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Re: fog talks about women

PostPosted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 12:04 am
by Sub-Zero
Also what are all the apps you recommend? Never heard much about badoo.

Re: fog talks about women

PostPosted: Sun Apr 28, 2019 12:16 pm
by fog
LR-: erratic old lady

this 33 year old woman messaged me first on hinge. i took a different angle than usual and was way less sexually direct. however i did an excellent job of building up some initial intrigue and curiosity from her.

eventually i demanded that she hang out with me. then some real interesting conversation happened and things got sexual real fast:

fog: i want you to hang out with me sometime
pokie: i have to hang out with you?
pokie: you should be thinking “gosh i wanna hang out with HER”
fog: lets put it this way. i want US to hang out so we can get to know each other better
pokie: thats so boring
fog: 100% the most boring thing on the planet
pokie: dating is the worst. i dont want to do it. right now i wanna get stoned and fucked but the guys I’m “dating” are playing these chase games and I’m gonna just go to bed disappointed again.
fog: lmfao then its a good thing i wasnt looking to get to know u on a date ;p
pokie: so how are we supposed to get to know each other
fog: we can get to know each others bodies
pokie: yeah but i dont want to know your body
fog: you dont have to know my body silly all you have to know is how mine is making YOU feel
pokie: ahh
fog: i have free time tonight
pokie: do you actually or do you just have time if I’m open
fog: yes i have free time tonight lmfao i dont work until 10am tomorrow. my place or yours?
pokie: i havent agreed yet. giving one more dater a chance if he mans up
pokie: if not mine
fog: alright i am not waiting all night so let me know soon
pokie: im not either
pokie: you have weed? i dont
fog: ya
fog: whats your address?
pokie: if you can make other plans do that
pokie: sorry my dear
pokie: this weekend though? I’m around

so she bailed on me for that night but we continued our conversation. she started screening me and was acting erratic and unpredictable...insisting on being called taniqua (even though it wasnt her real name)...messaging me like 10 times in a row. example:

pokie: where do you work
fog: i do marketing at X
pokie: nooo
pokie: like
pokie: location
pokie: PFT

later in person i find out she has borderline personality disorder. explains a lot.

anyways, we made plans for saturday morning. the day rolls around and i take the trek to her place. shes lovely - probably the hottest girl ive hooked up with. she was really flexible and knew how to move too :)

but the most i could do was finger her and eat her out. i couldnt get it up. she was frustrated. it kills me just thinking about it. this is a stain on my life

Re: fog talks about women

PostPosted: Sat May 11, 2019 5:43 pm
by fog
Online Game Improvements

I’ve been working on new tactics to get girls over to my place because I'm interested in improving quantity. Online I have identified several "types" of DTF girls. Unfortunately I am only able to succeed with one type. It always blows up with the other types. For example, I have run across girls who want to sext with me. I am very wary of girls wasting my time so I refuse to sext, or end up ruining the vibe, causing the girl to ghost. However, I have seen people who are really good at online game succeed with sexting. So, I am working outside my existing routine sometimes. I understand time will pass before I start succeeding with all the types (very impatient). but just succeeding with one new type will get me 2-3 new lays per month.

im also tweaking my existing routine. i have been using open loops to get buy in to set the sexual frame. also, instead of screening for their sexual preferences after setting the sexual frame, I offer them a booty massage. It seems to be working just as well as the screening. Too soon to tell if it's better.

I plan to experiment with huge frame changes. For example, what will happen when I set a sexual frame in the first part of the conversation, then do a 180 over to a relationship frame? Or the opposite? What will be the reaction of the girls? I know that this would likely not be too effective at all, but it would help me deepen my understanding of things.

One notable pattern: girls get an emotional spike when we’re making plans.

Attainability Understandings

- i know that when a girl is trying to make me jealous by bringing up other guys, its a sign of an attainability issue

- When i have low attainability with a girl, she will be looking for reasons to reaffirm her belief that i am not actually interested in her. So it’s important to not give her reasons to reaffirm that belief.

- (not necessarily attainability related) Sometimes I feel pressured to act a certain way around people. And that’s exhausting. It makes me not want to hang out with that person. I bet that girls feel pressured to act a certain way around me too, if i set the wrong precedent. So I think it’s ultra important to ask girls to come as they are around me and not judge them for whoever they want to be. This could help with expressing their sexual selves too.


i have started daygaming again. Finally got over the initial approach anxiety. My overarching goals for this round will be to go for insta-dates, insta-lays, and to sexualize every single one of my interactions.

Allowing Girls To Express Their Attraction?

had a girl over the other week. i was extremely aggressive with her, but she gave me massive resistance and it ended up becoming a test storm derived from low attainability. i was able to keep her in a submissive state for an extended period of time, which is the first time ive been able to do so with any girl. she was whining that she really wanted to go to the park with me. i kept saying no and trying to make a move on her. after repeated failed persistence, i eased off and took her to the park. she bought me a coffee and kissed me on the cheek. i do have a habit of "smothering” girls, and when i ease off they start expressing their attraction for me.

we have made plans to hang out again.

Punishing Girls

i am quick to punish girls when they do something i dont like. for example, if they generate negative compliance with me, i will give them a wishy-washy vocal tone. if they are mean to me, or tease me too hard, i will withdraw my attention. to them, this shows that i have lost some attraction for them.

not displaying this behaviour shows i am chasing the girl.

Re: fog talks about women

PostPosted: Sun May 12, 2019 9:10 pm
by fog
LR: her screams did not sound indian

we had made plans for her to come over friday night for a “booty massage.” but friday rolls around and shes MIA.

the next day i follow up with her to reschedule. she answers right away and says shes able to come over after midnight. which is way past my bedtime. but i dont care.

i meet her on the street and immediately hear an accent. turns out shes indian. im surprised. from her tinder pics, i would have guessed she was some white chick.

we go into my room. she gives me bedroom eyes and exposes her neck to me pretty quickly. we start making out and the good news is that I’m not experiencing problems getting it up :)

we get our pants off quickly and get straight into fucking without even taking any other clothing off. initially, the sex is pretty shitty. i get discouraged and start fingering her.

however after that, i fuck her in adapted missionary and some magic starts to happen. she climaxes a few times, just as hard as she did when i fingered her. all disappointment in the air is gone. overall this is a first, prior to this girls were never climaxing when i fucked them. and if they did it was pretty weak.

anyways, this girl is ridiculously loud and the noises are unexplainable. shes whimpering, whining, screaming, and moaning all at the same time. these sounds do not have an indian accent to them. my roommates and her friends come home in the middle of this and im worried they think someone is getting murdered in my room.

afterwards, we're cuddling and she says this:

girl: im drained. how did you do all that? no ones ever done that to me before!

she stays the night. we fuck a bit the next morning and then she leaves. im so exhausted that i have to flake on 2 other different girls that had agreed to come over to my place that day. sucks, i was hoping for a triple play

Re: fog talks about women

PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2019 9:57 pm
by fog
LR: third times a charm

this girl was from hinge. she said she wasnt looking for anything specific so i offered her a booty massage. she thought it sounded interesting.

the massage offer is doing well online lately :)

the first time we were supposed to chill, she flaked on me because she got called into work.

the second time we were supposed to chill, i flaked on her. we had made plans for her to come to my place for 6pm. i fell asleep at 4pm cuz i was so tired from fucking the girl in my last LR the night before. she texted me to let me know she was on her way, but i was still sleeping so i didnt respond. she showed up anyways and waited around outside for a bit before heading home. dont know why she would leave if i didnt respond when she said she was on her way.

we started making plans a third time, but she randomly didn’t reply to one of my texts. so i sent one of my usual re-engagement texts to her. she answered:

girl: oh fuck sorry i forgot to reply

i noticed girls behave like this and always send this exact same text (in reply to my re-engagement text) when my value has dropped in some way. i was a little worried about what would happen, but handled it right and we ended up getting together.

i went over to her place. she was a pretty aggressive kisser, i took that as a sign that she wanted me to be really rough with her, which i was. i was biting her and grabbing her to the point where she told me to calm it down a little bit cuz i was hurting her lol

we were on this awkwardly shaped couch then moved to her bed. i had a hard time getting it up at first, but eventually my dick figured it out and she let me fuck her raw. i gotta stop messing around like this. it wasnt even worth it because the sex was…not so good

im stuck at this plateau with getting better with sex, its driving me crazy. probably time to do extensive research and ask some people some questions

Re: fog talks about women

PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2019 2:24 am
by Sub-Zero

What's your reengagement text?

What would you recommend to get a girl out that flaked on you for a dumb reason?

Chick gave me such a dumb reason and had to just take some time off to focus on other women and things.

Seems like these online chicks flake sometimes.

Learning how to handle this will help with all these chicks because they do dumb shit.

Re: fog talks about women

PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2019 3:18 pm
by fog
hey sub, i use several depending on the situation: "?" "weeeeelll?" or "do you have any felonies i should know about?" .. still experimenting though

flaking is really common in online game. its a pain i know but you gotta get used to it

i read your field report in the general forum and you didnt describe the situation in a way that would allow me to give you some half decent help. if you wanna pm me the convo and a more detailed overview of the situation id be more than happy to help you out.

besides that, id recommend following up on flakes by text or phone call (depends on how well you know her) within 24 hours to reschedule. in other instances, there might be some hidden objections that you need to uncover and solve for the girl before you can get her out.

for example there was this one girl recently who was very receptive to coming over, but she randomly disappeared. i was quite aggressive with my follow up and eventually teased out an objection: she lives with strict parents and doesnt like to have to lie to them about where she is, especially if she's doing something they dont approve of. i wouldnt have found that out if i didnt probe. she probably didnt want to have to explain that to a random internet stranger lol, it was easier to just cut contact. gave me a bit of insight into flakey behavior

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PostPosted: Sat May 25, 2019 11:04 am
by fog
LR: Period Sex

it was a rocky start. when i asked her what she was looking for, she accused me of being a psycho. she was very grumpy and bitchy with me, putting me down and stuff. mixed in there were a few objections, like the fact she thinks she's too sexually inexperienced for me.
i rolled through it and eventually told her i did not appreciate the way she was treating me. she did a huge turnaround and started asking if she could make it up to me, then listed all the things she has to offer me in terms of sex.

we made plans to hang, but she's a pretty busy person so i gave her my #. my plan was to text her every so often to keep her warm till her schedule freed up. heres some of the conversation:

may 3

girl: Where did you live before?
fog: ive lived in many different places :p
girl: Why are you sticking your tongue out? Lmao. It literally sounds like a sexual innuendo because of it *laughing emoji*.

may 4

girl: Did you forget about me? ;P
fog: i usually dont forget about bad little girls with dirty minds who think everything is a sexual innuendo :)
girl: I don't know man, some guys could care less :)
fog: dont feel uncertain, nothing has changed between us :) sometimes i can be a bad texter, but u will have my full attention when ur in my arms
girl: Who said I'd be in your arms? ;)
fog: actually youre right. youll need to say all the right things and have a bit of luck on your side to even entice me to go within 2 meters of u ;p
girl: Ahaha I think you're mistaken. I'm irresistible :).

may 5

fog: soo what ur saying is that guys have a hard time keeping their hands off u? *smirking face*
girl: Well....maybe I'm getting ahead of myself since it's subjective ;P
fog: wise words. i guess we will just have to wait and see wont we?
girl: Mhmm
girl: Since it'll depend on various factors...I guess you'll have to like me too, which wasn't off to a good start since you misunderstood me *laughing face"
girl: Also, I think I should mention a few disclaimers so you don't hate me. I have a resting bitch face. I don't hate you. It's just the way I look. I also have a bitchy voice and tend to roll my eyes. That's just who I am :).

it was a easy conversation to navigate.

anyways we were supposed to chill last weekend but i flaked on her with little explanation. she got really mad at me, especially cuz i waited 24 hours to apologize. she accused me of apologizing only because i wanted to fuck her. it was true but i didnt admit it. thankfully i turned it around and then told her id take her for ice cream in public to make it up to her

after this we stayed in touch for another week. i was naturally disinterested. this showed up in my slower than usual texting frequency, causing her to start chasing me again. when i didnt text back within a few days she would always reinitiate contact. eventually she brought it up saying the natural conclusion whenever i didnt text back was that i lost interest. as an experiment i told her that i was trying hard not to get too attached to her. what a hoot.

we made plans for friday. she said she was on her period, and that we should go for drinks. i told her we should reschedule for when she's off her period. she was ok with that. but then i thought .. naaah might as well get it over with, and get her to suck my dick or something. because i really did not feel like putting in the effort to keep her warm for another week. i wasnt expecting her to want to fuck on her period because of her stated inexperience.

so i told her to come over for some movies, drinks, weed and a massage. she was interested, but when we started solidifying our plans she ignored it and started trying to build rapport with me. this was unusual behavior from her. i just stopped replying because i was annoyed, but should have known there was an objection i needed to flesh out.

she eventually texted me stating she was scared to come over. this was an extremely common objection from her over the course of our whole interaction. she was worried i was a serial killer and said a guy violated her one time. i always handled this objection properly.

anyways she came over and immediately started making sexual comments. she was also very nervous and compliant. all good signs.

ill skip to the good part now.

she was ok with me fucking her on her period. i was surprised that this inexperienced girl would be open to stuff like this. girls blow my mind sometimes. this was my first time having period sex and i think it was her first time too. it wasnt bad except for the part where my bedsheets became stained with blood. also somehow blood ended up on her stomach and i accidentally licked it off lmfao

the sex in general was pretty good. but every time i would get her close to climaxing, she would start gyrating her hips in a weird way and I would slip out. this always ruined the moment, it got frustrating for us. she blamed it on her period.

she said she was thinking about us fucking for a while. the thought first came to her head when i suggested we meet. she also said she lost her virginity 7 months ago

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PostPosted: Sat May 25, 2019 11:06 am
by fog
LR-: "let me blow you, little bitch!"

she wanted someone to go to techno parties with and fuck. i flipped it around so that there would be no techno parties and only fucking.

her work schedule was awfully weird, leading to her messaging me randomly right after she got off a 12 hour shift at 1pm last saturday. she said she wanted to come over right away otherwise she was going to go home and sleep (she lives very far away too). well i was just about to go to the gym so i said no.

fast forward to yesterday, and shes texting me wanting to come over...just after i finished with the girl in my last LR. theres period blood still on my sheets but idc.

i meet her on the street and shes very receptive, we start making out right away.

in my room, i discover what ive gotten myself into. this girl is crazy wild. completely strange behavior.

shes getting aggressive with me and literally trying to bite my nose off. so i really had to wrestle around with her. there was a lot of growling from me.

and then at one point she says something lile this:

girl: let me blow you, little bitch!


anyways i calm things down cuz its late and i want her out. i dont want to fuck her because her pussy stinks. she starts telling me how she just knows im good in bed because of the lingering touch i used.

she said she was also surprised by me, because im white yet didnt stand around demanding that she blow me.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 1:52 pm
by fog

I'm turning this girl into a fb.

Tried to get her over quickly after the first time we banged. But she said “we’ll see” so I backed off. then she started complaining about my texting frequency, so I told her (again) im not texting a lot because I dont want to get attached. We had a whole conversation about that.

A while ago I mentioned that I wanted to try quickly switching between sexual and romantic frames. I viewed my own stated resistance to getting attached as a romantic frame. So I quickly transitioned from that into sexual escalation. It drove her crazy. she started sending multiple re-engagement texts to me over the course of time whenever I didnt answer. she also became wild and started saying she was really horny for me and that im turning her into a dirty girl. Then she asked me to hang out.

So she came over, and I was ready to fuck her but then I went soft. Immediately, she becomes very testy and is asking me stuff like “why me?” …so I had to qualify her. She wanted to know she was special. But she wouldnt accept my qualifications of her for what felt like forever. I had to reframe and re-explain things to her from a different angle multiple times before she accepted it.

After all this, we went to the store to get a wine opener. I had bought wine for her but I didn’t have a wine opener at my place. It was a pleasant walk. The conversation was actually quite good.

Back at my place, she gets drunk and I get high, and we eventually become a sweaty mess of bodies. It was really, really good. The best sex I ever had.

She teased me for trying to fuck her without a condom. Then I communicated some commitment to seeing her again. Right after that she totally changed her mind on the matter and let me fuck her without one


Made same day plans with another asian girl to come over to my place. i played the indirect game with this one. Then all of a sudden I thought.... hm ill try being polarizing. So I strongly implied to her that I was expecting to sleep with her. This caused her to bring up the possibility of sex between us directly in the form of an objection. She said that she could only kiss because she was on her period. I told her there were no expectations on my end.

She came over and we were vibing real nice. She really wasn’t lying about only kissing tho. Lots of LMR from her whenever I tried to move things past kissing. How rough I was got in the way too. One time I pinched her nipple super hard and she screamed at me

Girl: why would you do that!?

an angry girl in my bed. hilarious

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2019 8:59 pm
by fog
banged the girl from this journal entry the other day. the comeback was not easy.

ive been seeing this other girl for a while. shes chasing me for a relationship.

in general im just not that interested in girls right now. focusing on other areas of my life