complement with a few more and gave her some time, and talked both Italian and English. I have seen this behaviour in Italy several times now, but I can't remember ever seeing it in Sweden. Likely an evolutionary trait due to the relative forwardness of Italian males. In the evening I open what I think is a hot girl in shorts. Turns out she's a somewhat older (mid twenties) woman with a funny expression and whiny voice. I'm hungry for conversation, though, and she turns out to be knowledgeable about music. She insists that I come with her to the local Puccini museum the next morning. I could have easily invited her home, but she did not turn me on the least. Next morning just as I exit the door, still standing on the steps, beautiful Francesca locks me into her gaze and throws away the key.

Ch’è quel ch’io veggo dentro agli occhi belli
della mia donna? Lasso! egli è Amor forse.
Pur l’accecata vista ve lo scòrse,
benché la vinca lo splendor di quelli.
“Amor, perché per me non li favelli?”

Who is this whom I see behind the beautiful eyes
of my lady? Alas! perhaps it is Amor.
Even the blinded vision did see him there,
though the splendor of the sources conquered it.
"Amor, why don't you win her favour for me?"

"I'm only sixteen... How old are you?", she says to a man who recently had sex with a girl of fifteen, though her smile betrays what she'd like to do. "Oh, only a nine year age difference...", she says ironically when I answer. Still she stays with me, as we stand together in silence with eyes locked, and she does not divert her eyes, which express mischief, incredulity and curiosity. I ask her if she wants to hang out. She wants to "think about it", but still stays. "Is this where you live?" she asks, then she excuses herself for being in a hurry (she's on vacation, lol) and leaves. Takeaway is that I should have at least tried to invite her in immediately when she asked about my home, which was just behind my back. No people were around. I'm setting a new goal to start inviting women home more often, instead of going for future dates. Remember Angela who had cappuccino with me on the fly? She blushed and asked if I had roommates on our date, then never answered my sms afterwards. By hindsight, I see clearly she was but horny in the moment. I'm glad to sort this mess out in my head.


Beach. Heaven and hell in a curious mix. A cornucopia of temptations; of wet thighs glistening in the sun, tanned nates wobbling with every step, heavenly eyes glistening with desire at the ice cream stand, the arch of a girl tanning her back, showing you the entrance is all its glory, string bikini long since swallowed by steatopygia. See [sea?] but not touch. Small resort town filled to the brim with slim auburn teens in scanty clothing. Few. if any. dare make eye contact. I haven't felt as devastated in quite a while. I'm looking forward to go back to Rome, back to anonymity and the boldness it lends girls. Rustic romance is not worth it. Besides, there's something about an evening in a beautiful Mediterranean resort that makes my loneliness compact like a black hole. These places are designed for cuddling and snuggling, and every second spent not doing so hurts.

It's more than two weeks since I had sex and I've again largely forgotten what it's like, even though the memory of it haunts me once a minute. I'm needy because I need a new experience to calm the raging memory. I have no idea what will happen in the next few days, except that it will be rough for me. Christ. To survive I will have to adhere strictly to workouts, meditation and regular good food. Still, I'm looking forward to it.

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by Alcman
Rome Revisited

Che bella notte! È più chiara del giorno: sembra fatta per gir a zonzo a caccia di ragazze. - Don Giovanni
[What a beautiful night! And how bright the dawn: it seems made for taking a stroll catching girls.]

The wheel of fate keeps spinning. Or is it me spinning it? On the way home to Rome, two Russian girls sought my attention at the train station in Pisa, drawn in part by the lure of my guitar case. They number closed me and then went off to Florence. Tomorrow they're bound for Rome. Since Russians are the best at partying (i.e. drinking!). That event was catalytic; in a spell my mood and vibe skyrocketed. It was not so much that it was the most amazing thing that ever happened to me; rather a humble but clear reminder of life's possibilities.

So I hit Trastevere guns a-blazin'. Took a stroll to hunt for girls (girare a zonzo a caccia di ragazze), and found the neighborhood oozing with sweet pubescence. Ah, Lucia, how your striped black-and-white playsuit overloaded my senses with its non-Euclidean curves; how I melted when you turned around and met my pleasant advances with a teenage smile! You were in liceo linguistico and clearly intelligent, and as I've started to expect you showered me with questions and attention after blushingly telling me you're "only fifteen"; you kissed me on the cheeks rather too eagerly before you boarded your bus, and waved to me from the window - I guess at that moment you intently wished you were single, and I wondered if maybe a bit more persistence could have made you forget your boyish beau. You are a runner up for most wonderful creature I ever approached.

Regarding the "age confession", it seems to be a necessary vent for young girls, and serves as both as a gauge of attainability and a shit test - as age questions always are. Empirical testing has revealed to me that the best response is just to nonchalantly acknowledge it and move the conversation on - if it's not a big deal to me, it's not going to be one to her. The best interaction is one in which she forgets about my external attributes and focuses on the connection - as Ebba told me of her experience when I picked her up in Stockholm, "I didn't think of it [me being older] at all".

When I went to have dinner at a local restaurant, I was met by the adoring green eyes of eighteen-year-old waitress Alicia ("or Elise"). The poor girl almost was crying with nervousness when I ordered, hand visibly shaking, fidgeting with the menu. But she bravely held my gaze, and never averted her eyes. How I love this audacity some young women have, this ability to look love in the eye, however intimidating; what conscious effort it took me to develop the same ability that she has naturally! Unfortunately she was not single, which obviously added to her inner turmoil. It was an absolutely unforgettable experience. I was the only customer, and it was school book love at first sight. Such sweet girl and sweet conversation ("You have really beautiful eyes", "You too"). She reminded me of Grace, the girl of the same age I made beach love with last June. Some girls, my favourites by far, are just like open books, wearing their breathtakingly beautiful and sensitive hearts on their sleeves, just like I try to do.

In the evening I went to the square San Cosimato, which Lucia had told me was her favourite local haunt. They showed movies - this night a cheesy Italian horror movie called "L'Uccello dalle piume di cristallo", about a serial killer specializing in killing random sexy young girls with different knives - and as promised the square filled up with a high school crowd as night settled. After the movie I floated through the narrow medieval streets. Suddenly a slim brunette was hurling funny invectives at a building, which I found to be a good opportunity to open. She, Julia, liked me immediately, explained it was her hated high school and invited me to hang out with her gang. We bought some drinks at a bar and brought with us into the night (the perk of plastic glasses). I got a good lesson in group dynamics. It was great fun, with them teaching me dirty Italian, ex.

Julia - "Do you know what 'succhiare il cazzo' [suck dick] means?
Me - [Pretending I don't understand] No, can you show me?

I also realized that getting a girl out of that group of class mates was next to impossible. She tried to shit test me by asking to sip from my Negroni, but I refused to give her any if she wouldn't comply and come sit by me. She persisted with ludicrous reasons like being tired etc., but I didn't budge and she didn't comply. We stayed in the street till after one in the morning. Julia was the only one who hugged me when I left.


Woke up early, fully healthy at last, went for a jog and worked out at home. This afternoon felt even more made for caccia di ragazze, and I used piazza San Cosimato as home base for numerous approaches, sitting on a bench like an antlion. I forced myself to approach an Asian for the firts time, to build momentum and challenge my prejudices. I wasn't turned on though, so my prejudices were confirmed. though it was fun and the girl hooked hard and gave me her number. Eventually I met Federica who was walking her dog. Her eyes were glimmering wells and once they had seized on me they never let go. At last I found Rome's only single girl, lol! We decided to meet on Monday, and shortly afterwards she sent me a text "Ciao Albin, poi fammi sapere a che ora è dove!" (just let me know the time and place!). A mix of different recollections of some of Chase's date designs, I suggested she meet me at my place, and that we'll then head up to the Gianicolo (Janiculum), a famous hill nearby with a great view, adding that if she brought snacks I'd bring wine (I did this to great effect with the two infamous Italians in January). She just answered "it's perfect! :)". Looking forward to it.

As night crept on, I went home to rest. I have become wise; unlike Sweden it's absolutely no use going out to bars early here. Instead I went home, rested and watched some movie until about eleven, when I heard some distant neighbors copulating and felt the "bella notte" calling me to action. I approached a group of two girls, one Spanish and one English, who were interacting with a Swiss guy. I ended up hanging out with them for some time, exchanging numbers with all of them. Probably I'll go to a club with them tonight. I'm not interested in the girls, but I need them for momentum. I am aware of the fact that I have to practice cutting the cord though; it's dangerously comfortable for a solo night game beginner to stick with the first gang he meets, even though it stalls. I have to admit, I feel intimidated by how much I have yet to learn about night game.

A presto,

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by Alcman
First Nighttime Pull

« Chi vuol esser lieto, sia:
di doman non c'è certezza »
[Whoever wants to live happy, go ahead:
regarding tomorrow there is no certainty]
- Lorenzo de' Medici, Canzona di Bacco,

The peculiarities of Rome are blurring my distinction between day game and night game in a very interesting way. I have been hanging out round the piazza San Cosimato every night, and around nine it never fails to fill up with hoards of cute girls under eighteen. Many of them are nowhere to be found during the day, which I've learned is partly due to them being from the suburbs and partly due to the late sleeping patterns of Rome's young girls on summer vacation (as Silvia would tell me, she sleeps until after two every day). So the other day I started doing what I usually do during the day and looked for girls walking alone, but after dark. To my surprise, the girls were not at all more liable to be freaked out, and I realized I was on to something.

Sunday night I gravitated towards the piazza as usual. At nine they were showing Woody Allen's "Manhattan". I sat at the periphery and chilled, keeping an eye on what women were moving in the square. A slim girl in shorts comes and stands rather close to me, lighting a smoke. After waiting to see if she were joining someone, I realize she's there to watch the movie alone. Something about her tells me she's making herself open for approach. I gather courage and stand up. As I walk over, she suddenly sits down instead. Breaking sprezzatura, I sit down next to her, despite having just stood up. I decide in favour of indirect direct. "Ti piace Woody Allen?", I say, asking if she knows English or only reads the Italian subtitles. She beams at me and immediately invests in the conversation. Her face is strikingly beautiful, drawn in clear and bold lines, highlighting the curious "tired" lines extending diagonally out and down from the inner corners of the eyes, lines which seem to be companions of great beauty. Her brown collarbone-length hair has a slight seductive Italian curl, and she's wearing a white buttoned blouse and tiny khaki shorts, and her long supple legs end in Dr. Martin's-style low black boots. Her whole right underarm is in a white bandage covered with friends' well-wishes, and her left has her friend's phone number written on it, since she just lost her phone. She is called Silvia.

What an amazing experience to sit with her there in the dark, with the Allen film in the background. In a sublime coincidence, Allen's forty-two-year-old cameo character is dating a seventeen-year-old girl, which is Silvia's age. Silvia has seen the movie before and we mostly ignore it, sitting close together on the concrete ground talking in the crepuscular piazza. Already she is responding well to my touch, both incidental and emphatic. After some ten minutes, the movie suffers some technological problem and stops. I take the opportunity to suggest we get out of there, and she agrees. We walk over to nearby Piazza di San Calisto and sit down at a bar table outside with a glass of wine (remember that there is no age limit at Italian bars; I simply couldn't do this in Sweden).

She lights up again. I look at her as we talk, I pierce her with my eyes, alternately focusing on the bridge of her nose, alternately drinking in her features. I point out to her that Silvia (from Latin silva, forest) is a fitting name for her, that I could imagine her as a sylvan nymph, hiding in trees and making men loose their way, and I flick forth her locks in front of her face to illustrate how she would look living in the wild. She thinks my locks would qualify me in the woods too. We sit opposite but close at a small table, and she is inclined towards me. I touch her a lot; her face, her hair, her bare legs, her upper arm, her hands, her feet. She tells me that I really see her, that she's not used to men being truly present, and share's the Italian winged expression "avere prosciutto negli occhi" (to have prosciutto in the eyes) which characterizes precisely people who are not actually seeing and being fully present.

Silvia also gives a lovely description of the merits of intercultural intercourse. How deep diving with a straniero enables one to "get under the skin" of another culture, which lends the perspective needed for genuine self-reflection (in the true sense of perspective, from latin speculum = mirror). The subject makes her passionate, her eyes burn and she emphasizes 'skin' with slapping the skin of my arm, to balance all the touch I'm giving her.

What she then proceeds to tell me adds a darker touch to the conversation. During the last years she has had problems with drinking too much alcohol, but since she broke her arm in a drunken spree, her family and friends have put pressure on her to calm down. She doesn't characterize herself as a party girl, since she was mostly drinking alone when she was sad. She says that alcoholism and drug abuse among young teenagers is common in Rome, and especially Trastevere, which chimes with my experiences of the youth gangs drinking outside every night of the week. "I have tried many times to live healthy", she says, "but it never worked!". She is the quintessential hedonist, the good and the bad, beautiful and raw like youth and summer. "I don't believe in God", she says with an impenetrable air.

I listen to her and our connection is deep and strong like an underground river. When our wine is done, I suggest we pay and go somewhere else, which she agrees to. My place is just a minute away and we keep up the conversation on the way. We talk about music and she says how she would love to go to "a concert that would change my life", which confirms that she is a girl who lives for kicks. She follows me up to the apartment without any fuss, and she sits down on my terrace, with which she is most delighted. I go to the bathroom and she calls to me asking if she can smoke (again). I allow it because it will help her relax, even though I abhor smoke kisses (I cringe inside just writing about them).

I bring a jug of water, which makes the alcoholic girl leer with irony and say she doesn't drink water. I then bring a bottle of sparkling wine which the hostess left for me, which makes her beam with joy. I make her help in opening it, to get her to invest even more in staying, and we have fun trying to open it like a champagne bottle, only to realize that there was no "pop" at all. I have touched her so much before, so that I can do most anything. I bring my chair up to hers and lift her smooth bare legs up in my knee. In this fashion we talk for awhile, but while she talks I am stroking and playing with her legs all the time.

After a few minutes I order her to come sit herself in my knee instead, which she does immediately. I've got a strong erection from having her legs in my lap, and she sits down straight on my cock. I can see that she is excited by it, even though she's trying to look like she didn't notice. I am looking at her with bedroom eyes and stroking her legs, enjoying how she distractedly tries to continue the conversation. She is saying that you sometimes have to take a time-out in life and look at your life from afar. After she's said this her voice just drops away and she looses herself in my eyes. I jokingly give a dry platonic sentence as an answer, to hold of the kiss for a few seconds ("in English we say that 'life makes sense backwards'"). Then we plunge together. What an Italian leopardess! She is biting my lips with her sharp little teeth in a way I've never experienced. I snap of her bra (once you know the trick it's easy) underneath her shirt, pull it down and start suckling her right pap. At first I feel her tensing with resistance, but after a few seconds she gives in to a violent pleasure, moans and grabs my head. At this point, I resolve to move her in to the bed. With hindsight, I should have been more shameless and tried to fuck her out on the terrace.

In one movement I swiftly stand up with her in my arms (why I like the girls whose weight is in the forties...) to carry her the three meters inside to the bed. Problem is she doesn't fit in the door and I have to put her down, and all momentum disappears. I notice immediately that I lost her, and feel the sting of defeat. I do the only thing I know to battle LMR, namely I take a big step backwards, while showing a lot of compassion. I lay down on the bed.

She proceeds to give me a standing sermon on how she has been having so much sex, and trying so many drugs etc, that when she finally broke her arm, she promised herself to change her lifestyle; that she questioned who really cared for her out of all the "stupid" (quote) men who shared her bed. But she then lies down next to me in a weird position, on her back with her knees up to her breast, which given her mini shorts essentially shows off both her full butt cheeks. "And then here I am in your house, in your bed. Of course, I don't know your intentions." (But I know yours!) She talks to me quite freely and I complement her on her honesty.

I get bored of talking so I bring my guitar and sing her Paul McCartney's "Blackbird", which really moves her and transforms her into an adoring fan (I should have become a sixties rock star instead of philosopher...). She really likes and is impressed by my playing, which instantly repairs the value damage of the failed seduction earlier, so I play through most of my repertoire. She sits up next to me on the bed. I'm glad that I'm confident enough to play without looking, so that I can focus on her eyes the entire time. She is amazed at that; "why are you not looking when you play??". I just answer that "you have such beautiful eyes, why should I want to look at a guitar instead?". Her eyes shine and her voice wavers when I'm playing. "I wish I had my pen and paper, I would draw the silhouette of your face", she says and dreamily adores my face.

Whenever I break off, her kiss hits me like a torpedo; she can't restrain herself. After the second kiss I put away my guitar, and ask her sarcastically why she is reclining in such a weird way, while grabbing and spanking her bare butt ("Ouch!"), implying that she is just trying to get me to fuck her. I lie down next to her again to rest and I can feel a torrent of emotion swirling in her. "No, Silvia, get up!" she suddenly exclaims in third person as her Freudian Superego takes command. She laboriously and unenthusiastically gets up and gathers her stuff. "You'll see me on the square. Tomorrow is a new day", she says, "then we can meet and have sex or whatever, but tonight Silvia is going home". Sure, what a load of bull... I just answer that she's a funny girl, and she's off into the night. I really could have loved her. She was such a touching mix of tough and vulnerable. God knows what happens if I do meet her on the square.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2018 12:04 pm
by Alcman
New Day

I have to stop being so sentimental. Of course, some sentimentality is necessary for passion, but too much and it becomes a sticky mucus which stifles growth. I ran into Silvia; no connection anymore, like your average LMR. Knife in the heart, but whatever. New class today at school. Busty bulgarian babe Stefania, straight from a school of design in Milano, checks me out first thing as she enters the classroom, and again when she sits down. Attraction obvious. I give her extra attention, and by chance (for real!) I end up getting paired with her for exercises, and we write a small play together where she is a free rider and I'm the conductor (I know; a classic setting for a porno). Every time she locks eye with me we hold it too long, and I wait for her to break it. When we're discussing in a bigger group she constantly looks to me for validation when she says something. She makes me really horny and I feel the testosterone and adrenaline, and I let it all flow through my gaze and presence. After the lesson I take her aside and ask her out. She's busy today, but I get her number. A male classmate already fucked another chick at school (who is now chasing him and being "clingy" as he called it), so things look pretty good.

I am going to keep practicing night game, just being out, low pressure, and spending consistent time in venues late hours, to get the fear and insecurity away, to build stamina. Street day game hasn't given me shit outside Sweden, so I won't strain myself anymore to do that, and be happy with what I just run into. I'll reengage the hardcore street when I get back to the confident chicks of Stockholm. It's curious how no women have returned my compliments abroad, whereas it's more or less standard for my Swedish girls to compliment me back. Makes me a bit homesick. But the eyes and facial expressivity of women here... I look forward to seeing such a face in orgasm.


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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2018 4:22 pm
by Alcman
Philosophical Interlude

The constant struggle of game is to be proactive instead of reactive. Once in awhile I am broken down by external rejection and internal disappointment, and need a time-out. Marcus Aurelius correctly realized that no matter what level of awareness he attains, man needs a constant reminder of his guiding principles, and though he may have memorized them, he needs to regularly experience their truth again, essentially daily:

Say to thyself at daybreak: "I am going to bump into some busybody, someone ungrateful, someone with hubris, someone deceitful, someone jealous and someone asocial and selfish: all these character flaws developed in them out of ignorance of good and bad. But since I myself have seen that the nature of good is beautiful and that the nature of bad is ugly, and that the nature of the man who commits mistakes is kindred to me - not blood or seed from the same source but a participation of the same intelligence and divine allotment - I cannot be hurt by any one of them. For no one can encircle me with what is ugly, nor can I be angry with my kinsman, nor hate him. For we are as made for co-operation [synergy] as feet, as hands, as eyelids, as the rows of the upper and lower teeth. To act against one another then is contrary to nature; and it is acting against one another to be vexed and turn away."

There is a treasury of insights here. Whenever I meet a woman who treats me rudely, I need to keep in mind that this rude state of mind happened to her in some way or another, and that this condition is not her; that her person or soul is not insulting me, that, in fact, a soul cannot do harm to another soul; such trifles are the business of the external conditions. And that just as the upper and lower jaw combine splendidly to chew, any woman is perfectly fitted to work with me towards a common goal, and anything else than such a dance of co-operation is unnatural.

I think the first law of cold approaching should be: it is contrary to nature to be vexed and turn away (of course, whether she acts contrary to nature or not is none of our business; as Epictetus would say, it is outside of our control, and hence not in the domain of good and bad, wherefore we should suspend judgement).

Meditating on principles like the above is all the time-out you ever need. Taking other kinds of breaks - like staying away from women - is childish and stems from a misunderstanding of how the mind works. Marcus realized that a Roman statesman didn't really need a seaside country home away from the bustle of imperial Rome - every thing he needed for a retreat he carried with him at all times. Exactly the same holds for the seducer; what you need to refresh yourself and your vibe doesn't cost a thing and can easily be written down on a small scrap of paper or memorized.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2018 2:59 pm
by Alcman

Over a month since I wrote the last entry back in Rome. I've been approaching like crazy here in Stockholm these last few weeks, even though all that that day game really yielded was three rather platonic dates. A rough guess of my lifetime day game approaches is right now probably around four houndred, of which 2-300 were made during this summer.

To make a hundred approaches a month you just have to do 3,33 of them a day. With some good measure, the first part of my game plan for the autumn is therefore to do at least 4 approaches a day (which is what I happen to have done today), clocking in at 120 per month or 1440 a year. A good method is to do at least one of them in the morning, to start off the day in the spirit of taking action, and to make at least one combo - making one approach while soaring on the momentum of another previous.

The second part is the night game. On Fridays and Saturdays I'll do bar - club combos; warming up at bars before hitting clubs when they start to fill up. I'll be slowly working up my nightlife stamina, staying out longer, keeping myself out there picking up IOI:s and invites, learning to relax and have more fun going out by myself. Apart from the weekends, I've found it's a good idea to go out at least one weekday or Sunday, to get a feel for how joints look when they're not packed, and perhaps meet some of the more chill (and/or alcoholic) brand of girls. Besides, going out for a beer after school in the middle of the week is fucking awesome relaxation! And it lessens the boring dichotomy betwixt week-day and week-end, that horrible bourgeois invention...

In my night game I need to be more sexual and daring, and start to try to extract girls from groups. I need to work on nighttime process; hook, compliance and extraction.

In sum, to get out of this dreary beginner's inferno, I will

  • Make at least 4 approaches a day,
  • Hit night life joints three times a week.

Alla cazza, to the hunt!
Sorry, Thylane Blondeau, what counts as rude is in the eye of the beholder...


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PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2018 10:31 am
by Alcman
September has been busy. I've studied and worked more intensely than I ever have in my life, all the while finding time to substantially develop my skills with women. I've kept my plan of night game, and have been going out every Friday and Saturday. This endurance training yielded my first ONS last weekend, quite a confirmation that I'm on the right path. The empowering effect of having the experience of a true ONS is not to be underestimated. After all, these days not all men in the west ever manage to pull from bars/clubs, since "getting lucky" has largely transferred online.

This week I've started a NoFap, NoPorn, NoOnline to calm and focus my mind. NoFap is no big deal; I got over my masturbation addiction last winter. The deal is the porn/sexy pics; never before in my adult life have I sustained a porn abstinence for long. When doing NoFap for the first time, my survival method was watching porn and often edging without ejaculating. This gave me some of the dopamine I yearned for, and hence worked the same way nicotine pills do for smoking abstainers.

Yesterday I felt the effects. Hell broke loose: my sex drive literally died, my cock a dead piece of meat, and my brain fell into a London fog. I felt like a mad scientist had experimented on my brain. Perplexedly I observed how emotions swirled, and how I could start crying without any plausible reason. I tried to force day game anyway, but my vibe was horribly off, as never before, and women just sneered at me left and right.

Today when I woke up I felt that a kind of first reset had set in; I had survived Inferno and popped out into the fresh air of Purgatory, where my quest could go on with less suffering. I read Tony Depp's latest paean to day game, and decided it is time I make day game technical again. For quite some time I have mostly flowed, making hundreds of approaches during summer, without really working on a specific aspect. That was of course immensely precious experience, but I now feel I have go back to school for a master class, so to speak. The "one minute rule" is great, forcing you to force a conversation for at least a minute even though the vibe is off, which effectively enables you to get girls who take longer to hook, and also increases your endurance as rejection will sometimes be harsher if you come off as more persistent.

So I give myself the goal to ask all women I open for instant dates, and head out pumped. Thirty seconds out of the door a cute teen girl in a leather jacket walks towards me and I stop dead in my tracks and say

- Wow, you have amazing style, I love the leather jacket!
- Thaanks! [slows down and stops tentatively, after passing me by half a meter]
- Are you involved in fashion?
- No, haha!
- I love leather jackets, as you can see. Bla, bla starts conversation about clothes and good stores [Steps really close to her; she doesn't pull back]

I ask for her name and holds her hand for a little longer than usual. She keeps the kind of wide-eyed steady eye contact that only nymphets who have never indulged their desire to date older men do (think preternaturally wide-eyed Jessica Harper's character in "Suspiria"; see pic below); what they are looking at is not only you per se, but you as perhaps the first real Man who truly sees her back. Wow, I get emotional just writing about that gaze. I guess she's sixteen or seventeen. Anyway, I ask what she's up to, and since she answers that she's heading for a second hand store, I ask if she wants coffee (i.e. Swedish "fika"). She answers that she "unfortunately" just had fika, so I exchange numbers, give her a warm hug and am off. Some time later I sms her, and as the lovely young girl she is she excitedly answered me a long sms almost immediately, where she apologizes for not being able to meet right now (!), and suggests meeting later today (!) or tomorrow. Ah, the charms of straightforward youth! As I want to be free to game today (it's Saturday, after all), I suggested we meet tomorrow. This will also let her desires boil some more.

Onwards and upwards,
(Yes, Ricardus was always my favorite GC writer except for Chase...)


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PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 1:49 pm
by Alcman
Sunday: Disappointment, We Meet Again

The planned date with wonderful fifteen year old Petra imploded, which always happens when the young girls start to think too much, and replace the original true feeling of excitement and love with an artificially induced air-tight film of prudish horror at the age difference. She sms:ed me an age confession, just like Thaïs did, but when I answered that it was alright, she was already lost to prudence. Suddenly she seemed to have forgot that it was she who asked me out over sms yesterday, writing that she "denies the offer" and how she feels "uncomfortable". Sigh. This gets to me more than anything, because she's just the girl I fall for immediately and fucking hard. I don't really care if a thousand hot women at the bar tell me to fuck off, but if a little girl goes from excited to uncomfortable I get heart-broken. Not only for myself, but because of the fact that she is deprived of what could very probably be the most amazing positive experience of her life, and only due to the medieval sex norms of this cold country. Deep sigh. I feel old. I feel fear of death, fear of having missed youth, fear of not being able to fulfill my life goals. But then I remind myself that I had sex with a dream girl only a few months ago, who was just like Petra. It undeniably can be done, since I myself did it. There is a heaven, and it is on earth. Only it's not visible at all times...

I'm dying from NoFap and NoPorn. Porn used to be the way for me to hide from harsh and sad rejections, dreaming about happy girls open to anything anytime in a libertarian world free from judgment. Now I have to cope with the shit, sit and just look at my dick who is proclaimed clinically dead at one moment, only to freaking blow up the other, without rhyme or reason. I've worked out, I've worked, I've studied, I've applied for jobs, I've been trying to hit on girls; I've been keeping busy and productive. But it hasn't helped.

Fuck it. Let's talk night game instead.

Yesterday night I went to a nightclub called Colosseum, and it turned out to have the sexiest girls of any club I've ever been to, with a charming median age of eighteen. I talked to a bunch of them and reception wasn't bad, though it wasn't great either. I'm glad to have found the first real nymphet club, and I'll be probing it during the next weekends. Fuck, it feels hard to be able to pull a young girl from a club, even to the point of impossible. It is reassuring to know that the writers on GC pull it off regularly, but still; it kind of freaks me out what a skill set I need to develop. At least I'm heading out there alone talking and teasing girls every weekend, which is more than 99% of men get their asses to do.

Some specific notes from yesterday's outing:
- These girls will need a lot of teasing: they are young, Swedish girls in their element and among their friends, and hence can take a lot of repartee. Therefore:
- Be more crazy and less predictable. Don't give a fuck: make sexual jokes, pull them into you, play with their hair, etc. Don't go for the standard info conversation, or you'll get the standard info answers and lukewarm rejection. It's actually worthwhile to have a tool-set of silly openers and jokes. In a word:
- Be an asshole. Think Grandmaster game.

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by Alcman
Dry Spell Broken: Night Game Routine Established

Check out the LR for what happened yesterday:

I subjectively judge that this marks another seduction goal reached for Yours Truly:

Seduction Goals for 2018
- Pop my cherry DONE
- Pop someone else's cherry
- Get lots of sexual experience DONE
- Date my first girl younger than 18 DONE
- Fuck a frenchwoman DONE

When I wrote those goals as a lonely virgin on first of January, I wittingly exaggerated to motivate me. "Aim for the stars", I thought. It's quite amazing how I've overshot my goals and come further than I ever thought possible in just nine months. It is possible, but not very likely, that my adolescent French lover Thais was a virgin, but that will never be decided. Anyway she represents the fulfillment of a goal that was not on the list, perhaps because it was in fact my highest goal: to not only date but have sex with an underage girl.

Verbose Reflection: Where I'm at

"Feel my way through the darkness, guided by a beating heart."

I feel a bit like I'm living double lives. Inspired by the concept of "cross-gaming" and Chase's "get sex" imperative, I've been successfully hitting night life and already gotten laid twice since the semester started. The problem is that in Sweden, the nightlife is almost exclusively and adult affair, and I don't have any feelings for girls my age. Sure, I can fuck them, but mostly in the hope that this will give me the momentum needed to improve my day game with the girls who enamour me. I'm a sucker for love, but if this is what it takes I'll do it. Naturally some clubs have lots of eighteen year olds, but as of yet these have proven hard.

With all this in mind, the brilliance of continental Europe comes into focus. There the night life is not age discriminated, and the younger girls tend to frequent the easier places. Living there, it is possible to fully cross-game without living a slightly weird compartmentalized life, where the night time is but preparation for the day. I think this would lead to a more integrated and hence much healthier lifestyle for me.

Realizing that ambition will most probably not come true until next fall, though, and in the meantime I'm making the best of the situation, trying to enjoy every moment, however heart wrenching. My taboo related approach anxieties for nymphets have lessened a lot; in the last week I've asked out no less than three fifteen/sixteen year old girls. All of them rejected dating me based on the age difference, but I feel like I've made immense advances when it comes to relating. As Chase has emphasized, lastingly successful seduction is all about knowing your niche and changing your life as to immerse yourself with your preferred type of women, learning about their routines, viewpoints, references, language and not least their innermost desires and motivations.

A key step towards cracking open the mind of the kind of average sixteen year old I've never been myself, was when I had a deep talk with my sister of that age before the summer. I believe it contributed to my comparable success during the summer. As summer ended and I was broke I got the genial idea that I'd start working as a study coach for kids of precisely the desired age group. Here I would not only make money, but be able to address one of my greatest problems, that I don't have any female friends and rarely meet young women in situations other than hitting on them or smashing them.

Consequently, I now have the most lovely sixteen year old girl as a math student one time a week at a local café. We've got great rapport and it's obvious she loves spending time with me, and she's also intelligent and a breeze to supervise. Last Tuesday after tiring ourselves with math and physics, we drifted off into a conversation on love and life, that is the greatest and most honest I've ever had with a girl (at least since I lay in bed talking to little crazy Silvia in Rome). Boys, girls, parties; we discussed it all, and she gave me her outlook. With mischievous eyes she looked at me and said "I like to be sixteen. I have some friends who are eighteen, but we have more fun."

That nails the defining spirit of adolescence: the exciting but irritating feeling of being outside looking in, of first starting to grasp the overwhelming possibilities of love and life, and at the same time perhaps experiencing disappointment for the first time. This tightrope walk between dream and reality, between play and actuality, between child and adult, is what never ceases to pull me into their world, what never ceases to give me vitality and lust to live. Nothing reminds you of how close to each other the strongest feelings are in us humans, as a teenage girl; her laughter is also tears, her tears laughter, her mind swimming in a whirlpool of feelings and confusion. Most people learn to live with and ignore the dualities and tensions in life, but this mix of motley contradictions is in fact the well of meaning, from which any sustainable philosophy of life has to draw.

I will continue to talk to and meet these girls. Practically, I'll push for insta-dates; unsurprisingly, normal dates don't work; they're both too fancy for a kid who mostly hangs at McDonalds, and give the girl too much time to think about societal norms. The experience of Thaïs taught me that the way to get these girls is to give a superstrong first impression. They are novices in love, and hence just grabbing an ice-cream might make for one of their coolest memories yet, not to speak of passionately making out in a nightclub smoke room. Once you've made a strong impression, it will stay with her, keeping her up at night, overshadowing any qualms, and will enable you two to meet again without pressure. At the end of the day, nymphet game is more than any other game a numbers game; though essentially all pubescent girls are aroused by older men, only a subpopulation is mentally mature and open to have a relationship with one. Nabokov was right; when you hit upon one, you know.

It is always good to spell out your goals. So I might as well end with making explicit my present overarching life goal: to have a fifteen year old girlfriend (give or take a year).

Onward and upward,

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 6:48 pm
by Alcman

I'm on quite a trip. These days every week feels like a journey, and my mind is teeming with ideas about my life and future. Studied more than usual this week, as I had a test today for my relatively hard multi-variable calculus class. Five hours spent in hyperspace leaves your mind fucking swept, it's like meditation, for better or worse. Popped out of the test at two in the afternoon, and went for a late lunch. All those partial derivations leave you hungry. Afterwards went for a coffee in the sun, next to a busty German girl. I was laid back and we established a good connection. Together we took a stroll through the woods and then caught a subway to Södermalm close to me to grab ice cream or something. Parlor was closed so I suggested we take tea at my place instead. Followed my routine and left her by herself while made tea and went to the bathroom. Then let her sit in my knee and be Spotify DJ, followed by a make out during a sufficiently romantic song. Suckled her big boobs a lot and she stroked my cock, but she made instant LMR when I unbuttoned her jeans: "not today". Obvious super-ego effort to stifle her rampaging desire. I thought "rinse and repeat" and had some tea with my cock still out. Relaxed a bit. Then attacked her again. Same problem. Rinse and repeat for a third time. She gets more turned on for every time, and she's about to climax solely by the combination of mamillary oral sex and clitoral stimulation through the clothes. Still unchanged LMR, though. She's not super hot, so I cool off by the resistance. She jerks me and since I'm on NoFap and haven't had a release since last Friday's lay, I come quickly and surprisingly. I spray it on her for a little harmless revenge. I accompany her on guitar and we sing a few songs. When she's about to leave, she grows super needy, but I'm bored with her and don't bother taking any contact info.

New Perspective on Online Game

Quite soon afterwards a girl writes to me on the dating/chatting app Yubo, which is the only online dating for minors. It usually sucks, and has a lot more spam bots than Tinder/Badoo, but for me it's worth being out there, dangling the hook for the eventual girls who like older men. She's sixteen and invests hard. Her profile is only an uninteresting pic of her butt (dressed), but she sends me a photo of her face. She's half Asian and looks very cute. We hook immediately, and she's just about the most fun chat partner I ever had. Everything she writes exudes the mix of straightforwardness and wild fantasy of a young woman - everything I love. It's obvious she has chosen me - she's open with me being her "dream boy", and she spins tales about us, how she's a slave and I'm rescuing her, how I'm the poetical movie womanizer who will brake her heart but in a beautiful way. In a word she immediately projects her every fantasy, which is so charming and lovely. She's open to meeting up at my place, but not tonight. We end on a high note. Will definitely see how this evolves.

This experience radically changes my mind about online gaming. Dangling for nymphets online is an EXTREMELY asymmetric game, but I should definitely keep it in background. I'm quitting all the 18+ services, though. As I've probed the minds of young girls lately, I've come to realize that I should give Snapchat a chance; Snapchat is not what facebook used to be, an excuse readily available for girls in need of a soft of rejection. Rather Snapchat is what a young girl has come to expect, namely to interact not only through text, but to verify the presence and honesty of interlocutors through pictures. I have only tipped my toe here, but it's a mind reset. I still routinely decline girls who want to exchange snap (happened e.g. last Saturday), as I've done a million times. But number doesn't always work with these works; it feels old school and intimidating for them, too serious and highfalutin'. I know my niche, and I have to start rolling back some general advice that I've internalized, but which don't help with MY girls. I need to be the cool older guy who gets them, without being the try-hard who pretends to be an eternal teenager. But I'm fucking far from that last one, so relatability does me very well.

I often think of Sebastian Marshall's three female questions of attainability:

- Can a girl like me get a guy like him?
- Is this for real?
- Does he respect me as a friend?

I think this set is one of the purest little nuggets of gold in the social arts literature, and nowhere is it more important than with young girls. A young girl who likes me often ascribes to me sky high value and writes herself out because of her own age - negative answer to the first question. The only way to deal with this is genuine and massive appreciation of her - compliments and attention - in addition to sharp downplay of my own merits, little talk of my achievements etc.

Furthermore, a young girl is often freaked out by what appears to her as completely novel and unusual experiences - a street stop for example. She'll often wear the face of expecting a candid camera to appear anytime. To solve this requires getting her down to earth: talking about things here and now, playing down the unusual and confirming that everyday genuinity. My cold approach experience has helped with this a lot, as it makes me come across as more in my everyday flow.

As to the third question, I think Snapchat could come into play. Having a fun and light online interaction will confirm in her that you are capable of interacting with her in the same medium as her friends - and therefore respects her as one.

BTW, just learned that Germany, as Italy, has "younger than fourteen year old" statutory rape and a legal drinking age of sixteen. Man, Europe is nice, life is good, future is bright.

Logging off,

Re: Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 8:22 pm
by Alcman
"Out of silent mountains and storms of affliction, rusheth my soul into the valleys. [...] And let the stream of my love sweep into unfrequented channels! How should a stream not finally find its way to the sea!"
- Nietzsche, Also sprach Zarathustra

A streak of rejections coupled with a heavy study workload gradually hurled me into a depression during the last week. I'm glad and thankful to myself for having the tools to conquer depression - working out every day, having candid conversations with friends, reading meaningful and empowering texts like Nietzsche and most importantly taking action and forcing myself to get some urgent shit done and to keep up at least a minimum of approaches.

Yesterday the fog cleared. I went to the bar and made a solid approach, but gave up way to early and went home. The evening at home was so dreary, though, that the memory of it will keep me from ever doing the same mistake again. Today I had a Tinder date. Girl was heavily into me, so I brought her home after the coffee date, but she gave LMR. At night I went to two different bars. I'm proud to say I conquered all weak impulses, and went to a new bar, where I hung out with some German girls and got another piece of the puzzle that is Stockholm night life. I briefly spotted some hotties there, and will check the place out again.

Life Check-point:
  • Continue to push night life stamina. Go to one new bar/club every week to get a wider range of experiences. Goal is to stay out until the wee hours.
  • Restart my old day game. I how feel my summer Don Juan wants to stretch his legs. Outcome independence. For every restart your emotional skin is a bit thicker, a bit thicker...


Re: Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2018 6:42 pm
by Alcman
This week has been an immense comeback. The climactic depression and eventual recuperation has left me stronger and more motivated than ever. Two days in a row I landed instant dates through classic style day game street approaches - Tuesday with a 29 year old Montenegrian with a great rear view, and Wednesday with 19 year old French fillette Marie. With the latter I had a wonderful long chat at a cafè, and she's super-excited to meet me again on Sunday. Once in awhile you meet a girl with whom everything is a breeze, who responds to any offer with delight and excitement - who makes it all worth it.

- A bartender told me that Wednesdays and Thursdays around 8 till close time are the weekdays with the highest ratio of girls - and mostly 18. I'll have to fit in some regular weekday night game. Doesn't have to be very long, but I can't let such resources to go waste.
- I'll have to restart the old "all or noting" summertime approach regime, where I had to turn and approach any girl who attracted me - I can feel my very bones yearning for it.
- Stamina, stamina, stamina. My night time breakthrough is just around the corner, and what's holding me back is that I leave too early. Crazy good stuff happen later in the night.

Re: Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 4:21 pm
by kristian
Cool to see you're back at the game. Usually, I get stronger and more motivated after a long string of rejections. Kind of reminds us how fast thing can change and how luck comes into play when you're hustling on the streets.

One quick question: When a girl hooks hard after opening her, do you recognize it happening before she hooks? Like she likes you the split second she lays her eyes on you?

Re: Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2018 8:06 am
by Alcman
kristian wrote:Cool to see you're back at the game. Usually, I get stronger and more motivated after a long string of rejections. Kind of reminds us how fast thing can change and how luck comes into play when you're hustling on the streets.

Yeah, I get so sensitive at times, I feel like I'm a glass house and the girls are armed with stones. But it happens less often. I want to develop thicker skin. On the other hand, I don't want to grow numb; strong emotions are the raw material of passion.

One quick question: When a girl hooks hard after opening her, do you recognize it happening before she hooks? Like she likes you the split second she lays her eyes on you?

What a charming question! Yes, I live for the moment when the suprise in her eyes turns sprightly and gay the split second she turns to you :)

Btw, I'm curious about how things are going with girls for you, and if your good career momentum has had any effect?

Re: Alcman's Odyssey Into Love

PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2018 12:02 pm
by kristian
Btw, I'm curious about how things are going with girls for you, and if your good career momentum has had any effect?

Good question. I realized talking to one girl here and there throughout the week is not enough. One girl a day is just a warmup. But yeah, I don't have time to go out and game for hours like I did before. I am trying to do other things, tho, like flirting a little at work or figuring out girls subtle signs of interest.