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PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:59 pm
by fog
The majority of my sets today were filled with flirty banter and no deep conversations. i was even bantering non-stop for like 15 minutes with these two girls, it was a lot of fun. They thought I was on meth.

I went out between 7:30PM and 9:30PM. This was a different time than I usually go out. I was hoping to catch the after work crowd. I was actually quite annoyed because a lot of the girls I talked to said they had boyfriends which is quite unusual. I would ask what they were up to early in the conversation before being direct at all, and they said they were coming/going from their boyfriend's house. I was wearing a loud shirt and being really engaging and banter-y, this could have had something to do with it but I'm not sure. BTW girls who are with their boyfriends are always continuously glancing at me. That is annoying too.

I wasn't feeling any nervousness today, it was great because my voice was not impacted at all. woohoo. It's awesome when I can open with a nice deep rumbly voice.

I've been practising getting basic compliance for a week and it's getting boring and too easy, so I'm thinking of other ways I can challenge myself and improve...and I have come to the conclusion that I will start escalating more aggressively on chicks who dig me (during the day) and also create sexual tension. I know if I make out with them then I will most never likely see them again but it would increase my confidence for sure, which I know is important.

Besides that I dunno really. I guess I'll keep trucking along. Gonna work on improving my facial expressions and conversational skills a little bit. And I have to bring feminine energy out of girls.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 7:19 pm
by fog
She Wasn't Actually Hungry

I was walking on the sidewalk. Up ahead are a group of three girls. They kept looking at me so I was gonna open them. But as I'm getting closer, one of them opens me:

Girl 1: Hey do you know where we can get some food around here?

Huh. I start talking to her about places they can get food and shortly after she gets really disinterested. I was wondering where I was going wrong! I thought maybe I needed to be more I asked her if she was single, to which she replied no. I start talking to the other girls and then start hitting on Girl 3. As soon as I do this Girl 1 starts getting really interested in the conversation again. Later she admits she isn't really hungry at all.

My guess of what happened here is that Girl 3 thought I was hot, so Girl 1 opened me indirectly for her. Except it backfired on Girl 1 initially. I found out they were too young for me sooo no number close here.

Cementing Emotions and Anchoring

My goal for the next week is to get good at cementing emotions and anchoring. I was trying this out today but it was kind of awkward on my part.

Approach Invitations and High Value

I indirectly opened a girl who was giving me an approach invitation today - there was the initial talk, then I let the conversation die instead of transitioning to a new conversational thread. She didn't re-engage. It got me thinking. If she was interested in me in the first place, why wouldn't she re-engage? I think it has to do with being high value. Girls who view you as higher value/status than them won't re-engage you if conversation dies down....because they are intimidated by you, especially if you haven't qualified them and made them feel comfortable yet.

Either that or they go into auto rejection because you didn't lead them towards what they wanted from you. Or both. I'm gonna stop waiting for girls to re-engage.

Do girls only give approach invitations to guys they feel are equal or higher value than them?

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 12:59 am
by fog
Today I hung out with a girl I met while day gaming at my school on June 14th. Her and I had talked for roughly 7 minutes before I number closed her. At the end of the interaction she was giving me the bedroom eyes. She added me on snapchat, and I found out her full name and looked her up on Facebook - her relationship status said "married."

We were going to hang out this past Monday, but I ended up cancelling and hung out with Frothy Gothy. I texted her today and told her to come over to my place. She shows up and we are bantering for like 10 minutes. I kiss her neck a little bit and she doesn't say anything. Then, a few minutes later, the time came where I could either transition into deep diving or make a move on her. I decided to start kissing her.

We were making out and then she sucked my dick for 4 hours straight because she was on her period. While she was sucking my dick, she puked. I didn't react, but it was so weird! I got a towel, cleaned it up and we continued.

She wanted to bang but I did not want to fuck her on her period. She wants to bang another day though. The worst part about her blowing me is that it wasn't the greatest. She was not sucking tight enough. I told her to suck tighter a few times but she didn't really listen. So I had a hard on for 4 hours and didn't even come. -.- We were really clicking sexually though, I was face fucking her and tying her up and her tits are so bruised from all the hickeys I gave her...we were really into it :)

THEN, THIS conversation HAPPENS after we are finished:

girl: blalbalbla my husband likes elephants
backstory: elephants are interesting because they are so emotional
girl: really? thats what you got out of that sentence
backstory: yeah
girl: you don't care that I'm married?
backstory: no
girl: have you fucked a married girl before
backstory: yeah

I knew she was married because of her facebook profile but I played it off really calmly and nonchalantly. Its interesting that this girl was married and didn't tell me till after we hooked up. When I first met her, I asked if she was single and she lied and said yes.

Anyways, this girl kept wondering if I was on crack. It reminds me of the girls I met who I was bantering with for 15 minutes straight the other day - they thought I was on meth. So I asked her why she was wondering if I was on crack. She gave me a vague answer and said it was because I am so open. What I make out of this is that I am comfortable talking to random strangers which is pretty uncommon, so people think I'm on drugs. I'm not spilling my life story to people and that's the only other meaning I can think of for the word "open"

She was also telling me that I'm really strange, but chill. Strange is a word people are using to describe me lately.

I'm heading to Montreal tomorrow for a week. My goal is to do at least 200 cold approaches during this time. Ideally I would like to do upwards of 350 though. That's 50 women a day....I might get quite tired if I go for that.

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 24, 2017 8:09 pm
by fog
Montreal is sick. The women here are so much more interested in getting to know me than back home. They are actively asking me questions about myself. Early in the conversation I mention that I'm not from around Montreal - this could be why. It builds a lot of intrigue for them. I guess I'll need to work on building this sort of intrigue into my conversations back home. Regardless, the conversations I am finding myself in here are quite pleasant.

After today, I realize that my mindsets need further tweaking. I have been moving fast with girls lately (like the married woman, where I seduced her in just under 20 minutes) but I need to be prepared to move even faster. I need to get under the "insta-lay" mindset. Two of my interactions today involved quite a bit of sexual tension. I met one girl at the subway station. Near the start of the conversation, when I was finding out logistics she said to me, "I live really close to here and I'm not doing anything for the rest of the day so we can chat for bit." Then as the interaction progressed, there was more and more sexual tension. I did number close her, but why wouldn't I try to at least go back to her place to fuck her or something? Girls WANT and DESIRE sex with random strangers they just met so why am I disappointing them by moving slow? I even moved too slow with Sour Frizz, who was obviously prepared to fuck me real quick. When I achieve this new mindset, I will be opening up tons more opportunities to get laid.

I always say to girls, "give me your hand" and then they hold their hand out. I grab their hand and give them a palm read. But I think instead of doing this I will be more flirty and hold their hand for no reason or something like that.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 25, 2017 9:57 pm
by fog
I think I'm on a plateau right now. It's tough to explain. I can use all my current pick up skills in a way where I can use them without having to really think about doing them - it's just automatic. I'm working on developing 4 new skills and I'm pretty shitty at all of them. But once I get a handle on these new skills, then I feel like I'll be at the next level. Here's what they are:

1. Emotional cementing
2. Sexual tension
3. Anchoring
4. Vibe

I mentioned that my goal for this week was emotional cementing...and I do feel like I'm making a little bit of headway with it. It's vital that I'm conscious of how chicks react to my openers because this is a great opportunity to do some emotional cementing. If she's happy and her face lights up, then I can make note of it and say something like, "wow your face just lit up and you looked so happy! It was amazing."

I know what kind of vibe I need to portray ALL THE TIME, it's just a matter of pushing myself to portray this vibe every single interaction. I noticed that if I ruin the vibe or go in the wrong direction with it then the girl goes into auto rejection. For example, I opened this one girl today and had a good initial vibe going with her. Then this homeless man with no teeth comes over and starts cockblocking. When I finally got him to shut up and go away, the girl and I continued talking but I just couldn't get back to the vibe I had built with her before the cockblocking.

I don't really have any strategy for situations where there's sexual tension. My initial thoughts are that there's going to be a problem with working with sexual tension because it doesn't show up in my interactions all the time (yet), therefore making it tough to practice consistently. Is it possible for the girl to feel sexual tension, but I don't feel it? I will do some research tonight and hopefully I'll find out how to create it more consistently, and how to manage it effectively.

I'm gonna change my strategy for the rest of the time I'm in montreal. Initially I was trying to get phone numbers and go on dates, but I think this is just a good time to push my comfort zone and get really physical with girls.

Today after doing a palm read on a girl, I was holding onto her hand for a while....that was interesting. Also, with another girl who I had just met I started playing with her hair and moving it out of her face. She didn't like that and went into auto rejection.

Comfort Testing

I was thinking of a trick to use to test how quickly I can get a girl comfortable with me. It would involve walking around with some sort of candy like skittles. Then while I'm talking to a girl I offer her some. Her reaction will allow me to determine how comfortable she is with me. No girl would accept candy from a stranger - what if it's laced with drugs or something? But if she's comfortable with you, then she's going to trust you and be willing to eat some. It'd be cool to know that a girl is comfortable with me only 3 minutes into the interaction or something like that. The only downside is that some girls might not legitimately feel like eating candy at that moment.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 27, 2017 1:04 am
by fog
I was doing some day game in downtown montreal and NOT ONE SINGLE CHICK WAS HOOKING. (i turned it around though) I was actually starting to feel annoyed about it. I talked to like 38 women in the past day and a half and there was no interest. I changed my vibe around - i started being more banter-y and stuff...then all of a sudden, chicks are hooking like madddd was actually so funny!!! I started using some emotional cementing and stuff and then every single girl I was talking to was touching me and smiling and really wanted to chill with me. emotional cementing is powerful as heck, it just makes women laugh and smile more and shit, holy shitttt. crack!

so later then I'm walking and I see this girl walking behind me and shes kinda looking at me so I open her. We are walking and talking and then just stop....and we go on an insta-date to the park. she's leaving tomorrow...we're sitting at the park, she's smoking weed and talking my fucking EAR off! I kiss her neck and she recoils like mad lol....i was real nervous to kiss her neck but i pushed myself to do it anyways.

blalblalba later her and I went to go do shrooms at my place, the vibe was sexual and I COULD HAVE FUCKED HER. My escalation was awkward, so when I tried kissing her she gave me this shit about how she only gets intimate if its the right time with the right person. lollll. I'm sure if I had tried a little bit harder and was more smooth and direct about things, it would have gone down just right. Part of it is just that I really don't give a fuck and was lazy about it..last 5% whatever...i'll go find another chick to chill with tomorrow.

Good reference point though and I learned a fuck ton. I'll write more about it tomorrow. Girls will keep paying attention as long as you give them emotions. If you manage their emotions well, they love it!

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 11:23 am
by fog
I realized that there's a lot of holes in my game. Good feeling.

I have been acting aloof when I open and I'm not doing it strategically. I think this has actually been hindering me a lot. I will work on becoming a master of aloofness.

I haven't been dealing with objections very well. A girl will say "I have to go see my friend" or "I'm late for something" or "I don't feel like talking right now" and I will just let it be and leave. I should be addressing these instead of ejecting. I could say "HEY I got something better for us to do, let's hang"

Also, I have figured out my greatest conversational weakness. I have been making too many guesses and assumptions in my conversations. I will implement the active listening process into my game today. I have a good feeling that this will be one of those techniques that's really gonna be a game changer for me...

Yesterday I was getting a lot of "I'm late for something" objections mixed with shocked/startled looks upon opening. This rarely ever happens. I was peacocking and I looked very tired. One lady even thought I was on drugs. I guess I looked like a real weirdo and not a normal guy, explaining people's reactions towards me. Good reference point. Coming across as a normal person is important in game. I am realizing the importance of adaptability in game. For example, if I look tired, I probably shouldn't peacock too hard and should choose a more normal outfit to wear. ETC ETC

People always come up with excuses to not approach, it's silly. Just do it...yes approach anxiety gets in the way but after a few hundred approaches its practically gone.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 8:55 pm
by fog
I've made over 100 approaches in Montreal over the past 5 days. I got 4 numbers and one insta-date. These are incredibly poor stats compared to day gaming in my hometown where I would get 3-4 numbers from talking to just 10 girls.

I am running a fuck ton of street game, where I stop girls in the middle of a busy street to talk to them. I know that this is traditionally the hardest way to meet girls....could be why my stats were poor. Or, ahem...spam approaching. Regardless I learned a lot from doing these types of approaches (gotta move fast and get lots of compliance quickly) and built up my confidence. Now approaching girls anywhere else, in less busy situations with better social context, will be ridiculously easy. Also, I used to have a fear of approaching girls with people around. Today, several times, when I finished talking to girls I opened, I would look around and the people standing closeby would be looking at me with a look of amazement or amusement. People realize that it takes balls to approach a girl on the street and hit on her in broad daylight, they aren't going to be mad!

Also today, I was talking to a girl who was working and got her number. I remember I used to be afraid of this too. I'm glad I'm past all my old fears.

I got the chance to use the active listening process with the girl above and it went smoothly. She flashed me this one look. It's a new look that women are starting to give me. It's a REALLY warm look..The first time I saw it was with the girl I had an insta-date with on tuesday. I think that women give you this look when they are feeling connected to you. But I'm not sure...

Maybe I can pull off 50 approaches tomorrow if I get a good sleep tonight.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 30, 2017 6:08 pm
by fog
Skipped my last day in montreal to visit my hometown where I grew up for a week. Will be doing some night game this weekend.

Something is seriously clicking for me in terms of my verbal game. I don't quite understand it yet, I will need to talk to more women before I am able to put it into words. I am quite certain it involves being a more challenging, interesting, intriguing dude for women to talk to. I give matter-of-fact answers a lot, and am too nice of a guy. Don't get me wrong...I don't supplicate to women, BUT....I'm too nice....I don't want to accidentally hurt women's feelings. I don't tease them/bust their balls/test them. I think it's got to do with the fact I don't have abundance mentality yet.

I'm reading up on a lot of material over on the defunct MASF seduction forums. Both the learning material and the field reports from the greats like Mystery. I'm learning a lot. I'm making a lot of connections between the material over here at girls chase too.

I can't wait to build strong connections with more girls. At this point I don't even care if an interaction with a girl results in sex. Obviously I'm going to lead it towards sex if she wants it..... but if she really doesn't want it, no big deal. Great attitude to apply to my overall vibe.

BTW - people in the customer service industry are treating me differently. Obviously they are supposed to be nice, but they are being way overly nice and open....and acting in a way towards me that I've never seen before. Because they are at work, it gives them social permission to act this's like...girls at bus stops. they have social permission to act a certain way towards me because they are going somewhere and they likely won't be seeing me again and it gives them plausible deniability of some sort to fall back on....I DONT KNOW. girls at bus stops are like girls on vacation.

If I was back in the city I lived in, I could fuck 2 girls this weekend, both of whom I met through cold approach. Never woulda thought.

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 01, 2017 1:01 pm
by fog
Last night at the bar:

- Stuck my finger in a girl’s mouth and made her deep throat it
- Got more touchy than usual with a few chicks and touched their tits, asked them if they were real
- Made out with one girl 30 seconds after meeting her
- Borrowed a beer from a girl, she wanted it back….got her to kiss my cheek to get it back
- Told the hottest bitch, “you’re the second hottest girl here” she brushed me off like I was an annoying housefly and said “okay”

Pretty fun night tbh. I think it’s interesting how the girls who are alone who have been separated from their friends are always up for quick make outs. I’m always lost after I kiss them though, I lose my focus and forget to move them. Part of my mindset is that if I kiss a chick at the bar, she’s not going to come home with me, so what’s the point in continuing the seduction? I should try to pull some shit like getting them into the bathroom to suck my dickkkkk.

I surprised myself with the tit touching, I guess chicks don’t mind because I come across as confident about it. I’m not treating them like I’m walking on eggshells.

Gonna be implementing these things:

- Treat girls the same as guys (THANKS GRAND POOBA)
- Push & Pull. For example, I tell a bitch shes hot as shit, then she says “awww you’re sweet” then ill be like “ahaha but….you’re not my type and i wouldn’t date you, we’d fight too much.” Something like that. Introducing push + pull when she doesn’t view me as a sexual threat.
- Presenting myself as the prize

One last thing: it’s interesting how quickly I can get girls looking at me in a sexual way…all i need to do is get lots of compliance from them quickly, while being touchy with them.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 02, 2017 6:20 pm
by fog
Got kicked out of the bar last night because I was being a jerk to everyone...I don't know what got into me

I'm realizing my emotional cementing is clumsy lately so I'm gonna have to tweak it. Here's a line from chase's ebook: “We are spending far too much time laughing with each other. We’ll have to go find more serious people to talk to.” This is a good line for emotional cementing because it involves the concept of we. If I say something like "i love how you're smiling right now" it doesn't verbally relate the smiling to me. Hm...

My frames are good lately. "This is my world and you're living in it" is a good mindset to have.

I will need to work on attainability..I'm worried about it all the time now. Vocal tone too, sometimes I say something and it sounds harsh, even though i meant for it to be playful.

No new girls to talk about currently.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 04, 2017 3:37 am
by fog
Was at the bar, again tonight. Made out with one chick, got some cheek kisses from another (who was saying moments earlier that she is a closed off person who doesn't trust guys).

I started using patterning and trance words, and noticed huge spikes in attraction from both girls. Both were talking my ear off all the way throughout. I am onto some shit and feeling good about it. I find that when broads are talking my ear off, I usually zone out but zone back in occasionally to qualify them...

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 04, 2017 1:01 pm
by fog
One thing I struggle with at the bars is getting an in with hotter chicks. They have this weird bitch shield up. I talk to them for like 30 seconds and they reject me very kindly by saying stuff like, "ill see you on the dance floor."

There was this one good lookin girl last night who was with her friends. She had the sparkle in her eye while talking to me but I'm certain she auto rejected because her friends were around.

I think if I were to present some different frames initially, work on my attainability (which is too high in these situations), improve my fundamentals, and work on my social calibration then I will see some improvement.

IMPORTANT: always get women talking about the state you want them to be in

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 07, 2017 7:21 pm
by fog
I've been in a lot of social situations lately with my friends in my hometown. Social circle game is tough as shit for me, I feel totally out of my element and I'm kind of like a lost puppy. I'm sure the girls can sense it lol... It's nice though, I'm realizing all the social mistakes that people are making and learning from it.

yoyoy though, my sexual vibe is great lately. I'm flirting like mad and chase framing! my voice is great. and I NEVER EVER GET LOGICAL AND FACTUAL WITH WOMEN.

My friend is ruining it for me, though. I share my stories of cold approach with him then he goes off and tells all the girls we are hanging with. I'm frustrated about this. then he goes and tools me saying i talk to so many women and barely get laid. makes me wanna prove myself to him, but i dont need to do that LOL....he doesnt even have the guts to hit on women in the street during the day time nor does he understand what cold approach is really about. he only gets laid through social circle. Fundamental wise, mine are better than his, but he offers a ton of value (has a lot of parties and a pool) and has a lot of preselection, something that definitely gives him an edge over me currently...

I catch him talking about logical, boring shit with women. WTF MAN WTF ARE YOU DOING DONT FUCKING DO THAT!! how can he have these boring conversations with women and still get laid?

ughhh im so frustrated, like if I'm going to the bar i wanna dress up. but no one dresses up if i go dressed up, i just look try hard.

Anyways I'm practising being unattainable so I can really understand what that looks like...then later I'm going to start being too attainable, so I can understand what that's like, and then I'm going to find a nice middle ground.

Really practising my facial expressions lately and body language. I can use my body language to command women to do things, that's powerful.

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 08, 2017 2:43 am
by fog
I was on fire tonight at the bar. I was doing reallly well with the banter, many girls were calling me funny and doing some initial chasing. But once I got an in I started feeling lost...what do I do next??? Besides moving them. LIKE WHAT DO I TALK ABOUT AFTER THE INITIAL BANTER ...

Sometimes I'll be talking to a girl, then her friend will start talking to her and she'll be ignoring me. I put the bored look on and all of a sudden she starts re-engaging me. What the fuccccck. This never used to work for me!

Almost pulled this one girl who was a higher caliber than the girls I usually get. I invited her to come to africa to poach lions with me after the bar. She started testing me like mad...i passed all her tests, and even started appearing aloof at one point on purpose, and she would start chasing. She said that she had to work in the morning at 6AM, I said we could go for only a few hours and be back in time for her to work. She kept saying that she will see me at the bar another day. I told her I'm leaving monday. Then later I said, "yeah you know what...we shouldn't go to africa...its probably a bad idea" and she says "yeah i was considering it...butt...." Maybe if I had a tad more of a sexual vibe about me and offered a little bit more value, then it could have worked out. Or maybe I should have led more...definitely something to think about for next time. I was actually feeling sort of nervous and I'm sure she sensed it.

One of her tests was when she was trying to shake my hand. I attempted to hold her hand instead of shaking it, and then she starts talking about how I'm a girl and stuff because I don't have a strong handshake. lol? trying to test my masculinity i guess. I just reverse framed her and purposely misunderstood what she was trying to say, then got her to qualify herself on her handshake. reverse framing is working good for me lately.

Fuck I was so close...but man if I can use this sort of banter in day game that I was using tonight, then things will be so good.

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 08, 2017 7:47 pm
by fog
My buddy and I went out to eat with a mutual friend of ours. We haven't seen her in a good few years.

I was laying down my sexual vibe and chase framing her. She was sitting on the other side of the table from me. I noticed she was mirroring my facial expressions and other mannerisms. My buddy was really helping me, dropping in hints that suggested I have preselection.

So we go back to his place... and we are all sitting on the couch. She starts to test me and he's agreeing with her frames. Lol... ughh.. then we were discussing what we're doing later...i say i gotta go back to my place to put in my contacts and do dishes. He says that he will drive me home. As we are getting in the car I say to her, "hey wanna come help me do some dishes?" shes like, "no" in this grossed out/surprised/offended sort of way!? ahhhhh....I think I need to change the structure of how I'm asking girls to come home with me. I'm using plausible deniability really well, but I should be more commanding instead and TELL GIRLS to come home with me, not ask them. But there's also the issue of me moving too fast with girls. It's better than moving too slow...but I think I should stop rushing them!!!

I didn't get lots of compliance, didn't build a strong connection with her, and MAYBE did a little bit too much chase framing. so that's probably why she said no. but she's going to party with us tonight (i think) so I might be able to continue where I left off.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 9:41 pm
by fog
Another evening at the bar - business as usual. I came to a realization that night game is no different than day game when it comes to getting into conversations with women. Opener, name exchange, singular flow technique.... then all of a sudden i'm in! Just keep getting small amounts of compliance till the conversation happens.

I'm having a lot of trouble dealing with older women at the bar. They hook pretty easy, but they don't like the fact that I am young and they make it a big deal. I present frames that youthful people have more stamina, but it's still not working. The whole interaction just ends up being one frame battle over my age which is not productive at all. Getting off the age topic ASAP and moving onto qualifying them, and getting compliance and investment will be the solution to this problem.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 1:01 pm
by fog
Frame Battle

I was drinking with my friends and some girls the other night. We were playing some variation of the classic drinking game "Ride The Bus." The one girl is dealing cards to us. I was in possession of two cards - a 7 & 8. The girl was going to deal me a card and I would have to determine if the card would fall in between the two numbers of the two cards I had, or if it would fall out. Well in this case, there is no card in between 7 and 8, so it should be completely obvious that I would choose that the card being dealt is going to fall out of 7 & 8. I tried to use facial expressions to tell her this, but the others took it as my refusal to play my turn! Ahhh! Okay, the game continues.

The time comes to ride the bus. The person with the lowest remaining amount of cards has to ride the bus. Well me, my buddy, and my other friend all have 2 cards remaining. The girl who is dealing, says, we all have to ride the bus. But then my buddy says, "backstory has to ride the bus himself because he was being stubborn earlier." The girl who is dealing changes her frame and agrees with my buddy! WTF. I refuse this frame change. My buddy starts presenting me with two options: I can ride the bus myself, or I can chug my drink with him. I refuse both, I realize this is turning into a frame battle. I can't remember what I did, but I think I just took a sip of my alcohol, then my two friends rode the bus themselves and I did not ride the bus. Later my friend called me a poor sport!!! I should have rode the bus with my friends to cement my agreement with the original frame of all of us riding the bus together.

i did not want to fall into my buddy's frames because that would make me look weak. And it pissed me off when the dealer agreed with his frame so readily. I realize he addressed the emotional part of the frame first, which is why it worked.

Social Circle Girl

There was this one girl in my social circle who I have never met before. We were at a party and I said to her, "hey are those real?" I was referring to her tits. She got mad and wouldn't talk to me for the rest of the night.

I seen her again after in the same sort of setting (a party). We mostly ignored each other. In passing, I asked her what one of her tattoos meant. She refused to tell me. Loool. So, later, as we are getting more drunk, she starts asking me questions like, "Are you coming to the bar?" and some other stuff. I flat out just ignored her. She had her chance when I asked about her tats. It actually made me mad...don't FUCKING ask me questions after you ignored me.

Eventually, as more interactions passed, she warmed up to me...she started to see my social value. She's got sort of a thing with my buddy, but I would like to think that she's starting to think about me when she's with him, because of his weaker fundamentals and overall beta behaviour.

However I am leaving my hometown to go back to the city I'm currently living in tomorrow. It was nice to get some nightgame/social circle game experience, but I am looking forward to daygaming again.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 11:56 pm
by fog
Stepping Out of Bounds?

I was flirting with a few girls who I have known for ages. I start touching the one girl's shirt:

backstory: *examining girls shirt*
girl 1: i thought you were gonna touch my tits
backstory: *grabs girl 1's right tit*
girl 1 + 2: giggling
girl 1: *amused* i dont think my boyfriend is gonna like that
backstory: he doesnt have to know

Stepping Out of Bounds 2?

Going into a convenience store, I open a girl wearing a leopard dress:

backstory: how many leapords had to die to make that dress?
girl: ....?

Some More Social Circle Shit

My buddy and I are hanging out and these two girls show up. Girl 1 is a girl who has been chasing the both of us so hard. We don't want her though. Girl 2 is just some other girl, who's got some cool style...looks to be my type of girl actually.

Some initial chit chat goes on...Girl 1 is calling me her lover and stuff...she brings up saturday and how there was some neck biting going on between her and i...i just say to the group: yeah...i was breathing on her neck a little bit and she chomped on my neck! lol

My buddy and Girl 2 are talking about how shes a mechanic or some shit? I inject and say to girl 2 "so you're good with your hands?" Instantly, my buddy attacks me accusing me of being too sexual for the situation. lmfaoo....i just come back with, I'm just trying to get to know her man :) why you assuming things?

Some more bantering, I was doing some great reframing to make me look more dominant than my buddy.

Bblalbla, I play a song, its a little obscure..Girl 1 is questioning the song I'm playing. She doesn't like it. In the middle of the song, my other friend and his girlfriend show up, and his girlfriend states that it's a shitty song. Lol, I question her music taste, saying she's possibly got a shitty music taste, but everyone else gangs up on me and calls my music taste shitty. I didn't say anything. I know I could have destroyed their frame but I chose not to.

Anyways, everyone goes in the pool but me, girl 1, and girl 2 are sitting at the table. I use this opportunity to start deep diving and qualifying girl 2 like mad. I have no clue when I started being able to qualify girls in such a great just makes sense and is not clumsy.

I go grab a beer from the fridge, come back, and girl 2 says, "you know had a perfect outfit on until i saw your socks. It just ruined things." I didn't say anything - just gave her a bored look and also pursed my lips. I'll admit it actually caught me off guard...this girl who I barely know just negged me and criticized my fashion sense...i should have just rolled my eyes at her and instantly continued qualifying her. i held the bored/pursed lips look for too long, i was trying to put some social pressure on her to apologize.

Afterwards though, after that little test, when I continue qualifying her, she suddenly got this REALLY engaged look on her face...hmm, haven't seen that one before..i think its the look of ATTRACTION :) i continue deep diving and she's readily re-engaging me in conversation whenever there's an interruption from one of my other friends. Girl 1 looks a little jealous. Girl 2 has been talking about how she's really hungry and how they are probably gonna be leaving soon, since the moment they got there. Sooo...

...I went to go to the bathroom - when I get back out, Girl 1 and 2 are leaving. Girl 1 demands that I give her a hug. Hahaah I am not submitting to your compliance demand.....I say, lol.....YOU GIVE ME A HUG! she agrees and hugs me. Byeeee!

Too bad they had to go so soon, if they had stayed a little while longer I would have liked to see where it would have ended up. It was an amazing learning experience. I know I'm doing something right, I'm not exactly sure what it is yet....will have to think about it some more. I think this whole reframing shit maybe?

Also, lately...I'm finding lately that in my interactions, there's so much more that I could have used. Imagine I started employing my whole arsenal on these girls? I been reading some of ross jeffries' shit...

Re: backstory's frontstory

PostPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2017 9:54 pm
by fog
I need to forget a lot of advice I've learned. Here's an example: the girl I met at the bar who I almost pulled in my journal entry on July 8th. She was giving me the bedroom eyes as soon as I saw her. I should have pulled, or tried to pull, right then and there. I was thinking about it but I didn't do it because I learned to try to not pull too early in the night at the bar.


From now on, whenever I get the bedroom eyes or other seductive looks from women, I'm going to take that as THE WORLDS BIGGEST GREEN light to escalate and stick my dick in their pussies. Even if it's only been 30 seconds since I met them. Even if advice says not to.

Re: backstory's frontstory

PostPosted: Sat Jul 15, 2017 6:05 am
by fog
Hehh hehh was at the bar tonight and this chick tried to go home with me...I made out with her....i coulda banged her.....i just wasnt committed and didnt really dudes i got a sick new haircut too ahhh and people are instantly changing their frames whenever i change mine.....super this waitress started treating me like a kid but as soon as i put my sexual vibe on all of a sudden she started being LESS waitress-y and more sexual with me.....happened multiple times with other people and its so weird...

Re: backstory's frontstory

PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 1:54 pm
by fog
As I get better at socializing, I am often seeing mistakes people are making in social interactions. Some of my friends are actually pretty bad at socializing. This makes me not want to hang out with them. I want to be friends with people who are amazing at socializing.

And I really don't know who I am anymore. My identity is always changing because of all the socializing and self improvement I'm doing. I feel lost...

Eyebrows down + a sexy smile is a seriously seductive look.

Building consensus with women is important. It's especially important when you're operating under the frame of "this is my world and you're living in it." If you're in that frame, women are along for the ride in YOUR life. You're doing all the leading and doing what you want to do and women are merely participating. You can make women feel comfortable with participating by building consensus with them.

I'm going to be getting back into day game after a 2 week break to do night game. I still approached women during the day during this time, but no where near the same amount that I usually do. I'm eager to meet women right now because I am ridiculously horny

The girl at the bar I met on friday who I almost went home with...I remembered that I asked her to come to the bathroom with me but she was very hesitant about it. I think the problem is that I asked her in front of her friends. She probably would have felt like a slut if her friends knew she hooked up with a guy that she just met in a bathroom. Next time I'll isolate first, then go for a bathroom pull.

I am also thinking about deflecting questions to other people as a possible way of dealing with tests. You get the other person to answer the test for you. For example:

Girl 1: How many people have you slept with?
backstory: Girl 2, what do you think?
Girl 2: Tough to tell.


Girl 1: You had a perfect outfit on until I saw your socks.
backstory: Bob, do you feel the same way?
Bob: No

I will have to do some more thinking about this.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 7:01 pm
by fog
Flea Market Antics

Was at a flea market today..there was this one vendor, and 3 people were selling stuff. 2 girls and 1 guy. I start bantering with them, and they start gushing over how I'm the most interesting person they've met all day and they invite me to chill with them. Girl 1 seemed to have mild interest towards me, and Girl 2 was really into me. We was flirting a little bit, and she had a really engaged look on her face. An eye sparkle. :)

I was originally thinking about getting getting girl 1's number. I started getting logistics, asking what she's up to. She said she was leaving to go out of town for a while tomorrow. But tonight she's going to be partying. We made half plans to party.

But then I continued to notice girl 2's strong interest towards me and felt like I should go for her instead. However I felt like my attainability was a little bit too low with her during our interactions. She was acting in this weird way...I don't know how to explain it! So I thought, hmmm...I need to start being more verbally direct. But then the guy goes to buy fries for the girls, and before he leaves he kisses girl 2. Whaaaat. No wonder my attainability was low. She liked me but couldn't show TOO much interest in front of her boyfriend. I thought it was weird that he kissed her before he left..maybe he noticed us flirting and wanted to claim his property lol...

I ended up leaving a little bit later. Girl 1 doesn't have a cell phone apparently, but she wanted me to add her on Facebook so i did.

Emotional Rollercoasters

Lately I am attempting to create strong emotions within girls. I'm trying out this one idea. First I make a girl feel a bad feeling. Then I'll make her feel a good feeling. For example, today I met a girl at the bus stop. We were chatting about how she feels when she goes a long time without nicotine. She says she gets cranky and testy..While we were talking about this, she was clenching her fists. Ahh, INTERESTING. A physiological reaction to talking about crankiness. She definitely felt some negative emotions. My next step woulda been to relieve her of these negative emotions by finding out how she feels when she goes a long time without nicotine, then has a smoke. Unfortunately her bus came and she left before I could do this.

Making girls feel negative emotions then making them feel positive emotions right afterwards. hmmmmmm. Will be experimenting more with this.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 5:38 pm
by fog
Jumping on Spunk

I was at my college, sitting on a bench. There's air vents on the bench. It's in a moderately busy hallway so people walk by a lot.

backstory: hey... i have to ask you something
spunk: what is it? *walks closer
backstory: do you think that these vents look like cheese graters?
spunk: hahah...yeah sorta! *looks engaged but no eye sparkle yet*
backstory: it'd be cool to grate some cheese on them. whats your name?
spunk: its spunk.
backstory: *shakes hand* its nice to meet you spunk. what are you up to today?
spunk: I'm just heading to the bus stop to meet my friend. the bus is leaving soon
backstory: no way! you cant be serious!
spunk: i am. otherwise id sit down and have a chat with you *holds out phone to show text conversation between her and friend.** (DEFINITE IOI)
backstory: okay maybe ill see you around then
spunk: yeah for sure, i go here.
backstory: alright see you
spunk: *walks away*
spunk: *turns around* i didnt get your name. (IOI)
backstory: *come here hand gesture*
spunk: *walks over*
backstory: my name is zachary. you know what, lets get coffee sometime
spunk: *giggles nervously* okay!
backstory: just put your number in my phone.
spunk: ok *starts putting number in my phone
backstory: what program are you in?
spunk: *still putting number in phone* interior decorating.
backstory: ohhh, classy.
spunk: hahaha, sorta
backstory: that must make you creative
spunk: *no answer, still putting number in my phone. guess she can't multitask* *hands phone back*
backstory: thanks. see you :)
spunk: byee

This was an interesting encounter with the female kind. I didn't bother to get her number initially because i felt like the interaction was a tad too short. I thought I'd just see her around at a later time and continue chatting with her then. I didn't realize it until after that the "id sit down and have a chat with you if i wasnt busy" was a definite IOI.

Then when she left, but was still thinking about me and started wondering what my name was, I realized there was a high enough level of interest to grab her number off her. I'm actually kind of impressed with myself for the flip around in mindset.

I texted her right away - her reply was promising. Two problems due to a bit of rust: I didn't sort out her schedule right then and there, and I was also not direct. I'm gonna text her again shortly to find out what her schedule is like, that's no big deal. The fact that I wasn't verbally direct is a little bit worrying to me. I could either handle this over text or wait until we meet up. Probably better if I ask her sooner rather than later. You know, I hate texting, and only really use it for two things: to correct mistakes in my game that ive made (forgot to ask for schedule, etc) and to sort out logistics.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 8:12 pm
by fog
Loud's an Older Lady I Guess

Stopped a woman in the hallway at school:

backstory: hey what kinda pattern is that? is that leopard?
loud: huh? oh yeah.. i guess so. *stops walking, we move to the side of the hallway, she's paying full attention to me*
backstory: its actually really interesting. cool style btw. whats your name?
loud: loud, what’s yours?
backstory: backstory. what’re you up to today?
loud: i actually got an exam soon
backstory: you do not!!
loud: i actually sucks.
backstory: what kind of exam?
loud: im in the ______ program

*more talking*

backstory: anyways i had to come and talk to you cuz you’re actually pretty cute
Loud: i get that a lot
backstory: ohhh. (wasn’t sure what to say, could have been a good chance to flirt but i ruined it by deep diving more). what’re your plans for after?
loud: idk probably gonna go hang with friends [i think this is what she said…could have been a possible escalation window]
backstory: no silly! i mean later, like after you’re done school.

*more deep diving*

backstory: youre single right?
loud: yes *in some interesting sort of vocal tone..sounded like the same vocal tone a montreal girl used with me once. the montreal girl was quite clearly attracted to me*

*back to deep diving*

loud: listen i gotta get going…add me on facebook though. my name is ____ on Facebook
backstory: hmm. probably won’t remember that
loud: *insisting i add her on facebook*
backstory: tell you what. lets hang out sometime. put your number in my phone, its easier
loud: haha ok.. *puts # in my phone*
backstory: nice meeting you
loud: you too, hope to hear from you soon

Right at the end of the interaction when she's leaving she had a cold kind of annoyed vibe/you’re wasting my time/brushing me off vibe about her. I don’t get it man! Did I come across as unattainable? Throughout the conversation i was being a little aloof, standing a little further away from her at times…I was ever so slightly nervous but my vibe was good.

So I text her and she screens me:

backstory: uhhh hii loud its backstory. save my # in your phone
loud: question
loud: how old are you
backstory: ahh, 20 questions eh? take a guess. I’m curious what you think. :)
loud: If I wanted to guess I wouldn’t have asked
backstory: XX
backstory: hope things are well in the retirement home, haha
backstory: i forgot to ask…what’s your schedule like over the next few days?
loud: school and work I’m a busy old broad

Ughhhhhhhhh....she's probably already in auto rejection, I don't know what I did wrong...

Pushing My Comfort Zone At The Park

I'm at the park and I see this guy and this girl sitting at a picnic bench. They are sitting on opposite ends of the table from one another. I go up to the guy:

backstory: Is this your wife?
guy: no she's my girlfriend
backstory: oh nice man she's pretty cute
guy: ...
backstory: nice day here eh??? see you

IMMEDIATELY AFTER I go open a 2 set of girls, right in view of the couple I just opened. The couple is staring at me. They probably think I'm a player but I don't care.

The Girl Of My Dreams

It's been an uneventful day, I was kinda annoyed that I didn't get to meet any cool women that I really liked. I'm on the bus ride home and I see a girl standing at the bus stop my bus is currently stopped at. SHE'S TOTALLY MY TYPE.....I'm debating whether to get off the bus [that I just waited a half hour for] to chat with her. The bus starts going. Ughhh. I get off at the next bus stop, then walk 50 meters up to her.

backstory: hey i have to tell you something
girl: ...
backstory: your's so amazing... i just had to come say hi
girl: *takes a step back, starts freaking out* OMG THANK YOU!!!!!!!

short note: i have never seen a girl react like this to one of my compliments. I truly meant it from the bottom of my heart, so that could be why she reacted so well.

*bus pulls up*

backstory: is this your bus?
girl: yes
backstory: sit with me?
girl: sure

We are on the bus and she is very very shy, she can barely hold eye contact! We're talking...she is single, and she's only had one boyfriend before. She's a philosophy major. I'm asking her about philosophy and she's not really talking because she's thinking, but I wasn't able to tell. I get her number - this is the craziest part. She takes my phone, puts her FULL NAME in it, then texts her phone using my phone. What does she text? She texts, "poop." LMAO WHAT?!

So um, towards the end of the interaction she was also getting a little bit more reserved and cold. WTF man, why is it that girls are investing more into their interactions with me, yet going cold towards the end of the interaction?

I ask her what her schedule is like over the next few days, but she says she's working. Huh, she's definitely not a quick fuck, I'd probably have to date her to fuck her.

2nd girl of my dreams

I get off the bus, and spot a girl waiting at the bus stop who also has a cool sense of style. Best part? She's not wearing a bra. Turns me on sooo much. I go up to her and tell her I love her style. She's glowing and complimenting me on my style too.

backstory: whatre you up to?
girl: im waiting for the bus driver to come and open the bus door so i can get on

*as she's saying this, the bus driver appears and opens the door to the bus. she gets up, and I eject and say goodbye. I really wanted to get her number but wasn't sure how to do it with the time restraint and little amount of conversation that had taken place.

Re: backstory's frontstory

PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 8:14 pm
by fog
DELETED, please see the above post for what happened today. It was so amazing. :)

Re: backstory's frontstory

PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:45 am
by fog
I was reflecting on my improvements last night. At first I felt like I haven't improved at all. Then I realized this is most certainly not the case:

- Just a month ago I was having a hard time getting chicks hooking. But now the majority of chicks I talk to hook quickly, look engaged, and appear to be having a good time talking to me. :)
- All my approach anxiety has turned into approach EXCITEMENT
- My vibe is well developed. Non needy, playful, and dominant, with a conversational tone of voice
- My ability to deep dive and relate to chicks is well developed
- I naturally have a sexy, masculine walk. I don't even need to think about it no more. It just happens.
- Girls are asking for MY contact information first
- Being verbally direct is not a problem for me anymore
- I'm adjusting for attainability quicker and quicker

Blablabla. Anyways, I was thinking about this one thing that is really hindering my game. I really need to slow things down in my interactions. Because what's happening is that I feel rushed. When I feel rushed, my deep dives aren't that good. Instead of taking time to properly explore the chick and relate to her, I state assumptions about her, which is a HUGE ATTRACTION KILLER. For example, I'm a creative person. If I were to talk to a girl and she assumes verbally that I'm uncreative, I'm gonna be pissed at her and lose some attraction for her, ahahh. So... I'm going to slow things more assumptions or cold reads, and I'm gonna strive for perfect deep dives in which I perfectly relate to EVERY SINGLE GIRL I talk to, so that she feels like I understand her accurately. I'm pretty stoked to work on this.

Night Game Goals

- Consistently make out with one girl every time I go out, but strive for 2.
- Ask 1 girl home every time I go out

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 2:59 pm
by fog
My first approach of the day was an interesting one that put me in a novel situation.

I take her hand in mine when introducing myself, and she holds onto it for quite the long time. Eye contact from her was strong all throughout the interaction as well. Some attraction was definitely there.

backstory: youre single right?
twinkle: i have a boyfriend
backstory: is it serious?
twinkle: things aren't good...i live with him and I'm trying to break up with him

When I tell her we should get coffee sometime, she starts objecting a little bit, saying she lives an hour out of town. [She was only in town for an hour for an appointment, but says she'll be back friday]. She says we can definitely get coffee, but "as friends, until she breaks up with her boyfriend." I wasn't sure what to say to that, it caught me off guard. I didn't really say anything.

After I get her number, I sit down with her on a bench. I can feel some sexual tension building. There's definitely a sexual vibe between us. I get to know her a little bit, then I tell her I gotta go. I tell her I'm going to the pharmacy on campus to pick up my prescription. She tells me she needs to go to the other end of campus and starts walking with me/following me towards the pharmacy. When we get to the pharmacy, she tells me to text her on friday when she's back in town. We're saying goodbye:

backstory: hey kiss me right here *pointing to cheek.*
twinkle: no, i have a boyfriend
backstory: come onnn! he wont know
twinkle: i will give you a hug instead

She drapes her arms around me in a hug and I don't hug her back, lol. In retrospect I should have kissed her neck or her cheek, that would have given her plausible deniability. Regardless, she knows what my intentions are, so it'll be interesting to see if I can get her to hang out with me on friday.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:35 pm
by fog
I was talking to a girl from spain with great style. We were quite attracted to each other. I would have fucked her in a heartbeat...the only problem was that she's 17 years old. annnnnnd.. I'm 25. Too young for me, I thought. We said our goodbyes, I did not get her number.

I always thought the age of consent for my country was 18. But then I was looking on the internet tonight - it turns out the age of consent is 16. So I could have legally pursued her if I really wanted to. I really want to be banging 17 year olds? Some people would find it gross. Do I find it gross? I'm not sure. Attraction is attraction.

On another note, I pocket dialed twinkle while I was opening some random broad today. I don't know if she heard...

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 5:40 pm
by fog
A light bulb went off above my head earlier this afternoon. I noticed a huge pattern that's going to change how I run my game, and it has to do with how hard a girl hooks.

I have noticed two types of hook points. The first type of hook point is a social hook point, where the girl will stop whatever she's doing and talk with me. For me, it's easy to reach the social hook point.

The second type of hook point is the emotional hook point. This is when she's emotionally investing into the conversation and is clearly happy and having fun talking to me. I'll notice she's got a look of engagement or attraction on her face and she'd prefer to hang around and keep chilling with me.

Looking back through my stats, I noticed several correlations:

1. It's easy to get a number from a girl I've reached the social hook point with.
2. However, when I got a number from a girl I reached the social hook point with, but didn't reach the emotional hook point with, I never heard back from her after texting her. Or if she replied and I tried setting up a date, she flaked.
3. When I got a number from a girl I reached the emotional hook point with, it was highly likely that I'd see her again and end up hooking up with her.

There was sort of an outlier though...when I met Frothy Gothy, she didn't have any attracted looks on her face ever. However, her behaviour proved that she felt at least some attraction for me (she missed her bus for me, was re-engaging me through text, etc). When I met up with her the next day, she told me she tried committing suicide once and was also celibate for a year. When I hooked up with her, she gave me a ton of LMR that I could not surpass, and was acting all girlfriend-y towards me. Was she sexually unavailable? Or was she sexually available but uncertain if she wanted to sleep with me?

Then we have Twinkle, who never had any attracted looks on her face, but other mannerisms showed that she was attracted to me. For example, she held strong eye contact and was holding my hand for a while. She has a boyfriend and things aren't going so well with him. However, when I tried making plans with her, she said we could be friends until she broke up with her boyfriend. Definitely sexually unavailable.

The initial pattern I'm thinking about between these two girls is this: girls who show attraction through their mannerisms, but don't ever show you looks of attraction with their face, are uncertain if they want to sleep with you yet/sexually unavailable. In this case, it's better to slow game these girls. I'm not entirely sure yet. Maybe I'm overthinking!

How are these realizations going to impact my game?

1. Girls who I reach the emotional hook point with are great prospects, and I should focus on getting more girls to reach the emotional hook point if I wanna get laid more.
2. When a girl reaches an emotional hook point with me, that is a big green light to start escalating further.
3. I'm not gonna bother getting numbers from girls who have reached the social hook point and have not shown attraction in any way towards me. It's a waste of time and energy.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 9:58 pm
by fog

Today was cool because I continued to push my comfort zone. I did this by being polarizing. I like being polarizing because you have to risk losing the set in order to do polarizing stuff. This will help me develop my non-needy vibe.

For example, I said things to girls I normally would not say to them. I invited several girls to come home with me shortly after meeting them. I called them serial killers and said other outlandish stuff. I am also approaching girls with boyfriends more often and asking if they are dating.

Me and this older chick just sort of gravitated towards each other. I was holding both her hands with my hands. Then I got her to kiss both my cheeks when we were saying goodbye. She was married.

From now on I am going to invite every girl I talk to home with me until I am comfortable with it. I am also going to ask every girl I talk to, to give me a kiss on the cheek. I bet I will be surprised how easily girls will give out cheek kisses.

Am I Right or Wrong?

I am making predictions about what kind of mood a girl is in, what she's currently doing, and what the likely outcome will be, then doing the approach and checking outcome vs. prediction.

Past Mistakes

I realize that a lot of the mistakes I made this week with women were the result of me coming on waaay too strong. I should have been more subtle.

Re: backstory's frontstory

PostPosted: Sat Jul 22, 2017 8:39 pm
by fog

backstory: you single?
cats: yeah... *said like there's more to the story*
backstory: you are....?
cats: yeah...i dont do relationships.
backstory: good thing i'm not trying to date you. we'd probably fight too much anyways

Ugh I did not need to pull out that last line -.- AWKWARDDDD and uncalled for.... where could I have gone with this? what would have been the appropriate thing to say? Probably some deep diving maybe.

backstory: lets hang out sometime
cats: okay
backstory: ill grab your number and we can sort things out later
catss: yeah my phones broken *shows me her phone with the shattered screen*
backstory: ohhh so you just use it as a ipod then?
cats: basically. i do have facebook and instagram though.
backstory: ummmm..... okaaay never mind then

I debated getting her facebook, but then decided not to. I'm not gonna bother getting chick's facebooks anymore. It's a waste of time.

I reached the social hook point pretty quickly but didn't manage to get to an emotional hook point because...I was being all awkward conversationally and couldn't build up any momentum with her. There was one point where we were on the same page but I crashed and burned quickly. She got cold and reserved towards the end of the interaction. I guess maybe when a chick goes cold soon after meeting her, it means "yeah i gave you a chance for us to click but it didn't work so I'm going into auto rejection."

If I can get on this "same page' vibe with girls at least 3 times throughout the interaction, then I'm gonna be doing pretty good. Right now I can only do it once. That means I need to improve my conversation skills.

Tried for a cheek kiss too but she declined. That was funny.

Potential Same Day Lay

I was at a columbian festival. I met this girl who was with her family. We gravitated towards each other - our vibe towards each other was sexual. I found out that she's from Columbia and she's leaving to go back tomorrow at 5AM. I started sorting out logistics with her. What are you doing tonight? Are you stuck with your family? My logistics handling was not the greatest.

Since she was (seemingly) sexually available, leaving tomorrow, and wasn't really doing anything tonight, I decided to get her number so we could meet up later.

Either way, I'm actually sort of proud how I handled myself. You know, I coulda said stuff like like, "hey you're single right" and done stuff like getting her to kiss my cheek and stuff hahaha....but there's really no need for that! Given the situation, it was important to be subtle and I realized that. Besides....she's leaving tomorrow and I'm asking her to hang out, she OBVIOUSLY knows what I want. I did stare at her lips though. :)

I definitely could have built up a lot more compliance. I was eager to meet other chicks instead of interacting with her further.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 23, 2017 1:32 pm
by fog
I was at a relatively small party last night and let me tell you I felt like SOCIALLY RETARDED dog shit. I was not aware of the backstory behind this party - was this a social circle party? I didn't know how to act! There were some pretty hot girls there.

Imagine you're at a party with all your friends. Then there's just some random dude...who is this guy!?

There was this one girl just walking around introducing herself to everyone in sight. Was she doing that for a specific reason? Anyways, she came up to me:

girl: hey its nice to meet you
backstory: you too. whats your name.
girl: agnes
backstory: nice to meet you agnes. I'm backstory. is that a tiara on your neck?
girl: yes
backstory: okay put it on?
girl: *severely annoyed look while putting on tiara*
backstory: haha queen agnes
girl: okay well I'm going outside bye

She made me feel stupid as fuck for asking her to put on her tiara...almost like it was very socially uncalibrated of me. Huh. Two things here:

1. From now on I will always flash someone a bored look/annoyed look/pursed lips when they do socially uncalibrated things.
2. She was going around meeting people and JUST introducing herselves to them. Not trying to get into conversations with them. I should have recognized the situation and just introduced myself to her instead of trying to engage her in further conversation.

I was getting some weird tests from the guys...WHY DO GUYS TEST? I am getting a lot of tests from guys who seem to be higher above me in fundamentals lately.

I bantered with this one chick, she was laughing but walked away...this is what girls who are out of my league always do..I am not offering enough value I guess.

I opened another girl and was being friendly with her. Except she gave me this look like I was a fucking idiot. A "WTF ARE YOU DOING TALKING TO ME?" look. whyyyyyyyy. I don't get it man. She was walking around the party not talking to ANYONE.

Even the guys I talked to were acting really weird towards I was some socially retarded dog shit! I DON'T GET IT!


I was feeling really flat and kind of defeated. I knew I wasn't gonna be able to build up any social momentum when people were treating me this way. So I left. I thought about staying to talk to more people, but it was a small party and I wanted to save face socially. Like everyone could see when I got rejected.

Although this was weird when I was sitting on the front step outside alone and a group of girls came out:

girl: blablalba hey are you still sober? (she was re-engaging me from earlier)
backstory: yeah
*end of conversation*
*2 minutes later*
girl: brrr its chilly out here. my nipples are hard!

maybe she was trying to get my attention. maybe.

Re: backstory's frontstory

PostPosted: Sun Jul 23, 2017 4:39 pm
by Lover
backstory wrote:2. She was going around meeting people and JUST introducing herselves to them. Not trying to get into conversations with them. I should have recognized the situation and just introduced myself to her instead of trying to engage her in further conversation.

Agree, especially if this was in the beginning of the party. Her agenda was just to greet people and not to waste time.

How did you know about the party anyway? Seems like people were just giving you a hard time, and no one knew about you

Re: backstory's frontstory

PostPosted: Mon Jul 24, 2017 3:34 am
by fog
a-jay wrote:How did you know about the party anyway? Seems like people were just giving you a hard time, and no one knew about you

The host of the party invited me. He's an acquaintance of mine. :)

backstory goes to the bar

TONIGHT, I went to the bar. I practiced breaking rapport and inviting girls home with me.

I had a lot of fun. There was this one group of 3 girls who I opened. One of them was very tall. I was calling her "Mom" and we were doing some role playing. In the role play, the other two girls were her children. It was a fun situation. But this tall girl ends up in my face staring at me trying to test my dominance, in a mean sort of way. She killed the vibe with the test, I didn't know what to talk about, and I ended up leaving..this is something I'm always experiencing: the issue of, WHAT DO I DO NEXT?

Later I went up to the guys they were with. I introduced myself to them. Then the tall girl butts in, comes up to me and says:

tall girl: why are you talking to my boys?
backstory: why are you talking to ME?
tall girl: *speechless and stunned, not saying anything*
backstory: *eye roll and annoyed look* *walks away*

Later I see the one guy and he gives me a very enthusiastic fist bump.

Then I was opening this random group of guys and girls. I'm chatting with one of the girls about how it's so hot:

Girl: *in a bossy kind of voice* you should go and tell them to turn on the air conditioner
backstory: *eye roll and annoyed look* *walks away*
group: *looks shocked*

Later I'm walking by the same group and one of the guys points me out to another guy who wasn't there before. The whole eye roll, annoyed look, and walk away thing is a little dramatic...good to pull out in situations where people are tooling me/being socially uncalibrated.

As mentioned yes I did practice breaking rapport. I mostly just went against whatever the girl said. She said she was a doctor? I told her I hated doctors. She said she loves sunflowers? I told her I hate sunflowers. She finally starts asking me questions? I turn my back to her. I overdid it a little bit too much, but it was effective....I got into conversations with girls who otherwise would have blown me out in the past.

After all the fun&games I started my mission to find a girl to take home with me. I asked 5 different girls if they wanted to come home with me. I wasn't interested in all the girls though, I just asked some of them for practice. There was one girl who had been giving me IOIs. I opened her, and she was instantly giving me seductive sort of looks. I did some brief chit chat and kino with her, asked her if she wanted to come back to my place. When she said maybe, I told her I'd come find her later. Then I was thinking...hmm...what if I can't find her later? So I go up to her the next time I see her and get her number. Now, listen. She'd always see me when I was not talking to anyone. And I did not build up any comfort with her. Then by the time I was finished with the other girl I was trying to bring home (which I will talk about next), she had left. I texted her, but no reply...I was so afraid to mess up that I didn't take it any further than the initial talking...this will be a lesson.

I opened a group of 2 girls on the patio, they were asking me for my ID. The one of them seems to be into me. I'll call her Angela. I talk with them for a little bit, get Angela's number, and tell them I'll come find them later. Earlier in the night I had seen this young looking girl and pretended to be a bouncer and asked her for her ID. Obviously I'm not a bouncer, I thought she could take it as a joke. Little did I know this would come back to bite me hard in the ass.

I'm texting angela:

backstory: are you gonna be leaving soon?
angela: not sure honestly
backstory: depends on mom
angela: exactly
angela: sitting in the same spot
backstory: ohhh ok. im just about ready to get out of here.
angela: gotcha
backstory: come with me? :) we can go somewhere more quiet and less crowded or you can staay here with everyone
angela: my friends are staying over tonight :( :( :(

Ah, so I go back to the patio and chat with them for like 30 seconds then leave again. I realize that in order to make this happen I need to build a little bit of comfort with angela. have a one on one conversation, you know? Soo I go back and i'm talking with angela. We're getting deep into conversation, and she's trying to impress me by saying she gets high marks in school and stuff. I make sure to qualify her on this. Things were going good, but there is this one part of the conversation where she gets really testy and annoyed..I'm pretty sure it was because my frame was a little weak at that point in the conversation but I'm not sure. I was really tired and was actually zoning out a little bit so my ability to relate to her sucked. Anyways shes flipping her hair like mad and holding strong eye contact. She's trying to get me to qualify myself but I ain't letting that happen!!! Then the rest of her friends show up. And the one friend is the young looking girl I pretended to be the bouncer with earlier in the night. She's pissed at me because of what I did with her and does not want me to talk to angela. Greaaat. Just what I need, a cockblocking friend. So anyways after the initial hostility the cockblocking friend is sitting beside me and I have my arm around her and she's trying to derail mine and angelas conversation. I just look at angela with an inquisitive face and angela just looks at me like "I don't know!" But angela is winking at her cockblocking friend repeatedly, LMFAOOO....I guess it meant "hey silly get the hint, I'm okay with talking to him."

So anyways angela starts saying "yeah i really need to go to the bathroom. i have a full bladder. backstory do you need to go to the bathroom?" i knew what it meant...but i wasn't sure exactly what it meant...and i wasn't sure how to execute it. so then she gets all her friends to go to the bathroom with her. I'm waiting outside the bathroom. when they get out, angels friends are making a protective circle around her. the cockblocking friend comes up to me and is being a total bitch and won't even let me talk to angela.

Cockblock: blablalba i hate what you did earlier blbakahaj
backstory: *general amusement*
cocblock: she's not even interested in you so just leave!!!
backstory: lol ? who said I was interested in her? let me say goodbye, her and I had a good conversation

Somewhere in this whole interaction I asked angela if she was having an after party - she said no, she was having a sleepover. ANYWAYS I could have pulled this off with a little bit of isolation from her friends initially...

There was another girl, she was giving me the wettest doggy dinner bowl eyes!! Conversation ran out and I didn't know what to say, so I pulled a pattern out on her, then asked her to come to africa with me afterwards. She agrees that she will wholeheartedly and puts her number in my phone. I get her to give me a cheek kiss and I leave. Now I'm sitting at home writing this and she really wants me to go to her place and she says she will pick me up. Should I go? Hmm...

On the way back to my house, my cab driver told me he thought I was in the military because of my posture. Interesting. Military posture is pretty aggressive lol....

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 24, 2017 3:31 pm
by fog
backstory goes to the bar: further reflection

i did some more thinking about what happened last night. Here's some more about angela, the cockblock, and some more interesting stuff that happened:

Talking with angela, I called her a brat just to tease her. Then we got into a frame battle over it. She got quite spunky and fiery and started qualifying herself to me about why she is not a brat. She was talking about how she pays for all her schooling and then still has money to go on trips overseas, then practically ordered me to qualify myself: do i make enough money to do that? i just gave her an eye roll and said something like, "yes i have a job." A better way to handle this situation would have been to say something like, "you don't have to prove yourself to me. :) i was teasing you for fun!" i have to be careful about teasing women, sometimes i say the wrong thing in the wrong moment.

I was thinking more about angela's friend, the cockblock who was pissed off at me and didn't want angela and i to keep talking. Thinking back, the cockblock was submissive towards my frames, and I believe that she liked me. In fact, I probably had a chance to go home with her, except I was so focussed on angela that I didn't realize it at the time. Here's some of the signs:

Angela, her friend, and I are sitting at a booth. The cockblock and another girl come up to the booth and see me sitting there. Cockblock starts complaining that she doesn't like me and asks me to leave. I don't leave, because I'm not intimidated and angela doesn't want me to leave either. It's me and angela vs the cockblock basically. Angela asks me to slide over to make room for her friends. Cockblock slides into the booth right beside me. Then she's engaging in this weird she's sitting really close to me and actually laying her head on my shoulder!? What the fucccck. I put my arm around her and she does not resist. Hmmm....she tries telling me that how I treated her terrible and is implying I suck with girls. I just reply, "cool." Like, she's trying to frame me as a shitty person who scares off girls yet here I am talking to angela who's clearly attracted to me! Yet here I am, with my arm around her. Her frame just doesn't make sense and everyone else knows it. You know what though, instead of saying "cool" like I didn't give a shit, I should have apologized at least in some sort of way, I wonder how she would act towards me if I had apologized?

Later, after they get out of the bathroom, the cockblock is still complaining to me. I'm locked in against the wall, and I'm slumped. She is in front of me and because I am slumped she is taller than me. She starts saying submissively how she WANTS me to stand up straighter so I can be taller and puts her hands on my chest to try to get me to straighten up. I stay slumped, lol. Then she won't break eye contact with me and says:

cockblock: why are you staring at me?
backstory: why are you staring at ME?

Hmm...soo..I don't know. I know that staring contests are always some sort of test and whenever it happens, the broad says, "why are you staring at me?" or "is this a staring contest?" I need to get better at my responses to these questions. Maybe in a few weeks I will be able to better understand this whole entire situation. Wouldn't it be funny if I texted angela and asked for the cockblocks number? She was attractive to me. :) Better looking than angela too.

Otherwise...I was locked in against a wall earlier in the night and looking over the dance floor. There was this friggin weirdo who was trying way too hard to get the attention of women. He would always get rejected. He came across as a jester. You know, it can be great to watch people do things wrong and analyze why they are doing it wrong. I felt embarrassed for him.

However there was a good looking guy with great fundamentals who I was having a fun time observing. He was with 2 girls, and he was making out with both of them. He put on an interesting display of dominance at one point. One of the girls was not looking at him. He grabbed her face and turned it towards him. She loved it. The jester was all over this dude and his girls trying to peel them away from him and otherwise get involved in their interaction.

I was in conversation with this girl for like 15 minutes: we were sitting down at a table. Then, all of a sudden, she just got up and ran away to the dance floor without saying a word. It was kind of weird. I realized I didn't show much interest, the conversation was mostly polite and not the most fun. This is probably why.

I was talking to this one girl, and in the middle of it I realized....THIS GIRL IS NOT INVESTING ANYTHING INTO THIS CONVERSATION AND I'M LOOKING LIKE A TRYHARD! I was investing twice as much as she was. I said goodbye, I wasn't sure how to turn it around so she was investing more in this situation. Hmm, I will have to keep a keen eye on investment levels in future interactions.

I was actually auto-rejecting over hot girls who were giving me IOIs..this is a mindset I need to conquer if I want to get better with women.

Overall I need to work on making the process of inviting girls home with me smoother. I will do some reading and strategizing.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 5:54 pm
by fog
Today's been good so far. I am feeling very confident and it shows. I was walking around at school and was getting tons of IOI and looks of attraction from girls. Getting into conversations was ridiculously easy.

Polar Bear Blues

I was sitting in the cafeteria at school, alone. This girl in a blue leather jacket walks by my table. Then, she walks by it again shortly after, and goes down the hall and plants herself in line to get coffee. I'm thinking it was an IOI. I feel like she went out of her way to walk by my table a second time.

I go up to her and engage her in conversation. We chat until she gets to the front of the line. She does not notice she's next in line - the guy behind her taps her back. She goes and orders. I tell her to come find me after and I plant myself to the side. While I'm waiting, I see my buddy and I'm talking to him. He knows I run a lot of game at school, so I tell him I'm just waiting for this girl to order and then I'm gonna get her number.

The girl comes back up to me, and my buddy leaves right away. I was happy:

backstory: what are you up to right now?
girl: I'm just going to hang out with some friends and chat.
backstory: ok what do you say we hang out for a bit and talk more right now?
girl: i dont think i can. but we can meet up tomorrow and talk!
backstory: okay put your number in my phone and we can sort it out.

I wasn't direct at all, but I'm not even worried about it. I'll just pick up where I left off if I see her again. And I was amazed at how smoothly this all went...i'm thinking that i might scale things back in my future interactions, and throw out hints that I wanna see her again, which will allow the girl to suggest that we hang out. This would be very low investment on my part, abiding by the law of least effort.

Instant Attraction?

I see a girl walking down the hall. She spots me and puts her head down in submission. I open her enthusiastically as she's walking by me and her face lights up. I do the double hand grab and give her piercing eye contact. She's holding eye contact with me. Turns out she's headed to work. I ask her if she wants to hang out later tonight after work. she says not doing anything, so maybe. Same day lay? We'll see.

I almost asked, "you're single, right?" But I decided not to. There's no need to. I know she's attracted to me, and she knows I'm attracted to her, so there's no need to bring out this line. Who cares if there's a boyfriend involved. Plus, I feel that toning down the verbal directness with girls who are already attracted to me will help with the "player problem" that I feel I'm experiencing. Also, I'm actually realizing I'm using the "you're single right?" line to signal my attraction for a girl...there's something very wrong with this.


Tonight I'm going to hang out with a girl I met at the bar on Sunday night. I will report back later on it.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 12:44 am
by fog
Her First Queef

Tonight I hung out with a girl I met at the bar on Sunday. I'll call her Allison. I'm not attracted to her. But I figured that I might as well gain some reference points.

I went over to her apartment. I could sense she was a little nervous. She started drinking alcohol. She kept on changing her frames to match mine and WOULD NOT STOP BLABBING about boring stuff! Every time she came to the end of whatever long-ass tangent she got onto, she would struggle to keep it going as long as possible. It reminds me of the old times where I would be talking to a girl I liked and I was blabbing my face off and I didn't want there to be any pauses in the conversation for fear of it being awkward.

Escalation was quite easy for me. I lean in to make out with her but she gives me a nice granny kiss. Immediately after, she says:

allison: wow that was random!!!
backstory: yeah. so you were talking about blablalba? what did you mean when you said blablabla

I knew that the kiss was a little bit unexpected to her and she reacted by giving me a granny kiss. She wasn't objecting to it or anything. 30 seconds later I try again and we make out a little, but she stops quickly.

After this she won't stop complaining about family issues, and I'm actually quite annoyed. Did I come all the way over to this broad's house only to be her emotional tampon and have her give me a shitty kiss? WTF.

So anyways she's drinking and drinking and drinking and I know that she's probably doing it to deal with her nervousness, lol...I wasn't even drinking.

I start kissing her more though, and then she gives me a blow job. We move to her bed and she gives me more head. I eat her out and finger her and she tells me it's really hard for her to get off most of the time. We try to fuck a few times but I just can't stay hard enough to get inside her.

Then she lets a big juicy queef rip for (apparently) the very first time in her life and she is very embarrassed about it. She won't stop talking about it. I tell her I'm not judging and that I don't really care. She's also concerned about the fact that I couldn't stay hard enough to fuck her. I let her know it's not her fault.

It was a really boring time. Nothing special. Good reference points though. I will learn how to better deal with it when females are embarrassed about queefing.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:44 pm
by fog
Married Woman (I will call her Aubrey from now on) came over today. We fucked.

After the last time we hung out, she was really eager to hang out with me again. I was out of town for like three weeks, though, so we couldn't get together. Every few days, she'd text me saying, "hey are you back yet?" It was annoying and chasey.

The most annoying part was that I was finding it difficult to stay hard, I can get hard easy but if there's no stimulation at all I go soft in like 2 seconds flat. She was on top the whole time - If we tried to change to other positions it wouldn't work, i would deflate. Why am I having this problem lately? least I'm not cumming really quick.

She was talking about how it was a buzzkill. How she was waiting for 3 weeks for me to get back into town, only for us to hang out and have me underperform. Then she says, "well at least the sex we DID have was alright." I'm not sure if she said that to make me feel better, haha. She then got upset and said that she thinks I hate her and find her ugly, and that's why I haven't came for her yet. I told her no, that's not the case. Right after this she got a lot more submissive.

Heh, heh, I can't wait to find more bitches to stick my dick in this weekend. I need to keep this momentum going, I most certainly wish to get good at banging in as little time as possible.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 28, 2017 5:54 pm
by fog
I have hickeys on my neck from yesterday.


I haven't seen Giraffe in 8 years. Giraffe is quick to mention the hickeys on my neck. I don't admit to them being hickeys. She won't stop bringing them up, despite multiple attempts on my part to change the conversation. I ask her if she would like to contribute and give me one. I forget what she said. Here's the end of our conversation:

backstory: hey lets go for coffee or hang out sometime
giraffe: with all these women throwing themselves at you, why would you wanna hang out with me?
backstory: ummmm...*caught off guard* i wanna catch up with you
giraffe: catch up, eh?
backstory: yea :) put your number in my phone and we can sort things out later
giraffe: well I'm taken so...
backstory: you're married!?
giraffe: no I'm not married *laughs*
backstory: so its not serious? :)
giraffe: *laughs and gives me a playful push* byeee i gotta get back to work
backstory: byeee
giraffe: what was that look for!?

The presence of hickeys adds an interesting dynamic to my conversations.

She's Gonna Freak Out

Girl 1 and Girl 2 opened me when I was walking into a mcdonald's last winter. They loved my style. Ever since then I have seen Girl 1 around school quite often. We say hello but never get into conversation. Rarely do I see Girl 2.

Today I saw Girl 1. We chat a little bit. Then:

backstory: hey let's hang out sometime
Girl 1: yeah sure! we can invite Girl 2 as well
backstory: alright
Girl 1: Yeah she's gonna freak out when I tell her
backstory: ok throw your number in my phone

Maybe I can find a way to bypass hanging out with Girl 1 and Girl 2 as a group... and just hang out with Girl 2, alone, who is (apparently) into me. But it'd also be cool to hang out with them as a group and observe the group dynamics for reference points. Girl 1 would likely not cockblock.

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 29, 2017 5:10 pm
by fog
Aggressive Cockblocks @ Pride Festival

The past few days I've been running game at a pride festival thats taking place in a park here in town. It's a new sort of environment for me and I'm not sure about the appropriate way to talk to girls. Should I be screening for sexuality? Aren't most girls bi anyways?

I'm sitting on a bench and notice this group of three girls about 10 feet to my right. They are standing beside another bench. They seem to be staring at me quite a bit. I go up to Girl 1 and open her indirect. She's rude to me. Then her and Girl 2 start acting aloof and ignoring me. It is very non-verbal. But then Girl 3 starts talking to me..she has pretty poor english:

backstory: what are you up to right now?
Girl 3: we saw something going on over here so we came to see what it was

All of a sudden...

Cockblock 1: *Very stern* Excuse me!! These girls aren't interested in talking to you.
Cockblock 2: Yeah!! Can't you see?
Cockblock 1: I think you need to leave!!

I stop the initial conversation I have started with Girl 3 and look over at the 2 female cockblocks who are rudely interrupting. They are sitting on the bench right next to the group of 3 girls. The cockbocks don't appear to be friends with the 3 girls - they are a separate group. I am just shocked... I'm caught off guard and not sure what to do. I didn't know what to say:

backstory: *frowning, and staring at cockblocks.*
Cockblock 1 + 2: *staring back*
Cockblock 2: I hope you're rolling up your sleeves because you're going to punch me!!
backstory: *walks away*

My sleeves were already rolled up from before. I was unconsciously adjusting them...I don't know why. I don't think it was due to nervousness though.

I have never truly been aggressively cockblocked like this before in the DAY TIME... so this was a very novel situation for me to experience. I think that the more aggressive I get in my approaches, the more likely this stuff is to happen. I say this was pretty aggressive because I approached these girls in front of other people, and I persisted after they clearly showed some disinterest.

What would have been the best way to handle this situation? Hmmm...I think that the disinterested behaviour from Girl 1 + 2 was NOT ACTUALLY A REJECTION. I believe it was more of a test. I should have responded to their non-verbal snuffing by using non-verbals as well. I was actually responding to it with words. If I had done this, and there were no cockblocks involved, then I think I actually could have gotten through to them.

And as for the 2 cockblocks, I should have just ignored them - just like I would in a nightclub. The 3 girls weren't saying anything. I did not say one word to the cockblocks, but I could have just given them an eye roll instead of staring and frowning at them. I'm glad I didn't try to qualify myself by saying something like, "I'm just trying to have a friendly talk with them." I was considering saying to the three girls "hm, these people think you're not interested in talking to me. what do you think?" but I realized this would make me look like an idiot considering I hadn't gotten past these girl's shields yet.

Silver Moon

Silver Moon sometimes comes into my work. I can tell she's into me. I'm into her, too. During our first interaction, I felt like my attainability was a little bit low with her - she was acting shy and unnatural around me. The next time I saw her was when she was working at her workplace. I told her that I thought she was attractive. Her face lit up. I've had a few more short interactions with her since then and every single time she is enthusiastic to see me, as well as compliant. My attainability is right where it needs to be with her. :)

But....I never got her number. So today I went into her work to see if she was there and get it. She was there, but she was on break and was in the middle of chatting with some of her co-workers. I open her and we talk with each other a bit. Unfortunately her coworkers kept interrupting, which kind of threw me off and prevented me from getting into a good bubble with her. However there was strong eye contact between me and her and she was smiling very wide at me the whole time. I did some light kino, and got her number. I feel like the conversation was a tad too serious but that's okay - I will make sure to show her my fun side when we hang out.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 30, 2017 3:50 am
by fog
Went bar hopping tonight. When I finally worked up some momentum I was doing really well - my vibe was killer. Girls were clearly interested and captivated by me instantly. Attraction would go waaay up when I passed their tests, WHICH WERE SO FUCKING EASY TO PASS.. but... I would always get cockblocked by their friends. Non-stop cockblocking. It was exhausting. Here's the most interesting interactions:

3 Way Makeout

I'm flirting with two girls, apparently they're dating. The one girl whispers to her girlfriend:

Girl 1: Wanna have a threesome [with him]?

Couldn't hear what the reply was. Later I lean in to kiss Girl 1, because she's giving me flirty looks... but Girl 2 pulls her away real quick.

Girl 1 and 2 start making out intermittently and every time they stop, Girl 1 continues to look at me seductively. Girl 1 is also brushing her boobs against me. I tried going for a 3 way makeout but they didn't want to. It was definitely within reach, I just approached it wrong...They said they would give me cheek kisses though. They gave me a lot of cheek kisses.

Next thing you know, they are walking away to get a cab. I realized I should have moved them waaaaay earlier. Hm, what's the proper way to set up a three way make out?

Swept Off Her Feet

I'm walking down the street and a group of two girls open me. The less attractive one is asking me for directions. I start being all witty with her and she gets upset and walks away. Her friend, who is clearly dressed to get laid, stays and talks to me. I very quickly hit an emotional hook point with her, and I'm about to run some kino routines and start escalating on her, when THIS TALL JACKED GUY COMES OUT OF NOWHERE, PICKS HER UP, SAYS, "you're coming home with me" AND CONTINUES TO WALK with her in her arms. She does not resist.

Clearly this dude noticed easy pickings and swooped in with a great show of dominance.

Hummingbird Lady

Earlier in the night before I'm warmed up I get opened by a group of 2 girls, Flower Lady and Hummingbird Lady. I'm chatting with them, things are going good. Then this guy and his friend come in and start cockblocking. The girls momentarily lose interest in me. However, the girls don't hook on what the cockblocks are saying. The cockblocks realize this and shift to a new strategy: the head cockblock is trying to get the two girls to kiss. He fails - the girls do not want to kiss. I point this out and he starts getting pissed. The girls are back on my side. I start focusing in on Hummingbird Lady. She's giving me seductive looks. The cockblocks leave and Flower Lady starts pulling Hummingbird Lady away to get in a cab. I say... "Noo! Wait 2 minutes." Flower Lady refuses to wait. I tell Hummingbird Lady we should hang out sometime. I grab her number (Flower Lady says, "DON'T GIVE HIM YOUR NUMBER") say goodbye, and pull her in for a hug. She's doing that lingering thing with her head like she's expecting more. I could have made out with her. I DIDN'T. I text her number, and it's a fake number.

My excuse for making a move was that I was not warmed up. Pretty bad excuse.

Anyways, I see the cockblocks a few more times throughout the night. My fundamentals are better than theirs. I repay the favor and cockblock THEM hard every time I see them talking with a new girl. I blow up their interactions so easily. The head cockblock gets mad at me saying I'm definitely not getting laid tonight, blablabla...

You Share Her?

I go up to this girl, who's standing around with three guys:

backstory: are these your boyfriends?
girl: yes
backstory: *looks at guys* okay so...the three of you share her?
beta 1: yeah we rotate weekly.

LMFAOOOO. All of a sudden one of the guys (her boyfriend?) is trying to fight me and the girl is holding him back. I walk away.

Closing Thoughts

It was a fun night, but I need to work on my strategy for next time I go out because it's a highly competitive environment. Since I am able to get girls to hook quickly, I can't be lolligagging. I need to be more dominant and escalate faster, otherwise I'll just continue to get destroyed by cockblocks. I'm proud of myself - I have remained 100% sober the last 2 times I went out.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:03 pm
by fog

I have been truly slacking. Usually I approach 10 or more women every day. Lately I have been way less consistent, both in the amount of women I’m approaching and the days I am going out to game. More like 5-8 girls every other day. This is bad. I haven’t been learning as much as I usually do.

I’m eager to get back on track. I’m making a goal to approach at least 60 women this week. I’m also going to put a lot of energy into improving my fundamentals this week - it’s been a while since I worked on them.

FUCK Polite Conversations

Despite the everlasting war in my head of whether I should go in direct/indirect, there's one problem I know is plaguing my interactions: POLITE CONVERSATIONS. A lot of the time I'll go up to a girl, get into a conversation with her, and it'll just be a polite conversation. These are conversations that anyone can have on autopilot. They aren't the slightest bit interesting. There's no emotions involved. There's no teasing or sexual undertones. I hate these conversations where both parties are on their best behaviour. Fuck these conversations! They never turn out well for me and I'm wasting my time with them. I'm going to A) start using rapport breaks and B) be more polarizing to rid my interactions of this disgusting vermin.

What Is The Best Stuff To Reveal?

I'm sort of getting a handle on what I should reveal about myself to certain girls in order to make them intrigued by me. For example, creative girls are intrigued by my short fiction stories. Spiritual girls are intrigued by the fact that I have synesthesia. I will have to figure out what girls of other types are intrigued by.


I am becoming a lot more strict about getting numbers. My new mindset is quality over quantity. I'm only gonna get a girl's number if I feel like it will really result in something, and I'm not chasing her for it. This way I'm not wasting time. I could have gotten 2-3 numbers today, but only took down the number of 1 girl: her name is Talia.

We connected really well, and I intrigued her, but I wasn't verbally direct AT ALL. Sigh. Here's some snippets from our conversations:

backstory: *grabs hand and looks at rings* are you married...?
talia: haha god no, i dont do relationships anymore.
backstory: ohhhh, so you're single.


backstory: lets hang out sometime
talia: okay...we're just gonna be chilling, right?
backstory: yeah *very subtle sexy smile*

Notice how she is asking me to set the frame of our future interactions. She is trying to find out what my intentions are. Specifically... she is trying to figure out if I want to go on a date with her or not. Now, when I clarified that yes, her and I are just gonna be hanging out, she accepted it. However, "hanging out" is super ambiguous. It could mean hanging out as friends, or it could mean hanging out and fucking. Thing is... she didn't say "we're just gonna be chilling as friends, right?" SHE LEFT IT EQUALLY AMBIGUOUS.

I texted her and she replied back very enthusiastically. I think I might have a good shot at bedding this chick. She's opposed to relationships, we have a lot in common, she finds me intriguing, we've already connected...the only thing left to do is hang out with her, do some kino and get some more compliance, make her feel some strong emotions, then bang her.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 01, 2017 10:11 pm
by fog
It'd be so cool to meet up with Inbocca, Kristian, a-jay, Yash, and Hueman to game with them. Maybe one day it will happen.

I Am A Threat

- More girls and guys than ever are bowing their heads in submission. The bowing of the head is getting more pronounced as well.
- Guys are staring and giving me a jealous look.
- I've noticed that when I pass couples, one of them will get protective. For example, its happened a lot lately where the girl saw me then grabbed her boyfriend's hand to hold onto it. Or the guy saw me then started touching his girlfriend's butt. Stuff like that.
- There have been times where I reach hook points instantly, or ridiculously quickly. It's astonishing to me.

Why is this happening lately? I've nearly perfected my walk. I think this has a lot to do with it. At this point I feel like I'm clearly the better option than most of the guys I see around. I feel really confident, I know people can tell. I will have to keep an eye on attainability.

I think I could steal a lot of girls from their boyfriends. I think I will try. One girl today was with her chump of a boyfriend. She gave me a flirty look when he wasn't looking.


I have a tendency to feel rushed when I'm running out of time in an interaction. For example, when I meet a girl at a bus stop and her bus is coming shortly, I start feeling like I'm running out time. This leads to me doing things like using a higher pitched tone of voice, speaking faster, using faster body movements, and saying stupid things. This is so bad. I feel like it's ruined a lot of my interactions. I will have to focus on being calm no matter what - even while running out of time.

Right now I'm consciously focusing on perfecting my walk. Both the way I walk, and the speed at which I walk at. This is taking up a lot of my mind power. I can't wait till it's internalized. After that I will focus on my voice and making sure it is ALWAYS deep and resonant, especially when opening.

I'm going to have a 6 pack in 6 weeks time. And imagine when I get a REALLY sexy haircut? I'm feeling really happy about where things are going with my fundamentals.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 04, 2017 12:47 pm
by fog
Day game has been hard and frustrating for me recently. I feel like I’m not on top of my game lately. I feel like I’m doing super shitty. But am I actually? I’m doing the same thing that I always have. However, I am starting to have conscious awareness of ALL the mistakes I am making. I know why I’m not succeeding. In any particular interaction, I know that if I had done something a little differently, then I would have been more successful. On top of this, I'm starting to notice a lot of patterns in the way people are reacting to me. Particular vocal tones and facial expressions are becoming more common. I will have to spend some time analyzing why people are reacting to me in this particular way and become more adaptable. I'm eager to talk to 1000s of more girls.

Incongruence is Yucky

I believe incongruence has ruined many of my interactions. Chicks can smell this from a mile away. So I’m gonna remove incongruent stuff from my interactions. I will only give away compliments if I honestly truly mean what I am saying. Chicks light up when I give them a genuine compliment. I won’t ask girls to hang out if there was no substance or connection in the conversation, or we don’t click in any way….it just doesn’t make sense! I will do some more thinking about other ways I am being incongruent.

The Polite Vocal Tone

Sometimes I open a girl and she is very friendly, but has this weird polite vocal tone. It's almost condescending. I fuckin hate it. I think girls view me as low value when they use this vocal tone.

The “What is Going on?” Facial Expression

I like to open girls indirect with the purpose of feeling them out and seeing if we click before showing interest. However, I get a certain look a lot when doing this. It is the “what is going on?” facial expression. They seem to be confused about what the point of all this is. I've become desensitized to the fact that being approached by a friendly stranger during the day is really weird to the majority of people. I’m interested to see how people will react if start being more direct after they give me this facial expression.

I think my problem is that I’m not direct about my intentions enough of the time.

Lip Looks

I realized that I’m actually apprehensive about looking at the lips of girls I’ve just met for more than a brief moment. I feel like I will get caught. But so what if I get caught. What I am going to do is look at the lips of girls I just met for longer amounts of time and see if I can get purposely get caught.

Vibe Problems

I am noticing problems with my vibe. I let girls affect my vibe. I continuously get thrown off lately because I'm experiencing new situations all the time and I'm unsure how to handle it or act.

She's Afraid to Show Interest

I think it's time to start troubleshooting situations where girls are afraid to show their interest towards me.

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 05, 2017 11:58 pm
by fog
I hate reading back on my previous journal entries because I make myself seem like a nerd and I don't show any personality. They're awkward.


The last time I ever got friend zoned was by a girl named Amelia. I met her two summers ago and she was showing interest in me, but I was too much of a pussy to make a move. We hung out quite a bit. After a month of hanging out, I worked up enough guts to kiss her, but by that point I was really deep in the friend zone and she was really resistant to my advances. At the end of the summer we both left town. She texted me something like "I was thinking about asking you to have sex with me but blablabla some stupid excuse why she didnt blablabla." That was really annoying to me.

We still talk once every 6 months or so... we chatted on the phone last night. She said that we should hang out next weekend because she's gonna be close to the city I live in. I'm a totally different guy than I was 2 years ago, soooo...if I do decide to see her, I'm gonna fuck her pussy

The Artists

I approached a group of two artistic looking girls sitting on a bench and opened them by saying they looked like artists. They said they were actually artists and hooked quite quickly.

One of them (Sassy Pants) was eating some sorta cake and the other, Indigo, was just sitting around. I ask them what mediums they use for their art. Sassy pants says she uses 9 different mediums. Indigo starts talking about how she thinks that people who see ordinary things as art in the world could be considered artists. I agree with this frame she presents but don't really know why she's talking about that.

Sassy Pants seemed engaged at first, but I started chatting mostly with Indigo and Sassy Pants lost interest and focussed on eating her food. I also noticed Indigo checkin me out a few times, hehhh. When I told them I was planning to leave soon, Indigo sort of suggested that I add both of them on facebook - so I did.

I didn't realize this till after...Indigo is not really an artist, she was just qualifying herself as an artist to me. She was adapting herself as best as she could to fit my frame. I think girls do this more often than not around me, I just don't realize it.

I started a conversation with Indigo on facebook, we'll see if it goes anywhere. I think she's interested.

She Was Afraid To Show Interest

I'm in line getting coffee, and I see a girl walking up to the line. She puts her head down as she sees me. I start talking with her. She hooks quickly, has an attracted sort of look on her face, seems happy and is engaged in the conversation. It comes my time to order, so I order my coffee. Afterwards I talk to her again - she's immediately engaged again, but she doesn't seem to know what to do or say... I left because I was not attracted to her, but I realize that she was afraid to show interest in me and was not used to these sorts of social situations.

Plans For This Week

This coming week I plan to work on sexual facial expressions. I am also going to be hanging out with Talia on Monday.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 06, 2017 10:58 pm
by fog
Do You Do This All The Time?

I was day gaming at a festival today, and once I got warmed up and tweaked my strategy to include banter, something interesting happened...!

In two of my interactions, I got asked, "Do you do this all the time?" (I've never been asked this before). Recalling Chase's objection article, I replied, "Only every third tuesday of the month." All I could remember was how to reply to this, I didn't realize it made me have low attainability.

The girls I was focussing on in these interactions (both interactions involved groups of girls) were flipping their hair and hooked quickly. I'm going to go into details about one of the interactions, that involved a group of two girls. One of the girls basically had her tits hanging out.

backstory: hey! you girls come over here
girls 1 + 2: hey whats up
backstory: i have something to tell you...
girl 1: whats that? *eye sparkle*
backstory: I have a problem.
girl 1: what is it!?
backstory: i have a really hard time saying the alphabet backwards.
girl 1: doesnt everyone?
backstory: you have a hard time too!? get outtt. i thought i was the only one.
girl 1: do you do this all the time?
backstory: do what
girl 1: just talk to random people like this
backstory: only every third tuesday of the month

Can't remember what came next but I know this was in somewhere:

backstory: *looking at girl 1's tits* those are huuuuge!
girl 1 + 2: *laughing*

I'm walking with girls 1 + 2 and then I tell them to stop walking so we can chat. I get their names.. Girl 1 with the big tits is named Sierra and Girl 2 is Hannah.

backstory: okay your name is Sierra? *pointing to Hannah* and your name is Hannah *pointing to Sierra*
Girls: no haha hahaha other way around
backstory: okay nice to meet you Hannah and nice to meet you Sierra BigTits.
Girls: *laughing*

*More banter*

backstory: how do you two know each other?
Hannah: She dated my brother
backstory: really? how was that (shouldn't have asked this)
Sierra: blablabla

Sierra is definitely engaged and she's tossing/flipping her hair (interesting IOI, it's very different than girls touching their hair. angela was doing this as well a few weeks ago at the bar). However, we're not standing that close to each other and she seems quite apprehensive about me. I'm trying to get her to give me her hand so I can do a palm read but she is non-compliant and sketched out about it. Then she recommends we go on the grass where it's quieter. This is where she starts testing me and being REALLY rude:

Sierra: You probably never get laid. (Something along these lines, can't remember..I know she said something about me not being experienced with girls)
backstory: of course not.. you're the first girl I've ever talked to. My mom died at a young age otherwise you'd be the second.
Sierra: well we're here to talk to boys but clearly we aren't succeeding *looks at Hannah*
backstory: *looking at sierra, not saying anything*
Hannah: he looks like a boy to me.

She tests me a few more times, I (believe) I passed them all except for one where I ended up over-reacting a little bit. Sigh. After this we start discussing our ages, which is where things start to get a little tense. I say they look like they are in high school and that they are probably too young for me. Then they start saying they are VERY young (agreeing with my push frame), which I highly doubt. Either way, bringing out a push at that moment was the wrong thing to do...shoulda used a pull.

Sierra: you know what, I'm getting a bad vibe here.. *starts being aloof*

It looks like they are getting ready to leave. We say our goodbyes and as I'm walking away Sierra starts blabbing:

Sierra: Don't ever hit on girls like that, it clearly doesn't work!
backstory what?
Sierra: *holding her tits, referencing my comments about her big tits*

This could have turned out better IF I had handled things a little differently. They were at the festival to meet guys, and Sierra clearly wanted attention considering her EXTREMELY low cut shirt. She was attracted to me - but I probably seemed like a player to her. I should have had a better frame, upped my attainability, done way more comfort building with Sierra, and maybe expressed more verbal interest in her, and otherwise just moved quicker...If everything had gone right, I could have isolated her from her friend and brought her to a porta potty.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:38 pm
by fog
Other People's State Of Mind

I wore one of my favourite shirts today and got many compliments, as usual...The majority of people I talked to genuinely liked it and were curious about it. Then, I get a compliment from this one random broad in a group of people i opened. "I like your shirt" she says. I could tell she didn't actually really like my shirt - she was saying it just for the sake of saying it! Probably just to be polite. I could tell by her vocal tone - it was different compared to other people who genuinely like it.

I can't believe I'm only noticing this now - I have gotten lots of compliments in the past where people (girls) were obviously not genuine about it. They were being incongruent, I just wasn't socially aware of it. Maybe I will call people out on it when this happens next, just for fun...and see what happens.

Also, the other day I was not yet warmed up and did not have a lot of momentum built. I was struggling in my conversations. Then I started chatting with a girl who was handing out food samples. Conversation with her was so easy. I realized that she probably had a lot of social momentum built up from talking to people all day and that's what made it so easy. It's likely that when you have social momentum, 2 things happen: you find it easier to talk, and other people find it easier to talk to you.

Talia: A Surprising Lady

I was supposed to hang out with Talia today - we were gonna go for coffee. However she told me she had plans afterwards and that we could only hang for a short while, and she asked if I wanted to reschedule to a day where she had more time to hang out. I decided it would be a good idea to reschedule cuz I didn't think I could make something happen in the short amount of time there was. I told her, "we could hang later after your plans, or another day." Then she suggested we hang out on Wednesday.

I find this really surprising...when I met her I only talked to her for 10 minutes and that was a long time ago. I didn't even do any emotional cementing. However it seems like she's putting a lot of investment into our texting exchange so far. Initially I asked her to hang out last Friday @ 6PMish. Then she got back to me on Saturday and sent me a huge long text explaining why she didn't get back to me, and then blabbed a lot more about her schedule. Then today she sent me a huge long text about a possible rescheduling. And she's putting active effort into making plans. Like, suggesting times to hang out.

Idk, I wouldn't spend ages writing out texts to someone I barely knew who I talked to for just ten minutes. I guess it's surprising because I haven't had this situation happen before in cold approach..a girl putting continuous effort into making plans to hang out, after the first and second plans fall through..

Are Girls Investing More in Me In General? Or Maybe I am Just Investing Way Less?

- Indigo was hinting that I add her on Facebook (i had no intentions of getting her contact info).
- Talia is putting effort into making plans with me
- Sierra said we should move onto the grass together
- Today, after walking by a french chick giving me AIs a few times but not opening her, she called me over to her to talk.

IDK. Maybe I'm overthinking or becoming more aware of the investment levels of girls in general. But it seems like girls who like me are actively investing, without me asking for investment, and doing the things that I would normally be doing. For example, normally I would be the one to ask for compliance and say that we should move somewhere else. I'm gonna do some more thinking about investment

IOI: Body Scanning

This one has been happening for a while: sometimes I will be in conversation with a girl and she will "check me out" in a sense...she will glance at what I'm wearing. The eye movements are tough to explain. Indigo did this several times throughout our conversation. Recently after I opened a different girl, she did this and started ignoring me immediately afterwards. Guess she didn't like what she saw.

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by fog
Is It Serious?

Part of a conversation from today, pretty standard stuff:

backstory: you're single right?
girl: no i have a boyfriend
backstory: ok, is it serious?
girl: we've been dating for two years.

I'm getting a lot of girls, who, when I ask if their relationship is serious, reply back with the amount of time they have been dating their boyfriend. They don't say, "yes it's serious" or "no it's not serious."

I wonder if they are implying it is serious, or if they are trying to weasel out of the question by making it ambiguous for me. Length of time in a relationship does not correlate to seriousness. Maybe I should start asking if the relationship is good or not.

Approaching Groups of Girls

I just realized today that I've been approaching groups of girls without fear. I used to totally avoid situations like these. I really need to work on my strategy for groups though, its pretty shitty at the moment. Today I even asked two girls collectively if they were single. cringe.

Reactions To Me: Polarized

I feel like the way girls react to me is getting way more polarized. Girls who are interested (when I open) immediately stand very close to me, smile a lot, give me laser eye contact, and generally are very warm. The whole standing very close to me behaviour is new.

On the other hand, there's been an increasing amount of girls recently who treat me very suspiciously and rudely upon opening. When I ask for their name, they ask me why I want their name and just generally refuse to tell me anything about themselves. I never used to have a problem with this. I could get a girl's name easily early in the conversation and she wouldn't make it seem like it was a problem. Now it's different.

What is going on..?

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 10:50 pm
by Kvothe
backstory wrote:
I just realized today that I've been approaching groups of girls without fear. I used to totally avoid situations like these. I really need to work on my strategy for groups though, its pretty shitty at the moment. Today I even asked two girls collectively if they were single. cringe.

Yep, I'm still at the place where I'm too scared to do this, so props to you for getting past it. When you figure out a good strategy for doing so, let me know, I'm curious for how to go about it.

My current way of thinking about it is this:
If it's two girls, you have to engage both, but focus on one.
If it's three to four, you would engage the girl, but potentially introduce yourself?
If it's more than that, just introduce yourself to the girl, and don't break circle

Of course, without actually testing it, I have no idea whether that's right. I remember in Chase's writing he says a lot of the times the best way is to just go for the girl, and not to talk to the friends (though my memory could also be off)