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fog talks about women

PostPosted: Wed Aug 26, 2015 6:52 pm
by fog
Here's where I'll be posting all my adventures with women.

I'm going to tell you about myself first. I am 23 years old. However, I look young for my age. I'd say right now I look between 18-20. The doctor says I'm 5'2 and weigh 124 pounds. I'm passionate about music. I make electronic music and I DJ. However, right now I'm focussed on producing music. I like to make trap and other forms of bass heavy music. I eventually will be going on tour to DJ around the world when I get good enough. I am also passionate about sound, and I will one day become an audiologist and help people regain their hearing.

I am a virgin. I have had plenty of opportunities to have sex, but never really felt ready. It was annoying having to disappoint all the girls I've ever been with by saying "no I don't want to have sex today." I feel ready now and want to lose it. I'm a bit picky though about firsts. I don't know whether I should lose it to a girl I'll never see again, or a girl I like a lot. I guess we will see won't we?

Ah, so I guess that's my first goal, losing my virginity. I have more goals too. I view my text game is super great, will be scaling that back to where I text just to handle logistics! I will be focussing on improving my fundamentals and getting better at cold approaches. I'm in college, and my goal is to sleep with 2 women a week, every week this year. Perhaps I am underestimating myself though, my buddy seems to think I should bump up that number to 3.

That's it for now. Feedback is always welcome.

Re: backstory's frontstory

PostPosted: Wed Aug 26, 2015 7:22 pm
by fog
I met a girl on tinder. We will call her "Mappie." Alright, so Mappies bio said she liked music and stuff, but it also said this "Not looking for a one night stand or a hookup." Yeah, I ignored that and we started talking. We connected right away over music, we were chatting for 15 minutes.

Then I started sexually qualifying her, and she was saying how she is a sexual girl when she wants to be. Also, she said she is into rough and public sex. Pretty cool. I am living with my parents right now but leaving in two days to go back to college. I will be living alone. I can't bring girls back to my place.

So I asked her to meet me at the bar! I said "wear something cute for me" and she said "you'll have to see." So I meet her at the bar and everything's going great, we were just sitting on a couch talking and I was escalating on her. Touching her and holding eye contact. She was interested, she was touching me back. As I got closer and closer into her personal space, she tried kissing me but I teased her and pulled away. A few minutes later we made out and she was a reallllly good kisser. I made sure to pull away first.

We were making out at the bar all night, dancing, grinding...towards the end of the night she says "WOW. I have never acted this slutty before!" Few minutes later, she says "hey wanna come back to my place? No sex though!" I did not say anything, just gave her a smile. I wasn't planning on losing my v-card to her but I wasn't gonna tell her that and spoil the tension. That would be a silly thing to do.

Alright so I went back to her place with her and we stayed up till 7AM and had some fun. Next day I was deaaaad tired. Got my buddy to pick me up, Mappie texted me later that day and we made some more plans to hang out the next day. We had some more fun then too. (She had to cut it off short - her parents were coming home soon)

Then, it's Sunday and Mappie says she's going out of town for a few days but she texts me wanting to hang out Wednesday night, just not at her parents place. Knowing she's a fan of public sex, I say "Hey lets go to a secluded place on the beach and we can bring some towels and get cozy." She replies with "That's hot. ;" and then says "What do you plan on doing to me. ;" Now, me and her had a chat earlier about how she hates bad sexters and gave me an example of a time where a guy was sexting her and was just soo general about it that it wasn't even fun for her. So I said something along the lines of "First I'm gonna touch you on the upper parts of your body, then I'm gonna kiss you somewhere on the lower parts of your body." That teased her so much! She says "Hahahahah fuck off youre too good at this I can't handle it!"

I told her I was tired, I told her she was going to have to wait to find out what I was gonna do to her on wednesday. SHE SAYS "i'm hoping it will be worth the wait. ;" Which is clear indicator she is expecting sex.

Now its Wednesday, I haven't heard from her since Monday night. Not too worried that I haven't heard from her. If she wants me she can come and get it, but I feel I will disappoint her if we do hang out again, considering I do not want sex.

I am so surprised that in her tinder bio it says she was not looking for a hookup, yet I was able to hook up with her really quickly and effectively. it goes to show that girls can change their minds, depending on the guy!

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 26, 2015 8:02 pm
by fog
Met another girl on Tinder on Saturday, we'll call her Scorch. She's passionate about reptiles, so we chatted for quite a while on tinder about that. When I tried to sexually qualify her, she wasn't really too willing to open up about her sexual experiences. She said she had been raped before! Also, she's bi. She said she was leaving town on Wednesday to go to Montreal. We made plans to hang out on Monday.

Scorch and I hung out at the beach on Monday night, she was a little odd. When I first started talking to her she says "ARE YOU HIGH?" i inquired why she said this and she said something like "its the way youre looking at me and youre talking really spaced out." I was looking at her with a blank look in my face and talking slower than I normally would. Hmm...I'm really trying to get my facial expressions down pat lately. But sometimes I mess up and I guess it can be weird to chicks. Anyways, she had this weird energy about her. She's 18, and looked quite young, so it was a turn off for me. Also, since she was raped, I didn't want to move TOO fast because that could really trigger her or something. I do not want to get accused of anything myself. I didn't know how to handle it. Her body language was a little closed off at first, but it opened up a little bit as the night went on. She was holding eye contact with me for longer and longer. I touched her a little bit (mostly incidental touch. Didn't notice any bad reaction to that)

I did a good job of creating a sexual vibe. I was making really indirect sexual jokes. Like, for example we were on the teeter totter and I was laughing how the teeter totter would creak every time it went up and down. Also, we were chatting about hooking up with 40 year olds. She says she's into some older guy at her work. And then when she was pushing me on a swing, I said something like "I'm not expecting anything from you." I forgot what she said, but she made some remark that indicated her disbelief that I was not expecting anything from her. It was obvious she knew I was interested in having some fun with her!

We did this scavenger hunt thing at the playground at the beach, and she was intrigued by all the spiders and was touching them and treating them like her babies, i found that a little off-putting to be honest.

We went our separate ways at the end of the night, I DID NOT KISS HER or anything. She had told me beforehand that her place was not an option to hang out. My place wasn't an option to hang out either. Bad logistics eh? She texted me a half hour later saying "thanks for helping me with the scavenger hunt."
i told her we could hang out again before she left!

The next day we built more rapport through text and I said to her "I would kiss you all over your body." she replied "why is that?" i said "cuz it'll be fun!" and then she just ignored that and continued talking about how our astrological signs were very similar.....

Now it's Wednesday and she's gone. We did not hang out. I asked her to hang out, but she just kept ignoring me and would just text me about other things. I think it was obvious she just wanted to be friends. She was interested in me and curious about me, but not sexually. But maybe someone else can shed some light on the matter.

What'd I learn? Well um, I did a good job of creating a sexual vibe and building rapport. But I know for a fact I did make some mistakes. Coulda escalated more. I'm all confused after writing this. I'll have to do some thinking.


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PostPosted: Wed Aug 26, 2015 8:18 pm
by fog
This one's a funny story with a good ending. Well, kinda.

One of my best friends moved back into town Monday night. Me, him (Tussle) and my other friend (Cee) decided to go out to the bar to paartaay. I wasn't planning on getting drunk, but I ended up getting smashed. I regret that.

So, Cee is seeing this new girl (Dee). Cee said Dee was having a girls night with her friends and these girls were gonna meet us at the bar. Now, get this. Dee and her friend (Reba) were staying at Cee's house overnight. Reba was staying at Cee's because she lives out of town. I was excited to meet Reba considering Scorch had saved my name in her phone as Reba Mcintrye. LOL.

Yeah, we were at the bar and we were partying with these girls. I was talking to the better looking ones of the group but unfortunately I was very drunk, and probably came across as stupid. Well what do you know, I'm sitting beside Reba and all of a sudden she starts holding my hand. Whaaat!? I wasn't even trying to do anything with her.

So the night ends and Cee, Dee, and Reba head off in a cab to Cee's house. The other girls, well...I don't know what happened to them. But Me and Tussle were gonna catch a cab to each other's homes and just call it a night. Tussle was tired from travelling (he's got a girlfriend too) I was turbo mega wasted and wanted to sleep. So we get in the cab and all of a sudden I get a call from Cee. He says "Get over to my house! Reba wants you here!" Lol, I was so drunk that I was oblivious to the signs that Reba wanted me, and I wasn't even escalating. Good thing I had a little help from my friends.

So I get to Cees (Tussle went home), me and reba had a little fun after Cee and Dee went to bed. It was dark, and I was so drunk, I couldn't find her clit and got frustrated. I couldn't even get hard! I fell asleep on Reba, that poor girl. She was really drunk too.

So the morning comes along and me and Reba both have mind splitting hangovers. Low and behold, she is a solid 4.5. Fuck my life hahaahha. Cee leaves the house with Dee. Me and Reba had some more fun. She gave me a great blowjob. No sex though. She suggested having really lazy sex, I declined. Proceeded to puke my guts out, then she drove me home.

What did I learn? I need to stop getting drunk! Also, it was just cool how she kinda just fell in my lap and my friends really helped me out with this one.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 26, 2015 8:31 pm
by fog
I will get better at writing these. Excited to be going back to college in a few days. Since I'm gonna be living in my own place, it will be a ton easier for me to escalate with girls and have a place to have some fun with them. Maybe I'll even lose my virginity in the next week!

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 04, 2015 2:12 am
by fog
Hello friends,

I moved to a new city recently and am now living on my own. It's gonna be a lot easier to bring girls back to my place. I'm starting my second year of college in a few days.

I was watching some videos on seduction and one guy was saying to never talk in the same energy of voice for the whole interaction. Sometimes you should talk louder, sometimes you should talk a little quieter. I usually only talk in a lower volume voice. So I decided I would try this out.

I'm kind of annoyed at myself because tonight I had a girl over to my place and I didn't close her! It is the last 5% that really gets me. Most of the time I just can't push myself to make a move. I start overthinking things. So I'm gonna work on that.

Anyways, her name was Fawn. I had met Fawn through Facebook several weeks ago and mostly had light flirty conversations with her. She just moved here yesterday and was eager to hang out with me. I was so nervous! I was afraid it was going to get in the way. When she came over to my house she said that me and her roommate were the only people she really knew here so far! I was surprised by that for some reason.

As soon as I saw her I started escalating physically. Light gentle touches on her arms. Gave her strong eye contact. I showed her my place and she was going "AWWWW!" She thought my place was really cute. I am living in a pretty cozy house.

We went into my room and we sat there for 2 hours. Talked about a lot of things, deep dived her. I could really feel sexual tension being built. And I was vibing with her. Sometimes I'd be looking at her and she'd be looking at me and then I'd just be so distracted by it I would forget what to say!

We found a common interest in our music tastes. We ended up talking about sex and she said she thought it was gross if someone were to have sex with two different people in one night. She thought it would be gross if someone were to have sex with two people in one week. And I was sitting there thinking "hmmm should i make a move? fawn doesnt seem like the type who hooks up all too often. maybe i should wait till next time i see her." Hate those thoughts. When we were sitting I was observing her body language. I was a little bit concerned about the way she crossed her legs. I was on her left, and she was crossing her left leg to the right. Gonna take a look at my body language books after this. Otherwise she was playing with her hair a lot and was willing to hold eye contact with me. I was doing more light gentle touches on her leg, closer to her bum, she seemed okay with that.

I also did compliance tests, she was willing to come upstairs with me to get a drink, and she was willing to sit at the computer with me so we could pick some songs to listen to.

I was talking with different energies. Sometimes I would talk slightly louder, especially when I was telling a story or something along those lines. She would actually start hooking really hard and be REALLY into whatever I was saying whenever I did that. Quite interesting, I'll be using this some more.

During the interaction she was talking about seeing me again so I know theres gonna be opportunities to close her in the future. She lives close to me. This was a really good experience. Tried out a new technique, practiced holding eye contact, and I am getting better at touching! I regret not closing her though. I was confused by her remarks about sex in general. Too much overthinking.

I walked her to the end of my street and she initiated a hug. As we drew away I brushed my arm along her torso. that was a lingering, kinda sexy touch.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 7:38 pm
by fog
Hey, never really heard back from Fawn but thats cool. Today I got a story about my weekend and a lady named "I Guess."

I learned so much this weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday I went to some parties. Friday I went to a small party and got pretty drunk. Me and my friends were pre drinking with a group of girls before we went to the party. There was one girl who was the "mother hen" of the group you could say. She wasn't really drinking and was taking care of all the other girls. I spent most of the night meeting new people and flirting with girls. I saw my exes friends on a couch and they said "Wow! You really cleaned up." I started dressing a lot better this summer and I'm glad people are noticing! I decided to sit with them. There wasn't enough room on the couch so I just sat on a girls lap who was on the couch. I didn't ask her. She didn't care, I was tracing her leg with my finger and playing with her hand a little bit. They ended up leaving later. It's towards the end of the night and mother hen is on the couch. I was chatting with her except I found her to be particularly boring. My eye contact wasn't too good. I left and was talking to the host and she was looking at me so often. I was thinking about asking her to come home with me but didn't think it would be worth the effort. I should have done it anyways, I need to get better at asking girls to come home with me.

Saturday night was a huge party at my friend's house. I knew a lot of people there. I was sober, and approached a few girls. My eye contact and body language was good. I built rapport, but I must admit I was being boring. You know, I'd see guys talking to girls and the girls would be having fun! My interactions were not like this that night. I was not particularly interested in the girls I was talking to, I didn't do a good enough job of having a fun time with them to build some attraction. I did practice some compliance tests. I was talking to this one girl. She was with her friends. I got her to move away from her friends with me. At first her friends resisted that, but I told them we'd be "just over there for 5 minutes" and they were okay with that. Unfortunately while I was talking to this girl, people I knew were coming up to me to say hi. And I hadn't seen these people in 4 months so I didn't wanna be rude and ignore them. I didn't get this girl's number because I assumed I'd see her later. I didn't get to see her later, funny enough I matched with her on Tinder the day after and got her number then. I'm going to schedule a meet up with her soon but she is proving to be a little bit of a challenge.

Ahh, Sunday night was my favourite. I did a tiny bit of mushrooms. When I do a very low dose of mushrooms and go out to meet women, it can either go really well or really awkward. I spent the whole night having fun with whatever girls I was talking to (which I was unable to do on Saturday). I will admit I cockblocked quite a few other guys. I would just burst into their interaction, start making the girls laugh and have fun, then I'd move the girls away from the guy. This resulted in some guys looking at me quite resentfully. I had met a girl from Saturday who wanted to go to a party with me. Me and my friend Ad-Lib picked her up at her house. Her name was Rique. I had told Rique I was sober. Now, when we got to her place Ad-Lib says "Yeah we are both on drugs! I'm high on weed and backstory is on mushrooms!" I was pretty pissed at Ad-Lib for that, girls think guys who are on mushrooms are weird. I messed it up with Rique, I was acting a little awkward and my eye contact wasn't very good and I was panicking because I had no clue where to take this interaction. Anyways, that doesn't matter. There was this girl named Seashell who I've known for a while. Whenever I talk to her, it's a lot of fun and we are always laughing! She was at the party so I was flirting with her. I should have invited her home. Yeah, I need to get better at doing that. Funny how things can go so well with one girl but not so well with another right? But all night whenever I was talking to girls, sometimes another guy would bust in and try to say something. What I did was ignore them, but sometimes I forgot to ignore them and then the interaction would be ruined and the girl would be taken from me. I'm going to have to read up on how to deal with cock blocks.

Here's my favourite conversation from the night. It was kind of a short one. I was standing in the backyard on the deck leaning against the deck railing looking into the backyard. There were these two girls walking in my general direction, I motioned them over to me. I started talking to one of them while she was on the grass and I was on the deck:

Backstory: Hi!
Girl: Hey.
Backstory: I had to get you to come over here because you look like a bunch of trouble!
Girl. What?! Why do you think I'm a bunch of trouble?
Backstory: It's your smile.
Girl: Well I am not a bunch of trouble! I'm an innocent girl.
Backstory: Hahaha, come on, I know you have at least a little bad in you. What's your name?
Girl: Sam

At this point she lost a little interest and was kinda walking away so I started addressing her friend.

Backstory: Your friend over here says she's totally innocent and and has absolutely not one single ounce of bad in her.
Friend: *pulls Sam into her and they start laughing* Hahaha that is so not true, Sam is a really bad girl!

At this point I could have gotten them to come up on the deck with me but I didn't. It was a short interaction, and fun, I didn't really care.

As it neared the end of the night I was still empty handed. But I had been talking to a girl named "I Guess" for the past few weeks. Hadn't met her yet. She moved to town on Sunday actually. She's the most boring girl ever, but she's into me. I met her at her residence at 2AM and invited her home with me. We were fooling around for a while when we got back to my place. But she wouldn't let me take off her pants even after I persisted several times. Boorrringg. Yeah, and now she's being super clingy. So I will see her again but make sure to not hang out with her as friends or give her any ideas about being her boyfriend or something like that.

Yeah so this weekend was valuable experience because I used compliance tests, I was dominant, practiced persisting, did a good job building attraction, used good body language and eye contact, and dealt with cockblocks. What I could have done better was moved quicker! I will continue to focus on moving quicker and having fun in the initial few minutes I meet girls, and inviting girls home with me. I now have enough references to know when a girl is interested and when she is not interested.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 7:52 pm
by fog
Here's something that happened a week ago that I should have written about then.

It was late at night and my friend (Shaw) had not yet met his roommates yet. He says they were all girls. He lives in the basement, and they live upstairs. Now when we (me, him, and two other friends) got there, he says "Let's go downstairs and take off our shoes and pretend we are doing something till they get curious." HAHAHA what? No way. I took off my shoes then ran upstairs. I noticed a redhead, introduced myself and immediately started teasing her about having red hair. We were vibing a little bit over that. Then she introduced me to her other friends. (Redhead, Adele, and two bigger girls. One of the bigger girls was single, the other wasn't). Me and my friends were sitting on one couch, the girls were sitting on the other couch. We were all talking. Now I'd quite often catch Adele staring at me, as well as the single big girl. That was a little bit startling for me, I have never really seen any girl looking at me like that. For some reason during this whole interaction I was quite shy to begin with.

Me and some friends went out for a smoke and redhead got up off the couch and was walking by the window, you could tell she was interested in us. I knocked on the window to get redhead's attention and went inside and started escalating with her a little bit. Teasing her about her zodiac sign and touching her on her arm. She touched me back. We went and sat down back on the couch. It was getting late so we left, and while I was leaving I caught adele sneakily taking a picture of me with her cell phone! Haahhh what. Anyways, I didn't even invite any of them home with me, although I should have. Didn't even get their numbers. That was dumb of me. How do I ask a girl to come home with me in front of her friends? I guess I should isolate her first. Yeah, I'll work on that.

Turns out they weren't even his roommates and were just friends of the bigger girl who wasn't single. Anyways my buddy called me the next day and says "yeah adele came downstairs at 3am and said 'I'm bored everyone's gone to sleep'" and then they proceeded to hook up. Its obvious that Adele was quite horny and I should have jumped on that opportunity really quick.

I miss a lot of opportunities due to my shyness and not moving quick enough.

Yeah, so then I met Jaw at a pub really close to campus and he was with a girl. I'll call her brows. The interesting thing about this girl was that she had really good facial expressions, so it was interesting to see the way she reacted. When I first got there she was ignoring me, even after Jaw introduced her to me. She did start interacting with me, but it was constant shit tests. I handled them well and eventually she started showing more interest. We went outside for a smoke then went back inside. I approached Brows from behind when she was sitting on a chair and poked her to get her attention. Bad idea to approach a girl from behind but whatever. When she turned around she raised her eyebrows at me. They seemed to say "That was a questionable decision you just made." I started deep diving her but she cut it short and said she had to leave. She probably really did not want to talk to me, or she actually had to leave...who knows. She gave me and Jaw and a hug and left.

Jaw is a poker player and says he can read people real well but was unable to read brows well. He said that in order to get the attention of brows you have to ignore her. He said that she came up to him and introduced herself to him cuz he was ignoring her. When me and brows were talking at some points, I would pretend to get distracted for a few seconds and ignore her. When that happened, it made her hook onto me harder. It was kind of weird. Anyways. Brows was a interesting kind of girl.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 7:57 pm
by fog
This post isn't about any girl in general, it's just some quick thoughts.

I am hard on myself. I am still learning, yet am unforgiving of myself when I make mistakes. I feel sad that I am not able to bring girls home all the time. I feel like I should be able to do perfect every time even though I have just started my journey.

There are guys out there who are going to take an opportunity when they get it and they are not gonna waste any time with it! If a guy gets a girl alone, he's not gonna question it or second guess himself. He's gonna take her right to bed. That's the guy I am going to be eventually. I need to get better at assuming attraction with women and not second guessing myself.

There's so much opportunity for growth so I am excited.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 08, 2015 11:27 pm
by fog
This post is about an interaction that happened about 5 minutes ago.

Me and my friend J were making a song in a classroom at school, and we stepped out of the classroom for a few minutes to eat some snacks. There were a few other people from our program standing in the hallway as well. As we were hanging out there, I saw a guy from my program with his friends walk down a different hallway. That was at least 30 feet away. Two of his friends were girls who I didn't know. One of the girls was looking my way. I motioned for her to "come here" with one finger. This motion is effective for me lately. It's so effortless. Anyways so this girl walks 30 feet to come see me and I practically ignored her and just talked to her friend who was in my program. We're all goofing off then, I decided to playfully lightly kick the girls. One of them (the other girl who wasn't the girl who I had motioned over in the first place) kicked me back and we started talking. It sucks that I can barely remember this even though it just happened!

I complimented her on her pants which were yellow, asked her for her name. She says her name, it was a really complicated name...sounded like daurisha or something. I said "Da...What!?" Everyone laughed. I said "I'll just call you Dada." So then after that she started touching my hair. I said "Are you trying to fix my hair?" She says "yes." I said "You can't touch my hair!" and then she was touching my hair more. People want what they can't have, ahha. I have messy hair too.Then, shortly after when I was talking to my other friend and she came up and grabbed my bum! I turn around and my friend says "hey can you guess how old backstory is?" She didn't know. She thought 20. I told her I was 23 and she says "oh well I'm 17." Not sure if she was actually kidding or not. I said "oh thats too bad, i dont think we can talk anymore!" everyone laughed and then they walked down the hallway and left.

my friend J called me a player after they left. I was being playful, silly and flirty with this girl and she was touching me a lot even though I barely touched her. It was interesting how she grabbed my butt even though I didnt know her for 5 minutes.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, 2015 10:42 pm
by fog
"I guess" is being super clingy. Won't stop texting me and messaging me on Facebook. Non stop, all day. It's very annoying. I just ignore her mostly. Last night my ex texted me asking me if I wanted to go for lunch today. I hadn't seen in her in 4 months and we ended things on good terms. We were texting and I told her to come check out my new place instead of going for lunch. She was really enthusiastic, she said she could come over around 2.

My class ended at 1 and I decided to go see I guess at rezz for a little bit before I had to head home for 2. We met up and she started playfully punching me and touching me! She showed me her place in rezz, but she was giving me really weird vibes. It was just clue why. We made out a bit and then I told her I had to head home. She really didn't want me to leave but...I left.

Okay so it's around 2PM and my ex shows up at my place and even brought me a chocolate bar. That was nice of her. We go into my room and we're chatting and sitting on my couch. Her body language was really open, it was obvious to me that she missed me! I started getting more and more physical with her. We were kissing a little bit and she was scared she would regret us hooking up. She's a virgin too! I didn't really say anything. I know if we were to discuss that then all chances of us doing anything fun would go down the drain.

We had some fun. No sex, although we did try. She's really tight and it hurt her when I tried. During the whole time she kept on asking me questions like "how many girls have you seen since we last saw each other" and "do you miss me." Sheesh, those were a pain in the ass to answer. I tried getting her to leave several times as it neared 8PM but she kept insisting we talk and have more fun!

She left just a little while back and we made plans to hang out tomorrow. I do miss her blowjobs...but I have no intentions of getting back together with her. She's really changed, she used to be a girly girl and now I feel like she's more of a tomboy.

That's enough of that story, right now I'm heading to a party to practice my game and meet some more girls.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 2:38 pm
by fog
Didn't bring any girls home last night. That's long story short.

Here's the long story. A friend and I went to two parties. One of them was a party where there were mostly guys, it was lame. The other one was a party for my program.

We get to the sausagefest and theres a redhead standing in the corner alone. I go up to her and I started asking her if she knew the difference between having red hair and being a ginger. She started getting testy real quick especially after I asked her if she had a soul. I was teasing her but she didn't like it and ran off. I went into the living room and she's talking to her friends and her friends say to me "why are you being an asshole to her?" What! I wasn't trying to be an asshole. My body language wasn't aggressive.

Theres a group of people standing outside in the backyard, I went over to the group. There were no girls who weren't in a conversation with another guy. I noticed an Asian girl who was facing me a few feet away talking to another guy. She has a necklace on that looked like an amethyst. I caught this girls eye and motioned her over to me with my finger. She came over and we were talking about her necklace. It wasn't an amethyst, it was just a bluish green heart. We joked about my bad vision. I started deep diving her. I didn't find her too interesting though. Some guy came and interrupted us, I guess they met last night or something. I introduced myself to him then kept talking to the girl. Sometimes he would talk and me and the girl would ignore him and he left. The girls arms were crossed, I viewed this as a bad sign of body language. However, I realize now that it was a little bit chilly and this could have been the perfect way to get her to move inside with me to take the interaction further. I didn't really think about this because ..well..I was mostly thinking about what I was gonna talk to her about next. It was a pretty boring conversation to me.

I'lll finish this entry later I'm tired.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2015 12:19 pm
by fog
Hey this was a pretty good weekend! Went to a party last night. I'd say there were about 300 people there so there was some great opportunities to meet people.

I saw my friend's girlfriend who I hadn't seen in a while, she was the first girl I talked to. A nice warm up. I went onto the deck and opened a girl. Her name was "Story." Story looked like a girl who plays guitar so I opened her about it. She was giving me these skeptical looks! She had a friend beside her. I started talking to her friend (Wave) and we were getting along really well. She knew some kids in my program and I was deep diving her. Story left for a bit but when she came back we were talking about the super powers we would choose to have. That was fun! As the interaction progressed my touches felt more "normal." I touch girls alll the time during conversations now but it doesn't really feel "right." But when me and this chick were laughing with each other it felt right. I could have moved this girl somewhere else but didn't want to spend too much time with her. I wanted to go meet some more people. So I told her I'd talk to her later (when i got home i found out she had added me on Facebook) and walked back in the house.

Me and this girl named Thursday had been talking on Facebook for little bit. I never met her but most of our conversations are sexual and she says she is sexually confident but not confident in herself in any other aspects of her life. Recently she told me one of her biggest fantasies was having sex in a classroom and she's always wondering how I manage to pull this information out of her. Well I was walking in the living room then this guy I had talked to before (but never met), said hello to me. His name is Write. Well it just so turns out the girl he is with is Thursday. Thursday and I start vibing instantly and we're laughing and touching each other. If a girl is touching you, that means she is most definitely interested. That's what I've learned, ahha. Sensing immediate interest on her part I moved her over to a couch and we started making out. She was saying that Write had met her last night and already wants a relationship. Hahaha, I stole Thursday from Write I guess. Eventually we went to go dance in the kitchen and then came back to the living room to talk and kiss some more.

Now, it was still kinda early in the night and didn't wanna go home just yet. I still wanted to meet more people! Thursday was begging me to go home with her but I told her I had to go to the washroom and talk to my friends and that I'd come find her later. She wouldn't let me leave! Yeah I did end up leaving though. I am feeling so flaky and non-committed and I feel as though I am starting to develop an abundance mentality. I really couldn't care less if I lose opportunities with girls because I always know there will be more opportunities in the back of my head.

Yeah so I guess I talked to two girls at that party and both of those interactions went well. That party got busted so I went to another party. I opened this one girl, we connected but I didn't sense too much sexual interest on her part. I opened a group of people. two guys and two girls. one of the girls was practically staring at me the whole time but she was the quiet one. I should have gotten her number or something, why didnt i? then it was like 1:30AM and i knew it was time to pull but i was tired and didn't feel like putting in the effort. There was a tall girl who thought I cute but I didn't feel like shouting up there to her. I guess I could have brought her to a couch or something. I have her on Facebook so I'm just gonna get her number and go on a date with her.

More to come later. I am very tired from 8AM classes and staying up too late this weekend.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 14, 2015 11:36 pm
by fog
Today I hung out with a girl named "A." A is a virgin and sexually inexperienced in general. Her and I have been talking for a little bit through text and Facebook. She had gotten disinterested in me 2 times but I pulled her out of it by deep diving her. I met her at the college and we went back to my place. As soon as I saw her we instantly started vibing. Laughing and joking around with each other about how she had gotten lost inside the college and didn't know where to go. She was touching me, good sign.

The plan was to my house, hang out for a bit and make supper. We talked for a little bit, I tried kissing her but she wouldn't let me. Two months ago if that had happened to me I would probably have been hurt and wouldn't have tried again. After she rejected me I just kept talking to her like nothing had happened. We were talking and she claims shes super innocent. She said that she never kisses guys the first time she sees them. But then she was telling me how she went on a date with a guy the other day and they were making out and he was being rough with her and she really liked it. I was using sexual humour and sexual framing with her and we kept touching each other. I was escalating my touch, keeping my hands on her longer. She was sitting right next to me and I put my hand on her chin and turned her face to meet mine and kissed her. She kissed me back! But after I drew away she got really shy and was hiding her face.

Anyways, I kissed her again before she left. And then I got a text from her afterwards saying "You're a really nice guy but I would appreciate it if you didn't try kissing me again." I replied with "Alright. :)" Not really sure how to handle something like that.

I did a good job of escalation with touch. I persisted, which is rather new to me. I used sexual framing and sexual humour, as well as a bit of chase framing. Maybe it was possible for me to take it further than kissing but I didn't try. Lately with girls I keep the mood light and make them laugh and it really helps develop the interaction. I am easily able to see the mistakes I have made in the past (like with Fawn) and how I could have handled it differently.

Tomorrow I am hanging out with Thursday. She has been sending me naughty pictures through snapchat the past few days and she is begging to see me.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 26, 2015 6:01 pm
by fog
Hey guys, haven't posted on here in a while. I'm going to have to provide some background information in order to tell you what I've been up to.

I have anxiety and depression and an addiction problem. I've been dependent on drugs before, yes. Right now I'm not dependent on any sort of drug. Once in a while I'll slip up and do coke, or get really drunk. It sucks! It really impacts my anxiety and depression for weeks afterwards. Especially coke. It's the worst mental hangover.

Also, school's been tough on my sleep schedule. I have some 8AM classes and I generally gotta wake up pretty early for my other classes, so I've been losing a ton of sleep trying to get myself waking up at 7AM. I'm always exhausted the past few weeks. And I need enough sleep, otherwise my anxiety and depression start kicking in even worse than they usually are.

Last weekend, I had a rough week and then I started watching porn, I did coke, and got wasted and was hungover all weekend. I hadn't watched porn in like a month, or did coke in 3 weeks. I was doing pretty good but I gave in and it doesn't feel good. This week you can imagine was pretty tough on me. Lack of sleep, a hangover, really bad anxiety and depression...makes me feel like a piece of shit. And I started breaking out too ahaha so that didn't help.

I don't really feel like talking to girls when I am in this sort of mood. I find that I'm not very sociable and am not confident in myself. Should I go out and talk to girls anyways? Yes, I probably should....but I don't.

So I haven't been talking to women. School is really important to me anyways. All the free time I get outside of classes, I'm in the studio working on my music. I'm really impressed how hard I've been working lately. I find an escape in music that helps me deal with anxiety and depression. So why do I still do drugs sometimes? I don't know. Anyways.

In about a week or two I'll be feeling better once my sleep schedule has finally adjusted. I made plans with a bunch of girls a few weeks ago and never followed through with them. I havent talked to them since, so I know they aren't in auto rejection and I can pursue them once I'm feeling better.

How do I balance music and girls? Especially when I want to hole myself up in the studio and do nothing else. I'm more serious about music right now than I am about girls.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2015 4:27 am
by fog
I hung out with Thursday on Friday and she gave me a ton of hickies all over my neck. I am curious as to if this would act as a sort of preselection when talking to other girls. Saturday night I was in the studio till about 11:30PM. I was coming down with a cold and I was feeling like shit. I was thinking about going home but my friend invited me to a party so I decided to go.

I talked to 4-5 girls that night. First I will discuss the most promising lead I got from that party.

There was a fight in the house of the party, then it moved outside. A bunch of people went outside to watch. I walked onto the lawn and there was a girl who asked me what was going on. I'll call her Compressor. I started joking around and being sarcastic, I said "I think this is what you would call a fight or something." Haha. She said she was pretty drunk and she had lost all her friends. I told her I would take care of her and moved her from the edge of the lawn over to the middle of the lawn to avoid the scuffle. We introduced ourselves to each other. She really liked my name and told me I was cute. We were really touchy with each other, I was holding her. All of a sudden her friend appears and is yelling at her to leave with her because the cops are coming. Compressor asked to take down my number, but then I told her I'd take down her number instead. I get her number, and they leave. I text her right away. If I had had five more minutes with her, I would have easily hooked up with her. What I regret not doing is kissing her immediately as soon as she got touchy with me. If I had moved quicker I could have brought her home with me.

We were texting the next day and I was screening for some logistics. She's a freshman at my college and lives off campus with her grandma. Here's how the conversation went.

Compressor: I live with my grandma
Me: Does your grandma let you have boys over?
Compressor: I don't really know. I don't have boys over all too often
Me: Haha! You are so innocent.
Compressor: I am not that innocent!
Me: Well last night you couldn't keep your hands off of me. (Chase frame)
Compressor: Yeah? Well I would have to say I am a touchy person. :)

After this I started asking her if she was a sexually open girl. She says she is sexually open and is open to experimenting. However, this part of the conversation didn't really flow, I couldn't get her opening up about it. It felt clumsy and a tad forced and awkward. Different from other girls I've talked to about this. Anyways, I told her to text me soon and we will make plans to hang out. She was down and definitely excited about it. I'm worried that she might be a little bit flaky because we talked for less than 5 minutes when she was drunk. Anwyays, when we do hang out, it's gonna be good for me. Why? She claims she is naturally touchy so I will get to do some work on my touch escalation.

It's 4:22AM and I'm sick with a cold so I'm gonna post more about this night later. It was a pretty good learning experience.

Things I did well this night: Had no approach anxiety, moved girls around (compliance tests), used sexual framing and sexual humour
Things I didn't do well: Wasn't very smooth, I was tripping over my words and stuff because of how tired I was. Also, I didn't ask any girls to come home with me. I could have gotten some more numbers. I really need to work on my sexual vibe.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2015 1:47 pm
by fog
A girl who has a boyfriend messaged me on Facebook a little bit and we've been consistently talking almost every day. She messages me first every day. I don't message her first. And I'll often stop replying to her because I'm busy, but she always picks up the conversations later. She never mentioned that she had a boyfriend but it's on her Facebook.

Here's what she said to me today:

Her: Good morning sir. I know this is kinda random and we don't really know each other but I'm having like the world's shittiest day. Do you want to hang out?
Me: Hmm. Are you single?
Her: No??? Just seeking friendship????
Me: I'm going to have to pass for today. :)
Her. Okay. (Some crying/laughing emoticon)

I'm gonna have to read Chase's articles on girls with boyfriends. I could have hung out with her and escalated anyways, that would have been fun. I decided not to because I didn't think it was worth the effort.

I don't know why she wants to hang out. Does she actually want to be friends or is there something else? Either way I screened her and showed my intentions with her. If anyone has any comments on this, I'd like to hear it.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2015 2:46 pm
by fog
This is a continuation of my post from Saturday. I realize I need to post better journal entries that have examples of conversations in them. I also need to make them more detailed so it's easier for me to dissect where I went wrong.

As I said, I approached 4-5 girls on Saturday. When I got to the party I saw this picture on the kitchen wall of these two cats smoking cigarettes in a bathroom. It was awesome. There were two girls really close to me. One was sitting, one was standing. I started talking to the sitting one. I opened her by talking abut the two cats smoking cigarettes and how cool it was. We were talking and she says she goes to the university in my town and she says shes taking Kinesthesiology. I wasn't really feeling good and wasn't too interested in her. Perhaps I should have gotten her off the chair so that she was standing with me. That would have been a good compliance test and made the conversation more equal. I told her I'd come find her later and took off to talk to someone else.

It was like 12:30AMish during this time. I failed to realize it was getting late and that I should be focussed on pulling. Gotta keep that in mind for next time. I didn't wanna take any girls home cuz I was feeling shitty, I'd just rather get some experience. I went into the living room and was talking to my friends. Then I saw a girl who was drinking a four loko. Only the most awesome drink around. I went over to her and started talking to her. She was with a guy and the guy put his arm over her. I didn't care. I was talking to the girl about the drink but you could tell she immediately put some walls up. It felt awkward. I said goodbye and walked off. It wasn't the greatest target to choose.. but I'm glad I put myself in that situation. I don't want to overthink approaching girls. In this case I saw the girl and walked over to her immediately. Patting myself on the back for that one.

The girl who was in kinesthesiology had a tall friend who was standing up, but I didn't talk to her. People were playing music off an ipod, which was close to her tall friend. I started talking to the tall girl. We were talking about music and it was not going very well, I was stumbling over my words and finding it hard to talk. It was a little extra effort to speak with her because I'm a short guy and she was tall so I practically had to raise my voice for her to hear me over the general sounds of the party. She was willing to hold eye contact and was smiling a lot. Seemed like she was definitely interested. I should have moved her over to some couches/chairs but there were no couches and the chairs were all taken up by other people. I could have moved her outside but I didn't. I deep dived her a bit and then I made a stupid mistake of including a guy in our conversation who was sitting directly behind us. By the way, I felt like I didn't have a sexual vibe during this conversation. I felt like I was being a little too playful and excited. Anyways she started talking to him and I left to go find someone else to talk to. He was her height so we has leaning into her ear to speak with her. Looked like he had a better sexual vibe than I did. I didn't worry too much about it though.

I was in the kitchen again and I started talking with a girl who was sitting on one of the chairs. I'll call her Tracy. I told her I was looking for some alcohol, she offered me a sip of what she was drinking and I sat on the chair beside her and we started talking. I didn't ask her if I could sit down, I just did it. I assumed dominance. We were talking. There was a lot to talk about but I wasn't really feeling it. Then tall girl came and was looking at me and Tracy, kinda just hovering around. I wasn't really sure if tall girl and Tracy knew each other but I realized me talking to tracy was some good preselection for me, especially if tall girl was interested. I wasn't ready to ditch my conversation with Tracy yet. Tracy and tall girl talked about something, then tall girl left and I continued talking to Tracey. I noticed a door across the room from us which led to a room that had a giant chalkboard in it. This was gonna be a good compliance test. I asked Tracey if she wanted to go on the chalkboard with me. We went into the room but couldn't decide what to draw. I made a mistake because it got boring. I should have had something fun in mind to draw WITH her. Here's what she said:

Tracey: I just wanna draw a huge dick on this chalkboard right now.
Me: Really!? Is that what is on your mind right now?
Tracey: (Laughing) No!

I can't remember what I said after that. But there was stuff written all over the chalkboard so she couldn't draw what she wanted to draw. We were standing around not really drawing anything!! Ugh, it was getting boring and I didn't know what to do, I should have moved her again. Well a guy came and talked to her. He was like "I bet you've been talked to by a bunch of guys tonight but I'm trying to do a survey" Couldn't catch the rest. LOL what!? So he finishes talking to her and then the host comes and kicks us out of the chalkboard room because we ain't supposed to be there apparently. The girl wanders off into the kitchen and I didn't feel like chasing her. What a bummer, I should have pursued that. I did a compliance test and used sexual humour but I didn't do a very good job of escalation.

I saw my spanish friend (she's seeing someone) and we were being all touchy with each other and laughing. Good preselection.

I went and talked to my other friend in the kitchen, he was sitting beside a girl and not talking to her at all. I started talking to her but she was pretty busy on her cell phone so I didn't pursue it too much. Gonna call her TT. While I was standing there, a girl was saying "excuse me" trying to get by me. I said "If you give me 5 dollars I'll let you through." She laughed and said she didn't have 5 dollars. I asked her to give me a kiss and pointed to my cheek. She laughed and said no and went by me. It's fun to try to get kisses from people you don't know. So then TT's friend comes and starts talking to her saying she's gonna leave and go to another party. I started talking with her friend and flirting with her. Can't remember what I said but...I was touching her and she was touching me back. Then she started to leave and I said "Don't go! Stay 5 more minutes. We're never gonna see each other again." She left anyways.

That just about sums up the night. I already mentioned the very last girl I talked to during this night in my other post. I gained some experience from this night, it's a shame I didn't have much energy. I wish I would have gotten some more phone numbers. The university in my town is like 9 kilometres away from where I live so its impractical to try to meet with girls from that area. Too far away.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2015 2:54 pm
by fog
I have been talking to this guy from Dubai who is interested in going out to game with me. His name is Sah. He arrived in Canada yesterday and he is going to my college. I was in the studio at school and he asked me to meet him at the Subway on campus near the studio.

We met and he bought me a drink. Then he says "I met this girl today, we're gonna go meet her." We go over to the food court and she's sitting in the food court. She's wearing mouse ears and I immediately start commenting on them. Then she says "Is that a hickey on your neck!?" Hahah, Sah started saying something, then I said I had a fight with my vacuum cleaner. Then she says to Sah "Well look at him! He's attractive. And his hair is perfectly Quaft"

What the heck does quaft mean. Anyways, I can assume that was a compliment on my hairstyle. :) Sah said he was leaving and so was the girl. I didn't really understand what was going on (still feeling sick and tired). But it seemed like the girl said to me "you can come with me back to my place." I didn't know if her and Sah were going to hang out at her place, or if they were going their separate ways and the girl was inviting me back to her place. I could have pursued it further but I was plenty more interested in going back to the studio to finish my song.

I'll have to ask Sah what ended up happening so I can get some clarification.

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 03, 2015 2:18 pm
by fog
Last night I went to two parties. Unfortunately I was not escalating with touch and maintaining great eye contact. And I didn't do very well with bantering. However, I did really well with approaching. I didn't think twice about it, I just did it!

I did some cockblocking. Sounds rude, doesnt it? I saw this guy who was shorter than me talking to a girl. I went up to the girl and started talking to her. Pulled her off the guy right away. This guy was trying so hard to interrupt us. He started talking in a high pitched voice and grabbed my hand and gave me a high five. I was not paying attention so he looked like an idiot. I continued talking-to this girl and it turns out I had met her before. I got bored of her quick and moved on.

Will write more later. Going to see an orchestra tonight.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 04, 2015 4:32 pm
by fog
I arrived at the orchestra last night. It was a field trip for school. I was dressed OK, but felt like I could have been dressed better. Everyone in my program seemed to have been underdressed. Everyone else was dressed up and wearing suits.

I was not looking my best. I looked very tired and had just broken out. Anyways, that didn't stop me. While waiting for the orchestra to start, everyone was waiting in the lobby. I was wondering if this was the appropriate place to approach women and talk to them. One of my classmates mentioned that it most definitely was.

While standing around I noticed two women roughly my age standing close to me. They were not with any guys. Everyone else at the place seemed to be on the older side. I'd have to say in their 50s and 60s. Unfortunately I got all caught up in thinking what I should say to these two girls, or which one I should focus my attention on. They left to go into the orchestra pit. My chances were lost.

There were these three elderly ladies who walked by me and I stopped them to say hello. They seemed rather taken aback that I was talking to them. I asked them where they were from. I mentioned that I was from out of town. Turns out that they were relatives of my professor. One of the elderly ladies was touching me. They left after a short conversation.

During the intermission, I was standing in the lobby near the bar. There were two ladies in their 70s also standing near the bar. One of them walked up to the bar to get a drink and her friend was left alone. I approached her friend and started talking to her. It was a friendly conversation. She was treating me like her grandchild. It was a little bit awkward, I didn't really know what to say. We talked a little bit about music and she mentioned one of her interests was quilting. I ejected from the conversation early.

Later on the relatives of my professor passed by again and the one lady talked to me briefly and touched me again.

This was good experience, it is okay to talk to whoever you want, wherever you want. Just because you are talking to someone doesn't mean you want to seduce them - unless you convey it that way through eye contact, body language and other things. And even though I was feeling and looking shitty, I still approached.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 04, 2015 4:55 pm
by fog
This is a continuation of my post from Saturday.

As mentioned, I attended two parties. The first party I attended was one in a small house with a small amount of people. There was a loudspeaker in the living room where everyone was hanging out. I did not like the environment. The music was way too loud, I felt like verbal game would not work here. I saw some girls checking me out, but I decided to leave and go to another party.

The second one was much bigger and more rowdy. It was quite packed and there were a ton of guys there. I stood near a hallway where people were coming into the main room. I saw a girl who looked like a girl I had talked to on Facebook before. I asked her about her name, she was not the girl. She didn't stay, she ran off.

I went outside onto the deck where it was less crowded. I had more success talking to women on the deck. Um, let's see. There were 3 girls talking to this one guy right beside me. I asked one of the girls for her name, we started talking. We were talking about our favourite alcoholic drinks. My problem was that I didn't know what to say and it was just not a gripping conversation. Anyways I started deep diving her, she wasn't really interested...she got on her phone and started texting. I met the other two girls as well. After a short conversation they went inside. It was rather cold outside.

As mentioned my weak points of this night were touch escalation, strong eye contact, and lack of banter. If I don't flirt and make a girl laugh when I first meet her, she isn't gonna be interested. Plus if I'm not touching a girl or maintaining eye contact, shes gonna find me boring real quick. They will view me as a friend. So it's no wonder I didn't have solid conversations with girls that night.

After the girls left I saw this a guy and a girl chatting at the end of the porch. I went up to the girl and asked her what she was drinking. The air was thick with awkwardness. She was probably thinking "why did this guy keep interrupting our conversation." Haha, she claimed she was drinking water (she was drinking out of a water bottle). I joked around saying it was probably vodka. Then the guy chimed in saying it was most definitely vodka. I said to the girl "looks like you got yourself in a little bit of trouble." Then me and the guy started talking about explosions. The girl listened for a bit, but then got on her phone. I knew she was getting bored. Then after a lull in conversation, the guy left. The girl was still hanging around though. I talked to her and started deep diving her. She was asking me questions about me. A sign of interest. Unfortunately she said her friends were leaving and that she had to go with them. I told her to stay 5 more minutes, she left anyways. I'm sure if she had hung around things would have gone well. I cockblocked the guy she was talking to very hard.

The rest of the night was not very eventful. There was one girl named Rachel who was looking for a smoke. I told her I was looking for one too and told her to move out of the busy crowd over to somewhere more quiet (5 feet away). A simple compliance test. She was more interested in finding a cigarette than talking. I asked her to come around the party to look for a smoke with me. She said she couldn't leave her friend. I said "we'll be right over here, we'll be two minutes." she didnt wanna come.

I had a conversation with my ex's friend. Was thinking about asking her to come home with me...but I don't know, I think shes got STDs

Soooo the last girl I talked to that night was one who was standing on the side of the road. It was a group conversation so I didn't get the chance to talk to her too much. I should have isolated her. Everyone else left except me, her and my friend. She had to go. She started walking away but I told her to stay for 5 more minutes. This was my mistake. She was a little interested for sure, but I didn't really have a plan for what to say to her when she came back. I started deep diving her more. Why would I deep dive her more in the freezing cold weather. I should have gotten her number or at least asked her to come home with me. That was a mistake.

I must be better prepared and be willing to take conversations to the next level if they need be.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2015 4:10 pm
by fog
Hey guys! I've been really busy with school so I haven't been hanging out with or talking to too much girls. I've been working on my fundamentals though, especially my walk. I'm pretty focussed and don't even hang out with my own friends that much....but as a result, I am seeing improvements in my music. I make music that is bass heavy, so that's an important technique to master in my genre. And I'm almost there! My tracks are starting to bang.

I started on a new antidepressant called Wellbutrin after not being on meds for years. I hate meds cuz they make my sex drive go away in general. So far so good with this medication, it doesn't seem like it's getting in the way of me getting hard. Maybe when my mood improves, I will see different results with girls.

Here's what has been happening lately:

I hung out with compressor recently. She came over to my place and we talked. I was scared to kiss her, I just couldn't bring myself to do it at first. Well I did it anyways and she didn't resist to that.We were kissing for a bit, she was pinning my hand against her stomach. I found that kind of weird, almost like it was a form of resistance...maybe she didn't want my hands moving around. I did end up running my hand all over her body yeah. The weird part was that this whole thing was incredibly non sexual. It was like I was making out with a machine. There was no passion coming from her, it was strange.

I suggested we move over to the bed. I get on my bed and as shes crawling onto my bed she says "I'm on my period, I don't know if that changes things." I told her no, it doesn't change things. We are making out some more and then I took off her shirt, and my shirt, and I got on top of her and was sucking on her tits. Except there was one thing wrong. She looked really nervous and scared, it seemed like she didn't really know what to do or how to act. There was this weird look on her face, I don't know how to explain it. But it seemed like she wasn't having fun.....I've never had that happen before. I'm guessing she might be inexperienced or something like that.

After I realized nothing else was really gonna happen, I got off of her and we were talking. You know how girls talk to each other? Well they talk to each other in an interesting way, sometimes they use a certain tone of voice. Well this girl started talking to me with that tone of voice. Then she left and caught the bus.

Yeah that was interesting, was she really on her period or was that just a form of resistance? Who knows.

Another time I was talking to this girl on Facebook who had just broke up with her boyfriend. We made plans to hang out, but in our conversations she was very adamant that she does not hook up. She told me she's only had sex with one guy before (her ex). I was reconsidering whether it would be worth it to hang out with her and try to make some moves. Well the day before we were supposed to hang out, she says "hey, can i bring a friend?" i said no and then we never ended up hanging out, i told her i was busy or some shit.....NO YOU CANNOT BRING A FRIEND, THAT IS STUPID.

Ummm and then there's this other girl who I met a month ago, we made plans to hang out but they never followed through. Then after not talking for 2 weeks she started talking to me again, always initiating the conversation, now shes initiating plans to hang out, and we're gonna hang out today at my place. Seems like she's the type of girl who is taking charge, thats gonna be fun. I wonder if she'll kiss me first haha.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2015 8:57 pm
by fog
I hung out with the girl, we'll call her Trishy. When Trishy came to my house we went to my room and were sitting on my couch. She was most definitely a little bit nervous. Her body language was pretty closed off and she was barely making any eye contact! Her body language on the couch was like this: she had her arms crossed and her legs crossed.

We started off by talking about our previous experiences with working with kids, she had had bad experiences working with kids so I changed the topic as soon as possible.

She was taking a strong interest in me I'd say. She asked to hear some of my music, and I showed her some. She thought it was really good! Then she was talking about her favourite comedians, so we went over to my computer and watched some of our favourite comedies on youtube. Where is this going..? We were both sitting on separate chairs, it made it difficult to escalate with touch.

Well as we were watching mitch hedburg do his cool one liners, all of a sudden i felt a burst of attraction for her. Not just any burst of attraction, i actually felt like i had feelings for her a little. this was quite startling. This attraction came after she was taking interest in me, asking what my dreams were and stuff. She also asked if there was a body part I didnt like about myself. I told her that I love my body. I'm glad I said that. It's important to remain confident. She said she didnt like her lips. We also talked about how she had worked in an old age home before and she was talking about how one of her favourite old people had died, and while she was telling me this her body language was getting more and more closed off, basically hugging herself.

One of the things she told me was that one time she was riding on the bus and she said some old guy was pinching her elbow, she pinched my elbow to show me. That was a good sign she was starting to get comfortable with me. Oh yeah, and...we were talking about 24 hour laundromats and I said I had gone into laundromats in the middle of the night to do inappropriate stuff. i didn't specify.

I had literally not eaten all day so we went upstairs to make some food. She was repeatedly shit testing me during the whole time we were hanging out. I handled the shit tests well, sometimes exaggerating it or just ignoring it. Like we were talking about our senses of humour, she said mine was pretty bad, or ...when we first got to the kitchen she said I was BORING HER....i told her "yeah I'm the most boring person in the world"

We ate at my kitchen table and she met some of my roommates. My roommate was sitting at the table with us. He was being good and showering me with compliments and stuff, telling me i am going to get big in music. I kinda didn't like it, I felt like it would put my attainability at risk. By this time she was holding eye contact with me and giving me smiles, She was being very warm, I could feel sexual tension being built. By this time I did not want to talk about myself too much more. I didn't wanna say anything wrong that would turn her off.

I should have kissed her when I had the chance, but I didn't.....throughout the whole time i was thinking...what are some ways i can get physical escalation going. Because that was kinda lacking when I was hanging out with her. I got her to compare hand sizes with me. I was also thinking "WOW i like this girl. maybe I shouldn't kiss her." Fuck, then my roommate was telling us a very long story and I was worried she was gonna get bored. I was worried that if she got bored she wouldn't even consider hanging out with me again. Well then I was thinking ..what if my roommate had sex with her? I would most definitely feel jealous. How can I like a girl like this so quick?

Also, she was telling my roommate that I am impossible to get ahold of and that I'm always busy. This is good. I wanna be hard to get ahold of. During this whole time I guess I was giving off the vibe that I am a busy guy, and she knows how passionate I am about music, she knows I'm committed to it. But I tried disqualifying myself as a boyfriend too, I asked her whether she makes long term or short term decisions. after we talked about that she asked me the same question, I said Im always moving around and don't like to make long term decisions

I asked her if she'd drive me to school and she did, we said our goodbyes.

What did I do good? I built sexual tension and was acting warm, I handled shit tests well, I was very conscious about not revealing too much about myself. Also was good at creating a sexual vibe and a sexual frame. I disqualified myself as a boyfriend candidate.

What did I do wrong? I didn't move quick, didn't hold the strongest eye contact, I lacked in physical touch.

I am going to have to revisit Chases article on attainability to see where my attainability lies with her, I'm sure she finds me attractive but my attainability perhaps feels too low to her. I'm not gonna chase her. Since I noticed she is always initiating conversations with me, I will let her talk to me whenever.... if she's really interested shes gonna wanna hang out again. But I don't know if I should see her again, I already like her.

Re: backstory's frontstory

PostPosted: Sat Oct 17, 2015 3:16 am
by fog
One thing I have never done is ask a girl to come home with me. Sounds kinda silly doesn't it? Well tonight I decided to go to a few parties. By the time I arrived there, It was around midnight. First party I was at, I didn't like it. It was a really high energy party, and I was in more of a calm mood. I realize that in order to grab and hold a girls attention at a party like this, I need to be very high energy myself, which I didn't feel like doing. The girls I tried talking to at this party were not interested in me at all, couldn't hold their attention for more than 2 seconds before they stopped paying attention.

Same sort of environment at the other parties I went to as well. I didn't have any good conversations but I did do one thing right. I asked two girls to come home with me. I went up to them and the first thing i said was "Do you like pizza?" They both said "yes." I said, "do you want to come back to my place and eat some pizza?" Haha, i don't know if that seems sort of deceiving at all..the one girl said "No sorry I have to take care of my drunk friend." The other said "I'm not hungry."

I suppose I could start asking every girl to come home with me....whether I talk to them or not. That way, asking girls to come home with me will be second nature. I believe Chase mentioned that before.

Other notes: If you approach a girl and start inquiring about her emotions, it's not likely to go well. This just clicked in my head tonight so I'm gonna have to think about it some more, do some more field testing and post about it later. They are probably thinking "wow why did this guy come up to me and ask if i was mad, when i'm clearly not mad at all? what a creep"

Re: backstory's frontstory

PostPosted: Sat Oct 17, 2015 5:30 pm
by J Wick
Hey Backstory,

I like your journal name so I decided to check it out.

I skimmed through a little and read your latest post.

Its good to make a habit of asking girls to come home with you, so kudos.

The thing is you need to communicate your value to these girls. They don't want pizza, or at least not from a random guy. They can get pizza themselves.

They want fun, emotional connection, and/or some hot dick.

You could do the pizza offer if you were dripping sex appeal and could communicate you're a good lay (experienced/nonjudgmental/discreet) all in those few sentences. That's some advanced level shit. Anything's possible but...

Build your basics up.

How are your fundamentals?

How are your conversational skills?

What about your social calibration?

I think Radeng could really help you out. Check out some of his FR/LR's and posts.


Re: backstory's frontstory

PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2015 2:56 pm
by fog
Thanks for the reply J Wick.

Yeah I am aware that girls can most definitely get pizza if they want to. And it's probably the most cheesiest line to use...but girls aren't dumb, they know the real reason youre asking them to go home with you whether you ask them if they want to go back to your place to eat pizza or play a board game or ANYTHING like that.

Value is definitely still something I'm working on. I am consistently working on my fundamentals. I dress well, hold eye contact, I am practising my facial expressions and walk. My hair is good too. Conversation skills are doing well, I deep dive easily and get chicks talking about themselves. Social calibration isn't something I haven't dived too deep into yet. Tons of room for improvement and I know what I need to do to improve.

I'll check out Radeng's posts for sure.

Re: backstory's frontstory

PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2015 3:30 pm
by fog
I got an interesting story today. Last night I was at a bar right across from campus. I was drinking. I realize I should most definitely be staying sober with women if I want to improve with them. I feel like getting drunk communicates to you guys that I am not very serious about picking up women. I would have to say I'm not that serious about it right now, considering music is my primary focus. You might laugh at me for not being serious about pick up...the way I look at it, how could someone in music not be serious about pursuing success in the music business?


Soooo I'm standing in front of the bar smoking, and these two girls come out. One of them bumps into me as she walks past. I say to her "Hey! I didn't come here to get harassed!" in a playful tone. She comes up to me and starts talking to me and apologizing. She immediately starts touching me as well. We're standing around outside talking for a bit and she starts hitting on me calling me cute and stuff like that. Then she asks me to go inside with her. I should have asked her that, but that's okay.

We go inside and sit down and talk some more. She tells me a story about how she went to Sweden, and then she starts talking about how shes a really conservative, shy girl. She's really touchy, hand on my leg, and shes leaning in real close to me to talk. Her face was roughly 2 millimetres away from mine. She says she wants a drink and gives me some money. I went to the bar, bought a drink with her money, bought a drink with my money, then came back and sat down. We continue talking and everything's going fine. I ask her to come home with me. Her reply? I didn't really hear it but from her body language I could tell it was something like a no. After this she pretty well stopped touching me and wasn't leaning in as close, it was interesting. After we both took bathroom breaks she was talking about how she wanted to find her friend.

She went off to find her friend and I went back to hang out with my friends. 15 minutes later she appears and starts talking to me, starting to hit on me again. At this point I was leaning in, teasing her a little bit trying to kiss her. She kinda gave me some cheek kiss and I said "that wasn't really a kiss." She gave me a kiss on the lips this time. I was very drunk by this point. Then she disappears again, and comes back 5 minutes later asking me if I'm coming back to her place. I said yes.

So we are walking back to her place and she says "you can come back to my place but we aren't having sex." I said "Ok I can't guarantee it though!" We are walking and she asks me to hold her purse and help take off her shoes for her in the middle of the sidewalk. I said "No." I viewed this as shit tests. Then she was saying how she usually doesn't go home with guys who are as short as me and that she's only had sex with 3 people. I didn't really say anything. What do I say to this? She was shorter than me. Just a little bit taller with heels on though. I was already facing resistance it seemed like, and the fact I was drunk didn't help.

We get back to her place and I lie in her bed while she goes to the bathroom and shit. Then she comes up to me and she says "Why are you in my bed if I said we aren't having sex?" My mind was blown, I had no clue what to say. Absolutely stumped. I just said "I never said we were having sex." She gets into bed with me, we were making out. What happened later was actually pretty hot. I was eating her out and she was moaning quite a bit. Then she rolled over onto her front and went into the doggystyle position and I continued eating her out, I also licked her ass a bit. Never done that before....and then I called her a dirty little slut while eating her out and she kinda gave me a slap on my head, lol it was funny...

She was worried about what her roommates would think about us being a little bit loud. I told her they would probably be jealous that we were having fun and they weren't. She was also talking about how my rudeness was turning her on. Like for example when I told her she asked me to take off her shoes and I said no.

She was adamant about not having sex with me, she wouldn't let me finger her, she didn't give me a handjob or head. I said "give me head" but I said it more as a question....she gave me head for like 5 seconds then stopped.

Then she was saying how she had to get to work for 7am, it was already 5:30am by this point. She wanted to sleep and wanted me to cuddle her. Well I did not want to stay in her bed, I wanted to go home. I can't sleep with someone else in the bed. I asked her to call me a cab. My phone is currently broken so I couldn't do it myself. Well she started getting REALLY pissed saying I woke her up and shit. What...she was already awake! She was very hostile. She finally calls me a cab then urges me to get out of her house. She starts calling me a bad person, saying she doesn't think I'm attractive and stuff. She said she didn't like my rudeness (even though she had just said it turned her on, not even 15 minutes ago). Then she was calling me out on being dominant, saying I was faking it or something....

Why did this happen? Since she is a sexually inexperienced lady, I could say that perhaps she felt guilty about bringing me home with her. Maybe it happened a little bit too quick for her. I don't know why she got angry all of a sudden, maybe she really wanted me to cuddle her the whole night or something.

What did I do bad? I got drunk and did not communicate to her that I was a sexual, non judgemental guy. As a result I faced resistance. I did not save kissing till we got home, we were making out on the walk to her place.

What did I do good? I asked her to go home with me. I escalated with touch, handled shit tests alright, maintained strong eye contact.

I'm pretty tired so I'll have to think about this more and write more later. It's not the greatest report considering I was drunk and can't remember the succession in which things happened.

Re: backstory's frontstory

PostPosted: Sun Oct 25, 2015 3:16 am
by fog
I am constantly striving to write better reports. I feel like they are mostly pretty unorganized.

Anyways, the antidepressants are starting to kick in and I am feeling greaaat!!!! I have never felt this way before. They are making me feel how I am supposed to feel. Still having some very depressing thoughts though. For example, I feel like everyone on this board hates me. There's no way that could possibly be true, but that's just the way my mind thinks. Pretty harmful isn't it? I should maybe get better at analyzing how my pessimistic mind destroys my results with women.

I started seeing this psychologist, and I am ridiculously attracted to her. She's older. I don't think it would be appropriate to try to talk to her outside of her sessions. We're gonna work on my thought process.

I noticed someone talking on the boards how they had lost all interest in women. I also noticed one guy a while ago implying he bases his whole identity around sleeping with chicks. If he doesn't sleep with girls, it makes him feel like less of a man.

Personally, my interest in music waxes and wanes. There will be times where i just cannot bring myself to make a song. Other times, I will be bursting at the seams with ideas. Last year around this time there was a period where I didn't make a song for a few months. This is totally normal, no matter WHAT YOU ARE PURSUING, including women. But the key is to continue doing whatever it is, even if you don't wanna do it. Lets face it, no one wants to make music all the time or pick up chicks ALL THE TIME (well maybe). you need a break!!!

The people who are great at certain things will continue to pursue whatever they wanna pursue in times where they are feeling uninspired. Push yourself. :)

I base my whole identity around music. If I am currently making a shitty song, I feel like it makes me a shitty person. When I'm making a great song, I feel great. But it is important to separate yourself from whatever you are pursuing. Is your identity totally based around how much you are succeeding in your passion? What makes a person a good person? My mom has said before it's the way you treat others.

Re: backstory's frontstory

PostPosted: Tue Oct 27, 2015 3:11 pm
by fog
I have been reminiscing about my past experiences with women. There are some women in my past who I could have easily had sex with or dated, but my fundamentals were absolute shit. As a result, I never got anywhere with them. These stories are pretty embarrassing, but I'm going to share them anyways.

Before I get started, I want to mention that sometimes I don't give myself enough credit. I always feel like I haven't improved at all. Well looking back just from the summer, I have improved leaps and bounds with women! If I had the opportunity to redo things with the women I messed up with in the past, I could have easily succeeded with them. Makes me kind of happy.

I was 18 and I had met a girl on Facebook. We really hit it off. We were texting lots. I asked her if she wanted to hang out and she was asking me if it was a date. We went to a restaurant to eat and it was pretty good. We could barely eat our food because we were talking so much. Afterwards we went back to my place. She was the one who was interested in hanging out more after dinner. Sooo we get back to my place and she was sitting on my bed and I was sitting on a chair playing music. That's what happened the whole time. We were talking about music. Her interest could not have been anymore clear. Unfortunately I was too dumb to pay attention to her signals. She was sitting on my bed, that's a huge signal! When she left, she grabbed me and kissed me goodbye.

She lives 45 minutes out of town, so the second time we hung out, I went to her friend's place. I got my friend to drive me. I remember what I was wearing. I was wearing sweatpants and a sweater. This is so embarrassing to me when I think back on it. We drank at her friend's place but I was mostly treating her like a friend. I'm pretty sure I was really shy. When we went to bed, we made out but she didn't seem too interested in doing anything else, she practically fell asleep on me. The next day I got to meet her parents and we were in her bedroom. I told her a story before my friend picked me up. Looking back on that particular situation, I felt like I was giving off some serious kiddie vibes by telling her this story.

We continued to text after that, but she eventually started losing interest and she said she had started talking to her ex again and gained feelings back for him. She said we couldn't talk anymore. I had no clue why she didn't want to be with me.

I know why now. It's super clear to me. I was not dominant at all, and all my fundamentals sucked. I was not sexually exciting! The only thing I had going for me was that we connected on a conversational level. Imagine this same situation happened to me now?

Re: backstory's frontstory

PostPosted: Tue Oct 27, 2015 3:39 pm
by fog
My second story about a past experience with a girl further goes to help myself see how I am no longer a helpless fetus when it comes to women.

I had known this girl (gonna call her Lighter) for ages and she was well known to be a girl who likes to have sex. She had sex with everyone! Her and I never had sex, even though I had multiple opportunities. We made out once when I was blackout wasted, but that's about it.

One time at a cottage party, she was drunk and asking me if I was still a virgin. I forget what I said, but I messed that one up considering nothing happened between us that night.

Another time, I had just moved into an apartment and she lived super close to me. I didn't even have to ask her to come over, a lot of the times she would just bang on my door and come in to chill. One time she was even lying in my bed with me. Nothing ever happened.

One time I was even begging her to have sex with me. I'm not sure whether it was before these events, or after these events. Either way it was most definitely a turn off for her.

That's the backstory. Plenty of opportunities, but I didn't capitalize on them because I was shy or didnt realize what happened. I saw her again this past summer but messed up again.

I used to wear bathing suits and pajamas all the time. She had moved out of town but was back in town for a few weeks. She had a boyfriend but he was in Toronto.

She came to my place and then we went for a walk. One of the things she told me when she first saw me was that I dress a lot nicer than I used to. Our walk was rather uneventful. We just talked and talked and talked.

The second time we hung out over the summer, we went to watch some fireworks down at the waterfront. It was a little chilly and and I wore a leather jacket to stay warm. She told me she liked my jacket. I had also just cut my nails except there was one nail I had cut incorrectly and it was really bothering me. I was picking at it in front of her which was a mistake. She was probably thinking "why is this guy dressing nice but he's being unhygienic picking his nails like that?" It probably didn't make sense to her and made her feel like me dressing nice was fake. Then I was talking about something gross that grossed her out. Nice. That was a mess up. Later on while we were walking, her and I were talking about sex.

So then we met up with her sister (Dee) at the fireworks and her sister was talking to her about guys she was matching with on Tinder. They were kinda giving off undertones that Lighter was fucking guys even though she had a long distance boyfriend. We ended up walking around and Dee whispered something to LighterI have a feeling her sister said "are you going to fuck backstory?" Lighter replied "ew no!!!!" She said goodbye to me and then moved back to Toronto and I haven't seen her since.

That's an embarrassing story for sure. I feel like there was most definitely a chance to fuck her this past summer if I had played my cards right. But I didn't. I have never played my cards right with this girl. It's just one constant mess up. If I ever see her again, I am going to put all my knowledge and experience to good use and fuck her. :) That would be a nice ending to a story like this.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2015 8:22 pm
by fog
I am excited. The past few days I have been practising my walk after following the instructions in Chase's article on how to have a sexy walk. I have started noticing some interesting results. First off, I get a huge confidence boost when I start walking. There is just something about this walk that makes me feel like I'm the CEO of a company or some shit. The second thing I've noticed is that more women are looking at me while I am walking. If I had to estimate, I would say twice the amount of women as before.

I haven't been approaching but some interesting things happened on my way home from school which I will mention in a second. Anyways, whenever I am holding strong eye contact with a girl (and she isn't breaking it), I totally lose my train of thought. It startles me for some reason. I'll be talking to a girl and shes willing to look at me for as long as I look at her and then suddenly in the middle of my sentence I will have no clue what to say. This is probably due to nervousness or something, but I really gotta work on fixing it.

Okay I was at school in the food court near the studios. I was walking past pizza pizza. I go to pizza pizza pretty often and the lady employees there are friendly with me. They are older though, I'd say in their 40s. One of them was closing down pizza pizza and she started talking to me asking where I was going. I told her I was going to subway and she started talking to me about how your metabolism slows down after 30 and you start getting fat like she does. She started gesturing towards her belly. Haha. She's got a really thick accent so she's kind of hard to understand. I could get her number or something. Anyways, I wasn't really interested in talking to her about food because I was very hungry and there was NO ONE in the line at subway. So while this cashier was talking to me I was constantly looking over at the subway line hoping no one would get in line before me. I understand that when people look away during a conversation, it means they aren't really interested in the conversation so I felt kind of rude doing it.

We finish talking and I head into the line in Subway. There's two people in front of me and right after I get in line, 6 more people show up behind me. I got there right on time. I got my sub and the cashier who was cashing me out says to me "Are you in the radio broadcasting program?" I said "No, what makes you ask that?" She says "You have a radio voice." That was interesting to me because no one has ever told me I have a voice that would sound good on the radio before. I continue talking to her and hold strong eye contact with her. We're looking at each other and I say "I'm in....uhhhhhhhhh" and trail off saying uhh for like 3 seconds because she's been holding eye contact with me so long. I look away and say "Music Industry Arts." It's definitely not attractive or smooth when that happens. Then we have a small chat about what she's doing with her life and I took off to go home.

As I'm leaving Subway I see my roommate. He is walking down the hallway in the same direction I'm going. We are walking together and coming towards us are these three girls. I expect them to move but they didn't so we got in a little traffic jam in the middle of the hallway. I held eye contact with this one chick who was mostly in my way. After they pass they all started giggling.

Then, further down the hallway, this girl who is walking the opposite way down the hallway as me exclaims "Nice shirt!" I was wearing a tan leather jacket and a shirt with a lions face on it. That was weird that that random girl complimented me on my shirt. That usually doesn't happen.

Anyways.....those 3 things happened to me very quickly and I found it strange.

Also, I've known this one girl for a year now but she always had a boyfriend. Now she just broke up with her boyfriend and she is eager to make plans with me to hang out. We've been so busy that we haven't found time yet. But she has been messaging me on Facebook today saying she wants to party this weekend and she is hitting on me lots being all flirty. All good signs. She hasn't seen me since last school year. I've improved a shit ton, so this one is probably gonna be in the bag unless I do something wrong.

Some other things....I've been working on improving my facial expressions. I've really been tweaking the "cute and sexy look." I feel like most of the time I raise my eyebrows just a little bit too much and I end up looking like a weirdo. I realized you just gotta raise them a teeny tiny little bit. Chase said to adopt this as my main facial expression. Would it ever be possible for me to have this as my main facial expression without even trying? Like I could wake up in the morning and this look would already be on my face?

School is busy as fuck and I am exhausted.

Re: backstory's frontstory

PostPosted: Sat Oct 31, 2015 7:24 pm
by fog
Some quick notes. Lately when talking to girls I find myself touching them for longer periods of time. For example, if they are comfortable with quick touches on their arms/shoulders then I will go ahead and put my hand on their shoulder.

Also, I'm going to work on ways to make girls feel more comfortable when they are at my place. In my past journal entries, I often note that the girl is displaying body language that shows she is nervous or shy. I believe there are some articles on this site that talk about dealing with this. I will have to do some research on how to make girls feel comfortable quicker.

Something else I need to work on is coming up with ways for the girl to touch me. This will make her more comfortable with me. For example, we compare hand sizes.

And...the last thing I need to work on is non-verbal game. A lot of the parties I go to are high energy parties and I find these sorts of parties difficult. It's pointless to try to talk to girls over loud music.

Last night I spent a little bit more time on my hair. I met up with a buddy and he asked if I had changed my hairstyle. I said no. I asked if it looked better than before. He said yeah. Nice.

I was talking to a girl last night at a party. She mentioned that she wanted to go to Australia (who doesn't these days..?). I told her I wanted to go to Europe because it is more sexually liberated in Europe. She laughed out loud and she started talking about how it was weird that I said that. I'm thinking she found it strange because A) she is sexually inexperienced or B) I said it in the conversation too early, or the way I said it was awkward. I'm not really sure. Also, as we were talking, some friends passed by me and patted me on the back. She exclaims, "Wow you're popular!" For a split second I didn't know what to say. But then I said "Nah, those are just my friends." Which was true. So I handled that well.

Fuck, I am looking and feeling super shitty lately. Lack of sleep and stuff. I wonder how much better I could do if I felt and looked my best.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 02, 2015 3:12 pm
by fog
I am annoyed by the fact that I made a ton of mistakes this weekend. I was presented with several opportunities but I did not jump on them. In this entry I will detail these missed opportunities and explore my feelings behind them.

Friday night I was at a party with a DJ. I was standing right in front of the speakers. The music was pretty loud. There were not too many other people around me. These two girls came and stood very close to me and I caught their eyes. I realized this was an approach invitation. I got caught up in thinking some things: which one should I talk to? Even if I did talk to them, there would be no way I would hear them over the music. Should I use body language to show that we should go to a quieter place? Or should I try dancing with them. While I was thinking these things, they ended up leaving. I should have at least done something instead of do nothing. I should have gone up and chosen one to talk to. And then did a quick compliance test by moving them to a quicker place. It wouldn't have been hard to do that.

Saturday I was party hopping with my friends South and Bailey. Bailey is a Russian girl and South is a guy in my program. I sensed a little bit of interest from Bailey. I was giving her simple touches all night and she was willing to touch me back. It was midnight and we were passing by her house to go to another party. She said she was going home. I was standing in front of her house with her and South was a little bit down the street. But it seemed like she was waiting for me to take charge and say something. I told her goodbye and she went inside. I could have gone inside with her and had some fun. But I didn't wanna ditch South and I wasn't really quite done going to parties yet. However I could have spent a half hour with her and gone back out. And I felt like it would be awkward going into her house. It would feel weird for me escalating in a girl's house. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to hook up with her, I don't know if I'm attracted to her or not. Well I should have gone into her house with her anyways, these are all bullshit excuses!!!!!

This last opportunity I missed out on is a really peculiar event. Later on Saturday night around 1AM-ish I was at a party two doors down from my place. I had been outside smoking a cigarette and I came back inside. I walked up the stairs and leaning against the counter was this girl with bluish green hair. She opened me. We started talking about our costumes. She was holding eye contact but it was rather unsettling because her eyes were ridiculously wide open. Made her look like she was really hyper or something. An acquaintance of mine (who is her friend) interrupts us to say that I make awesome electronic music. She was interested in hearing some, I told her it was on my laptop. I lived two doors down, I could have easily asked her to come over to my place. :) Well not two seconds later she left with my acquaintance and the girl he was with. As they are leaving the girl kinda stops and lookand screes at me expectantly like she is waiting for me to take charge. I just said goodbye. I coulda gotten her number, but I'm not a fan of getting numbers. Anyways, shemost definitely interested and all I had to do was take charge. If she had hung around for a little while longer things would have worked better in my favour. It's m was y fault for not being prepare to move quick. But besides that, I wasn't even sure if I wanted to bring her back to my place, I wanted to talk to her a little bit moren her, cuz she was acting a little weird. I could have done that at my house though!!! The next day I talked to my acquaintance and he told me her name and I added her on Facebook. Sent her a message, doubt she will even remember who I am though.

Yeah, soo...three missed opportunities due to my lack of experience and/or shitty mindset. Will do some research and be prepared to move quick for next time.

Re: backstory's frontstory

PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 9:11 am
by fog
I would like to note some interesting comments made by others about my walk yesterday.

I was walking up to some of my classmates (one of them was a rapper) and the rapper said "Wow you just walked up here like a gangster, go do that again!"

Later, my roommates and I were walking to the grocery store. One of my roommates said "Why are you so angry right now?" I was curious as to what made him think I looked angry. He said it was because I was because of the way and speed I was walking. I was walking pretty fast, and I most definitely was making my shoulders swagger a lot.

I must slow down my walk. Every time I am walking somewhere, I really want to get there as fast as possible. It results in me walking fast. However, there's no rush. I am going to practice walking slow once a day.

Also, yesterday I was really exaggerating my walk. It probably made me look like an idiot, as people most definitely took notice. I am still working on developing the perfect walk.

Re: backstory's frontstory

PostPosted: Mon Nov 09, 2015 7:57 pm
by fog
Hellooo friends.

I recently bought Chase's ebook and have been reading it. Lots of good tips in there!

Been getting compliments regarding my shoes, clothes, hair, and walk, so I know I'm on the right track with those things. One thing I need to improve on is my posture though. People are noticing my facial expressions too, I have been practising my facial expressions a lot. Recently I have also been working on my voice a little bit. Mostly working on vocal inflections right now.

I have been seeing a psychologist for counselling sessions. Gonna call her Polie. What I know about her is that she is around 40 years old and has been divorced once, she is currently single. She's got an interesting look about her and I think shes sooo attractive. The way she does counselling is really informal, sometimes she calls me "hun" and today she called me "babe." She also swears, it doesn't really feel like a counselling session, even though she is helping a lot.

She wears a lot of dresses, sometimes suggestive. I would have to say our conversations have sexual overtones in them. The other week she was talking about a specific brain structure being aroused, she kept saying the word "aroused." Hahaha, I smiled a little and I could just tell what we were both thinking about.

Then today, she says to me "Hey do you know who you look like? You look like Michael J Fox." I have heard that name before but don't really know what he looks like....she showed me a picture on her phone of him. Afterwards she says "I've been meaning to tell you that for a while now. Of course I meant that as a compliment. He is very....very.........hes retired now!" I feel like she was going to say something like "handsome" or "hot" or "attractive" but she realized that would be kinda unprofessional to indirectly state her attraction towards me, so she changed the subject to his retirement.

Later on we did some guided meditation. She was speaking and I listened to her. She said that she was going to record her speaking doing the guided meditation on her phone, then she was going to text it to me, so that I could do it at home. Afterwards she asked for my number, but I haven't gotten the voice clip from her yet.... Do you think this was an excuse just to get my number/text me?

I would most definitely like to do dirty things to her body, but its not really appropriate to do that while I continue to be counselled by her. Perhaps afterwards, if that is a possibility. I'm pretty sure she's attracted towards me. I have not been holding strong eye contact in our sessions, I don't want to come across as overtly sexual.

What do you guys think about this? How would I go about stating my attraction for her after I am done seeing her for counselling for good?

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 22, 2015 4:44 pm
by fog
Hi friends,

I've been thinking really hard lately. I've been thinking a lot about who I am as a person and how I can best express myself through clothing. I feel like I slightly overdress. Not only is it bad to overdress, but I realize this might cause people to think that...well i dont know....I have a feeling they might think that I'm a really classy guy (or something along those lines), when in reality, the vibes I am giving off are that I'm an artistic guy.

So, I have been focusing on that and making sure my appearance is going to be in accordance with how I act.

I've been seeing my psychologist. At our last session there were two instances where she leaned across her chair and touched my hand, then at the end of the session she grabbed my hand and held onto it for a few seconds. I've been thinking about what it means, if anything,

Re: backstory's frontstory

PostPosted: Mon Nov 30, 2015 12:25 am
by fog
I've been working on two things.

Not revealing too much about myself and keeping girls guessing, as well as consistently holding my frame.

Re: backstory's frontstory

PostPosted: Thu Jan 07, 2016 11:49 pm
by fog
Been a while since I posted, I have been doing alright, took a visit to New Orleans over the holidays with my family. I was consistently getting asked how old I am. People were saying I looked 14-15..!!

I have a clear idea of where I want to go with my style in terms of clothing. I've been really attracted to wearing interesting clothing with weird shapes and patterns or ideas. For example, in New Orleans I bought a button up shirt with birds and the words "For The Birds" all over it. I want my clothing to be slightly peculiar, entertaining, and different, but still sexy. I really like the idea of peacocking. And when I wear these types of clothes, I feel more myself and within my element...I really feel like an artist and that's good.

Lately I've been teasing girls way too much to the point where it sends them into auto rejection. They get insulted!! I gotta back up a little bit.

I didn't mention this before, but I really identify with alek's style. He uses a lot of sex talk. I have been incorporating sex talk into practically every conversation I have with girls. Its super helpful! Screens out the girls who aren't sexually comfortable really quick, and also gets girls horny.

I am consistently using interesting vocal tonality, with vocal fluctuations and stuff like that...and also using a variety of facial expressions. I look at people and their faces are so static, I can't believe it. I noticed over the holidays that my mom was mimicking my facial expressions sometimes. If I raised my eyebrows, she would also do the same. Usually her face is quite static. There's a lot of girls who have pretty static faces, but I noticed some of the more attractive ones really make use of their facial expressions.

I can't wait till I'm happy with my style and I feel like it's complete. Once I am content with my clothing style, I feel as though I will have a good set of core fundamentals to work with. :)

Oh, also, when I was at home over the break, I made out with a lesbian at a bar. Thought that was kind of funny. I was just so drunk, I was going around the bar talking to girls and kinda leaning in acting like I wanted to kiss them. Ended up kissing the lesbian as well as some other girl. I can sense that a girl in my social circle in my hometown is starting to find me attractive. And uh, some girl wanted to date me. Had her over last night and we had some fun. But today she's not really talking to me. I didn't really want to date her anyways. One last thing: I've been talking to this girl on Facebook for months. Never even met her. But she is really bugging me to hang out with her. She says straight up that she is intrigued by me and that is why she needs to hang out with me. I just find it incredible that I've managed to maintain a mystery about me after 3 months of talking to her. I asked her if she'd like to come over to my place to watch a movie with me. She's down, so maybe I'll hang out with her soon. Would be good experience, but I'm not the most interested in her, I could actually care less. I sound like I'm in auto rejection, lol..

Re: backstory's frontstory

PostPosted: Sat Jan 09, 2016 5:18 pm
by fog
Last night was awesome. I went to a party for my program and there was a ton of people I hadn't met before.

I was wearing two very bright button ups over a sweater and I was also wearing an eskimo hat. I was getting tons of compliments on what I was wearing. The most interesting thing is that girls were touching me. They wanted to touch my hat and they were touching my clothing and going through my layers of clothing to see what I was wearing. I will continue dressing like this.

I also was focusing on awareness radius throughout most of the day and also at the party. I have to admit I just realized how painfully awkward I used to be in social situations. I'm amazed by the power of awareness radius. It doesn't matter who you are talking to. If you are in a conversation with someone and providing them your full attention, they will feed on it. And the people who notice you doing that will wish you could talk to them. When you do go talk to someone who wants your attention, it will feel good for them and the conversation will be way more engaging for the both of you.

That's the best I can explain it for now..

I was sitting on a couch chatting with this girl (gonna call her H) I had seen her at the party but hadn't really addressed her all night. I started talking to her and our attention were soley focussed on each other. This other girl started trying to eavesdrop on our conversation! I started talking to the eavesdropping girl and my full attention was on her. I started ignoring H. But while I was talking to the eavesdropping girl, H was still listening. I said something and then H laughed touched my leg but I still ignored her because my attention was on the eavesdropping girl.

So what does that say when a girl touches you but your awareness radius isn't on her at the moment so you don't pay attention to her? I guess it could convey high value.

Looking forward to continue using this technique and learning more about how to use it effectively.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 14, 2016 1:13 am
by fog
I started using "the bored look." Looking forward to trying it out in the field.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 15, 2016 5:26 pm
by fog
Some interesting experiences with girls in the past few days.

Today I was sitting on the bus. I caught a girl looking at me a few times, then, we both got off the bus at the same time but were heading in opposite directions. I passed her and she was giving me a really seductive look, and I gave her one too. She didn't look familiar. This has never happened to me before. I should have opened her but I didn't.

I bought this interesting hat. I've been getting lots of compliments on it, and I notice a lot of girls looking at me when I wear it.

Yesterday I was waiting at the bus stop and this girl walks up to the bus stop and she starts stomping on the snow and playing with the snow with her boots. I found that weird, girls don't usually do that. I feel like she was restless and most likely horny. She opened me by asking what time the bus was gonna come. We had a short conversation, I didn't really take it anywhere.

I was walking in the hallway and I smiled at some girl and she smiled back at me...I think thats basically an approach invitation? The same thing happened with another girl when I was at the bus stop today.

I am passing waay too much on these interactions, i should be chasing after these girls who are paying me attention.

I want to say that at a party last weekend that I wrote about, one of the girls I had had a conversation with was quick to re-engage me when I saw her at the party. That was interesting too and barely ever happened. I am definitely improving!

Re: backstory's frontstory

PostPosted: Tue Jan 19, 2016 6:31 pm
by fog
I pretty well got my posture down. 90% of the time I find myself having a proper posture without even forcing myself to do it, it just happens naturally now.

Still working on sharpening my use of the awareness radius, sometimes in social situations where I am talking to someone I find myself looking off into a crowd of people instead of paying attention to the person I am talking to. I want to give my full attention to someone I am talking to and not be distracted by anything else.

Haven't been approaching really, although this is going to have to change soon if I want to continue sharpening my skills. Last night I was in a tim horton's lineup. after I got my bagel, i went and talked to my friend who was further back in the lineup. There was a girl behind my friend and I could see her smiling at me while I was talking to my friend. I really should have gone and talked to her after talking to my friend but I didn't. I just totally forgot about her because I was so immersed in talking to my other friend.

I feel like lately I am viewing everything as an approach invitation (even though it might not be an approach invitation). This is a great mindset to have. After coming out of the doctors office, I made eye contact with this girl and she was giving me a really seductive look. Also, I went to class and sat down. A girl from a party I attended a few weeks ago was sitting in the row in front of me a few weeks down. I was busy practicing awareness radius stuff. In this case I was just focussed on texting some people. But I could see this girl turn her head towards me two times. I feel like she was tryinga get a glance at me but I can't be sure.

Here's a goal I'm setting for myself: the next time I catch a girl looking at me or smiling at me, I'm going to say hi to her. I missed way too many opportunities lately.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 29, 2016 11:41 pm
by fog
!!!! i've been noticing a ton of growth lately. girls are really starting to treat me differently.

recently before class i was standing outside the classroom doing some people watching. caught the gaze of one girl as she was walking by....she was middle eastern maybe. IDK. she was giving me a really seductive look. she passed me by. eye contact broke, but she even turned around to look at me as she kept walking and she was giving me a really seductive look

nothing was even said....i didnt even know her. no words were said but there was a lot of sexual tension. unfortunately i missed another opportunity because i didn't do anything. i really shoulda...

Re: backstory's frontstory

PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2016 7:27 pm
by fog
In this post I'd like to talk about some recent experiences I've been having and the things I've been learning.

Went out to a few parties this weekend. While I was talking with people, sometimes people would try to interrupt. I would ignore them and just keep talking to the person I was talking to. It's ridiculous how many distractions there can be at a party that can really interrupt the flow of a conversation. In the past, distractions are what have derailed me completely when I am talking to girls. I'm glad that is no longer an issue for me. It's the opposite way around too. If I'm talking a guy and a girl tries to interrupt, I pay attention to the guy. It makes your full attention seem more important and makes you seem like a higher status individual, someone who has options and you're not afraid if a girl will lose interest. 6 months ago, I probably would have paid attention to a girl trying to interrupt because I was so eager for female attention.

I wasn't really feeling the party on friday, although I did meet a few people. I opened a group of people (two girls and a guy). That was a mistake, it was awkward, they weren't interested in talking. I turned my attention to the one girl but she was totally uninterested. Next time I will make sure to open one person in a group instead of addressing the whole group. I opened another girl. We had a bit of a chat, she touched my clothing, but her body language suggested she was a little bit nervous of me or didn't really want to talk towards the end of the conversation. The next step would have been to move her somewhere, but her body language suggested she wouldn't have been down. I should have gotten her to move with me anyways, it would have been a good learning experience, especially if objected instead of saying no.

When I had first got to the party, I was talking with my friend Owen. Just as I was finishing talking with Owen a girl came up and started talking to Owen but she was looking at me before talking to Owen. I said hello to her but that's it...She was really hot. Shoulda introduced myself. Later on she tried touching my eskimo hat while I was talking with another girl, I didn't let her. Then later she was walking by as I was drinking my beer and I purposely got her in her way with my beer. Like I made her walk into my beer and kinda just put it in her face. She grabbed my beer and made me chug it. It was flirty teasing behaviour. She was surrounded by guys all night. I could have opened her, she would have definitely been receptive, but I was intimated by her looks.

There was one last girl I was talked to who was decent looking but I just wasn't attracted to her and she was a tad annoying. She was bugging me to wear my hat all night but I wouldn't let her. I really should have let her wear my hat to reward her or something like that We took a lot of selfies too! There was a bit of touch too. After that we would pass each other and she would touch me as she was passing by but we didn't really talk after that. If I had wanted to take it further, I really should have let her wear my hat. I don't know.

Saturday night, went to another party. I had been talking with this chick named Hailey for a while through text and Facebook but we had never met yet. Everytime I would talk about sexual things she would call me a perv and just be generally unresponsive in those types of conversations, so I didn't feel like she was too interested. But she really wanted to hang out with me, and sometimes would be a little bit flirty. She wanted to go to this party with me and she was bringing her friend who was also a girl. Hailey was saying that she didn't want to get laid but was trying to hook me up with her friend. She got her friend to text me and her friend was texting me saying "I'll make out with you." I said something along the lines of "We'll have to see about that." I wasn't exactly sure what to say, I wanted to be a challenge but I didn't really know how to do it. Unfortunately I didn't show too much interest throughout the course of the night so I wasn't surprised when she was not interested in talking to me. However, hailey on the other hand was constantly hitting on me and we were making out all night.

I also saw Trishy at this party. I have a journal entry about her. Me and Trishy hung out once and I didn't make a move and she went into auto rejection. Trishy was really drunk and excited to see me. I was really calm. She says "Whats wrong!!" I said "nothings wrong!" I was just not high enough energy for her. We danced for like 20 seconds, even kissed a little bit, although it was pretty sloppy cuz she was so drunk. She was excited to see me but just not interested.

I ended up going home with Hailey, all she wanted to do was cuddle. I was pretty persistent. Kept on touching her and kissing her but she really didnt wanna have any of it. I decided to punish her by not touching her. I would just roll off and lay away from her. She would get angry and try to make me cuddle her. I did that a few times. One time when I was touching her she mentioned something about how she had been raped before and she didn't wanna feel that way again. I stopped, she fell asleep and left. Then today she was being all clingy and shit. Bleh, I have gone into auto rejection and will never be talking to her again.

i mentioned I had "punished" Hailey by stopping the touching. I have been punishing girls in other ways too. For instance, Hailey had wanted to hang out the previous day. We had made plans to hang out at 7pm. Close to 7PM she said we could hang out another day. She said she was really nervous to see me. Which is good. I want girls to be nervous when they are around me. But then she changed her mind and wanted to hang out after all. Well it was too late. She had messed up and I had started making music. Basically this taught her that my time is important

I am also talking to a girl, we will call her Francine. Francine and I have been talking for months, but also never met. Recently Francine has been copying the way I talk both through text and phone calls. This is a great thing, when girls are imitating you. During one phone conversation she was literally copying every word I said though which was annoying. I hung up on her. She called back and I didn't answer her call, then she texted me saying sorry. I called her back. We were actually going to hang out last night but plans fell through. Recently she has also started calling me pet names and as well she was talking about her being my future wife during a phone call. Very clingy, shes pretty lonely right now, not sure if I should just avoid her.

I am talking to a girl named Kate. She's been trying to hang out with me for like 10 months now. To be honest, I just don't give a fuck about girls which is a good attitude to have. Kate sometimes texts me asking when we are going to hang out. I finally made plans with her for this coming week. Last night we were texting. We had a conversation about societies views around sex, that went well. Also, she was playing along with the roleplays (I pretended we were married). All good signs for when we hang out.

I have been talking to a girl named Anne, we met last year but haven't hung out since then. She's been very warm with me, she had dreadlocks (just got rid of them). I made a joke about cumming in her dreadlocks and she received it well. Then, she cut her hair relatively short. I said to her in a later conversation "I bet you cut your hair cuz I said I wanted to cum all over your dreads." She said "haha yeah I thought about that when I was doing them like "oops I didn't get a chance." That's good news, we made plans to hang out but didn't set a date yet.

Good weekend, got a few girls I'm working on, but i really could have used better vocal tonality this weekend. I was using enough touch and my posture was great. I need to really focus on opening more girls outside of Facebook, I feel like that's were all my opportunities come from, I shouldn't be relying on Facebook.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2016 7:44 pm
by fog
Also, I must add.....I have been getting some great responses from girls lately by asking the question "What do you want from your life?" Sparks a great conversation :)

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 6:56 pm
by fog
I had conversations with two girls last night at a party.

First girl was not in to me at all..she actually had a gross look on her face and her body language was terrible. Towards the end of the conversation she was facing her friend while talking to me. My friend Jack was talking to her friend but both girls were more interested in him than me.

I was in the kitchen. Jack and I had arranged to play beer pong with two girls. They were friendly but weren't really interested in chatting. One of the teams who was already playing consisted of a girl and a guy. I addressed the girl. I think it had something to do with who was playing next? I cant remember. Anyways, she was imitating my facial expressions. Her eyebrows raised when mine raised. I took that as a sign of attraction. She was curvy with a baby face. She looked like she was in high school...the game ended and she went into the living room with the guy she had been playing beer pong with. Well the girls we were supposed to play beer pong with had was getting late and Jack was annoyed and wanted to leave because it was turning into a sausagefest at the party. I went up to the girl who I had been talking to in the kitchen. At that point she was the only girl in the party it seemed like. I opened her by saying she was the only girl at the party! We started talking, her name was Emily. She would lean in to hear me when I was talking, that was another good sign. As well, she was asking me about myself. I started deep diving her, although I should have focussed on flirting with her at first. I was asking her some deep questions like "what do you want from yourself" and I got the sense these questions were way too much for her, especially from some guy she had just met. There was a DJ playing music. She started dancing while we were talking and I got the sense she was losing interest and just wanted to dance. I didn't really want to dance. At this point I had a decision to make. Should I try to move her somewhere such as a couch? I felt as though if I asked, she would have said no because she wanted to dance. And that would have moved the interaction backwards, because I didn't want to dance at all. I told her I'd talk to her later and went to find Jack. I figured I'd approach Emily later and try to start things back up. Well me and Jack ended up leaving and I didn't even get Emily's number or anything. I really should have just danced with her or even tried to get her to move somewhere with me, there was nothing to lose. Plus if she was interested in me (as her body language suggested) then she would have been down.

The mistake I made from the start was not flirting with her when I first met her. This seems to be a common problem of mine. Other problems include ejecting too early and not moving girls. This is what I will be focussing on in the next few weeks.

I went to a burger joint with my roommate this evening. I actually just came down with a cold today so I was wearing pajamas. These girls walked in and they could not keep their eyes off me. When I left, they were even looking at me through the window. I can assume they were attracted. In the past, I probably would have thought they were staring at me cuz they thought I was gross or something. However, no girl is going to look more than once at a guy she is not attracted to. I wonder why they were looking at me though. I wasn't well dressed and I am looking sick. I figure my great posture is really helping me lately. I don't even have to try to stand straight, it just happens now. :)

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 5:32 pm
by fog
Back in my hometown for the week visiting my parents and friends. Friday night we drank at my friend's house. A girl named D was there. She was not drinking, just totally immersed in her phone and left early. Some of my friends and I think even my brother have hooked up with her before. I have spoken with her in the past, she always held strong eye contact with me.

Saturday night was the same sort of deal except she was drinking. My friend came to pick me up in his car and I was sitting in the back seat with her. I started lightly teasing her and bantering with her. She received it well. We got to my friends house and I was sitting beside her and talking to her for a good chunk of time. For the first little bit it was just more banter, then I started deep diving her and we found a common interest in art. Sometimes the conversation would die but she would always start up the conversation again. She was touching me too. She was coming to the bar so I thought it would be a good idea to build a little bit of sexual tension before the bar, then escalate heavy at the bar. I wasn't worried about her going into auto rejection and I was taking things at my own pace. I surprised myself. I was using a lot of sexual vocal tonality without even realizing it. And my facial expressions were good too. I realize in the past I probably overdid both these things and made myself look like an idiot. The key to using these fundamentals effectively is subtly! So up until now, the conversation hadn't been very sexual..we started talking about some sexual stuff and she received it well.

Now, unfortunately, my friend cockblocked me (before I started talking about sex with her), which is annoying! He has hooked up with her before, and while me and D were talking, he came up to her and kissed her on the lips on two separate occasions - then called me out right in front of her for not kissing her. Prior to this I had been talking to him and he said she was intrigued by me. Would it have been better for me to move way way WAY quicker? I didn't feel like it was the right time yet, I was escalating properly, and there was still sexual tension that could be built. I was having fun with it.

Can't believe my friend did that. I did try kissing her but she leaned away. We went to the bar and I got kicked out for being too drunk like 2 minutes in! What a bummer...She came outside a few times and tried to get me back in, and she was holding my hand. She had given me her number and texted me later that night (after I was home) saying her and I should hang before I leave.

What I did good: Strong fundamentals, good escalation, built intrigue,
What could be improved on: not too sure, I think if I had been less drunk then everything would have gone better. And I could have moved a little quicker, I guess.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 25, 2016 5:08 am
by fog
Helllo!!!! Its been a while since I posted here. Hope everyone's been well. I been snooping. People are consistently complimenting me on my clothing style every day. They say things like they wish they had the balls to wear what I do. I'm just wearing really outrageous clothing! Whatever I want really. Weird hats and oddly patterned clothes and shit....I just wish one thing. I wish that I could be just as artistic looking, but have a TINNNNY bit better fitting clothes. I did go to a tailor and get most of my clothes fitted. My style is a little sexy, but noooot quite yet. Maybe in 6 more months, it takes a while to find nice things at thrift stores.

I also get compliments on my hair a lot!

Facial expressions are good. Use them all the time, but could use a bit more tweaking.

I'm getting really good at social situations too. Understanding the subtleties of them.

Posture and walk are not bad, still working on those.

OOps!!!! My eye contact needs a ton of work.

I'll be honest, I've been so busy with school and music so I haven't been talking to too many chicks. When I'm not working on music, I'm taking care of myself, my mental health is not the greatest right now....will I ever go out and talk to chicks? what am i waiting for????

In 6 months more time my fundamentals will be solid. All these compliments are rather surprising, I'm just being myself!

Aiming for an internship with Universal Music doing marketing this summer so that will be fun if I get that.

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PostPosted: Sun May 22, 2016 12:34 pm
by fog
Hi friends,

I started a new job and one of my coworkers looks like my ex. Unfortunately I have developed some feelings for her, which annoys me because she has a boyfriend. I'm going to dedicate this post to talking about my interactions with her. Her name is Rants and she's 18 years old.

She's starting to shit test me. Yesterday we were required to wear black pants. My pants were blueish. She says, "Your pants are blue! You were supposed to wear black pants." I thought that was weird. Neither my other coworkers or my boss cared. I just replied "I know" with a smile.

Earlier on in the day she had shit tested me too and I'm kicking myself for it because I didn't pass the shit test well. I work at a school and we were transporting plates to another part of the school. I was walking with Rants. A girl passed us in the hallway who I know. This girl says to me, "Oh, you work for the school now?" I said "Yes." and she continues walking. She's a few steps ahead of us and Rants says to her "Yeah he's the schools bitch!" I'm kicking myself right now because I didnt handle this shit test the best. Usually i would agree and amplify IE. "Yeah I'm the biggest bitch in the world, I'm even in the Guinness book of world records for being a bitch." My response when she said this was exclaiming "Hey!" in a playful tone. I understand that this could have portrayed my feelings were hurt or that I cared in some way. I am wondering why I responded like this instead of the usual way. I'm guessing its cuz I have feelings for Rants and it was a little bit random. I feel

I'm also wondering if theres any other reason why Rants said this besides it being a shit test. Prior to this, Rants hadn't seen me interact with any other girls outside of our work.

Rants and I have different frames sometimes. I always make sure to hold my frame, so that's good. My fundamentals are pretty solid, I just need to work on holding better eye contact with her. Last week we were talking to each other. Conversation ran out and we were still looking at each other, I looked away. I thought it would be awkward if I continued looking. My goal for next week is to hold eye contact until she looks away 100% of the time. Other goals would be to get compliance, work on my voice, and increase touch, and make sure I handle shit tests well.

Up until now it's just been incidental touch but I feel like I can get some other touch in through high fives. This past week I started using vocal inflections but I need to bring out a sexy tone of voice. Seems like most of the time my posture and facial expressions are great without trying, but the eye contact and voice aren't quite there yet.

I can't believe I care about this girl. I don't even find her personality that interesting, I just like her because she looks like my ex. Regardless this is all good experience.